Audio Engine 5 – Powered surround sound systems

Audio engine 5 is one of the best PC Speakers out there. Today, many people all around the world are investing in good home theatre systems to have a great movie experience. These systems help one to get an amazing cinematic experience while sitting in the comfort of one’s own home. As the visuals get clearer every day with better and better monitors, it is only natural to wish for an equally great audio system. Cinema is enjoyed my millions of people all around the world. It fills a void which no other activity can fill. The better the home theatre system, the greater experience one will enjoy in those few hours of viewing.

The Audio engine 5 delivers amazing sound to fulfill all of your visual and audio entertainment needs. They also have two audio inputs and two different charging options. One of the charging options is a USB port whereas the other is an AC plug. The USB port however is only for charging purposes and not for syncing. Visually they have a more simplistic design to them rather than a futuristic or a cutting edge one. The simplicity actually works well too as they seamlessly blend with other products like the television set or the DVD and Blue Ray players. They are also available in two colors; white and black.

The 5 series speakers of the Audio engine 5 come in sizes of 10x7x7.9 inches and they all have a 20 mm silk dome tweeter along with a 5 inch Kevlar woofer. These speakers can be connected to your computer and provides clear, rich and deep sounds with an excellent bass. Such qualities make this system one of the best PC speakers out there in its price range. If you’re looking for a clear and detailed sound, that’s what you’ll get with these speakers.

The Audio engine 5 can even compete with the higher end systems that are almost twice its price range. While the Audio engine 5 costs about US $325, other systems which come close to its quality are mostly at least twice as costly. The only one drawback one can say about this set is that they are a little bit bulky. But there is no need for any disappointment as the quality far supersedes its bulky appearance. They also provide a lot of convenience to the user too. As they have an audio input as well as a USB port, you can charge your music devices like iPod or iPhone while listening to music. Moreover the Audio engine 5 is also resistant to GSM interference from mobile phones giving the user hours of uninterrupted and blissful audio delight.

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