Advantages of Windows 7 – Why upgrade ?

On 22nd October 2009 Microsoft launched their next version in the Windows Operating system with Windows 7 following Windows Vista.  The advantages of Windows 7 over the previous versions are several and the first thing that comes to mind is an improved speed and less amount of RAM usage.  Windows 7 supports many features that are present in Windows Vista and brings in some additional ones. Though Windows Vista did have a very interactive GUI, Windows 7 uses the RAM more effectively.  Apart from this, there are some more specific advantages of Windows 7.

Windows 7 uses a concept called jumplists which actually organizes all your recently used files as well as webpages.  The taskbar is also improved with added functionalities so that you can align the objects on the taskbar to your requirements.  You can also remove any clutter on the desk top with the help of the three new features Aero Shake, Aero Peek and Snap.

One of the important advantages of Windows 7 is the media sharing aspect with additional drag and drop features in the windows Media Player.  Home Networking has also shown an enhancement as it has become more easy to use. The interface connecting the machines to a home network is easier.  Network security features have also improved so that a small office network is less likely to be hacked.

Improvement in the accessories is also added advantages of Windows 7.  The calculator has shown remarkable changes such as unit conversion and auto lease payments.  The WordPad has also improved looking more like Microsoft office Word. Word prediction is an added feature of the Windows 7.  Though speech recognition was present in the Microsoft Office, the feature has been enhanced to increase the advantages of Windows 7.  Paint has always been a much appreciated feature and has seen some realistic brushes in this new version to give more impact and depth to your pictures.  Sticky notes have some more additional features such as changing of fonts and also the color of the background is also possible.

Apart from the above, there are also some technological advantages of Windows 7. It can support Blue-ray and Windows Touch has also been enhanced, though this will apply to only specific users with touch screen terminals.  It also supports multi-touch and you can access start, menu, and windows explorer and so on with the help of this feature.

Thus, we see that there are many enhancements and advantages of Windows 7 over its previous versions with improvement in a vast range of features.

Do you think Windows 7 is the Best Operating System? Share your thoughts below 🙂

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