iPhone App Reviews – Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2013

top 5 iphone apps

There are more than one million apps on the App Store. There is an app for everything these days, literally. The common perception is that the gaming apps are the most popular ones. But that is not necessarily the case. You’ll be surprised to see how many non-gaming apps are frequently used by people.

To get the most out of some of these apps you’ll need a fairly powerful device. As iPhone is sort of a given, I would like to provide an Android alternate for Android users.  Therefore, look no further than the Nexus 5 which performed extremely on the GFXbench tests earlier in the year and considering its affordable price point, it is ideal for both casual and hardcore mobile phone gamers.

Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2013

Here we go, here are the top five:


Afterlight is a photo editing app that allows the iPhone users to crop, rotate and edit photos. There is an advance set of tools such as filters, gradients, color shades, bordering and texturing etc. The good thing about this app is that it can turn an ordinary photo into an artistic one. You can get this amazing app just for 99 cents.

afterlight app


Duolingo was recently nominated as “app of the year” by Apple. It is a teaching app that allows users to learn new languages. At the moment there are five languages it can teach: German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. There is both verbal and visual assistance provided to the users. And remarkably enough, this app is free!

duolingo app

Temple Run 2

You probably knew that this app would make the list. Even though it is a free app, it is the most widely played iPhone game in the world. Great graphics, adrenaline rush, skill, hand-eye coordination – this game will push your limits. Based on the sample principle of collecting coins and trying not to fall or get hit by objects, this game has been treating iPhone and Android users the day it came out.

temple run 2


Venmo is another creative app that addresses a very common problem: retrieval of small loans you give to your friends. Don’t worry about that $5 you lent! This app enables users to connect their checking account with the app and pay money with a click or a ‘touch’ would be more appropriate. The best part is that there is no processing fee for Venmo, the transactions are completely free! The app is not only about payments, one can also use it for “recovery”. The app sends reminders to your friends, family and coworkers to send your money. And hold onto your hats: Venmo is a free app.

venmo app


ThirdLove is another example like Venmo of a small technology solving a real life issue. When ordering clothes online, there is always a threat that the clothes won’t fit. This is lingerie making company’s app that allows woman to send pictures so the appropriate bra-size can be determined. It is another useful app that is free. However, since the company that owns the app is an online store, they make money when you purchase anything from them.

thirdlove app

iPhonemania – When the Hobby Becomes Madness


The iPhone is the first real Smartphone to have any success and become a big deal. Since its release in 2007, Apple has had a monopoly on the Smartphone market and has happily brought their business back from the oblivion that Microsoft were pushing them into. But what about the happy go lucky iPhone fan? When does their hobby become absolute madness?

Over 56% of Smartphone Users Shop with iPhone in Their Hand

In America, a poll suggested that over half of iPhone users do their shopping with iPhone in their hands. They have admitted to using it for all purposes, from checking their digital shopping lists, checking prices online and using a calculator app, all the way to using their shopping time as a nice time to catch up on SMS messages and emails.

iphone shopping

iPhone Addiction

You may have thought had heard it all when an addictive compulsion around Star Trek became a true legitimate addiction. Then, the Facebook addiction became a true addiction in all medical sense. Now, an iPhone addiction is also a medical condition and a legitimately documented addictive compulsion.

iPhone addiction

People have become addicted to the use of their iPhone. Not only do they become panicky, flustered or angry when they are separated from it, but they have also been known to suffer withdrawal symptoms if deprived of their iPhone for long periods of time.

The iPhone is the Most Stolen Phone Model in the World

This may be due to the fact that it is both popular and expensive to buy. And, even though there are security features on it, there are still people out there who are able to crack the iPhone security and use your stolen iPhone.

iPhone stolen

Fans Hated the Original Name of the Apple iPhone – “Purple

The first iPhone was going to be called ‘Purple’. It was developed in a room that was named the Purple dorm. In those days, nobody cared what Apple was up to, as it was a dinosaur in the technology trade and had one foot out the door so far as most people were concerned.

iphone purple

They developed the purple in the purple dorm, and their top secret security protocols included a poster that quoted a line from the movie “fight club” with the classic “first rule of fight club.” They market tested the name Purple, and people hated it. Eventually they decided that the phone should be called the iPhone with the small letter “i” being a feature.

iPhone Fans See the Face of…Bono?

In the music function of your iPhone, there is a section called ‘Artists’. Pay it a visit, as many iPhone fans have agreed online that it is modeled on Bono from U2.

iphone bono

iPhone Fans Have Been Thrilled By Their Own Gestures

It is possible to create your own gestures for using your newest iPhone. You can decide what types of touching and moving gestures do what, from scrolling to flipping and closing screens or apps. Fans have loved the idea since it started.

iPhone gestures

Samsung Owns the Rights, Production and Development of an iPhone Part

There is a processor in the most current iPhones and it turns out that Samsung own the rights/patents to it. This literally means that Apple has to buy parts for their iPhones from the people at Samsung. Obviously, it is in both Samsung’s and Apple’s interest if this is not blatantly advertised.

iphone parts

iPhone Autocorrect is the Most Commonly Seen Autocorrect Funny on Facebook

There are lots of these images on Facebook where people have meant to write one thing but autocorrect changed it to something else. A data collection survey showed that more iPhone autocorrect funny images were on Facebook than for any other type of mobile device.

iPhone autocorrect

Oprah Made a Classic Mistake

She tweeted that she loved the new Surface tablet from Google and that she bought it for herself and has bought ten for her family and friends. However, many people were quick to take screen prints of her tweet before it was taken offline. They did this because she had used the iPad signature at the bottom it said that she had tweeted it from her iPad.

iphone signature

Fans Have Admitted that their iPhone Has Got Them in Trouble

With the iPhone you may delete certain calls from your call history whist leaving the rest of your call history intact. Cheating lovers have abused this little trick for a long time. However, iPhone users have been caught because deleting it does not delete it from their phone bill. Their unsuspecting lover glances at the phone bill to see that the iPhone user has something to hide.

iphone bill

Fans were Shaking about the iPhone 5

It is possible to customize how your iPhone vibrates on the iPhone 5. You can tell it how to vibrate and at what intervals. It is basically a programmable vibrating machine. Lots of iPhone fans have found this very exciting.

iPhone shake

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Apple iPad Repair – Top 5 iPad Problems

Apple iPad Repair

Over 100 million iPads have been sold worldwide, but this doesn’t mean they don’t come without any flaws. Apple iPad repair is something many tablet owners still have to deal with. The iPad is Apple’s flagship tablet and the fourth generation came out at the end of 2012, alongside the iPad Mini. They are popular among adults, elderly people, and children alike and are now even used widely in the classroom. Generally, the iPad is a reliable and user-friendly tablet that has a lot to offer, but if you have one it might be useful to read up on easy ways to repair yours if it ever goes ‘belly-up’.

So, we’re giving you some tips on how to go about fixing the most frequent and annoying problems you may happen to encounter with your iPad.

WiFi / Internet Problems

A problem with internet connectivity seems to be the most popular and frequently talked about issue with the iPad, but there are some simple solutions to try if yours is playing up. If you’ve seen the TV comedy ‘The IT Crowd’, then you may snigger at this suggestion, but simply turning the tablet off and on again as a troubleshooting method does often work. Turn the router off and back on whilst you do the same to your iPad; this refreshes everything and may prompt your Wi-Fi to wake up. You should also check the basics: got to Settings > Wi-Fi on the iPad and make sure that it is turned on.

Apple iPad Repair

Ensure that you have the latest iOS software by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Before you update the software, make sure you plug your iPad into the power adapter. You can update the older version of iPads with iTunes. You will see the option ‘Check for Update’ on the Summary tab.

Frozen Screen

Is your screen lagging? Frozen? Or generally not being its speedy self?

When your iPad refuses to respond to your touch, the most likely reason is a fault of a specific app. If it happens regularly, make a note of which apps you have running at the time and uninstall one at a time to see if it fixes the problem. However, you may not want to do this if the app is one that you use often.

Apple iPad Repair

So to reset the iPad, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. If the problem persists, try consulting an Apple iPad repair technician or head to the Apple store. You might be surprised to find out how cheap iPad repair can be.

Running Slowly

Giving a similar experience to that offered by the frozen screen, your iPad might be feeling a little ‘bogged down’ and thus be working slowly. This can be irritating when you’re used to a super-quick tablet and, is most likely to occur when you’re in a hurry.

Make sure your iPad and iTunes are both up-to-date and are running on the latest software as this can often be the root cause of many problems with Apple iPad repair.

iTunes Doesn’t Recognize the iPad

Again, a main issue here often lies with outdated software, and in particular you should make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes.

Firstly, begin by restarting your iPad, then your computer.

Check the USB connections. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the iPad. Whenever possible, always connect iPad to a USB port that is built into the computer instead of the keyboard or an external USB hub.

For Windows users, it may be necessary to completely uninstall iTunes and then re-install the latest version of iTunes. It is not necessary for Mac users to uninstall or re-install iTunes.

iPad Won’t Turn On

If your iPad won’t turn on at all, don’t go straight into meltdown panic mode. It could all be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Apple iPad Repair

You may have to hold two buttons at the same time, namely the Home and the Wake (or) Suspend button. Once you do this, you will see the Apple logo become visible on your screen after pressing the Home and Wake (or) Suspend buttons for about two seconds. And this means your iPad is booting up and should be good to go in a little while.

However, if this doesn’t work you could have a hardware failure on your hands. In this case, your best bet is to take it down to an Apple iPad repair facility and get it checked out by the Apple doctors.

Thomas James writes for iTechnician, who offer iPad screen replacement services in the UK.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for November 2012

enjoy the top 10 iPhone apps this month

Among the many applications avilable in the App Store, some of the top 10 iPhone apps are listed below. Possessing thousands of amazing apps and advanced Wi-Fi, with easy access to mobile data networks from all over the world, these gadgets with enhanced apps and features are irresistible to anyone.

Top 10 iPhone Apps

More than 7,00,000 cool iPhone apps are available from the iPhone App Store, of which many are available for free. It is possible to download iPhone apps from the Apps Store to enhance utility features already present in iPhones. Have a look at the amazing iPhone apps for the month of November 2012, listed below.

1) Onavo Count app

Onavo Count app, which is regarded as the best of iPhone apps, can reduce data usage manifold, and also decrease cost. The introduction of a new advanced version of this app into the iPhone helps to analyse which of the apps is consuming data, effectively reducing usage over the month.

2) In:Play

A perfect alternative to the built-in iPhone music player is the, in:play application. It possesses an attractive design which focuses on typography, with movement-dependent controls and efficient sorting and navigation to filter through the largest collection of digital music.

top 10 iphone apps are really rocking

3) HowDo

This great iPhone app contains guidelines about how to do things in reality, with the guidance offered by others using the HowDo app. Taking photos coupled with sound recording and then sharing them with other members constituting the community, following tips from other experienced users is all possible due to this app.

4) 18 Months

18 Months, the new album released by Calvin Harris can be downloaded from iTunes. This app has a feature which detects movement and ensures the non-stop playing of the song as long as the user continues dancing or moving the iPhone.

top 10 iphone apps for this month are awesome

5) Oakley Airwave

Oakley Airwave is one of the free iPhone apps deemed to be essential for sports enthusiasts, especially for those with affinity for snow sports and mountains. It keeps track of your friends, shares information and experiences with them, monitors your alpine stats, and in sync with Oakley’s Airwave goggles heads-up display, helps to view trip history.

6) Beamr

Beamr is capable of packaging images from iPhone and iPad into a digital format, as seen in magazines,for sharing on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. The novelty is that these images are sent at the original full resolution as taken on the iPhone. People can view, download, as well as print the pictures.

here are the stupendous top 10 iphone apps

7) Thoughtful Gift Finder

Thoughtful Gift Finder takes cues from Face book to decide the best gift to be given to friends and family, based on their character and preferences.

8 ) HotUKDeals

The website HotUKDeals is available as a free iPhone app now. It maintains a catalogue of discounts, deals and vouchers along with locations which can help you analyse the best deals or offers and also comment on them. The consumers can share information on discounts and exchange tips that are not advertised in stores or mentioned in flyers. All these features and more ensure the inclusion of this app in the top 10 iPhone apps for this week.

november's top 10 iPhone apps are rocking

9) Rappel

Rappel is the fastest Basecamp app which is full of desirable features for iPhone. Rappel helps you to remain connected with projects assigned to you from anywhere, even if you are travelling, thereby saving time. The app can be utilised to allot tasks, participate in discussions, and also upload data or files from iPhone.

10) Striiv Smart Pedometer

Striiv Smart Pedometer app uses GPS and sensors to keep track of movement, namely steps taken, distance covered and altitude reached, and translates the data obtained, into progress achieved in “MyWorld,” a virtual environment. You can thereby earn rewards while competing with other Striiv Smart users.

These were the top 10 iPhone apps for November 2012.

Top 10 iPad Apps for November 2012

path is one the top 10 iPad Apps this month

The App Store possesses the world’s largest collection of mobile apps, approximately more than 2,75,000 iPad apps, and the number is steadily increasing. It is easy to download iPad apps from the Apps Store. Many of them are free and provide enhanced fun and utility. iPad apps take advantage of the superior technology which is in-built and thus offers a better experience for users. The top 10 iPad apps for November 2012 are evaluated below.

1) Path

Path is a free iPad app which helps to view bigger photos, owing to the larger screen. Path also contains film, music, and book previews, along with the facility to see posts regarding the whole day’s activities in an attractive landscape setting.

2) Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe

Disney has introduced a new book-app for the animated film named “Wreck-It Ralph.” Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe narrates the story to children in an animated style, incorporating clips from the film, and also includes a racing game in which kids get the opportunity to construct their own kart.

3) Bubble Guppies

Animal School Day app teaches children about animals, their habitats, and food habits. Rewards upon completion of activities such as designing and decorating a doghouse, and the facility to register up to four children separately with the app is indeed favoured by parents too. This app is included in the top 10 iPad apps for this week owing to its educational purpose.

bubble guppies game comes in top 10 iPad apps

4) LinkTV

The LinkTV World News app focuses on international news, broadcasting videos from all over the world, in addition to written articles and documentaries.

5) Junior Astronaut

Breaking through the space barrier is a free educational app, targeting 9 to 15 year-old children. It imparts information about space travel generally. It deals with rockets, gravity, alongside other topics with child-friendly looks and feel.

6) Monogram

Monogram is a free app which searches for brands or spots new fashion houses from all over the world and assembles all these details in a slick user interface, which enables one to make the best choice.

monogram is a top 10 iPad app this november

7) HuffPost

HuffPost Live is a free app available only in the United States. It enables users to view and exchange ideas in video-based conversations along with posting comments or opinions.The app offers entertainment through social interaction and debates.

8 ) Creatorverse

Creatorverse app involves an invention toolkit which helps you to assemble shapes, moving parts or devices to invent or create something innovative. This social app allows sharing of completed inventions or creations online to enable incorporating them into inventions of others.

creatorverse is one of the useful top 10 iPad apps

9) Sooty Paint

Sooty Paint app involves digital painting, providing 20 pictures to be coloured by children, and a blank canvas in addition, to unleash their creativity.

10) Nigella Quick Collection

Nigella Quick Collection for iPad is Nigella Lawson‘s cookery app formerly limited to iPhone but has now been introduced into iPad too. It has more than 100 recipes, with full-screen photos and videos. Additional features include adding own voice and inserting text notes into recipes.

nigella cooking app features in top 10 iPad apps this month

The list given above highlights the top 10 iPad apps but you can browse through the App Store to download iPad apps other than those mentioned, which may be free or available for a fee. Apps pertaining to work, education or leisure and entertainment can be downloaded from the Apps Store.

A Review On iPhone 5 Features – Heralding the Latest Revolution in Communication Technology

iPhone 5 is cool new phone from Apple

iPhone 5 is the latest innovative touchscreen-based Smartphone released by Apple in 2012, which is a modified version of its predecessor, iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 features

iPhone 5 possesses a notably slim design, larger display, and a faster chip. The ultrafast wireless technology does not compromise on battery life. A customized ARM v7 processor called Apple A6 and LTE support are some notable features of iPhone 5. The amazing phone is available in two colors, White and Silver or Black and Slate. iPhone 5 price ranges from 199$ for the 16 GB model, 299$ for 32 GB model to 399$ for the 64 GB model. The built-in 8 MP iSight camera improves HDR capabilities resulting in reduced motion blur. It enables more light to enter which brightens videos while auto white balance and enhanced noise reduction allows great videos to be created in any setting. Still image photography can be carried out simultaneously while recording HD video.

Siri is a highly intelligent, competent assistant, which carries out multiple tasks such as making phone calls, sending messages or even scheduling meetings or setting reminders in addition to multi linguistic abilities. Face time enables making or receiving video calls from other iPhones, iPad, Mac or iPod touchphones using Wi-Fi or cell connection. iCloud option recognizes VIP mails on your device.

iPhone 5 screen

The 4 inch retina display enables a wider view of every web page, including more events in the calendar, accessing more messages in the inbox, and using more applications on the home screen. The amazing features of iPhone 5 help viewing wide screen HD video with maximum clarity and detail with an incredibly clear, life-like look, and experience for all games, images, words, and applications.

iPhone 5 has interesting features

iPhone 5 Apps

iPhone 5 has lots of built-in applications and many other applications which can be bought from the Apps Store. Creating presentations with animated 3D charts, well organized data and graphs is possible with keynote. Find my iPhone helps to keep track of your iPhone even if it is misplaced and remotely erases all important data. Many other applications are available in the field of business, education, entertainment, finance, health and fitness, music, social networking, sports, and travel.

iPhone 5 has fantastic display

iPhone 5 Specifications

iPhone 5 has a beautiful aluminium body with the latest wireless technology. It measures 7.6 mm in size and weighs 112 gm. It is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than iPhone 4.The iPhone 5 features include dual-core A6 ARM cortex CPU with a memory capacity of 1024 MB RAM. It contains OS 6 operating system and has storage capacity ranging from 16GB to 64 GB.

iPhone 5 specifications are amazing

iPhone 5 Warranty

Standard iPhone 5 warranty provides

• Hardware repairs for 1 year.

•90 days of support through telephone (more than one call involves fees).

Warranty is not provided for batteries, damages incurred due to water, cosmetic changes, or if the phone has been tampered with. Warranty can be extended to include full hardware and phone support for 2 years by buying Apple care protection plan extended warranty policy.

iPhone 5 is a stupendous mobile device

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

“Jailbreaking” means releasing from restrictions imposed on it by the carrier, i.e., Apple in this case. Jailbreaking is usually carried out by downloading a software application on the computer and then transferring it to iPhone where it “breaks open” the file system, enabling modifications unhindered.

The major advantages of jailbreaking involve enabling customization of the look of your iPhone, installing applications unavailable in App Store, and even downloading customized ring tones. Most importantly it allows unlocking of the phone and coupling with a carrier other than Apple.

Disadvantages include voiding warranty, since you cannot rely on any carrier to correct problems incurred during jailbreaking. This activity is deemed unauthorized according to the policies of the manufacturers, and could completely damage or disable the iPhone 5 features.

Turn Your Apple iPhone Camera into Your Heart Rate Monitor!

iPhone Camera can function as Heart Rate Monitor!

Perhaps among the most amazing iPhone apps available are those that essentially transform the iPhone camera into a heart rate monitor.  Not intended to replace professional medical monitoring equipment, health apps, when coupled with the Apple camera, enable fitness enthusiasts; individuals concerned about their heart fitness and health; and others, to determine their heart rates within roughly 10 seconds.

In addition to reporting your heart rate, many of these iPhone camera apps also generate an on-screen heart rate chart, similar to an EKG chart.

Depending on the specific app used, the results may be stored, in the form of a log, on the phone or, with the addition of software such as Azumio, exported into CSV format.    Results can also be shared through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to Use the iPhone Camera Performs as a Heart Rate Monitor

How iPhone camera apps monitor a heart rate depends on a few factors including whether the camera being used is rear-facing or front-facing. The vast majority of heart rate monitoring apps run on iPhones with a rear-facing camera and requires that the user position his or her finger over the lens. Other apps, such as Cardiio, run on iPhones with front-facing cameras, require that the camera be directed toward the user’s face, and no physical contact is needed.  Cardiio is not to be used during exercise; this app is appropriate only when the heart is at its resting rate.

Cardiio turns your iPhone camera into heart rate monitor!

For best results, the camera should be equipped with a flash; however, if no flash is available, the test should be performed in an area that provides good lighting.  In both cases, the camera detects micro changes to the skin that occur naturally when the heart beats to calculate user’s heart rate and reports the results to the iPhone via the app. For best results, the iPhone camera should be equipped with a flash; however, if no flash is available, the test should be performed in an area that provides good lighting.Apps that employ the iPhone camera do not need external hardware or devices.

iPhone camera heart rate monitor is amazing and innovative!

Pricing and Availability of iPhone Camera Heart Rate Monitoring Apps

Like many apps available for the iPhone camera, these health apps are generally very affordable, with apps price ranging from free to about $5 USD. Free apps, such as “My Heart Rate”, typically offer added functionality for about $0.99 USD.

iPhone camera heart rate monitor is an handy app!

The apps that enable heart rate monitoring from an iPhone camera are available for purchase from individual developers iTunes, the Apple Store and other online stores.


Apple iPod Watch – Luxury Wristwatch From Apple At Affordable Price

awesome apple ipod watches to amaze you!

You have seen a lot of technically advanced watches ruling the market for the last few years but this one is going to be different. The Apple iPod watch will be changing the reason to look at watches. A multi utility device  with the primary feature of showing time is actually an iPod nano on your wrist. Wherever you go, you ensure that entertainment moves on your wrists with this smart Apple watch.

The Built Of The Apple Ipod Watch

Nano watch is a device with all the features of an iPod and a watch. The high resolution LCD display with touch sensitivity makes it great to look at. The two finger rotation feature in this becomes friendly to work in any orientation. The watch does not come with a strap and that gives you the freedom to choose your own strap. You can enjoy music, browse photos, and do the front and back step counting with this highly capable device which is available in 8 GB and 1 GB models. Enjoy thousands of songs on the go with the sleek and powerful headphone provided by the company. The Apple wristwatch also includes an inbuilt radio player making entertainment even more regular.

apple ipod watch is simply beautiful and stylish!

As far as the screen of the Apple iPod watch is concerned, you need to press the power button to make it active. The juicer mode is there to save  the battery and protect your screen. Set ‘show time on wake’ mode to see the time whenever you switch the power on. If not, you would need to shift screens once you put it on.

Apple iPod watch comes in different colors

The iPod watch does not belong to the Apple waterproof range and thus you may need to purchase a kit that would actually make it waterproof. There are several available in the market but make sure to read the reviews before  you purchase one. This kit will eliminate the requirement of a band with the watch in question.

Apple iPod watch is fascinating and fantabulous

Apple iPod watch price

The new Apple iPod watch has surely made its place in the list of favorites among device enthusiasts but what people are actually concerned about is the price tag. Apple watch price is not going to bother you much because it is priced reasonably by the company. The 8GB watch would cost you around $150 while the 16 GB would be around $170. Make sure you buy the original one with apple warranty.

iPad Mini – The Next Big Product Release by Apple?

iPad Mini - the next release from Apple!

If you have to believe the rumors and speculations, then the technology giant, Apple, is gearing up for the next product release, which is nothing but the much anticipated iPad Mini. Already, the mini version of the Apple’s tablet is garnering enough attention from the rumor makers even before its release. The speculations too keep on counting the rumored features of the device everyday, which has now increased the Apple fans’ anticipation further to buy the tablet. Here is what everything that is being talked about the iPad Mini.

Why should Apple Develop and Release iPad Mini Now?

Apple is already making huge profits with all its previous tablet versions, the iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad, are being sold at a fantastic pace. The Tim Cook led company’s latest offering in the iPad series was the new iPad, which boasts about some excellent features like the High Definition screen and so on. With just a few months after the release of new iPad, why should Apple gear up for another release in the tablet series? And even if Apple releases the iPad Mini, will not it affect the sales of the new iPad? An industry expert tells us that Apple’s market share in the tablet space is quite high when compared to the market share of the competitors like Samsung and Sony and Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. He adds that even though Apple is leading the space now, the tablet market still has all the opportunities to grow big in the coming days. He further adds that it is because of this reason Apple is concentrating more on the tablet space.

iPad Mini to reimagine the tablets!

How the Mini Version of iPad would look like?

The latest speculations about the iPad Mini reveal that the device might look like a large third generation iPod Nano, but as thin as the fourth generation iPod Touch. This means that the device would be thinner than its one of its rival devices, the Kindle Fire. The rumored dimensions about the device give us the figure that the mini tablet would be just incredibly 7.2 mm thick, which is almost 25 percentages thinner than the recently released new iPad! The display of the tablet might measure up to 7.85 inches, if the rumors are to be believed. This says us that the new device might look like a large iPod Nano rather than a small iPad. Regarding the height of the device, it might be same as the Google’s Nexus 7, but the width just a bit longer than the Android tablet.

iPad Mini is set to rock the tablet markets!

Features of the Mini Tablet!

It seems as if Apple might release the iPad Mini that would cater to both the 3G and the non 3G users. The speculations about the device give us the detail that Apple might go for a dual core A5x SoC processor. If this becomes true, then the mini tablet would be faster than the expected speed. However, the device might not feature a retina display and would come with limited, but enough, storage capabilities. The rumors claim that the mini tablet might come with 8GB or 16 GB of storage. The experts say that the limited but the unique features of the mini version of iPad will not decrease the sales of the premium editions of the device.

iPad Mini might be up for grabs soon!

iPad Mini Price and Release Date

Since the product’s design and features are not known completely, there is still no news about the price of the mini tablet. Some rumors state that design is being conceived in China, but the mass manufacturing of the device would take place from September in Brazil. If this speculation holds true, Apple fans can expect the company to make the announcements about the iPad Mini in four or five months, targeting the Christmas holidays!

What’s Up with the New iPad 3?

the first look of new iPad

On March 7, the entire technology community was very eager to listen to the words of Apple CEO, Tim Cook, to know about the features of the new iPad, the iPad 3. Just as expected, Tim Cook, on the same day, unveiled the new version of the Apple’s very popular tablet, the iPad. However, he did not mention that it is the third generation of iPad. He simply called the device as ‘new iPad’. While the name did shock many iPad fans, the features of the iPad tablet too shocked both the fans and the critics, as the new tablet carried no big advantage than its previous editions, but very few improvements.

Physical Features

The physical look of the new iPad has no big changes when compared to its previous edition, the iPad 2. It has a 9.7 – inch screen just as the iPad 2 and has single home button, which is the Apple’s unique device design. The device also features an Apple 30 pin dock connector, a headphone jack and a slot for MicroSIM. However, the newer version of iPad weights more than its older versions. It weighs around 650 g, while the iPad 2 weighs only 600g and the first edition weighs only 586g. The increase in weight is clearly a disadvantage. However, the reason for the increase in weight is the increase in the size of the battery. However, its battery life is same as its previous edition.

new iPad is an awesome tablet PC


Display is the one feature where the iPad 3 wins clearly over any other tablet on this earth. The new iPad has a brilliant display with the pixel range of 2048 – by – 1536. The latest iPhone 4S had retina display, which set new display standards in the mobile phones. Similarly, the latest version of iPad has the retina display, which the iPad 2 lacks. It shows the colors and texts in a spectacular way. It is a never – before – experienced display that very clearly displays even very small texts with superb clarity. Another great thing is the High Definition feature. Yes! Now you can call simply the new version of iPad as ‘iPad HD’. Apple says it has the HD feature that is equal to the clarity of a real HD TV!

new ipad has stunning display features


Regarding the performance, the new iPad features an A5X processor with 1 GHz capacity. The older version had an A5 processor. To be honest, the new version and the old version has no difference in performance, but the A5X processor in the new device allows it to handle the increased display features efficiently without affecting the basic performance. The memory is 1GB, which is same as in its previous editions.

the new ipad is a cool device for tablet lovers

Connectivity and Price

Similar to the older versions of the tablet, the iPad 3 supports WiFi connectivity and an optional 4G LTE connectivity feature. The iPad 3 cost differs based on the storage capacity and the connectivity features. The WiFi only models are available from $499 to $699, while the models that support 4G LTE connectivity feature comes at a price of $629 to $829.

new ipad is really amazing with HD feature

Apple announced the iPad 3 release date which was March 16, last Friday. To buy iPad 3, people, as usual, queued outside the Apple stores. The shipping too is going on in full form. The only advantage of the new version of iPad is the HD feature and the retina display. The new iPad, unofficially dubbed as the iPad 3, thus clearly has no big innovations in both the hardware level and in the user experience, but people still keep flooding the Apple stores to get their hands on the new tablet, which clearly shows the brand value of Apple.

Now Listen to Music and Be on Time with the new Nanox!

Nanox has a stunning performance like iPod Nano

If you have ever felt uncomfortable protecting both iPod Nano and your watch, its time forget the both, as you can now own a super cool Nanox! A combination of a wristwatch and the iPod Nano, Nanox will make things easy for you. Now your travel time will be joyous without the tension protecting your tiny iPod and your wristwatch. You can also enjoy some great music and you can be on time without any issues. This awesomely integrated device is now available in the markets of almost 40 countries including Japan, United States and in United Kingdom through the online buying portal Amazon. Do you love to tie a Nanox around your wrist? Well! Check out everything about Nanox, before placing an order!

Nanox - a new watch with iPod Nano

Fancy Design

We all know that iPod Nano comes with a handy design in fancy colors. Regarding wristwatches, there is no definition to the design, as a wristwatch carries centuries of history behind its name. Wristwatches are available in almost all the forms, whether it may be the old classic style or may be the modern digital form. Now, imagine how great the design will be, if integration takes place between the two things. Before we imagine, a Japanese designer called Noriyaki Miyata, who is an acclaimed electronic product designer, has already imagined it and the result is the new Nanox. Now, a company named Emonster is making the new device and marketing it. Apple’s iPod Nano is available in seven fancy colors. Similarly, Emonster has ensured that Nanox is available in the same seven colors.

Nanox comes in seven fancy colors


The details of the watch conversion kit are quite interesting. Apple manufactures its products using the alloy of aluminum numbered 6061. Emonster claims that it manufactures the iPod Nano part in Nanox with the same aluminum alloy. In addition to this, the Nanox watch also has nothing to do with the screws or other tools, with which a normal watch comes. Thus, the cool watch kit follows the epic ‘Simply Superb’ policy of Apple. The straps of the ‘watch + iPod Nano’ device are ultra thin. The straps come with just 2mm thickness, and thus, do no harm to the wearer. Just as in an ordinary iPod Nano, there is a special anti – glare sheet over the screen of the music device to enable greater visibility even in a bright place just like while using under Sunlight. Not stopping with this, there is another interesting fact regarding the Nanox. Emonster manufactures the cool watch convertible kit right in the same factory, where Apple manufactures the iPod Nano.

Nanox is an awesome iPod Nano watch convertible kit

Price and Performance

If it is a product of Apple, then there is absolutely no need to bother about the performance. Since, iPod Nano forms an integral part in Nanox, one need not question about the performance of Nanox. It is just like using your iPod Nano tied around your wrist, with an additional option of a fancy watch. We all know that Nano came up only to attract huge buyers. Hence, it had a less price tag than a conventional iPod. However, Nanox offers a quality of combination an iPod Nano and a watch, and hence, has a good price of $126 US.

Top Applications for Jailbroken iPhone and iPad

iKeyEx - one of the cool top iPhone Apps

If you are a proud owner of a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you should take a note of some of the top iPhone apps, which may make your cool phone even cooler. Now that you no longer need the Apple authentication for your apps, as you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can push your limits and get ready for a completely new experience with some stunning apps. Whether you need to increase the performance of your iPhone or iPad, or, you want to change the conventional look, or, you need some awesome functionality, the top iPhone applications are here to cater your needs.

1) iKeyEx

This is one of the free top iPhone apps that you will love it. The iKeyEx app is actually a keyboard extension application, which supports you a lot when you are up for fast texting. The app adds the number buttons and other alphanumeric buttons to your already existing jailbroken iPhone keyboard, and thus, enables you to text faster than your usual speed. If you consistently use many alphanumeric characters for smileys and other such things, then iKeyEx is a boon app for you.

2) MyWi

MyWi is one of the top iPhone apps that will help tethering

For many smart phone users, Tethering, or in other words, sharing the internet connection among the devices is one of the cool thing to do. Tethering is also one of the top reasons why people choose to own a jailbroken iPhone. MyWi is one of the top iPhone apps that enable tethering in your iOS device. While using the MyWi, no need worry about your carrier or any such thing. Just connect as you wish and share the connection. However, you need to pay a bit for this app. This is one of the costly top iPhone applications and has a cost of $20.

3) Lockinfo

Lockinfo is one of the top iPhone apps that allows fancy mobile locking

If you are using an iPhone for a long time, then you will surely be jealous of the Android phones, just for their fancy and themed mobile locker applications. This is because, there are no such fancy mobile locker applications for the iOS users. Even the top iPhone applications for the regular iPhones do not offer such a fancy facility. However, now that you have a jailbroken iPhone, you no longer need to long for using a cool mobile locker. Lockinfo will enable you to set some awesome and fancy mobile lockers for your iPhone, and, this is the reason why it is one of the top iPhone apps. Without diving into your phone, you can also use some applications like the calendar, events and weather, with this cool app. The cost of this app is $8.

4) WinterBoard

WinterBoard holds a place in the list of top iPhone apps

WinterBoard is another free app in the list of top iPhone apps. WinterBoard offers you tons of themes and backgrounds, thus helping you to change the look of your jailbroken iPhone. Image wallpapers are old – fashioned items, and now, you can get video wallpapers and cool keyboards with complete customization with one of the top iPhone applications, WinterBoard.

5) Activator

Activator is one of the awesome top iPhone apps for customization

If you love customizing your jailbroken iPhone, then Activator is one thing that you need the most. Just like other top iPhone applications, Activator does more than what you expect from it. Activator helps you to customize the controls as you wish. You can use any key to do any job you want, just by setting the customization. The good thing is, Activator is one among the top iPhone apps that is available free of cost.

Top 10 iPhone Accessories – Coolest Gadgets

iPhone accessories 1

iPhone accessories are one of the coolest additions you can get for your iPhone. The iPhone is after all one of the coolest gadgets to come out this decade and so deserves only the best accessories. The iPhone has made many fans ever since it entered the market. It is one device that is loved by both fans of Apple and non fans. The various apps,sleek design and functionality are some of the reasons behind its unwavering popularity. The various iPhone accessories that are available today come with a wide variety of unique features to serve many different purposes. Some of the coolest accessories are given below.

1) Stunning Cases

Artistic cases are undoubtedly some of the coolest iPhone accessories you can get for your phone. These silicone based cases come in a variety of mind blowing designs that will just… well, blow your mind away. You can get these cases online.

2) iPhone Armbands

These iPhone accessories are an essential item to have if you’re a power user and a jogger. You can take your phone with you on runs and listen to their favorite songs. The armband is designed to specifically secure the iPhone in place. It kinda looks cool too.

3) The Intempo iPhone Dock

One of the best docking iPhone accessories out there, the Intempo dock system allows you to charge your phone and providers a good set of speakers for playing music. Moreover, you can also spin your iPhone horizontally and vertically for better viewing angles when watching videos.

4) iPhone Cowboy Case

Reading the name itself is enough to put it in the list of coolest iPhone accessories. What more can you hope for? An iPhone case that is shaped in the form of a holster is the stuff that fantasies are made of. You can even put your money, keys and cigarettes in this case.

5) Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Dock Stand

This is easily one of the coolest iPhone accessories you can find. It can charge your iPhone and support your phone in both landscape and portrait mode. You can use this stand with a number of iPhone models like the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iTouch etc.

6) GoSmart

The simplicity of this device makes it one of the coolest gadgets ever in the iPhone accessories category. You can fix your iPhone on to the steering wheel of your car in case you need to keep your G.P.S display in a more convenient location. The practicality of this device can be debated but it is a cool device anyway.

7) Retro handset

This one makes the list of coolest iPhone accessories only because it is shiny and red. Plus it’s a freakin handset shaped like a telephone receiver. Things cannot get more awesome.

8 ) iPhone Tactile Keyboard

Another extremely useful one in the iPhone accessories list is the Tactile keyboard. Sometimes typing on the iPhone can be tough. In such cases you can simply attach this handy keyboard to have a hassle free and convenient typing experience. Definitely, one of the most useful accessories for your iPhone.

9) iPhone Holder

This handy device is included in the list of amazing iPhone accessories due to the fact that apart from its practical uses, it looks like a snake. One cannot say that this is not a unique design. It looks extremely cool when kept on a table. Like a snake that is allowing you to video chat more conveniently. Sounds a lot cooler when put in that way, doesn’t it?

10) Bamboo iPhone Cases

One of the most visually stunning, tongue twirling, eye popping iPhone accessories out there, the Bamboo Cases are just incredibly cool to look at. They come in a wide variety of mind numbingly great designs. Its beauty is quite frankly unparalleled. In fact it is so cool that if you put your jailbreaked iPhone in one of these cases, your phone will get acquitted. (Extremely bad joke. Sorry)

Hopefully this list of extremely cool and useful iPhone accessories has been an interesting one for you.


How iPhone External Battery Helps You?

If you are a user of iPhone, then iPhone external battery will help you largely. Well! No one on this world can find a cooler mobile phone than iPhone. Especially, the very recent editions of iPhone like the iPhone 4G have stupendous features. They make their users keep using them irrespective of places. Many people feel that their days are incomplete without using their iPhone. This is the impact that the super smart iPhones have created in the lives of humans. The users of iPhone can never imagine a day without using them.

If you are one such ardent iPhone user, imagine how bad it will be if your iPhone runs out of charge when you are in a travel. Think how you will miss the exciting feeling of using your iPhone, if you do not find a way to charge it during travelling. Your entire day will turn bad. You may not have a way to talk to your beloved one without your iPhone. You may miss the excitement in playing your favorite iPhone game. You may miss the horoscope and weather forecasts of the day, since you cannot access those applications in your iPhone.  You may miss the news updates and the updates of scores and results of live sports. You cannot chat with your friends.  Anyway, there is no need to worry about that now. If you had any such bad experiences, then it is the time to forget them. Yes! Now you have a great solution to bring back the activeness in your iPhone, even if its charge is down. The amazing solution is nothing but an iPhone external battery.

An iPhone external battery will come to the rescue, if the charge of your iPhone is down. You can use this external battery irrespective of the places. The process of using this helpful hardware is simple. Once the charge of your iPhone battery is down, you can easily replace the old battery with the iPhone external battery. That is enough. Your iPhone will require no new settings for the external battery. There will not be any hardware compatibility issues too.

The iPhone external battery is highly portable and very light in weight. The weight is as low as 2.2 – 2.3 ounces. It is a very compact device and you can carry it wherever you need it. This will be very helpful when you are travelling through train, bus or airplane. You can carry the iPhone external battery easily in your briefcase or in your purse or even in your pocket.

The backup power of an iPhone external battery is unbelievable. It has an appreciable backup support and you can bring back your iPhone from dead to a fully charged one. In addition, the durability of this backup device is also great. The iPhone external battery comes with a high quality plastic body and thus has very lightweight, yet, high durability.

Another great thing with the iPhone external battery is that, it offers you double battery time when compared to the real iPhone battery life. In addition, you can also use this external battery for other devices like the iPod. It backs up all the versions of the iPod and iPhone. Though the features are great, you can get an iPhone external battery at a very convincing price!

iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G – Which has Stupendous Features?

iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G 1

The comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G is such an interesting topic to discuss. The iPhone 4G series is already a big hit in the markets of United States and United Kingdom. Though Apple introduced it very recently in the Asian markets, it is getting an amazing response already, as many numbers of people are buying the iPhone 4G model than expected. The iPhone 5G mobile smart phone is a futuristic device from the company of Apple. Speculations reveal that the release of iPhone 5G may be at end of this year or within the first quarter of 2012. The maker of the device has been silent and has released no words about this device. However, already there is much hype about the iPhone 5G. As the scenario goes like this, it is quite interesting to deal with the comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G. Here we go.


It is a known fact that, Apple always takes great care when it comes to the hardware features of its devices. In every generation of the iPhone, the hardware features were better than their previous generations. The newer devices become slimmer and less in weight than their previous editions. It seems that, hardware is such an influential factor in the comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G.Well! Mobile world stalwarts predict that there may be a great leap in the hardware of the iPhone 5G. We know that iPhone 4G has a sleek look and is a weight-less mobile device. However, the experts believe that Apple may include the feature of transparency in its hardware. Yes! The iPhone 5G phones may become transparent and may look like glass surface. In addition, they may come up with an OLED screen, which will surely make their owners pride. In terms of hardware, iPhone 5G has greater features and wins over iPhone 4G in the comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G!

Camera and Conferencing

Everyone knows that the devices of Apple have stunning camera features and options. The clarity that the iPhone has in camera facility is better than camera facility of any other mobile phone device. The camera features are very much considerable in the comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G. Many say that iPhone 5G will have better camera facilities than the iPhone 4G. The iPhone 5G is going to be one of the best camera facilitated-phones in the world and its camera feature may have 10.2 Megapixels. The iPhone 5G may have unbeatable lead over iPhone 4G in the battle of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G, when it comes to the video conferencing options. Experts claim that iPhone 5G will have appealing and high speed video conferencing facility. The speed may be as high as 100 Mbps!

Other Stunning Features

In the race of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G, people expect that iPhone 5G will have more stunning features than the iPhone 4G. Many do believe that iPhone 5G may come up with a solar panel to charge its battery. This may be a great move, as green technology is the need of the hour in the current scenario. In addition, iPhone 5G may be more superior to iPhone 4G in terms of storage, as it may have 128 GB of storage.

Thus, in every way, iPhone 5G overtakes iPhone 4G in the interesting comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G.

iPhone Tricks – Top 10 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone User Experience

iPhone tricks can help you to not only save valuable time but also to soothe any frustration you may feel from the many shortcomings it has. The iPhone tricks mentioned below are some of the most popular ones made by users all over the world for users like you.

1) Setting Parental Controls

Go to settings and then select “General Restrictions” to make any changes in blocking inappropriate content.

2) Correcting Settings for the Dictionary

This is one of the many useful iPhone tricks where you can correct any mistakes made in the dictionary department. If you accidently entered a wrong word in the dictionary, you cannot undo your mistake. You will have to reset your dictionary settings back to factory settings. First enter settings and select “General.” Then you need to scroll down until the “Reset” option shows. Select “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” to start from scratch.

3) Sleep Option

This is very handy iPhone trick. All you have to do is go to your clock and select the timer. Then, you can simply enter the amount of time after which your iPhone will go into sleep mode. Then select the “Sleep iPhone” option. This way you can doze off to sleep peacefully, knowing that your iPhone will do the same soon.

4) Scroll to the Top of the Page

This is another convenient iPhone trick. All you have to do is tap on the status bar to automatically scroll to the top of the page. This way you can easily reach the top of the page after reading a long web page or email.

5) Taking Screenshots

You can utilize this handy iPhone trick by pressing both the home and sleep buttons at the same time. You can then access the screenshot in the “Saved Photos” library.

6) Caps Lock

You can toggle the Caps Lock option on and off by simply double tapping the shift key.

7) Shutting Down the Phone

This one is labeled as an iPhone trick due to the fact that many users actually do not know how to completely shut down their iPhones. Most of them mistake the sleep mode for the shut down one. In order to properly turn your iPhone off, you will have to keep the sleep button pressed until a red button appears. Then you have to drag the button in the given direction to turn off your iPhone.

8 ) Quickly Delete

If you want to delete any item from your iPhone in your mail app or other lists, you can simply swipe your finger across the particular item. Once you do so, a delete button will appear.

9) Rebooting

You can use this dandy iPhone trick to reboot your iPhone system. If your phone freezes and if nothing else works, all you have to do is to press both the sleep and home button for about ten seconds to reset your device. It is important to note that this doesn’t change any settings.

10) Locking the Screen orientation

This little iPhone trick can help you to lock the screen orientation i.e. portrait or landscape mode so that it doesn’t change every time you shift the device. Double click on the home button and then swipe from left to right on the multitasking interface. Then tap on the lock button to disable auto rotation and to get the portrait mode locked. Doing the same thing again will re-enable the auto rotation function.

Some of the iPhone tricks above may sound pretty obvious. But you would be surprised to know the number of users who don’t know them. We hope that this article has helped you somewhat in your quest to know about the iPhone tricks. Kindly leave your comments below 🙂

What is iPhone jailbreak?

iphone jailbreak1

iPhone jailbreak is a method used to hack into an iPhone and freeing it from the various limitations imposed by Apple. iPhone Jailbreak is done to improve the functionality of the device as there are lots of restrictions put on it by the manufacturer. So basically you’re able to install third party applications on your device. Now there are both advantages and disadvantages to an iPhone jailbreak.

One advantage of performing an iPhone jailbreak is that you will be able to customize your visual settings in the iPhone. You can use new wallpapers, icons, install an app categorizing system etc. You can also get the necessary tools to make your still camera record videos of decent quality. You can choose from a wide variety of apps that can provide your iPhone with many new and interesting features. Features that would never be available to you had you not decided to do an iPhone jailbreak.

But with all the advantages comes the disadvantages too. When you tamper with your iPhone, you also have the risk of ‘bricking’ it. Bricking means that there is the chance of your iPhone becoming unusable. If something like that happens you will have to erase the entire system and restore it just to make it working again. Although this isn’t a huge deal, it is a chance you must be prepared to take. Also every time a new iPhone update comes along, you will have to jailbreak the iPhone all over again.

Some also believe that jailbreaking an iPhone can have security repercussions as well. Many say that jailbreaking it can allow malwares to be planted into the device. Also only two iPhone viruses have been reported so far and both of them have spread only through jailbroken iPhones. Though many suggest that the iPhones security in general is lax, it is important to know these things before choosing to jailbreak the iPhone. Your warranty will also be cut off if you tamper with the iPhone.

There are many factors to consider before choosing to jailbreak your iPhone. Even though there are certain disadvantages to doing so, you can easily reverse the process anytime. All you have to do is restore it through iTunes and you will have your old settings back.

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Refurbished iPhone – Things to Know About Before Buying One

refubished iphone unboxed

The iPhone as most of us know isn’t simply a phone but also a mobile internet tool, music player, gaming device all rolled into one. Though they have so many interesting features and functions, getting one is quite expensive and quite difficult to afford by many. But if an individual who cannot spring cash for an iPhone wants only the iPhone and no other phone, then there is a way to acquire them. All you have to do is buy a refurbished iPhone.

Though a refurbished iPhone is cheaper than a standard iPhone, it is rather important to check out the various details mentioned below before buying one. A refurbished iPhone is after all a used device and there might be some complications in the product which you need to be well aware off before purchasing it. It is not that every refurbished iPhone will have problems but there might be a few which has.

Always check out the battery of the refurbished iPhone. If the refurbished iPhone hasn’t been used extensively, there still might be a good amount of battery life left in it. iPhones are quite known for having a weak battery life and the fact that batteries cannot be replaced by the user just adds to the problem. So make sure to extract as much as information about the iPhone as possible from the dealer before buying a refurbished iPhone. If the battery is weak, ask if you can get it replaced before buying the phone.

Another thing to look out for is the amount of wear and tear on the screen. If you buy a refurbished iPhone without checking for it, you might be disappointed to later find out about the heavy scratches on the screen if there are any. If you’re buying the phone online, check the photographs of the product for any scratches on the surface of the screen. It would be best if you buy the refurbished iPhone from a reputable dealer to assure the quality of the product.

Also keep in mind that a refurbished iPhone will most likely be an old model and not a new one. Hence there might be a lot of difference in its storage capacity. Some of the old models only have about 4 GB of storage space whereas new ones have about 32 GB. So buy one that satisfies your needs rather than just going for the brand name. Also see if you can get a warranty for your refurbished iPhone. Getting it will surely be very handy.

Top 10 iPad Apps – Stunning and Exciting


After the iPad made its international debut, you can now avail of the iPad Apps from the iPad App Store.  There are already some thousands of applications in the App store except those that pertain to media such as Pandora, ABC and Netflix. Ten of the top iPad Apps which a new iPad owner must surely know about are listed below.


Air Video

Though one can use iTunes for transferring music and movie files, this could prove tiresome. Hence, you can make use of this iPad App as it is easy to stream the video into your iPad from a Mac or PC by just installing the free Air Video server client on the PC.

Real Racing HD

This was a great racing game on the iPhone and it works really great on the iPad due to the graphics, sound and the controls.


This iPad application can be used on the iPhone as well and is the best document reader and file manager as it enables you to connect to Google Docs, Dropbox, Box net and any other local computers and then you can just download from the internet directly.


This iPad App is the best newsreader as it synchronizes with Google Reader and if you add a feed it gets added to the Google Reader and this applies for removing it too. Selective sync is also possible and hence, reading becomes more manageable.

Mondo Solitaire

This iPad App is a highly addictive and fun game and it should be bought in the whole package as it has tons of variations.

Wired Magazine

This is an extremely popular iPad app and you get a good subscription plan.  The very first issue gave a peep into the making of Toy Story 3, which was really worthwhile.


The Kindle iPad app created by Amazon is a fantastic e-reader and one can easily browse through the books as it quite easily brings you the web-based book shop and you can purchase any book very easily.


For those who love cooking, you will just love this iPad app as there are many mouth-watering recipes along with wonderful pictures and details.


Those who are avid dropbox users will find this iPad App very useful as you are able to save any content directly on the device and it also has other facilities such as uploading content from the device and also viewing and playback any media content.

The Guardian Eyewitness

This iPad app was released by the UK publication The Guardian and it shows some wonderful visuals and photography.    You can study and enjoy the news stories along with the art.


iPhone Accessories- The Smart Tools for Smarter Phone

iphone accessories

For any given mobile phone, accessories determine its status. Starting from the traditional antenna type to the next generation of technical advancement, iPhone accessories have always played an important role.  iPhone accessories gained a greater importance as the brand image of Apple considered to be the credible factor for manufacture and design of these accessories.

First of the most widely preferred accessory for the iPhone is the headset. For iPhone, Apple has released the two kinds of headsets. The wired one and the Bluetooth wireless headset as the iPhone have compatibility for both kinds. These iPhone accessories are of prime importance as it reduces the time of taking up the handset every time when you receive a call. Flexibility matters the most for these iPhone accessories and thereby Bluetooth wireless headset is widely preferred among the iPhone accessories.

Screen protector is another iPhone accessory that has been sought after. As the display area of iPhone is generally a larger one than other phones, it has to be protected from scratches and stains. To do that screen protector has to be pasted up on the display screen. Henceforth the next ranking for iPhone accessories goes to this screen protector which needs to be replaced over a continuous period of time as it depends upon the handling of iPhone.

The third most preferred accessory is the iPhone cradles and the carry cases. They are the ones that give a sense of respect when being taken into public places. These iPhone accessories are considered as a status symbol for the brand iPhone. The right iPhone accessories for the possessed iPhone are always considered as thing of prime importance by the owners of the brand. Getting the right accessories like cradles, kits, holders, to the aesthetic of iPhone is tough as many get landed up in purchasing fake accessory parts.

Finally among the important iPhone accessories are the chargers, cables and replaceable battery kits. The design and look of iPhone is unique and it’s the same of its accessories. These chargers, cables, etc. must be purchased matching to the model. These can be also customized. Thereby the utilization of iPhones will be simplified in an easy way as it could be, if proper iPhone accessories are being opted for your iPhone.