Amazing Sofa Designs – Cute Models

Given below are some of the most amazing sofa designs you will find out.  Some of them are cute models whereas others will be dastardly and out of this world. Everyone likes to relax in their favorite sofa after coming home from work. The connection between man and furniture whether it is a sofa or a bed, is a strange and love filled one. There’s nothing quite like lazing around in your sofa with a TV remote after a hard day’s work. Heaven if it exists should be like that.

1) Yang Sofa

One of the most amazing sofa designs out there with an added functionality. This sofa comes in 4 separate pieces that you can join to form a complete cozy sofa or you can simply put them in pairs of twos to get two individual sofas.

2) Doc Sofa

This is another one in the amazing sofa designs category. You can transform this sofa into a bunk bed. No hassles or unnecessary parts to add. The bunk bed even comes with a small ladder. Perfect if you have kids or guests.

3) The Waterfall Couch

This one cannot be excluded from the amazing sofa designs list by any means because it simply looks awesome. This sofa actually looks like a waterfall. Why say anything more about it? 🙂

4) Attica

This is another sofa whose form you can play around with, to make whole or separate sofa sets. This one gives you the option to make at least six different combinations with its pieces. You can play around with different shapes to give a unique touch to your room décor every now and then.

5) Swimming Pool Sofa

The simple reason that it has an awesome swimming pool in it is reason enough to be in this list. Relax and let all your tensions float away. Sad that it is only a concept and not a working model.

6) Yin Yang Sofa

One of the most visually stunning and amazing sofa designs out there, the Yin Yang sofa is made up of 4000 meters of long fiber which can cover a distance of about 36 football fields. Two people can comfortably sit on it and you can even use this sofa outside.

7) Sofa Box

The Sofa box has a weird and grim design but it is also a very appealing one. Its appeal actually lies in its weirdness. This sofa can actually be shut into a box when you don’t need it.

8 ) Infinity Sofa

The infinity sofa is one of the coolest and amazing sofa designs out there. How can it not be with an infinity symbol shaped design? It simply looks stunning. To infinity and beyond!

9) Glow in the Dark Sofa

Easily one of the most amazing sofa designs out there. This sofa actually glows in the dark. What’s there not to like about it? It glows. 😉 This reason is enough to open your wallets and let the money butterflies fly.

10) Hunting Lines Sofa

Hands down one of the most amazing sofa designs available today. This one is only a prototype right now but if it were to be made into production, it would easily be one of the best. With its bold curves and dramatic folds, it is simply stunning to gaze at. You can even fix each of them to the side to get an extended sofa.

Hope this article has been entertaining for you. Kindly leave any comments you have below. 🙂

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