iPhonemania – When the Hobby Becomes Madness


The iPhone is the first real Smartphone to have any success and become a big deal. Since its release in 2007, Apple has had a monopoly on the Smartphone market and has happily brought their business back from the oblivion that Microsoft were pushing them into. But what about the happy go lucky iPhone fan? When does their hobby become absolute madness?

Over 56% of Smartphone Users Shop with iPhone in Their Hand

In America, a poll suggested that over half of iPhone users do their shopping with iPhone in their hands. They have admitted to using it for all purposes, from checking their digital shopping lists, checking prices online and using a calculator app, all the way to using their shopping time as a nice time to catch up on SMS messages and emails.

iphone shopping

iPhone Addiction

You may have thought had heard it all when an addictive compulsion around Star Trek became a true legitimate addiction. Then, the Facebook addiction became a true addiction in all medical sense. Now, an iPhone addiction is also a medical condition and a legitimately documented addictive compulsion.

iPhone addiction

People have become addicted to the use of their iPhone. Not only do they become panicky, flustered or angry when they are separated from it, but they have also been known to suffer withdrawal symptoms if deprived of their iPhone for long periods of time.

The iPhone is the Most Stolen Phone Model in the World

This may be due to the fact that it is both popular and expensive to buy. And, even though there are security features on it, there are still people out there who are able to crack the iPhone security and use your stolen iPhone.

iPhone stolen

Fans Hated the Original Name of the Apple iPhone – “Purple

The first iPhone was going to be called ‘Purple’. It was developed in a room that was named the Purple dorm. In those days, nobody cared what Apple was up to, as it was a dinosaur in the technology trade and had one foot out the door so far as most people were concerned.

iphone purple

They developed the purple in the purple dorm, and their top secret security protocols included a poster that quoted a line from the movie “fight club” with the classic “first rule of fight club.” They market tested the name Purple, and people hated it. Eventually they decided that the phone should be called the iPhone with the small letter “i” being a feature.

iPhone Fans See the Face of…Bono?

In the music function of your iPhone, there is a section called ‘Artists’. Pay it a visit, as many iPhone fans have agreed online that it is modeled on Bono from U2.

iphone bono

iPhone Fans Have Been Thrilled By Their Own Gestures

It is possible to create your own gestures for using your newest iPhone. You can decide what types of touching and moving gestures do what, from scrolling to flipping and closing screens or apps. Fans have loved the idea since it started.

iPhone gestures

Samsung Owns the Rights, Production and Development of an iPhone Part

There is a processor in the most current iPhones and it turns out that Samsung own the rights/patents to it. This literally means that Apple has to buy parts for their iPhones from the people at Samsung. Obviously, it is in both Samsung’s and Apple’s interest if this is not blatantly advertised.

iphone parts

iPhone Autocorrect is the Most Commonly Seen Autocorrect Funny on Facebook

There are lots of these images on Facebook where people have meant to write one thing but autocorrect changed it to something else. A data collection survey showed that more iPhone autocorrect funny images were on Facebook than for any other type of mobile device.

iPhone autocorrect

Oprah Made a Classic Mistake

She tweeted that she loved the new Surface tablet from Google and that she bought it for herself and has bought ten for her family and friends. However, many people were quick to take screen prints of her tweet before it was taken offline. They did this because she had used the iPad signature at the bottom it said that she had tweeted it from her iPad.

iphone signature

Fans Have Admitted that their iPhone Has Got Them in Trouble

With the iPhone you may delete certain calls from your call history whist leaving the rest of your call history intact. Cheating lovers have abused this little trick for a long time. However, iPhone users have been caught because deleting it does not delete it from their phone bill. Their unsuspecting lover glances at the phone bill to see that the iPhone user has something to hide.

iphone bill

Fans were Shaking about the iPhone 5

It is possible to customize how your iPhone vibrates on the iPhone 5. You can tell it how to vibrate and at what intervals. It is basically a programmable vibrating machine. Lots of iPhone fans have found this very exciting.

iPhone shake

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GOSF – Jackpot for Online Shopaholics this December! Act Fast & Smart

great online shopping festival

GOSF online shoppingAn initiative by Google India, GOSF or Great Online Shopping Festival was kick started for the first time in December 2012. The idea behind GOSF is to set aside a day exclusively for online shopping. Several eCommerce sites are going to offer its customers huge discounts on the day(s) of GOSF. According to the official website of GOSF, the mega shopping festival is going to held for 3 days this year, December 11, 12 and 13, thanks to the overwhelming response from online shoppers last year. 

CouponDunia is a one stop shop to pick the BEST deals offered by eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Jabong, ShopClues, etc. Here, you can find some of the top deals and offers given away as coupons to every single shopper! CouponDunia has set aside a dedicated page for GOSF and you can find several GOSF coupons from its page.


Gear up! It’s time for some ‘intelligent’ shopping as you get to save more money than ever before. Grab this one-time opportunity with both hands!!!

How to Make Money off Your Old Technology

make money with technology

If you’re like most people, you probably have a pile of old electronics lying around your home. This includes older TVs, cell phones, computers, entertainment systems, and even appliances that you don’t use anymore. Instead of leaving these things to sit in your basement collecting dust, however, why don’t you turn them into cash? Try these suggestions to turn your old electronics into cash.

1. Pawn shop

A lot of pawn shops give cash for a wide variety of electronics. In addition to the car stereos and laptops that everyone knows about, according to a shop that does gold buying in Columbus, these shops are also willing to buy kids’ toys, video games, and even a lot of professional equipment. You’ll clean out your house and make some money.

2. Yard sale

If you have a lot of smaller items and/or children’s items, consider a yard sale. While they might be a lot of work to put together, you could potentially make hundreds of dollars. While you’re setting up, include a lot of other items from your house that you just want to get rid of. Don’t worry about anything being too old; you’ll be shocked at what people will buy. If you don’t think you have enough stuff to attract a crowd, ask your neighbors if they would be willing to hold one with you and split the advertising costs.

make money with technology

3. Donation

There are a lot of charities that are always looking for donations of cell phones, appliances, and professional equipment. If you’re not using your stuff, give it to someone who can use it. You’ll help them and be able to write off the cost of the items on your taxes.

make money with technology

4. Recycle

Even if you can’t sell your old electronics to anyone, you might be able to earn some money by selling them to a recycling service. These services dismantle the devices and separate them into their individual components. From there, they can sell the pieces that people still want and get money for the rest by selling pieces with heavy, precious, and rare earth metals. While you might find people who do this via word of mouth, also check with a few local pawn shops that buy gold and silver. Because many electronics contain these elements, many of these dealers are willing to buy or know someone who will.

make money with technology

How to Manage the Use of Electronics in Your Family

Use of electronics

It seems like there are more mobile phones being created than people these days, so there are bound to be a few problems that pop up when it comes to how you are going to be able to manage all of the different electronic devices in your family. While most electronic devices come packed with an immense number of positive benefits, there are also some negative aspects of giving a little computer to every single member of the family. Whether you are getting a Blackberry Canada or you are just trying to figure out how many hours of video games your children are going to play per day, it is important to remember that electronics are a part of our daily lives at this point. Let’s take a look at how you can manage the electronics owned by the people in your household.

Use of electronics

Let the Kids Use the Computer

The first thing you should look at when it comes to what your children should be allowed to do is the computer. While there are a lot of terrible things that can be found on the Internet, there are also plenty of tools at your disposal to make sure that your children do not end up on some of the most problematic websites on the Internet. There is nothing wrong with letting your children use the Internet for many hours during the day, especially if they are actually learning something along the way. Playing Counter Strike or World of Warcraft all day is one thing, but you should not try to prevent your child by learning about the world through that electronic box.

Use of electronics

Should Your Kids Have Mobile Phones?

Some parents do not like the idea of giving mobile phones to their children because they think that kind of access to information could somehow be harmful. The first thing you need to realize when it comes to preventing your child from owning a phone is that it would be a mistake to leave your child without a phone in certain situations. The reality is that you are not going to be standing next to your child at all hours of the day, so you need to make sure that they are able to contact you if they find themselves in some trouble. At the end of the day, you also need to be able to contact them when you haven’t heard from them for an extended period of time. It is also important to remember that not all phones come with the Internet. You can give your child a regular mobile device if you are worried about that.

Use of electronics

Limit the Video Games

The most important thing you should limit when it comes to the electronics in your household is video games. While having fun is definitely not something that you want to disrupt when it comes to your children, the fact of the matter is that many children end up wasting their lives away on these devices. You do not need to take an authoritarian approach when it comes to video games, but you should at least explain to your children how video games can give them a false feeling of accomplishment.

What is the Right Storage Capacity for Your Smartphone?

storage capacity artdecides smphone performance

When you go to the market to buy your first Smartphone, you are so very concerned with the features and Smartphone storage feature quite low in your priority list. Smartphone has made your world of communication a more compact one with one device enabling you to hear music, shoot videos, download games and managing your office network. With such huge areas to cover a Smartphone has to possess a good amount of memory. Some Smartphone will allow you to increase the memory with external cards, and some may ask you to delete some apps and pictures in order to make space for the new ones. The choice is quite tough; you love those apps and don’t want to remove the pictures of your loved ones. So, the question is how to decide on the storage requirement.

Why Internal Memory Is Important In Smartphone?

Though you can always extend your smart phone memory with external memory card, the internal memory has to support your regular downloading requirements. However, the internal memory is not focused much while the company is selling the Smartphone. For example, all Samsung Smartphones do not have enough internal memorys though they all offer expandable memory option. An android Smartphone allows you to access the play store and you cannot resist yourself from downloading apps and games with an average storage requirement of 5 to 10 MB. At the same time the all Smartphone including Samsung android phones come with great megapixel camera and you may not carry a camera with you when you have such a device.

smartphone memory should be right for good performance

How much internal memory is going to be enough?

There is always a bit of confusion between the iphone 5 and best Smartphone in town. In many Samsung Smartphones there are options to choose 16GB, 32GB or 64GB internal memory, but the specific Smartphone storage option may not be available in your country. You can wait for the new model with more memory to launch in your location or be happy with the micro SD card slot.

high memory capacity does not mean a good smartphone

The SD memory card reduces the need of high internal memory. 32 GB memory in a Smartphone is considered to be good enough, but it again depends on your usage. Check the Smartphone with phone memory card options. Make sure it allows you to use a 32 or 64GB memory card in order to provide liberty to download. The best Smartphone are not only best for their features but they are also best because of their capacity.

smartphone memory capacity is important to measure performance

Smartphone memory is a huge concern nowadays, with people being friendlier to application download and clicking pictures with Smartphone. Though no amount of Smartphone storage can be considered enough, you can always transfer your photos, video and downloads to other devices that you hold. You can also have more than one micro SD card and change it whenever you feel the shortage of space in your Smartphone. Make sure you have clear idea regarding required Smartphone storage usage in your mind before you purchase one for yourself. Lack of information will make you repent in the future.

How to Check if the Smartphone Apps Leak your Data from your Device?

it is important to protect data from smartphone apps!

On one hand, unimaginable inventions and on the other, we have become helpless people to comprehend the technology we invent.  The Smartphones supplemented with the supporting software and the Apps are today the most extraordinarily powerful and useful devices we have.  Today, where efficiency and speed matter most, the Smartphones and Smartphone Apps have all the requisite features inbuilt to smoothen and strengthen our life styles.  However, an authentic report published about the data leak perpetrated by the Smartphone Apps has sent panic signals to the users and questions about the level of security which is now under the scanner.  The users are pondering on how to check if the Smartphone App is leaking closely guarded personal data which may also include valuable banking details.  The real point of concern was about the destination to where the details were leaked.  The use of smartphones is increasing day by day and the users could belong to Government, public or private sectors and what would happen if sensitive data is misused by pranksters?

Mobilescope, the perfect solution

Researcher, Ashkan Soltani along with fellow researchers David Campbell and Aldo Cortesi has developed a new service called Mobilescope based on the platform-agnostic interception mechanism that could be used on Android, Blackberry or any windows device.   This device prompts the smartphone users to examine all the data that an app transfers and specially alerts the user when key information such as the user’s name or e-mail is transmitted.  This helps the users to know about the Apps leaking data to outside recipients.  This device won a best app created award on the first proof evaluation at a convocation organized by, The Wall Street Journal.

protection against dangerous smartphone apps is must!

Mobilescope – Style of functioning

Mobilescope works through the net and is not given as an additional device or fitment.   After signing in, the user can see the total logs of data transferred by the apps.  He can then specify ‘canaries’ wherein when the app tries to send out sensitive information like phone number, email or name then an alert is triggered immediately.  Whichever apps  the user has opted for,  like the smartphone apps for business, personal apps, malware apps or spyware apps, Mobilescope is designed to thoroughly monitor the transmission of  or misuse of personalized data.

beware of dangerous smartphone apps stealing your data!

Mobilescope – A closer look

On signing up for Mobilescope, a configuration link is sent to the device.   These link files route all the internet traffic to a mobilescope server so that the data in circulation is thoroughly scrutinized.

Take care that your smartphone apps do not leak data!

Mobilescope – conclusion

It may not be 100% foolproof but with sincere efforts from developers, effective privacy statements and standard mobile operating systems, the innocent and unsuspecting could go about their routine without having to keep their fingers crossed or stay with a worry of being spied or looted.

Turn Your Apple iPhone Camera into Your Heart Rate Monitor!

iPhone Camera can function as Heart Rate Monitor!

Perhaps among the most amazing iPhone apps available are those that essentially transform the iPhone camera into a heart rate monitor.  Not intended to replace professional medical monitoring equipment, health apps, when coupled with the Apple camera, enable fitness enthusiasts; individuals concerned about their heart fitness and health; and others, to determine their heart rates within roughly 10 seconds.

In addition to reporting your heart rate, many of these iPhone camera apps also generate an on-screen heart rate chart, similar to an EKG chart.

Depending on the specific app used, the results may be stored, in the form of a log, on the phone or, with the addition of software such as Azumio, exported into CSV format.    Results can also be shared through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to Use the iPhone Camera Performs as a Heart Rate Monitor

How iPhone camera apps monitor a heart rate depends on a few factors including whether the camera being used is rear-facing or front-facing. The vast majority of heart rate monitoring apps run on iPhones with a rear-facing camera and requires that the user position his or her finger over the lens. Other apps, such as Cardiio, run on iPhones with front-facing cameras, require that the camera be directed toward the user’s face, and no physical contact is needed.  Cardiio is not to be used during exercise; this app is appropriate only when the heart is at its resting rate.

Cardiio turns your iPhone camera into heart rate monitor!

For best results, the camera should be equipped with a flash; however, if no flash is available, the test should be performed in an area that provides good lighting.  In both cases, the camera detects micro changes to the skin that occur naturally when the heart beats to calculate user’s heart rate and reports the results to the iPhone via the app. For best results, the iPhone camera should be equipped with a flash; however, if no flash is available, the test should be performed in an area that provides good lighting.Apps that employ the iPhone camera do not need external hardware or devices.

iPhone camera heart rate monitor is amazing and innovative!

Pricing and Availability of iPhone Camera Heart Rate Monitoring Apps

Like many apps available for the iPhone camera, these health apps are generally very affordable, with apps price ranging from free to about $5 USD. Free apps, such as “My Heart Rate”, typically offer added functionality for about $0.99 USD.

iPhone camera heart rate monitor is an handy app!

The apps that enable heart rate monitoring from an iPhone camera are available for purchase from individual developers iTunes, the Apple Store and other online stores.


Apple iPod Watch – Luxury Wristwatch From Apple At Affordable Price

awesome apple ipod watches to amaze you!

You have seen a lot of technically advanced watches ruling the market for the last few years but this one is going to be different. The Apple iPod watch will be changing the reason to look at watches. A multi utility device  with the primary feature of showing time is actually an iPod nano on your wrist. Wherever you go, you ensure that entertainment moves on your wrists with this smart Apple watch.

The Built Of The Apple Ipod Watch

Nano watch is a device with all the features of an iPod and a watch. The high resolution LCD display with touch sensitivity makes it great to look at. The two finger rotation feature in this becomes friendly to work in any orientation. The watch does not come with a strap and that gives you the freedom to choose your own strap. You can enjoy music, browse photos, and do the front and back step counting with this highly capable device which is available in 8 GB and 1 GB models. Enjoy thousands of songs on the go with the sleek and powerful headphone provided by the company. The Apple wristwatch also includes an inbuilt radio player making entertainment even more regular.

apple ipod watch is simply beautiful and stylish!

As far as the screen of the Apple iPod watch is concerned, you need to press the power button to make it active. The juicer mode is there to save  the battery and protect your screen. Set ‘show time on wake’ mode to see the time whenever you switch the power on. If not, you would need to shift screens once you put it on.

Apple iPod watch comes in different colors

The iPod watch does not belong to the Apple waterproof range and thus you may need to purchase a kit that would actually make it waterproof. There are several available in the market but make sure to read the reviews before  you purchase one. This kit will eliminate the requirement of a band with the watch in question.

Apple iPod watch is fascinating and fantabulous

Apple iPod watch price

The new Apple iPod watch has surely made its place in the list of favorites among device enthusiasts but what people are actually concerned about is the price tag. Apple watch price is not going to bother you much because it is priced reasonably by the company. The 8GB watch would cost you around $150 while the 16 GB would be around $170. Make sure you buy the original one with apple warranty.

Know How to Extract Maximum from Google Chrome with its Hidden Features

google chrome features will improve your browsing experience

There are some beautiful Google Chrome features that the users are unaware of, with which they can enjoy their internet browsing with more speed, more convenience and more safety. In fact, you can unleash the full power of the Google Chrome with all these hidden features. Here are the tips to extract the maximum from one of the world’s fastest and most premium web browsers!

1) Background Tasks

Here is the first instance to show how powerful the Google Chrome Web Browser is. It is powerful enough to have its own task manager. You can use Shift + Esc keys to view what is going on in the background. You may find some typical extensions and offline caching tools, alongside your opened tabs. You can also know how much CPU time and memory space is in use for each process of the browser’s use!

google chrome features are awesome and cool

2) Google Chrome Versions

There are actually three versions of Google Chrome web browser available for you, in addition to the standard version that you are using. These versions, which go by the names, Dev, Beta and Canary, are a bit less stable than you standard edition, but you would definitely love these versions, if you crave in for the cutting edge Google Chrome features.

google chrome features enable faster web browsing

3) Google Chrome Extensions

A few people do not really love to accumulate things in the toolbar. If you are one such type, here is a great option for you from the Chrome browser. You can easily clean up the toolbar without uninstalling all your extensions, but just by hiding them from your view. This Google Chrome feature, especially, is very useful to hide all the background extensions.

there are many google chrome features to power your browser

4) Google Chrome Tabs

This is one of the Google Chrome features, which would come handy if you work with multiple tabs simultaneously. You can easily pin the tabs that that you are using frequently, just by right clicking on the tabs and selecting the Pin Tab option. Usually, pinned tabs align along to the left-hand side of the browser screen, taking up less space. In some cases (social networking sites), the pinned tabs glow to indicate an update to the page. This feature, once enabled, would continue in the future.

google chrome features enable super charged browsing
5) Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

There are huge amount of keyboard shortcuts, which would allow you to use most of the Google Chrome features without the use of your mouse. These keyboard shortcuts enable faster web browsing with ease. For an instance, press Ctrl + click to open up a link in its own tab, and, press Ctrl + W to close the currently working tab.

unleash the power of your browser using google chrome features
6) Google Chrome Themes

If you are a fan of visual customization of anything you use, here is the most fascinating Google Chrome feature for you. You can visit the Google Chrome store, where you can find a good range of both official and third party themes, which could change the boring default style of your browser.

google chrome features allow to customize browser with your tastes

7) Google Chrome Apps

One of the amazing Google Chrome features is that you can find many apps in the Google Chrome Store. Right from the usual YouTube Video app to the most used Angry Birds app, the App store is not devoid of interesting applications.

google chrome features offer you cool browser apps

And, with all these powerful Google Chrome Features, get ready for a super charged browsing!

iOptik Lens – An Awesome Contact Lens for a Superhuman Vision!

iOptik lens to give superhuman vision

In the coming years, you have to get ready for the superhuman vision, which is possible with the help of a new type of contact lens called the iOptik Lens. Yes! This is not something from a science fiction and this is not a joke too. A company called Innovega has developed this latest contact eye lens, which allows a human to focus more than a single object at the same time. While the Google glasses have already created a buzz in the technology world, now iOptik lens is gradually drawing the attention of tech lovers.

Why iOptik is Special?

The humans are capable of focusing only one object at a time, and can just get an unfocused view of another object while focusing the other. However, Innovega has come up with the latest innovation that changes the way humans can see, which is quite a superhuman thing. With the help of iOptik eye lenses, a human can now focus two objects simultaneously. To explain exactly, we can now see two fields of our vision, that is, we can concentrate our focus on one object, and at the same time, we can concentrate on the background details of our vision too.  Thus, iOptik optics lens is, in fact, an awesome innovation that exceeds what the nature has given for humans.

iOptik lens is a cool new latest contact lens!

Pentagon wants iOptik!

Innovega introduced the iOptik very recently, and it has already caught the attention of Pentagon. While Google’s vision glasses are trending now in the world of technology, Pentagon has another idea. It now wants this new eye contact lens to support for a few of its future projects. It has already ordered for the supply of iOptik. According to the reports, it seems like Pentagon has its interest in developing the display screens using the iOptik lens. These display screens are very much of the type that you might have seen in the Terminator movie used by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

iOptik lens helps dual focused vision

When will you get yours?

In addition to manufacturing the contact lenses, Innovega also is manufacturing glasses based on the same iOptik concept of visual projection. The company introduced these glasses in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The official reports from the company suggests us that, using these glasses, the wearer can focus on his mobile phone while taking a look at the things around him or her simultaneously. So, when will you get your pair of iOptik glasses or the contact lenses? The company says that it has plans to introduce the iOptik lenses and glasses in the commercial market by the year of 2014.

iOptik lens is a great biotechnology innovation

The Power of Technology

The iOptik lenses and glasses have the ability to make humans get more than what the nature has given for them. Just like the iOptik, many innovations have given the humans things that the nature has restricted for them. These innovations clearly reveal what technology can bring for the humankind. Especially, the biotechnology, which is growing at a rapid speed, surely has the ability to help humans attain superhuman powers. More than this, these technologies can improve the lives of physically challenged people. The biotechnology experts believe that more technologies like the iOptik lens are set to come in the future days!

A Helmet Cam to Enable Capturing Great Skiing Moments!

Awesome helmet cam to capture skiing moments

If you are an ardent fan of skiing, then a helmet camera, or shortly, a helmet cam is now available for you to capture your awesome moments of skiing. These helmet cams are some cool gadgets really, with which you can capture pictures and can even shoot good quality videos when you are skiing down a glacier. The major aim of these cams is to provide the users to immortalize their ultimate experience of skiing in the form of pictures and videos. Let us check out two fabulous helmet video cameras – Contour Roam and GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition, which are the recent and the top helmet cams used by the skiing experts.

Contour Roam

A helmet camera will be very useful, if it has some wide – angle coverage lens. Contour Roam sticks to this fact and does possess an ultra wide – angle coverage lens. Its lens coverage is as high as 170 degrees, which is almost everything between your left hand and the right hand. You can shoot even 1080p quality of videos using a contour roam. The resolution number is also a great one, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The rate of shooting is 30 frames per second.

contour roam - a simple helmet cam for easy use


Contour Roam helmet cam has high definition video shooting. However, this helmet camera HD is quite simple to use and it is clearly one of its pros. The camera is also a waterproof one, providing protection up to one meter. The price of Contour Roam is also cheaper than GoPro by the margin of $100.


There is a reason why Contour Roam helmet camera is available at a cheaper price. If you want to take pictures, you should adjust the settings to change it to the picture mode, when you connect it with you PC. This is one of the big limitations of Contour Roam. In addition to this, this helmet cam features only two mounts with fewer offerings.

GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition

The GoPro helmet camera is able to produce good skiing videos with sharper and brighter colors. Just like the Contour Roam, the lens coverage angle is 170 degrees and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. GoPro can also make HD videos with 1080p quality without any issues. It also works a bit faster than Counter Roam in a few settings, where users can take almost 10 pictures per second.

GoPro is a stunning helmet cam


Unlike Contour Roam, GoPro users can use many types of mounts to take pictures and videos that suit to their tastes very easily. The users can also take snaps with varying dimensions up to 11 Megapixels. The rate of shooting too is a bit higher than the usual 30 frames per second. It is also easy to switch between the camera mode and the video mode in this helmet cam.


GoPro is not a waterproof helmet camera. You have to use a separate waterproof casing to protect it. If you are a new user, you will find it difficult to configure the settings very quickly. After all, GoPro comes at a high price range.

helmet cam will immortalize you skiing moments

If you love simplicity, Contour Roam is the best helmet camera for you. Else, if you love to stick to the market leader, GoPro should be your choice. The choice is yours, but with a helmet cam, surely you can do some cool new stuff when you are skiing!

Hiriko – A Compact Electric Car that Folds Itself!

Hiriko - the electric car that is set to rock

The horizon of the automobile industry has expanded now with the arrival of a new electric car, called the Hiriko. Hiriko is a futuristic car, which may be a boon to the people living in urban areas. The reason is that, urban cities in all parts of the world face a common problem of parking congestion in public places. Hiriko car has come up as a solution for the parking limitations that the big car owners face. Hiriko can fold itself literally and can help a lot in parking, even in a congested place without any problems.


The designers of Hiriko are the researchers from the MIT Media Lab located in Spain. The designers say that they have designed and developed this compact electric car in order to overcome the problem that the urban people currently face in parking their vehicles. The designers have even named the car with an apt word ‘Hiriko’, which means ‘Urban Car’ in the language of Basque. Seven other automobile technology firms have also joined hands with MIT Medias labs to develop this foldable electric car. A team of designers and engineers from these firms has worked together on the design and prototype and has converted the idea into physical means. After the completion of development, Hiriko has now attained its shape and form with one hundred inch length. The electric car, currently, has the seating capacity for two members.

Spain designers havecome up with an awesome electric car - Hiriko


There are two outstanding features or characteristics of Hiriko. The first one is its unique nature of folding itself according to the space of parking. The car can fold itself to a maximum extent of 60 inches. The second one is being an electric car. The designers of Hiriko have built this folding car in a unique way, which is feasible commercially. They have integrated the electric motors, brakes and steering functionalities in the wheels. Thus, Hiriko is able to save a good amount of space, and, it is able fold itself without any issues to the component mechanisms. In addition to reducing the parking space, the designers have also succeeded in achieving the digitalization of car’s entire system management. Thus, one can manage the car’s systems digitally with the help of a drive – by – wire system.

The Hiriko electric car can fold itself


Hiriko cars use lithium ion batteries as a source of electric power. The designers have efficiently placed the batteries in the floor of the vehicle to increase the dynamics and design simplicity. The lithium batteries also help the electric car to achieve a good driving range of 75 miles approximately. The speed of this folding car does have a limitation, however. The car can move only at the average speed preferable in cities. Thus, using Hiriko for long drives in the high – speed roadways may not be possible. However, if compactness and comfortable city usage is one’s wish, then Hiriko can still be the best option.

Hiriko - the electric car has a stunning design

Hiriko on Roads Soon!

The makers of Hiriko are planning for the large-scale production soon. The automobile industry – watchers have received this foldable electric car model well, when the makers unveiled it a couple of weeks ago. Hence, one can expect the electric car – Hiriko flooding the roads of Spain soon next year.

How to Have a Password that does not suck?

A safe random password is must for safeguarding online identity

Every internet user would have gone through the password strength test to test the strength of any random password. The test tells the users how strong their passwords are to keep their accounts and the related information safe. Almost all the websites in internet use these password strength tests at the time creation of accounts. Even though these tests are reliable, users make a few common mistakes, which pave an easy for hackers to crack into the accounts. A recent study on passwords reveals that a majority of the passwords really does suck and does not help in stopping the hackers.

Why Passwords Suck?

There are a few software – supported computers, which can process hundreds of the entire Wikipedia site in just a few minutes. Hackers mostly use such kind of computers to crack into the accounts. For them, it is not a big deal to crack an encrypted random password. Even a password that passes a password strength test cannot stand against such hackers. A journalist named Steve Regan recently was able to crack more than 80 thousand passwords for a study recently. The tools he used were a computer worth $300 and simple software, which one can download free of cost. Thus, it is clear that most of the passwords are not set well to remain as a good security tool.

A well set random password is a must have one

Common Mistakes

People make a few common mistakes, which make it easy for the hackers to crack into an account. Even though people set a random password mixing numbers and texts, they follow a few common patterns. It is easier to remember the common patterns, but it is not advisable to such passwords. The passwords that have some common patterns become a gateway for the hackers. The common patterns include mixing the name and date of birth in an order, following the order of letters on a keyboard and names that are shorter in length. One should not forget a fact that hackers are always smarter and have many tricks and ideas to breach into the accounts. Hence, it is advisable not to use any such common patterns, which may not only allow hackers to breach into an account, but also to breach into the lives of people eventually.

Random password should have a mix of characters

Do Password Managers Work?

A few people rely upon the password manager software to make their passwords more secured and safer. However, the fact is that, many of the password management software do not work efficiently. Most of the password manager tools convert the names into numbers based on a set of codes. Such encoded passwords in the form of numbers can easily be converted or decoded back into the names within a minute using some easily available hacking tools.

Random password should not have common patterns

How to Have a Great Password?

Make it Long’ is what the experts say. Even though hackers crack a random password easily, it becomes tough for them if one adds just one letter additionally. For instance, it is easy to crack a password named ‘Jonathan1990’. However, cracking becomes difficult if we modify it like ‘Jonaaaathan1990’. The size or the number of password characters matter a lot, as even one letter can change the cracking ideology of a hacker. Experts, nowadays, advise people to have a random password of at least 12 to 14 characters, even though eight is the sufficient limit in many websites.

Now Listen to Music and Be on Time with the new Nanox!

Nanox has a stunning performance like iPod Nano

If you have ever felt uncomfortable protecting both iPod Nano and your watch, its time forget the both, as you can now own a super cool Nanox! A combination of a wristwatch and the iPod Nano, Nanox will make things easy for you. Now your travel time will be joyous without the tension protecting your tiny iPod and your wristwatch. You can also enjoy some great music and you can be on time without any issues. This awesomely integrated device is now available in the markets of almost 40 countries including Japan, United States and in United Kingdom through the online buying portal Amazon. Do you love to tie a Nanox around your wrist? Well! Check out everything about Nanox, before placing an order!

Nanox - a new watch with iPod Nano

Fancy Design

We all know that iPod Nano comes with a handy design in fancy colors. Regarding wristwatches, there is no definition to the design, as a wristwatch carries centuries of history behind its name. Wristwatches are available in almost all the forms, whether it may be the old classic style or may be the modern digital form. Now, imagine how great the design will be, if integration takes place between the two things. Before we imagine, a Japanese designer called Noriyaki Miyata, who is an acclaimed electronic product designer, has already imagined it and the result is the new Nanox. Now, a company named Emonster is making the new device and marketing it. Apple’s iPod Nano is available in seven fancy colors. Similarly, Emonster has ensured that Nanox is available in the same seven colors.

Nanox comes in seven fancy colors


The details of the watch conversion kit are quite interesting. Apple manufactures its products using the alloy of aluminum numbered 6061. Emonster claims that it manufactures the iPod Nano part in Nanox with the same aluminum alloy. In addition to this, the Nanox watch also has nothing to do with the screws or other tools, with which a normal watch comes. Thus, the cool watch kit follows the epic ‘Simply Superb’ policy of Apple. The straps of the ‘watch + iPod Nano’ device are ultra thin. The straps come with just 2mm thickness, and thus, do no harm to the wearer. Just as in an ordinary iPod Nano, there is a special anti – glare sheet over the screen of the music device to enable greater visibility even in a bright place just like while using under Sunlight. Not stopping with this, there is another interesting fact regarding the Nanox. Emonster manufactures the cool watch convertible kit right in the same factory, where Apple manufactures the iPod Nano.

Nanox is an awesome iPod Nano watch convertible kit

Price and Performance

If it is a product of Apple, then there is absolutely no need to bother about the performance. Since, iPod Nano forms an integral part in Nanox, one need not question about the performance of Nanox. It is just like using your iPod Nano tied around your wrist, with an additional option of a fancy watch. We all know that Nano came up only to attract huge buyers. Hence, it had a less price tag than a conventional iPod. However, Nanox offers a quality of combination an iPod Nano and a watch, and hence, has a good price of $126 US.

Photo Tips & Tricks to Immortalize Your Moments in the Right Way!

Awesome photo tips to improve your photography!

If you are an ardent user of your camera, you have to learn some photo tips to save your memorable moments forever. Many photography tricks are available in the internet. However, only a few of them work perfectly. Usually, many tricks and tips available in the internet work in a fine way only for the high-end camera models. Hence, people who use ordinary, but good cameras are unable to know the perfect ways to click perfect snaps. Thus, they end up clicking just namesake photos in important events of their lives. However, you can find here some very useful photo tricks that will help you to immortalize your best moments in the right way, even if you use an ordinary camera!

1) Learn the controls!

This is the foremost advice and one of the important photo tips that you should note before taking snaps during important events. Many people try various things in clicking snaps without understanding their camera controls properly. Without knowing the use of controls of their cameras, many end up clicking poor shots! Hence, before gearing up for a party, make sure that you have learnt all your camera controls perfectly.

Useful photo tips will help you take better pictures

2) Focus and Spot Metering

Before trying out any of the photo tricks, ensure that you have fixed the metering and focus in your camera! Always try to use the focus – and -recompose method with center – area focus. This method ensures that your camera focus is at equidistant from the subject. This way of using the camera is one of the important photo tips, which help you to click the snaps in a perfect way in all situations.

Capture your great moments better with the help of photo tips

3) Avoid Flash as much as Possible!

Flash is one of the photo tricks, which works fine only when there is no enough light when you take snaps! Many camera users always try to enhance the quality of the snaps by using flash in all the situations. However, if there is already enough brightness in your shoot area, using flash will end up only in decreasing the quality of the image!

One of the important photo tips is how to use flash

4) Christmas Shooting

Christmas is one of the important occasions, where you use your camera definitely to save those lovely moments with Santa! You have to note some photo tips here to take very fine photos that involve Santa! Always try to bump up the exposure when you click snaps of Santa! This is because of the fact that pictures of Santa involve many white shades. In addition to this, always try to focus the eyes of Santa instead of his spectacles. Instead, if you focus the glasses, you cannot produce perfectly clean photos of Santa. You can also use photo tricks like Aperture – Priority mode, when someone stands along with Santa for a click!

Click your Santa in a great way with the help of photo tips

5) Style matters!

Try to create a style for yourself when you engage in photography. Some people’s photography involves people doing casual things like talking etc. Some photographers stick to some odd angles to try something different. Whatever it is, you have to find you own style and should try to improve in photography skill! This is also one of the important photo tips, which helps you in mastering the art of clicking perfect snaps!

Nissan Leaf – An Electric Car that is set to Rock!

Nissan Leaf is an amazing electric car

Nissan Leaf, an awesome electric automobile, is a great auto product from one of the leading car manufacturers Nissan! It features many advantages and excellent facilities that will drive any auto lover crazy. Many automobile freaks around the world are already going gaga over this stunning electric car.  Leaf is actually a hatchback model with five doors that has a fine look and very good design. In fact, the car is absolutely a zero emission car and it even features no tailpipe! There are many electric automobiles, which are partially electric and partially gas – run. However, Leaf is completely 100% electric!


Nissan Leaf runs with the help of an asynchronous electric motor that has a power of 80kW. This motor is highly responsive and increases the efficiency of the car greatly. Leaf also comes with a 24kWh Lithium ion battery that promises a very good performance. You can charge the car with the help of an onboard charger. The power of the charger is 3.3 kW, which is also another good thing in Leaf. The higher versions of Leaf also have a quick charge port to help the users charge the car as quickly as they need. The makers of this car, Nissan, also boast about the mileage of the car. Leaf gives you a jaw – dropping mileage of 100 miles per single charge. This mileage number is a great advantage for Leaf, as no other electric vehicle provides such a good mileage practically. The speed factor of Leaf is also exciting. This electric car can speed up to 90 miles without any difficulty!

Nissan Leaf is a zero emission car!

Design & Features

Nissan Leaf has all the features that a normal car has. In fact, it exceeds a normal car in having a few very good features. The electric vehicle has a solar panel at the roof that helps in charging the battery. The usage of solar panel is optional, but it may come handy in times of emergency. It also features radio and navigational facilities that tries to make your ride very pleasant. However, the design of Nissan Leaf is one thing that will attract all the eyes! The design of the light is bold and awesome and performs well too. The design makes justice to the hatchback model, providing enough free space for the user. The interior looks great and many components sport a stylish design. The cockpit of this electric car also features many environmental controls that help you to drive without consuming too much energy!

Nissan Leaf has stunning interior


You can clearly know about the great performance of Nissan Leaf, if you give it a ride! The electric car speeds up on the road in a very smooth way. If you are travelling near any woods and if the road is silent enough, you can clearly hear even the chirping of birds. Leaf runs that silent! However, if the speed reaches below the 30 miles mark, the car generates some noise. Except this, Nissan Leaf almost matches the performance of a real car. This is the fact why it holds the coveted Car of the Year award for the year 2011!

Nissan Leaf is the best car of 2011

How To Get Maximum Revenue From Your Blog?

Online Money Making Through Effective Internet Marketing

Converting your blog into an ATM is simple and easy. There are numerous ways to earn so much from a blog using various freelance network jobs. You need to treat your blog as your office space and spent every minute on setting it up cautiously, as you are working for money.

Have a Niche

Always create a blog after you find out what your niche is. Engage yourself in various freelance network jobs like affiliate marketing. For example, if you are interested in watching movies, you can create a blog which gives details about various films, present songs and video clippings for download and contain movie reviews. Select the field which is most comfortable for you. Only then you can enjoy the work.

Post Topic Related Ads

Make sure you post only topic related ads in your blog. This is very important to get quality ads and attract more readers. Many freelance network jobs pay you for pasting their ads and text links on your blogs.  Don’t fill your blog for the sake of getting income. Posting a nail polish ad in a blog talking about films will be absolutely inappropriate. Think what type of websites attracts you and your friends, and try to incorporate those aspects in your blog. Always view your blog from the user point of view and make constant improvements.

Use Affiliate Text Links

Freelance network jobs like affiliate marketing can be done very successfully using blogs. Write a review in your blog about a film and place a link to the website selling the DVD of the film. Always paste affiliate links as text links in the middle than using the side bars.

Encourage Viewers to Participate

Freelance network jobs like posting links can earn you a lot of money if you build a constant list of viewers. Updating your blog regularly and making the viewers participate in the blog activities like giving them a chance to comment, write review and chatting with them will help a lot in building a regular reader list. Sending regular emails to them also will be very useful. All these steps will help you earn a lot using your blog and Freelance Network jobs.

Facebook Worth- $50 Billion?

facebook worth 50 billion1

It has been reported by Goldman Sachs that $50 billion is the total Facebook worth, which is a staggering figure. Almost everyone has their pointers near the Facebook login button at some point of the day. The popularity of this social networking website is undeniable. Ever since it came into existence, it has completely wooed people all over the world with its simplicity and efficiency. No other social networking site has ever been as addictive and appealing to people. But still, is the Facebook worth of $50 billion really true? Some points are discussed below.

To determine whether the Facebook worth is likely to be 50 billion dollars, one has to go through several points. Today, there are three main websites online that have been undeniably the most viewed and used websites in recent times. They are Google, Yahoo and Facebook. Out all these three, Facebook is the fastest growing one, not to mention that people are spending more time on Facebook than any other website. In 2010, Facebook made about $2 billion in revenue.

Now by comparing where Google was during its early stages, one will be able to get an idea of the real Facebook Worth. Almost a year after Google went public; it had made about $2 billion in revenue trailing twelve months. Today, it has a $200 billion market capitalization. Market capitalization is the measurement to denote the total value of the company in the stock exchange. So if Facebook goes public next year one can see that Facebook is actually growing faster than the rate at which Google was moving along before.

Another point that reinforces the value of Facebook worth is the mere fact that one in every four page views made in the United States is Facebook. Slowly Facebook is becoming the new home page. People all over the world press the Facebook login button and stay immersed in it every single day. Even though Google is the current king of the search ad market, Facebook is slowly inching in towards capturing the display ad market. Apart from the ad market scenario, Facebook has other sources of revenue too.

The fact that there are almost 500 million users can ensure that Facebook Worth is just and very possibly accurate in being valued at $50 billion. Even though it may problems in certain countries like China , it stands strong and proud. With more and more people getting into the social networking site, it is very much possible that the Facebook worth will rival Google in the future.

USB Chess Game- Bringing Chess into a Whole New Dimension

usb chess game2

The USB chess game is definitely one of the most unique games to come out recently. Chess has been a favorite game for many people all around the world for the last few hundred years. It is a game that stimulates one’s mind and focus. It is no wonder that most of the geniuses adore this game. But so far there have been only two different types of chess to play with. One is the real one that uses a board and actual pieces whereas the other is played in the computer. Today, with the advent of technology and some serious creativity, a new type of chess game has been created.

This new USB chess game consists of roll up game board and actual pieces, but the unique thing about this game is that it also has a USB chord that you can attach to your computer. The game comes with a software CD too that lets you install the game software. This software can record all the moves you make in real time and can even suggest tips during the game. It will also keep a track on the game time you have left enabling you to fully concentrate on the game itself. Such unique features make this game an extremely helpful one for beginners.

Another cool feature of this USB chess game is that it has a flexible game board. You can just roll it and take it with you wherever you go. Take it to the park, to your favorite coffee shop and just about anywhere you like. It’s extremely portable. The game also allows you to either play with another individual or with the computer. When you’re playing with the computer, you’ll be able to see the computer’s moves on the computer screen. So basically this game combines the best features of a traditional chess game set and the digital one.

The USB chess game board has small sensors attached to it that keeps track of the various movements of the chess pieces. This information is then relayed to the computer and gets converted into electronic signal and comes out on your computer screen. The software also lets you take screenshots of your game to capture any glorious moments you may have or just for vanity purposes. You can also pause and restart the game anytime you want. Plus this is one really good looking USB device.

This game set doesn’t require any batteries. All you need is a computer and you’re good to go. You can also select the hint button to get help on your next move. You can keep a tab on your high scores and even send the screenshots of your game to your friend. You also get a user guide along with the set to help you clear any doubts or queries you may have. With so many interesting features, the USB chess game provides a fun and stimulating experience.

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5 Unique USB Gadgets – Unbelievable use of USB!!!

It’s kinda nice to own cool and unique USB gadgets.  Seeing as we live in a time when almost everything comes with a USB power option, use of USB devices is on the rise and these gadgets seem to be a breath of fresh air. There are some really cool designs out there that will blow your mind right into the stratosphere. From bottles to microscopes and turntables, you can find them all. Below is a small list of some of the most unique designs for USB powered devices.

1) USB Cooler

This one is one of the most unique USB gadgets out there. Basically it is a cooler which you can use to keep drinks chilled and ready to drink. This one is especially helpful for gamers as they can keep their favorite drinks chilled and ready while they play for hours on end on their computers. But these are not made only for the gamers. You can use this handy device in office too. Imagine having a cold refreshing drink to keep all the office frustrations at bay. You can chill your drink to about 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) USB Mini Aquarium

This is another device that makes the most unique USB gadgets list. This one is a real mini aquarium with two life-like fishes. Yes you heard it right. The aquarium is real but the fishes are not. They are just for display. This device also has LED lights inside to add some beautiful blue lighting to it. It also has a mini motor that generates current in the water. This tiny current makes the two fishes in the water to move about here and there. Your desk top at the office will never be the same again.

3) USB Air Conditioned Shirt

While we’re on the topic of unique USB gadgets for the office, the USB Air conditioned shirt definitely deserves a mention. Sometimes you’ll have to work in extremely hot weather and nothing can ruin your mood more than hot weather. You look around and you find out that the air conditioner or the fan in your office isn’t functioning properly. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because the USB shirt is here. This shirt actually has two small 10 cm fans inside to keep you cool at all times. This shirt is USB powered, so say hello to coolness all year long.

4) USB Microscope

This is one of the most unique USB gadgets available today for the biology students everywhere. This USB powered microscope has a 200X magnification and can even take snapshots. It also comes with the necessary software. All the biology students in the world can rejoice as they make small glimpses into a whole new world. You can also get a number of useful items along with this device like tweezers, sample slide, eyedropper and specimen jars.

5) USB Turntable

One of the coolest and most unique USB gadgets out there, the USB turntable is the perfect gift for all those who still love the great vinyl records of yesterday. It also comes with the Audacity software; a great software for audio recording. You can connect this to your computer and digitalize your vinyl songs. No longer will you have to worry about all those great songs getting lost with time. You can even improve upon the songs with the audacity software.

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