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Blackberry Playbook 4G – Specs, Features & Review

The new Blackberry Playbook tablet has a 7 inch LCD touch screen with a 1GHz dual core processor, a new O.S from blackberry, 1 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB of storage capacity. This new Playbook 4G model is the first Blackberry Playbook model to have wide area wireless connectivity including 4G. It also featured dual cameras that can be used capturing video or video conferencing purposes. The new 4G model will be released in the early quarter of 2011 all though most the features and specs will be the same as the regular one.

The 7 inch touch screen of the Blackberry Playbook looks quite brilliant with the display having crisp and bright colors. The performance of the touch screen is excellent. When using it, it feels very responsive with fast and smooth movements. Everything seems to glide along with the motion of the fingersEven though one might feel that the size of the screen could have been a little more, it is more than sufficient. You can get the Blackberry Playbook 4G in three different storage capacities of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.

The dual core processor of the Blackberry Playbook 4G model makes the performance of the machine quite snappy. So as far as the performance part of this magnificent machine goes, you can be quite happy to know that you got quite a stable machine. Even though one might wish it to be the bigger, the size of the playbook is rather apt as it is fits nicely in pockets and suited for travelling purposes.

The Blackberry Playbook even has the perfect weight where it isn’t too heavy or too light. It has a rubber touch finish in the back side to provide better grip. Blackberries are quite iconic in having lots of little buttons on their products but this product does not need them and hence doesn’t have them. The Blackberry Playbook can even be synced with another blackberry device via Bluetooth for accessing information or files like important documents.

The new O.S is also very interesting. It actually doesn’t look like a standard blackberry product at first glance. The user interface is quite simple in design but it will take some time to go through the various apps and features. The price of the Blackberry Playbook 4G tablet hasn’t been confirmed yet but it is estimated to be around $500.

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vodka bottle1

Vodka bottle gets LED display – To get the Message Across !!!

Technology has advanced so much even beyond our imaginations that now a vodka bottle has entered the market with LED display and gives apt messages according to ones’ wishes. Vodka is bought not only for its flavor but also for its kick. But now an exclusively different reason has come up to buy vodka. Media Vodka has launched a very interesting and unique vodka bottle with a LED display that can be programmed to the wishes of the person who is in possession of the bottle.  This idea was brought into force by Matt Sandy and Tim Goldburt about four years ago.

A very thoughtful technique to personalize greetings, the glossy and programmable Led display set in each vodka bottle can be programmed with custom text messages creating a big punch to the party. It is also one of the hottest gift items. Birthday greeting and even marriage proposals can be displayed and many have ended up getting engaged. Many people who are shy and inept in expressing their feelings verbally, this LED display vodka bottle becomes handy. A well intentional digital message on the vodka bottle is the best thing, but you have to be sober enough to program it.

How does the LED display work?

Messages are scrolled on the LED display right on the contours of the vodka bottle. This screen on the vodka bottle displays about six messages each one having about 255 characters that can be changed according to the situations at hand. The messages are scrolled through when the display is turned on and with the buttons on the side, the messages can be changed. Each message runs three minutes before automatically turning off. Deleting or editing is not possible and it has no spell checker, so one has to be careful with the spelling. The battery power is only for forty hours.

Many people buy this vodka bottle as a gift and present them to the people they are fond of and is also user friendly as well as durable. They can last for nearly one and a half years and is also submergible and also freezer proof. The recipe for MEDEA vodka goes back to the 18th century but the electronic ticker is of the 21th century.

The makers state that the display facility on the vodka bottle helps to lure the drinkers to bring out the poet, the philosopher or a flirt in them. The vodka bottle with LED display is available on the web and also in the stores. This spectacular interactive vodka bottle has won the Double Gold Medal in the competition held in San Francisco in the year 2010.

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Why Facebook Sucks Most of Your Time?

“Facebook sucks” is one of the favorite declarations made by many people who just believe that the entire site is just for show and doesn’t have any real content to provide. There are many who consider themselves to be great intellectuals who are too intelligent to use such a commercial social networking website. Below a few of the reasons will be discussed along with a few real problems of Facebook.

Many believe that Facebook sucks because it is a juvenile attempt to glamorize the social connectivity fad that is going on these days. These people believe that not only does it look juvenile but it is also very unprofessional for business reasons despite many using it as one. Some think that Facebook sucks for the sole reason that many people are using it to just show off their friends list and not really interested in making new friends. Hence they believe Facebook to be a fake tool for insecure people.

Many say that Facebook sucks due to the lack of privacy offered by the social networking site. In Facebook any information you put in your profile belongs to Facebook. Since this information can be read by anyone on the site, many see it as a serious breach in their privacy. There is also the problem of Facebook being used by employees during their working hours. It has been found that an employee spends about 12 days a year on Facebook alone during working days.

One of the reasons why Facebook sucks is that there way too many apps that tend to get cluttered on your page. Some apps are simply moronic to the point it makes ignorance look like a wise concept. The administrators are also known to sometimes randomly delete certain profiles without checking for any credible reasons. Anyone who has a grudge against you can report your profile and can get it removed which is another reason why Facebook sucks.

A survey was done recently that showed that many believe that Facebook sucks contrary to popular thought. The survey was about the satisfaction of people on various websites and businesses. Over 70,000 people took part in the survey and Facebook was at the end of the list. More people liked the IRS website than Facebook. The constantly changing privacy policies, irritating apps, misc notifications and the ever changing interface revamps were some of the reasons given by many when asked about the reason why they thought Facebook sucks.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab – An iPad Killer?

Product Introduction

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a slick black and white body with a shiny TFT touchscreen and looks absolutely great.  It looks similar to the iPad but it is a lot smaller and feels different.


On the front side of the Galaxy Tab there are four touch buttons, a home button, options, back and search button. On the top portion is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and the on/off button is on the right side with volume controls beside it.  Lower down are the slots for SIM card and microSD expansion card.

On the underside of the Galaxy Tab is a connector for docking and charging and on the left side is a small microphone.  The Galaxy Tab screen looks great as there are settings to change the color saturation, contrast and brightness and you can also customize it. The dimensions of the Galaxy Tab are extremely pocket-friendly.  Flash is supported and so you can watch any web video content within a browser.

The Galaxy Tab has Google maps which load pretty quickly. The interface is basically Android 2.2 and you can move an application to the home screen by pressing and holding the icon.  Multitasking is excellent and the device can handle multiple applications open at the same time and one can switch between them too without slowing down too much.  You can play music while browsing the web or checking your emails.


There is no Wi-Fi along version in the Galaxy Tab but it is available in two storage versions a 32GB version and a 16GB version.  The microSD slot has an expanded memory of 32GB storage.  The RAM is of 512MB.   It is powered with a 1 GHz processor and a 7 inch display which is quite bright and vibrant with a WSVGA screen resolution of 1024×600.The Galaxy Tab has two built-in cameras and a 3 megapixel back camera with LED flash and a 1.3MP front -facing camera to enable video conferencing.


The Galaxy Tab is available only in 3G and provides connectivity with 802.11n Wi-Fi enabling streaming videos with a wireless network.  It also has Bluetooth 3.0 to enable file transfer and for streaming to headphones and speakers.  The Galaxy Tab has a standard battery of Li-Po 4000 mAh with talk time up to 28 hours (2G) and 25 hours 30 minutes (3G).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the most up-to-date version of Android that is available today and incorporates all the software features required.

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HTC Desire – Most Powerful Android Phone

Product Introduction

HTC Desire is a more gorgeous version of the famed Nexus One and the most powerful Android mobile phone from HTC till date.  The specifications of the HTC Desire are comparable to the Nexus. The innovative part of the HTC Desire is the wall charger, headphones, the USB cable and the 4GB microSD card.  This gives you more place for any multimedia files.


It is no doubt the most attractive and the best made handset among the Android phones.  However, the body does not consist of a single piece of aluminum and hence does not provide that solid or sturdy feel.  The framing around the screen is the only metal part whereas the back is completely plastic and the battery is covered with a rubber material which gives some cohesion for the grip.  The panel is a little tough to remove and one needs to remove the battery to get at the SIM and the microSD.


The dimensions of the HTC Desire are neither too big nor too small but it feels a little enormous to hold but the design is definitely slim and not bulging. The display screen is 3.7 inch with the AMOLED technology and hence the pictures are vivid and clear but in direct sunlight it is a little difficult to see.    The touch sensitivity is excellent and it supports multi-touch.  The design of the HTC Desire is good as the body is made of metal.


The HTC Desire has a WVGA touchscreen display and the resolution is 480×800 pixels with a 1 GHz processor and 768 MB of RAM with 1.5G internal storage.  The HTC Desire camera is of 8 megapixels and is fully equipped with dual LED flash, built-in face detection software, auto-focus and a wide range of special effects which can be added to the photos such as depth of field, distortion and vignette in order to produce some interesting photos.  The camera also has geo-tagging and can record video in 720p.

It has connectivity such as 3G/GPRS/EDGE and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.  Additionally, there is a standard microUSB port with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top part and also a digital compass, C-sensor, an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor.  The battery is 1230mAh and gives a talk time of 320 minutes on 3G and a standby of 490 hours. The HTC Desire is Android 2.2 and Sense UI which is really amazing. The HTC Desire is a great Android Smartphone and the User Interface makes it a greater pleasure to use.


Top 10 iPad Apps – Stunning and Exciting

After the iPad made its international debut, you can now avail of the iPad Apps from the iPad App Store.  There are already some thousands of applications in the App store except those that pertain to media such as Pandora, ABC and Netflix. Ten of the top iPad Apps which a new iPad owner must surely know about are listed below.


Air Video

Though one can use iTunes for transferring music and movie files, this could prove tiresome. Hence, you can make use of this iPad App as it is easy to stream the video into your iPad from a Mac or PC by just installing the free Air Video server client on the PC.

Real Racing HD

This was a great racing game on the iPhone and it works really great on the iPad due to the graphics, sound and the controls.


This iPad application can be used on the iPhone as well and is the best document reader and file manager as it enables you to connect to Google Docs, Dropbox, Box net and any other local computers and then you can just download from the internet directly.


This iPad App is the best newsreader as it synchronizes with Google Reader and if you add a feed it gets added to the Google Reader and this applies for removing it too. Selective sync is also possible and hence, reading becomes more manageable.

Mondo Solitaire

This iPad App is a highly addictive and fun game and it should be bought in the whole package as it has tons of variations.

Wired Magazine

This is an extremely popular iPad app and you get a good subscription plan.  The very first issue gave a peep into the making of Toy Story 3, which was really worthwhile.


The Kindle iPad app created by Amazon is a fantastic e-reader and one can easily browse through the books as it quite easily brings you the web-based book shop and you can purchase any book very easily.


For those who love cooking, you will just love this iPad app as there are many mouth-watering recipes along with wonderful pictures and details.


Those who are avid dropbox users will find this iPad App very useful as you are able to save any content directly on the device and it also has other facilities such as uploading content from the device and also viewing and playback any media content.

The Guardian Eyewitness

This iPad app was released by the UK publication The Guardian and it shows some wonderful visuals and photography.    You can study and enjoy the news stories along with the art.

yahoo vs google

Yahoo vs. Google – An Insight into Their Battle

Yahoo vs Google, two of the world’s mammoth companies that revolutionized the search engine in their own ways decided to battle each other. Yahoo first began as a search directory in 1994 with the main purpose of providing assistance to people who wanted to find out various things on the internet. The yahoo search engine was very popular in the 90’s acting as a huge archive for information online. But over time Yahoo started concentrating on advertisers rather than its real customers, the huge scores of online users.

In 2000 it slowly started focusing on more and more advertisements and soon became a display page for ads rather than what it was supposed to be. There were about 250 links on the Yahoo homepage in 2004. The cluttering up of ads drove away many users who found better service in the Google search engine. Though Yahoo gradually reduced the number of links, it came too late. Google had a simplicity about it that just couldn’t be beat.

Today we live in the age of social media sites where one can connect to the huge audience that would otherwise be out of reach. Both companies had their own individual strategy to capitalize on the social media phenomenon which led to the Yahoo vs Google strategy war. Yahoo strategy was to strike a partnership between them and the various social media networks. Google on the other hand straight out bought the immensely popular YouTube and decided to explore further into the social media buzz by creating the Google Buzz.

Yahoo may have lost the previous battle but is determined to get back up and running. Instead of building its own social media network, it decided to create partnerships with the all ready existing social networks. Slowly they integrated themselves into the social media networks to produce more web traffic. It partnered with Twitter successfully enabling the users the ability to access their twitter feed when inside Yahoo.


Google on the other hand went for a broader strategy. Even though Google has many social media properties like Blogger, Orkut, Friend Connect, Picasa and YouTube, they have barely managed to stand against the various titans of social media networks. Both of their strategies are very different from one another as Yahoo wants to be integrated into the current social media networks whereas Google wants to build new ones. So far the Yahoo vs Google war has resulted in a draw as both parties have implemented the right strategies for themselves.

iphone accessories

iPhone Accessories- The Smart Tools for Smarter Phone

For any given mobile phone, accessories determine its status. Starting from the traditional antenna type to the next generation of technical advancement, iPhone accessories have always played an important role.  iPhone accessories gained a greater importance as the brand image of Apple considered to be the credible factor for manufacture and design of these accessories.

First of the most widely preferred accessory for the iPhone is the headset. For iPhone, Apple has released the two kinds of headsets. The wired one and the Bluetooth wireless headset as the iPhone have compatibility for both kinds. These iPhone accessories are of prime importance as it reduces the time of taking up the handset every time when you receive a call. Flexibility matters the most for these iPhone accessories and thereby Bluetooth wireless headset is widely preferred among the iPhone accessories.

Screen protector is another iPhone accessory that has been sought after. As the display area of iPhone is generally a larger one than other phones, it has to be protected from scratches and stains. To do that screen protector has to be pasted up on the display screen. Henceforth the next ranking for iPhone accessories goes to this screen protector which needs to be replaced over a continuous period of time as it depends upon the handling of iPhone.

The third most preferred accessory is the iPhone cradles and the carry cases. They are the ones that give a sense of respect when being taken into public places. These iPhone accessories are considered as a status symbol for the brand iPhone. The right iPhone accessories for the possessed iPhone are always considered as thing of prime importance by the owners of the brand. Getting the right accessories like cradles, kits, holders, to the aesthetic of iPhone is tough as many get landed up in purchasing fake accessory parts.

Finally among the important iPhone accessories are the chargers, cables and replaceable battery kits. The design and look of iPhone is unique and it’s the same of its accessories. These chargers, cables, etc. must be purchased matching to the model. These can be also customized. Thereby the utilization of iPhones will be simplified in an easy way as it could be, if proper iPhone accessories are being opted for your iPhone.

Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard – Tricky but Interesting

The VKB or the Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard is a very intriguing device and installing it is a little tricky.  This technology is fairly new and has been around only for a very short time. You need to make a few changes to your keyboard typing habits as there is no tactile response in the Virtual Bluetooth keyboard.


But you soon get used to this keyboard after a while and then it seems the most natural thing in the world.  The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a revolutionary keyboard which generates a full-size operating keyboard that smoothly connects to your mobile devices.  This small device projects a laser image of the regular keyboard onto a flat surface and you can type by touching the surface at the image of the key that you wish to type.

The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a touch sensitive technology and the drawback is that at times it sometimes tends to detect keystrokes that you never intended, especially if one has  the habit of just keeping the fingers over the keyboard, lightly touching it which is natural for some while typing.  The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a very stylish device with a lightweight projector and an LED on the top of the unit which lets you know about the status of the battery and connection status.  The device works more accurately if used in a darkened room as strong lighting reduces the sensitivity.

The pairing of the keyboard and the phone sometimes creates a few problems as the technology is still in the early stages.  Sometimes double taps are also detected which can prove a little annoying and make your typing slow.  Keystrokes are detected quite quickly.

There are some who feel that this virtual Bluetooth keyboard is definitely not better than a real keyboard as one has to keep his fingers above the virtual keyboard, which many touch typists are not used to doing.  Secondly, in the virtual Bluetooth keyboard, you have to keep staring at the keyboard image when you type and this will prevent you from watching the screen.  Thirdly, a lot of misinterpretations take place in the Virtual Bluetooth keyboard.  The error rate is rather high in a virtual Bluetooth keyboard.

However, the Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard may help you to enter text faster than with a ten-key phone pad and since the size is small, you can keep it in your purse or pocket.

Advantages of Windows 7 – Why upgrade ?

On 22nd October 2009 Microsoft launched their next version in the Windows Operating system with Windows 7 following Windows Vista.  The advantages of Windows 7 over the previous versions are several and the first thing that comes to mind is an improved speed and less amount of RAM usage.  Windows 7 supports many features that are present in Windows Vista and brings in some additional ones. Though Windows Vista did have a very interactive GUI, Windows 7 uses the RAM more effectively.  Apart from this, there are some more specific advantages of Windows 7.

Windows 7 uses a concept called jumplists which actually organizes all your recently used files as well as webpages.  The taskbar is also improved with added functionalities so that you can align the objects on the taskbar to your requirements.  You can also remove any clutter on the desk top with the help of the three new features Aero Shake, Aero Peek and Snap.

One of the important advantages of Windows 7 is the media sharing aspect with additional drag and drop features in the windows Media Player.  Home Networking has also shown an enhancement as it has become more easy to use. The interface connecting the machines to a home network is easier.  Network security features have also improved so that a small office network is less likely to be hacked.

Improvement in the accessories is also added advantages of Windows 7.  The calculator has shown remarkable changes such as unit conversion and auto lease payments.  The WordPad has also improved looking more like Microsoft office Word. Word prediction is an added feature of the Windows 7.  Though speech recognition was present in the Microsoft Office, the feature has been enhanced to increase the advantages of Windows 7.  Paint has always been a much appreciated feature and has seen some realistic brushes in this new version to give more impact and depth to your pictures.  Sticky notes have some more additional features such as changing of fonts and also the color of the background is also possible.

Apart from the above, there are also some technological advantages of Windows 7. It can support Blue-ray and Windows Touch has also been enhanced, though this will apply to only specific users with touch screen terminals.  It also supports multi-touch and you can access start, menu, and windows explorer and so on with the help of this feature.

Thus, we see that there are many enhancements and advantages of Windows 7 over its previous versions with improvement in a vast range of features.

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Top 10 iPhone Apps – Cool Features for a Cool Phone

iPhone from Apple has many fantastic applications to begin with but you still browse the Application store to find hundreds more all of which are designed especially for iPhone apps.  It is very simple to get these apps onto your iPhone as you have to just find what you want and then tap to download them.  Many of the iPhone Apps can also be availed free and iPhone informs you when new versions of your iPhone apps are available. The Genius feature in it lets you know about new iPhone apps.  Here’s a list of the top ten iPhone apps.


This is a side-scrolling third person shooter which allows you to shoot wave after wave of enemies in the shape of stick figures.  It is an amazing game and you can play it for free as there are in-app purchases.


Tap Tap Revenge 3

This iPhone app belongs to the Tap Tap series and this game lets you create your own avatars and play online.  You can get your fingers tapping and for the present this iPhone apps is offered for free.

Dragon Dictation

This iPhone Apps is a simple but effective voice recognition application which has been developed by the Dragon.  Tap the app and then start talking and then tap again when ended.  You can watch your narration either in email or text.

Kindle for iPhone

Amazon has this developed this iPhone Apps which is suitable for both the iPad and the iPhone.  After installing this iPhone Apps you can access more than 725,000 through the Kindle store as well as the latest best sellers and new releases.

Twitterific for Twitter

This iPhone Apps can be availed for both the iPhone and the iPad.  This Twitter application has an excellent user interface and you can start tweeting just with a few taps.

The Karate Kid

This iPhone apps designed by the Sony pictures after the hit movie is fantastic having similar stunts and the karate style.

Siri Assistant

Siri has developed this iPhone Apps and is both cool and intelligent. You have to just speak clearly in plain English for instance by asking for any information and within minutes the Siri Assistant will gather the relevant information and give it to you.

Public Radio Player

This apps turns your iPhone into a Radio with background audio support and also pause, rewind, alarm clock, scheduling of shows and so on.


This iPhone Apps allows you to find other applications and find the reviews.  Chomp will recommend apps based on your previous reviews.


This is an iPhone apps that allows you to record video with your iPhone even if yours is not a recent version by taking about 15 pictures per second and even creating a slide show.

iPhone 3GS Review – Your Perfect Companion

The iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G, which is the previous version, look very identical to each but if you use the iPhone 3GS, you will definitely realize the difference which is to do with its speed.


The iPhone 3GS is a little heavy with a reflective screen and buttons placed conveniently for navigating very easily.  It has shiny text on the back cover.  The basic phone options in the iPhone 3GS are quite easy to operate as all the menus can be easily located and the User Interface is very friendly.  The iPhone 3GS has a new display which can be clearly seen even in sunlight.

You can store any number of apps, videos, pictures, contacts on the iPhone 3GS, while you are travelling.  Everything that you would need is present under a single 3.5 inch glass screen coated which is oleophobic and fingerprint resistant.  It has a sleep/wake button and a headphone mini-jack on the top.  The volume and the ring/silent buttons are on the left side and at the base are the 30-pin dock connector, an integrated speaker and the microphone.

A great video recording is possible with the iPhone 3GS as it has a 3MP camera which has plenty of editing features and so you can shoot a video in a number of ways.  You also have options for trimming the video so that you can edit any unwanted footage just by clicks.  You can also later share these videos on YouTube.


The iPhone 3GS weighs 4.8 ounces and the dimensions of the iPhone 3GS are 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.48 inches.  You can record 640 x 480 videos with the camera at 30 frames per second which gives an almost DVD type of quality to the video.

You are even enabled to email these videos as the iPhone 3GS compresses and shrinks the dimensions of the videos to 480 x 360 so that it obtains the bitrate of 800 kb/sec.  Of course, this may result in a little bit of deterioration of the video quality but not much. The homescreen has various icons with the signal and the battery indicators and the time on the top.

A vast number of apps have been downloaded through the App Store on the iPhone 3GS.  You can have instant access to favorites, contacts, keypad, and voicemail and so on.  You can write messages through Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, and MobileMe and so on. You also have a lot of entertainment features on the Iphone 3GS through a dedicated iPod function for Playlists, Songs, Artists, and Videos and so on.

With loads of features the iPhone 3GS surely show the Apple exuberance as it features a complete package with messaging, internet capabilities, video, music, photos, camera and Wi-Fi games.

alphabetical usb keyboard

Why keyboard alphabets are not in order?

The computer is such a fascinating tool. It has brought together so many people into a path of high efficiency and awareness. The simple box like structure that is sitting on our tables can compute advanced calculations and algorithms, provide great entertainment and even solve the many problems that were perceived to be unsolvable before. It has made our lives so much easier. By pressing a single button we can unlock the various mysteries of life. But it isn’t as simple as that because there are various components to a computer, components that work in harmony to produce such wondrous results.

The keyboard is an essential part of the computer. It is through the keyboard that we communicate with others on the internet and perform various other writing activities. Anyone who has seen the keyboard will surely have had pondered over the order of the keyboard alphabets. Logically it would be far easier if the keyboard alphabets were arranged in order as in A-Z. But the keyboard isn’t arranged so. Instead it uses the QWERTY system for placing the keyboard alphabets.

It is with a great sense of irony that the keyboard alphabets are arranged in this way. Many years ago when typewriters were all the rage, people found the system of organizing the typewriter keys in the real order to be very troubling. The first commercial typewriter had its keys in order. Because of this, typing became very easy and the speed of typing increased vastly with experience. Due to this, many keys started jamming or getting stuck. Some keys even broke.

Christopher Latham Sholes who developed the system decided to make it more difficult for the users to type at such raging speeds in order to prevent the keys from getting damaged. So he distanced the various keys that were frequently used while typing. Thus the QWERTY system was implemented which then passed over to the computers. The irony is that a device such as the computer which is known for maximizing efficiency utilizes a system for typing that was made to be inefficient.


The QWERTY keyboard is also known as the universal keyboard as it has been implemented as a standard for keyboards all over the world.

unlock iphone

Unlock iPhone – Be Unfettered

Those who have bought an iPhone would have to sign up with Apple’s exclusive carrier for the United States, namely AT&T, for the phone activation.  The phone identifies itself with AT&T’s network and you have to use an AT&T SIM card.  When you unlock iPHone, you are actually bypassing AT&T’s and Apple’s security on the phone and using it on any GSM cell phone network.

But if the user is suddenly planning on going to another country, say Europe, he may not want to pay AT&T’s network partners and wish to avail the local phone numbers by replacing the SIM card with a pre-paid European card.  For this, it is first necessary to unlock the iPhone so that it allows you to use a SIM card from any provided rather than only AT&T.  Additionally, the iPhone uses the GSM radio band for communications so only providers who use the GSM network can be availed.

Nowadays, there are many hackers who unlock iPhone with the aid of free and open-source software which enables you to unlock iPhone in an hour for free.  But in spite of trying to unlock iPhone, some AT&T specific features such as Visual Voicemail may not work if connected to other cellular networks. Those who haven’t activated their iPhone yet must first do a fake activation.

There are programs developed that will let you install third party applications such as games and other software which will be essential to unlock iPhone.  You may have to download some applications from the internet.  The next step to unlock iPhone is to go to the general settings and set Auto-lock to Never.  By following all the instructions you will successfully unlock iPhone and be able to use other SIM cards of other cellular providers in it provided that these providers use the GSM cellular radio frequencies.


But finding out how to unlock iPhone can be quite difficult for the layman and if you are not cautious it can be the worst thing to do to the iPhone.  When you unlock iPhone you must be aware of what product you are using and also who the provider is.  People who purchase cheap and bad software can cause permanent damage by trying to unlock iPhone.  See that the software you use is verified so that you can have access to a variety of music, movies, games, e-books and so on.  Some software even allows you to unlock iPhone up to five phones at a time.

World’s Smallest Camera –Smallest Spy Gear Ever

Misumi Electronics Corp. is a fast growing manufacturer of Surveillance equipments based in Taiwan.  They apply the latest CMOS Image Sensor Devices, that is, camera on a chip for designing and manufacturing video cameras to make the world’s smallest cameras for security and surveillance purposes.

The technology used for making the world’s smallest camera is very high and they try to minimize the size of the cameras and at the same time produce crisp and clear pictures.  The design is usually very small and sleek and allows for various applications such as medical, video conferencing, microscope, video email, PC multimedia, Toys, pipe an well inspection purposes and of course security and surveillance purposes.

It has recently released the MO-R803 which it claims is the world’s smallest camera.  It has a pixel of 320×249 and QVGA capture.  The world’s smallest camera has the smallest currently available camera chip which is 1/18” color CMOS.  The product is named Misumi’s MO-R803 and is a snake camera as it is based on a bendable wire.  This feature of the world’s smallest camera allows you to hide and adjust this minute camera to take videos without anyone noticing. There are two different lenses available for this world’s smallest camera one of which is 55 degree vision field and the other has a wider angle of 105 degrees.

The tiny eye of the world’s smallest camera is less than ½ cm and can be used for many diverse purposes such as a handy pipeline inspection device, a spy and surveillance tool etcetera.  It is just a tiny cylinder that measures about 4.4 mm in diameter and 15 mm in length.  The world’s smallest camera Misumi MO R803 has other features such as LED light so that you can do the filming in dark places and is waterproof as well as focus adjustable.

The barrel of the world’s smallest camera has a bendable wire attached to it and this allows you to snake it through clothing or even line it into the frame of your sunglasses or use it in so many other innovative ways. But it has such a small size that many people could be putting it harmful uses too, though there are plenty of perfectly harmless ways of using a device such as this world’s smallest camera.  You can just use this world’s smallest camera to have fun for gags and also for surveillance purposes.

whiskey pc

Whiskey PC – A Cool Gadget

Can you ever imagine a PC in a whisky bottle? Yeah, that’s pretty much possible with Whiskey PC. If you have a computer setup and are looking for something to serve as a basic home server which is quiet, small and also low in power consumption, you can made a unique case with a Whiskey bottle called as the Whisky PC.  You could select a 1.5 liter Ballantine’s bottle for example.  You have to go to a professional glass grinder to do the cutting and drilling work for the whisky PC project.  You can have two holes at the back of the bottle so that the CPU gets cooled and one hole at the left side for putting in all the stuffing.

You then need to buy the processor, a notebook RAM, a notebook HDD and a mini-ITX PSU. You have to place the RAM module at the back of the mobo.  Then you need to assemble all the hardware and make a side panel with a lock which is actually just a small piece of plexi at the left.  You can fix this lock with two screws and the side panel can then be held in place.  The next step in making a whiskey PC is the OS installation.  Next, you have to do the tricky part of getting the rest of the hardware parts inside to fit it.

The HDD and the PSU panel can be fixed in the correct position by using a double-sided, self-adhesive tape.  It is not possible to do this with screws as the space inside is very limited and the service window is also very small.  However by placing it in this way, the cooling may not be that good, hence for better cooling you have to glue an old VGA card cooler inside the bottle neck so that the hot air can flow out.

Some more holes must also be drilled into the side panel so that fresh air can flow inside the bottle both from the bigger hole present on the back side and these smaller holes.  This will improve the cooling effect and temperature of the Whiskey PC will be reduced.

A whiskey PC made in this way works quietly and anyone who is fed up of the box shaped white computer cases can model something like this.  You can also add some additional items like making a third drive door a little higher than the original ones and then installing some blue or white lights.

iphone-5 amazing features

Features of iPhone 5 – A Brand New Era

The new iPhone 5 is the most innovative and attractive iPhone with some amazing features that will change everything.  The most salient features are that it is certainly thinner and sleeker with shiny glass back piece which is about 9.3 mm thick.  It also has face recognition security.  The features of iPhone 5 include video chat access both on 3G and 4G.  You can also customize your SMS tones and custom email alerts with different tones for different email addresses.  The screen is OLED and it is scratchproof and also shatter -proof.

The features of iPhone 5 also incorporate a wireless sync along with iTunes.  The memory is about 32G and 64G with an extended battery life offering 14 hours talk time on 3G or you can have 7 hours on 4G.  Additionally, it has a standby of 600 hours.  The iPhone 5 is equipped with a HD audio and a messaging indicator light and built-in GPS.

The features of iPhone 5 cannot be complete without describing its remote computing which is based on NFC or Near Field Communication technology.  This technology is currently used in Asia and Apple is using this model in their iPhone 5.  With the help of this remote computing feature, the user is enabled to carry as well as shift the data from one device to another.

For instance, they can store the data and settings in a Mac machine and then shift it by loading the same on another compatible MacBook.  If the person leaves the communication link with the Mac then the original settings of the Mac are restored.  Nothing of importance such as the passwords and any other form of communication gets stored in the computer and it all stays in the user’s iPhone 5. This feature can be very useful and can be extended to the home folder of the user and this can be stored or accessed with the help of storage on MobileMe.  It can also be stored by using the Back to My Mac feature which can be used to connect to the user’s home folder.

Other features of iPhone 5 are the dual core processors with powerful graphic chips.  This will produce a higher video resolution and still images will also improve.  It will enable easier multitasking.

porsche phone

Porsche phone – Luxury Car King’s Luxury Phone

Porsche is a German automotive manufacturer creating luxury high performance automobiles and having a reputation of the most prestigious automobile brand. Their most famous product is the Porsche 911Porsche and it is also the most successful brand in motorsport.  It is the largest race car manufacturer the German luxury sports car company.

It has a subsidiary, the Porsche Design which was established in 1972.   The Porsche Design is also renowned for its puristic designs which are timeless and also functional.  They have started producing a wide range of products such as classic men’s accessories, sunglasses, men’s fragrance, luggage, men’s accessories, watches and last but not the least mobile phones.

Porsche Design is now marketing a Porsche phone with their P’9000 electronics which is stunning due to its futuristic technology and plenty of mind-boggling features.  The materials used are exquisite and the aesthetics of the Porsche phone are what one has come to expect from the Porsche brand.  The Porsche phone P’9521 has the latest technology from Sagem using the fingerprint for identification.

This Porsche phone is a precision mobile made of solid aluminum block with a double hinge so that it can be competed rotated through 180 degrees along with a high resolution digital camera. Additionally, this Porsche phone has a fingerprint scanner for enabling shortcuts to its various functions as well as to provide security to the phone.


Now there are many mobile phones being manufactured in the Porsche car shape such as the Porsche 911 car shaped cell phone, the Porsche Cayenne car shaped phone, the Porsche 977 car shaped cell phone.  The Porsche Phone of the shape of 911 is being manufactured by Chinese manufacturers and has the popular shape of the Porsche 911 with all the latest hot functions such as dual sim card working at the same time, an e-book reader, Bluetooth, MP3 and MP4 player and so on.

Many other manufacturers are producing the Porsche phone having the cayenne car shape phone incorporating all the latest features.  There is also a miniature of the Porsche 911 which is a fully functional mobile Porsche phone.  Most of the Porsche car enthusiasts would surely love these Porsche phones for their resemblance to the famed car shapes.

thinkgeeks electronic rock guitar shirt

ThinkGeek’s Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Now you have a fully playable rock guitar built-in with a t-shirt which is an electronic guitar shirt.  This electronic guitar shirt from ThinkGeek is extremely easy to play as the buttons on the neck are major chords of the guitar.  You don’t need to be highly skilled to play this guitar as it is possible to play several classic rock songs with this electronic guitar shirt.


Anyone can purchase these shirts and avail of the Rock magic for himself.  It is not akin to a child’s guitar or a plaything but very much like a real musical instrument and you can play any of your favorite songs on it.  The major chords present on the electronic guitar shirt are recorded from an original electric guitar and the magnetic pick is included in it and you can easily strum on it.  The mini amp clips are fitted to your belt and you can get great sounds on it.  The knob present for toning can be adjusted too.

The sound produced is as great as real lock and you can play all the major chords on this electronic guitar shirt.  There is an included magnetic pick which can be used for strumming by just waving it over the strings.  The amp speaker clips that are fitted to the belt give out excellent sound and the volume can go up to 11 with an adjustable tone knob present.  You can also easily remove the electronic components when you want to wash the shirt.  Two magnetic picks are included and you can easily store it.  However, you need 4 xAAA batteries for this electronic guitar shirt and this has to bought separately.

This shirt is available for both kids and adults and one can blow it on the go.  This electronic guitar shirt is also available for kids.  These shirts are short sleeved but it is possible to wear a long sleeved shirt under and this can be in colors like white, black, red, yellow or orange so that it matches the electronic guitar shirt.  The neck of the guitar is fixed to the shirt with the help of hooks and loop closures and the amp is connected by means of a cable.

All these are removable.  You can either hand wash or machine wash of the electronic guitar shirt and then just hang dry it or tumble dry low.  After that you have to reconnect everything.  The amp runs on batteries an there is an on/off switch, and an output jack.  You can fit this in a pocket inside the shirt or clipped on your belt.

The Future of Screen Technology

There is bound to be a lot of changes in the screen or display and the screen technology as we see it today.  There is speculation that by the end of this year there is going to be a mass production of a 9.7 inch color e-paper display and a 19 inch e-paper display of the flexible type.  Though this may be mere speculation, people don’t want to sit in front of a screen and would rather have a surface which has display capability which is bound to bring about changes in screen technology.  There is a potential for large touch screens and screens on all types of surfaces and also for the screen size.

TAT which is a Swedish software company specializing in technology and design have created a video showing the future of Screen technology.  This shows the characteristics of flexibility, stretch ability and also transparent screens with augmented User Interface.  It also seems that OLEDs can fit in directly in this screen technology.  Recently, they had an open innovation experiment where they stretched out the potentials of an idea for two weeks along with the web community and then produced a video of the idea that generated the maximum response as well as ideas and comments.

They actually offered three areas for this namely the future of driving, the future of screen technology and the future of communication.  The future of screen technology won the maximum responses and then they made this video which shows the face of user interfaces in 2014.  It shows a person getting up in the morning to stop the alarm by not even touching the screen and then stretching the screen which is of the flexible type and sending messages.


A lady brushing her teeth is able to watch the news in the mirror itself which serves as a screen which can be slid and pushed up and down.  The Screen technology shows

many such remarkable innovations especially with touch screen technology.  There is no longer any use of a mouse or a touch pad but just indirect touching of the computer screens.  No device needs to be held in the hand at all.

It is definitely possible for most of this amazing innovation in screen technology happening as we already have the capability for all this.  All this innovation makes out present keyboard and the mouse on it look antique.