A Review On iPhone 5 Features – Heralding the Latest Revolution in Communication Technology

iPhone 5 is the latest innovative touchscreen-based Smartphone released by Apple in 2012, which is a modified version of its predecessor, iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 features

iPhone 5 possesses a notably slim design, larger display, and a faster chip. The ultrafast wireless technology does not compromise on battery life. A customized ARM v7 processor called Apple A6 and LTE support are some notable features of iPhone 5. The amazing phone is available in two colors, White and Silver or Black and Slate. iPhone 5 price ranges from 199$ for the 16 GB model, 299$ for 32 GB model to 399$ for the 64 GB model. The built-in 8 MP iSight camera improves HDR capabilities resulting in reduced motion blur. It enables more light to enter which brightens videos while auto white balance and enhanced noise reduction allows great videos to be created in any setting. Still image photography can be carried out simultaneously while recording HD video.

Siri is a highly intelligent, competent assistant, which carries out multiple tasks such as making phone calls, sending messages or even scheduling meetings or setting reminders in addition to multi linguistic abilities. Face time enables making or receiving video calls from other iPhones, iPad, Mac or iPod touchphones using Wi-Fi or cell connection. iCloud option recognizes VIP mails on your device.

iPhone 5 screen

The 4 inch retina display enables a wider view of every web page, including more events in the calendar, accessing more messages in the inbox, and using more applications on the home screen. The amazing features of iPhone 5 help viewing wide screen HD video with maximum clarity and detail with an incredibly clear, life-like look, and experience for all games, images, words, and applications.

iPhone 5 has interesting features

iPhone 5 Apps

iPhone 5 has lots of built-in applications and many other applications which can be bought from the Apps Store. Creating presentations with animated 3D charts, well organized data and graphs is possible with keynote. Find my iPhone helps to keep track of your iPhone even if it is misplaced and remotely erases all important data. Many other applications are available in the field of business, education, entertainment, finance, health and fitness, music, social networking, sports, and travel.

iPhone 5 has fantastic display

iPhone 5 Specifications

iPhone 5 has a beautiful aluminium body with the latest wireless technology. It measures 7.6 mm in size and weighs 112 gm. It is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than iPhone 4.The iPhone 5 features include dual-core A6 ARM cortex CPU with a memory capacity of 1024 MB RAM. It contains OS 6 operating system and has storage capacity ranging from 16GB to 64 GB.

iPhone 5 specifications are amazing

iPhone 5 Warranty

Standard iPhone 5 warranty provides

• Hardware repairs for 1 year.

•90 days of support through telephone (more than one call involves fees).

Warranty is not provided for batteries, damages incurred due to water, cosmetic changes, or if the phone has been tampered with. Warranty can be extended to include full hardware and phone support for 2 years by buying Apple care protection plan extended warranty policy.

iPhone 5 is a stupendous mobile device

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

“Jailbreaking” means releasing from restrictions imposed on it by the carrier, i.e., Apple in this case. Jailbreaking is usually carried out by downloading a software application on the computer and then transferring it to iPhone where it “breaks open” the file system, enabling modifications unhindered.

The major advantages of jailbreaking involve enabling customization of the look of your iPhone, installing applications unavailable in App Store, and even downloading customized ring tones. Most importantly it allows unlocking of the phone and coupling with a carrier other than Apple.

Disadvantages include voiding warranty, since you cannot rely on any carrier to correct problems incurred during jailbreaking. This activity is deemed unauthorized according to the policies of the manufacturers, and could completely damage or disable the iPhone 5 features.