Amazing Sofa Designs – Cute Models

Given below are some of the most amazing sofa designs you will find out.  Some of them are cute models whereas others will be dastardly and out of this world. Everyone likes to relax in their favorite sofa after coming home from work. The connection between man and furniture whether it is a sofa or a bed, is a strange and love filled one. There’s nothing quite like lazing around in your sofa with a TV remote after a hard day’s work. Heaven if it exists should be like that.

1) Yang Sofa

One of the most amazing sofa designs out there with an added functionality. This sofa comes in 4 separate pieces that you can join to form a complete cozy sofa or you can simply put them in pairs of twos to get two individual sofas.

2) Doc Sofa

This is another one in the amazing sofa designs category. You can transform this sofa into a bunk bed. No hassles or unnecessary parts to add. The bunk bed even comes with a small ladder. Perfect if you have kids or guests.

3) The Waterfall Couch

This one cannot be excluded from the amazing sofa designs list by any means because it simply looks awesome. This sofa actually looks like a waterfall. Why say anything more about it? 🙂

4) Attica

This is another sofa whose form you can play around with, to make whole or separate sofa sets. This one gives you the option to make at least six different combinations with its pieces. You can play around with different shapes to give a unique touch to your room décor every now and then.

5) Swimming Pool Sofa

The simple reason that it has an awesome swimming pool in it is reason enough to be in this list. Relax and let all your tensions float away. Sad that it is only a concept and not a working model.

6) Yin Yang Sofa

One of the most visually stunning and amazing sofa designs out there, the Yin Yang sofa is made up of 4000 meters of long fiber which can cover a distance of about 36 football fields. Two people can comfortably sit on it and you can even use this sofa outside.

7) Sofa Box

The Sofa box has a weird and grim design but it is also a very appealing one. Its appeal actually lies in its weirdness. This sofa can actually be shut into a box when you don’t need it.

8 ) Infinity Sofa

The infinity sofa is one of the coolest and amazing sofa designs out there. How can it not be with an infinity symbol shaped design? It simply looks stunning. To infinity and beyond!

9) Glow in the Dark Sofa

Easily one of the most amazing sofa designs out there. This sofa actually glows in the dark. What’s there not to like about it? It glows. 😉 This reason is enough to open your wallets and let the money butterflies fly.

10) Hunting Lines Sofa

Hands down one of the most amazing sofa designs available today. This one is only a prototype right now but if it were to be made into production, it would easily be one of the best. With its bold curves and dramatic folds, it is simply stunning to gaze at. You can even fix each of them to the side to get an extended sofa.

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Funny Alarm Clocks – Pretty Designs for Your ‘LOL’ Moments

There’s nothing better than funny alarm clocks to wake you up in the morning. These extremely funny and pretty designs will put a smile on your face whenever you feel like smashing the thing for making too much noise. Just think about all the money you’ll save by not buying new alarm clocks. Also waking up to a smile will enrich the rest of your day with more pleasant experiences. Mornings are after all made up of alarm clocks and coffee mugs.

1) Kaboom Alarm Clock

One of the weirdest and funny alarm clocks you’ll see today, the Kaboom is actually shaped like a grenade. The alarm sound is extremely loud and certainly very annoying. But then you will see the ridiculous yellow and black color and the alarm sound will soon be drowned by your laughter.

2) The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

This one is shaped like a drill sergeant just as the name suggests and is one of the many funny alarm clocks out there. It is also pretty inexpensive. There are over ten phrases stored in it and each time the alarm sets off, the clock will start yelling and insulting you. The insults will carry on until you press the snooze button. 🙂

3) The Throw Alarm Clock

Just as the name suggests, you can throw this alarm clock around. They come in the shape of soccer balls. What’s unique about this alarm clock is that you actually need to throw it to stop the alarm from ringing. It was designed for all those who love to throw their alarm clocks in the morning.

4) Chicken and Egg Alarm Clock

This one is definitely one of the many funny alarm clocks you can find today in the market. It actually lags small eggs every time the alarm goes off. If you want to shut it down, you’ll have to collect all the eggs and put them through the gap in its body. The thing is that you have to put the eggs inside in order. Otherwise the alarm will keep on ringing. This way, you will surely wake up every morning.

5) The Running Alarm Clock

This clock not only has a pretty design, but it also has a very important feature. If you press the snooze button and go back to sleep, this funny alarm clock will start to run around. This hilarious clock can run on wooden floors and even carpets. Get ready for some serious marathon training.

6) Hide and Seek

This is one of the funny alarm clocks that were made in the same vein as that of the running alarm clock. This one also runs off when the alarm goes off. But what is unique about this set is that it actually runs of somewhere and hides. How cool is that?

7) Sfera

This is one ingenious alarm clock. It has to be attached to the ceiling and it consists of a ball that ends up hanging a little above your head when sleeping. When the alarm goes off, it will make a sound and when you slap the ball, the sound will stop. But then the ball goes up a few inches on its string and then starts making the sound again. This continues till you reach all the way up to turn it off from the ceiling.

8 ) Police Alarm Clock

This one looks like an actual police siren attached to a clock. Whenever the alarm goes off, you will hear a message saying “This is the police! You have time till the count of three or we’re coming in”.

9) Laser Target Alarm Clock

These are extremely funny alarm clocks which require you to shoot a laser at the center of the target to shut down the alarm. So unless you really get up, there is no way in hell you’ll be sleeping peacefully.

10) Nobby

One of the best ones in the funny alarm clocks list, the Nobby requires you to actually grasp its neck with both your hands and then shake it vigorously for stopping the alarm. So basically you have to choke the damn thing to get some peace. This makes a good release for any leftover frustration you may have from the previous day.

Wake up to smiles and giggles with these insanely funny alarm clocks. 🙂

Unique Gifts – 10 Best Gift Ideas

Unique gifts can rekindle old relationships, forge new ones and even maintain the present ones. This great age of global connectivity allows you to find out some of the best gift ideas for all the special people in your life. While the type of gift varies from one individual to another,  given below are some of the most unique gift ideas you can find.

1) Celestial Globe

This is definitely one of the most unique gifts you can find, not to mention very informative. The globe represents the Earth while placed in lit environments but it transforms into the night sky in the dark. It has an optical sensor inbuilt which can activate various beautiful star constellations for the night sky mode on the surface of the globe. Not only does it serve as a pretty night light for children, but it also teaches them about our planet and the eternal sky.

2) Star Theater Pro

Now as long as we are on the subject of space and stars in the unique gifts department, it would be criminal not to mention this crazy product. The star theater pro is a home planetarium projector system that uses LED technology to display stars and their constellations. Turn it on and witness the beauty of our universe in your own home. There is even a setting to enable shooting stars. Unwind to the spectacular beauty of our universe or prepare a romantic evening of star gazing with your partner.

3) Pulse Smartpen

Easily one of the best gift ideas, the Pulse Smartpen is just as the name suggests a smart pen. It is in fact a very smart pen and it comes with a Livescribe notebook. This pen has a small infra red camera at the tip which records what you write or draw. It also has a built in microphone which records sound while using the pen. If you tap on a particular word, you will be able to hear any sound that was made while writing that particular word. This tool is extremely handy for students and professionals alike for taking notes in classrooms and conferences.

4) Kindle

One of the best selling products on Amazon, the Kindle is one of the most unique gifts you can give someone. It is a portable e-book reader which you can use to download, shop for and read e-books, newspapers, magazines etc. You won’t have to carry various books while going on trips. Simply pack your Kindle and you can read the e-book of your choice.

5) Flying Alarm Clock

Just by reading the title should get you interested. This crazy device will start flying around everywhere making a wicked sound as soon as the alarm goes off. How can anyone not like such an awesome device? 🙂

6) A Star

Yes you read it right. One of the most unique gifts to present to your loved one is their own little place in the universe. You can do so by naming a star after your loved one. You can get it done at the international star registry where you will also receive a certificate containing the details of the star, its new name and its coordinates. What can be more romantic?

7) 24k Gold Roses

Another romantic installment in this unique gifts list is the 24k gold rose. They are real roses covered by 24k gold and they will last forever. Perfect for representing the eternal love you share with each other. Jaws will drop and hugs and kisses will soon follow. 😉

8 ) The FM Radio Toaster

This amazing device toasts your bread while providing you with all the features of a standard radio. One can now listen to their favorite shows while preparing breakfast every single day.

9) Personal Movie Theater Glasses

This gadget doesn’t even need any explanation to be recognized as one of the best gift ideas one can think of. You can connect this device to iPods, gaming systems and portable DVD players and get your own personal IMAX theatre experience in your own home. Plus you get to look like Cyclops from X-Men.

10) Magic Wand Remote Control

You must have read Harry Potter. Now live it by getting the Magic wand remote control. You can just flick it to change channels on your television and twist the wand to increase the volume. You also get to choose the different moves for each command. Therefore the remote shall be all yours. Muhahaahaha!!!  This device will also work on other infra red using devices like Stereos.

Hopefully the above list has been helpful to you. Ultimately the ideal gift depends on the preferences of the individual to whom the item is to be gifted. Here’s wishing you success in finding your perfect one amongst the plethora of unique gifts out there.

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Bed Designs – 10 Cool Looking Beds

Bed Designs1

Are you looking for extremely cool bed designs? Well then, given below are some of the most creative bed designs you can find today. Some might be right up your alley while others might be more suitable for children. Some are moderately priced whereas others just completely incinerate your wallet. Either way it doesn’t hurt to know about them. And also a good night’s sleep on an awesome bed will make your tomorrow a better day. 🙂

1) Magnetic Floating Bed

Just hearing the title will tell you that this one of the best bed designs out there. This particular bed was designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars and uses magnets to actually float in the air. In order to prevent the bed from moving about here and there due to any strong wind movements, it is tied down by four cables at each corner. One of the coolest beds in the world, but it comes at a whopping price of $1.53 million. But hey, dare to dream.

2) NapShell

This one was designed for all the power-nappers out there. The bed is ergonomically designed to make it extremely comfortable for your back and spine. The bed also comes with LED lights, an mp3 player and completely sound proof walls. All in all, it provides an ideal environment for quick power naps.

3) Feel Seating System

This unique bed is made from 120 medium sized sofa balls covered in elastic fabric. The crazy thing about this bed is that you can change its form. It doesn’t have to be horizontal bed all the time. You can pull up the sofa balls to make a small seating arrangement or make new shapes for your relaxation needs. Plus they look kinda cute.

4) Fantasy Coach

This is one of the best bed designs made for young girls. We all have heard about the story of Cinderella and how she got that sweet looking pumpkin carriage to meet the prince. Well this isn’t exactly a pumpkin carriage, but it is a carriage similar in shape. Ideal for children and quite possibly one of the best children’s bed out there. It is made in England and takes about 6 months for construction and delivery.

5) Hi Can

This bed provides an aesthetic quality that is simply unparalleled. What’s more, you can surf the internet, watch movies, play music and games inside. If sleeping had a dream, this would probably be it. What can better than infusing technology with comfort?

6) Private Cloud

Easily one of the best bed designs you can find today, the Private Cloud is a rocking bed that will slowly and gracefully rock you to your sleep. Remember the time when we were kids and had rocking chairs and cradles. Well it’s that brilliant time all over again. 🙂

7) The Computer Bed

This bed combines the features of a bed and a computer table. You can either set it up to form a cozy bed or you can set it up to become a convenient computer table. The bed has gas pistons installed which helps it to transform from one form to the other. Pretty handy indeed.

8 ) BedUP

Some of the best bed designs are so, because of the amount of convenience they provide. Space is one of the most troubling factors in a home. Moreover if you have a big bed, it can be quite a hassle to clean under it. The BedUP is actually suspended from the ceiling and can be pulled down whenever you want to use it. After you’re done with it, you can just put it back up again. Moreover the design of the bed adds a great amount of visual flair to your bedroom décor.

9) Coffin Bed

This one is for all those who like to play Dracula Dracula, the popular game where an individual acts out the part of Count Dracula to the best of his ability. This creepy bed looks like a proper coffin and is made out of solid pine. Sleep comfortably and then suddenly pop out to scare your friends and family. 🙂

10) The Scoop

And saving one of the best bed designs for last, the Scoop makes an entry into the list. The Scoop is one awesome bed for it has the features of both a sofa and a bed. The bed is made up of two pieces which when separated strangely resemble Pacman, the main character of the old iconic video game of the same name. The bed looks extremely cool and is perfect for adding a touch of class to your bedroom. You get one awesome bed and two comfy sofas in one single great product.

We hope that the above article has been an interesting one for you. Do share your thoughts below in the comment section. Who knew bed designs can be so awesome? 😀

Coffee Mugs – 10 Crazy Coffee Cups

Coffee mugs are precious items to have for coffee lovers all around the world. There’s nothing quite like cool coffee cups to savor and enjoy some great coffee. Of course, the coffee has to be great too. But that is a given, if you are a coffee lover. Given below are some of the coolest looking Coffee mugs that host a variety of interesting features.

1) The On/Off Mug

These coffee mugs may look like you everyday ordinary coffee mug, but they are actually quite extraordinary. These mugs have a special heat sensitive pigment. They look like ordinary black cups with “Off” written across them, but as soon as hot coffee is poured into them, the color changes to white and the word “On” appears.  How cool is that?


2) Dunk Mugs

These are the perfect coffee cups for you if you like to have biscuits with coffee. They come with a small compartment to hold biscuits. You no longer have to get saucers or small plates for your biscuits. All you have to do is place the biscuits in the small holding place and enjoy them with the beverage of your choice. Nothing beats simplicity.

3) Gun Mug

Do you like your coffee mugs to be strong like you?  All “asta la vista baby” and all that, then you should get yourself this amazing gun shaped coffee mug. Kill time J by sipping your favorite coffee in this one of a kind coffee mug.

4) The Pessimist Mug

How can you not include the Pessimist Mug when compiling a list of cool coffee mugs? This crazy mug serves as a reminder to stay optimistic to all those who see the world through a glass half empty. The wacky line on the mug packs a powerful punch by conveying the powerful message humorously.

5) Lockable Coffee Mug

These coffee mugs are very convenient to use in working environments. These mugs come with a small hole that can be closed only by using a key which comes with the mug. If you don’t want others to use your coffee mug, all you have to do is remove the key and nobody will be able to drink from your mug. Buhahahahahaa! It is pretty cruel, but that’s the beauty of it. Nobody messes with your coffee mug.

6) Drink Selector Mug

These unique coffee cups allow you to twist the rings on them to display the beverage you’re having along with your milk and sugar preferences.

7) Ceramic Wine Mug

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These coffee cups are specially designed in the form of wine cups to humorous display their message. These mugs will help you to get a fresh start in the morning after a harsh night of drinking. What better to remind you to go easy on the drinks than a coffee mug conveniently shaped like a wine glass?

8 ) Antonio Murado Salome Coffee Set

These coffee cups are definitely not for everyone. You might even be repulsed by it. By even if you find them repulsive, you cannot deny the fact that they just look cool. This particular set is for those who like a little bit of macabre in your lives. Dracula wished he had this set 😉 . But the poor chap couldn’t get it during his life time.

9) Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug

These coffee cups are great if you like a certain strong punch from your coffee every morning. Of course you can also use this mug to punch your friends and enemies. 😉

10) Zero Gravity Coffee Cup

How can the list be complete without adding one of the coolest coffee cups of all time? The zero gravity coffee cup was designed to be used in space missions. Though they don’t have any practical uses here on Earth, they just straight out look cool. This particular design is very helpful to hold coffee in space as it uses surface tension from the bottom of the mug to hold the coffee.

If you like drinking coffee, then hopefully this article has been interesting for you. Do share your comments or knowledge on other such interesting mugs below in the comment section. Yay for coffee Mugs.

Google Facts – 20 Amazing Must Know Facts of Google

google facts 03

Let’s find out some of the best Google Facts in this article!


Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford started Google as a study project. It in fact got its name accidentally. The name Google was misspelled “googol”, by the founders .It refers to the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The name was chosen to mirror the company’s goal of organizing a huge amount of information, which was offered on the internet. The Google homepage is so bare because the founders did not know HTML and wanted to create a fast boundary.

Facts about Google:

1)      The Google logo was never in the middle (as it is now today). It only appeared in the middle in March 2001.

2)      The domain name was registered on September 15th 1997.

3)      Google’s first business started in a rented garage.

4)      The Google search engine receives about a billion search requirements per day.

5)      The well-known “I’m feeling lucky” button is hardly used.

6)      Google is said to have the biggest group of translators in the world.

7)     Google’s first Chef was Charlie Ayers. He was hired in 1999 but quit later on to start his own restaurant.

8)      Google has over 450,000 servers, situated in data centers around the world.

9)      Google’s first test versions were known as “Back rub”.

10)  The Google home page can be set up in almost any language as there are eighty eight languages including with Urdu and Latin.

11)   Universities all over the world use Google Apps for education.

12)   Google’s first April fool joke called “Mentalplex”, went online on April 1st, 2000. It was said to have the ability to read your mind.

13)   Google opened their first international office in Tokyo.

14) can now be custom-made by a backdrop image.

15)   Google’s, “image search”, hit a milestone with over 1.1 billion images stored.

16)   Google’s revenue of ninety nine percent is gained from advertising programs.

17)   Craig Silverstein is the first person to be employed by Google.

18)   Google won the esteemed award for Technical Achievement in 2000.

19)   Google started with only 19 employees but today there are more than 2500 Googlers.

20) Google employees are also encouraged to spend time on their personal projects as well. Google News and Orkut are both examples of this revolutionary method.

Google is one of the best search engines in the world. It’s user friendly. It can also be used as an address bar. It has its own mailing website known as and the social networking site Orkut is linked to Google. From its humble beginning in a garage to a worldwide entity, Google is looking a bright and prosperous future.

I hope some of these facts have been as exciting to you as it was to me. If you know of any more amazing facts about Google, kindly share them in the comment section below. Thank you 🙂

iPhone Tricks – Top 10 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone User Experience

iPhone tricks can help you to not only save valuable time but also to soothe any frustration you may feel from the many shortcomings it has. The iPhone tricks mentioned below are some of the most popular ones made by users all over the world for users like you.

1) Setting Parental Controls

Go to settings and then select “General Restrictions” to make any changes in blocking inappropriate content.

2) Correcting Settings for the Dictionary

This is one of the many useful iPhone tricks where you can correct any mistakes made in the dictionary department. If you accidently entered a wrong word in the dictionary, you cannot undo your mistake. You will have to reset your dictionary settings back to factory settings. First enter settings and select “General.” Then you need to scroll down until the “Reset” option shows. Select “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” to start from scratch.

3) Sleep Option

This is very handy iPhone trick. All you have to do is go to your clock and select the timer. Then, you can simply enter the amount of time after which your iPhone will go into sleep mode. Then select the “Sleep iPhone” option. This way you can doze off to sleep peacefully, knowing that your iPhone will do the same soon.

4) Scroll to the Top of the Page

This is another convenient iPhone trick. All you have to do is tap on the status bar to automatically scroll to the top of the page. This way you can easily reach the top of the page after reading a long web page or email.

5) Taking Screenshots

You can utilize this handy iPhone trick by pressing both the home and sleep buttons at the same time. You can then access the screenshot in the “Saved Photos” library.

6) Caps Lock

You can toggle the Caps Lock option on and off by simply double tapping the shift key.

7) Shutting Down the Phone

This one is labeled as an iPhone trick due to the fact that many users actually do not know how to completely shut down their iPhones. Most of them mistake the sleep mode for the shut down one. In order to properly turn your iPhone off, you will have to keep the sleep button pressed until a red button appears. Then you have to drag the button in the given direction to turn off your iPhone.

8 ) Quickly Delete

If you want to delete any item from your iPhone in your mail app or other lists, you can simply swipe your finger across the particular item. Once you do so, a delete button will appear.

9) Rebooting

You can use this dandy iPhone trick to reboot your iPhone system. If your phone freezes and if nothing else works, all you have to do is to press both the sleep and home button for about ten seconds to reset your device. It is important to note that this doesn’t change any settings.

10) Locking the Screen orientation

This little iPhone trick can help you to lock the screen orientation i.e. portrait or landscape mode so that it doesn’t change every time you shift the device. Double click on the home button and then swipe from left to right on the multitasking interface. Then tap on the lock button to disable auto rotation and to get the portrait mode locked. Doing the same thing again will re-enable the auto rotation function.

Some of the iPhone tricks above may sound pretty obvious. But you would be surprised to know the number of users who don’t know them. We hope that this article has helped you somewhat in your quest to know about the iPhone tricks. Kindly leave your comments below 🙂

Zoo Zoo – Cute, Cuddly but Deadly in Popularity

zoo zoo 6

The Indian Premier League, which is a professional league for cricket in India not only captured the hearts of so many cricket fans across the country but also marked the birth of an iconic character called Zoo Zoo. The Zoo Zoo is white from head to toe, has a silly expression most of the time and will make you smile every time the ads come on. Many describe the overwhelming popularity of this particular character as the Zoo Zoo Effect. They look like human beings but are actually a variant of the human life forms and exhibit very similar silly characteristics.

In true blue Animal Planet style, a Zoo Zoo can be described as a cute, cuddly and silly creature who engages in sillier activities to entertain other organisms. A Zoo Zoo looks like a white humanoid with a gigantic head. Egg head, big balloon head are some of the popular nicknames given to this interesting character. Even more interesting is their language which is what we humans call gibberish. But somehow every single activity that is done by the Zoo Zoo can be easily understood by everyone.

But on a more serious note, the Zoo Zoo is a character conceived by the mind of Rajiv Rao who also gave it its iconic name. The Zoo Zoo character is used in the promotion of the Vodafone service and plays an integral part in the advertisements of the same service. Since its conception the Zoo Zoo characters have been well received by people all over the country and have made the promotional program a grand success.

The ads looked very similar to an animation and many were fooled into thinking it was one. But the Zoo Zoo characters seen in the ad were just small girls who wore white body suits. Even the grey backgrounds were made to look like ones seen in animations. All the silly expressions were made of rubber and pasted on to the head section of the costume. The actors were adult women who had small body frames as children couldn’t be hired due to the odd shooting schedules.

The entire ad was shot by Prakash Varma and produced by a Bangalore based film company called Nirvana films in Cape Town, South Africa. It even has several fan pages in various social networking sites. Today you can get yourself some fine Zoo Zoo merchandise due to the insane success of the advertisements.

If you know any more exciting facts about Zoo Zoo, you are more than welcome to share it through the comment box below.

Cardboard Twin Reflex Camera – A Mirror to the Past

twin reflex camera 01

Man has from time immemorial taken pleasure in making something entirely different and one such gadget is the cardboard twin reflex camera. One such man is Kiel Johnson, who has made many gadgets with cardboard. His cardboard twin reflex camera especially has stood out as a mark of his genius. Though all of his cardboard cameras are not functional, there are some that run like any normal camera. His works are so perfect that it fools anyone into believing that it is a functional one. The effort he has taken to make so many different cameras and that too with correct precision is a thing to be lauded.


Origin of Kiel Johnson’s twin lens camera

The twin lens cardboard twin reflex camera of Kiel Johnson was first evolved when he made his first version to be exhibited in the window of a photography show. This camera has even a stand on which it was mounted and kept ready to take photos. Made entirely with cardboard, tape as well as hot glue is also used to make this awesome 16 x 12 x 35 cardboard camera. His fascination to paper is so infectious which is obvious in the way each and every button as well as lens is constructed. The fully operational cardboard camera has iconic twin lens that works as a pinhole camera.

In a twin lens cardboard twin reflex camera there will be two identical lenses of which the top one is used for viewing while the bottom lens is the real lens where the image will be exposed to the film. Both lenses have the same focal length. How creative and faultless one can be is proven with the cardboard camera. Really an amazing creation one but cannot help saying “WOW” to the cardboard camera. Kiel Johnson has painstakingly re-created an unbelievable collection of old school cameras. The different models of cardboard camera shows the real and different types of real cameras and how all of them would look when made of cardboard.

The cardboard material is so flexible and relatively easy to work with. The trick lies in getting the details right, and Johnson’s work has reached the paramount of excellence that you feel like just grabbing it and make use of it. He concentrates and is involved even in minuscule details that his creations like the cardboard camera has a realistic look as well as feel and even the earlier versions look really authentic.

The design is so precise that even the lens magnitude is very near to the actual one. But for the color scheme, a cardboard camera would fool any person as it is so real and true. Who would have thought that ordinary cardboard, tape and hot glue could be used to make something so extraordinary like a cardboard twin reflex camera?

Do feel free to leave any comments or share any information pertaining to such amazing products in the comment section below. Thank you 🙂

Google Products – 10 Amazing Products of Google

google products02

Let’s find what the Top 10 Google Products are!

One word that has been synonymous with greatness is ‘Google’. Ever since it came into being in 1996, the number of innovations it has produced for the internet is innumerable. One reason for Google’s greatness is that it has managed to provide web based products that communicates clearly to the user. Most of their products, though technically very complex also have an aura of simplicity that appeals to and teaches even the most inexperienced internet user. According to many users, the top ten Google products are Gmail, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Picasa, Google Talk, Google Docs, Google Adwords, Secure Access and Google Translator.

And here’s a brief description of these products!

1 ) Gmail
Gmail is a very popular Google product that has enthralled users all over the world for its lavish storage capacity and its very friendly user interface. You also receive very little or no spam compared to other email services.

2 ) Google Earth
Google Earth is also a Google product that has become very popular amongst users. It helps in understanding the landscape of a particular area very well, not to mention the fascinating notion of being able to watch the Earth from the sky. You can use it to gather information or you can just hang around the virtual space and see today’s technology in all its glory. The 3D maps enhance the viewing experience of the user and are able to provide the users with more information through the highly descriptive visuals.

3 ) Google Maps
Google maps is another Google product that has helped many people all over the world. It can show you the various roads and routes that exist to get from point A to point B in your city. Anytime you get lost, all you have to do is access Google maps on your phone and you can easily find the right direction.

4 ) Google Chrome
It is the third most popular web browser out there. It uses a custom built JavaScript environment which makes it one of the fastest browsers out there. It also comes with a well designed and convenient start page to improve the user experience.

5 ) Picasa
It is a tool for organizing and viewing images on your computer which also includes a photo sharing website. It loads faster than other programs and has several features that improve the user experience.

6 ) Google Talk
This is a freeware application that supports instant messaging and VoIP (voice over internet protocol). It has floored many people all over the world with its efficiency, simplicity and unobtrusiveness.

7 ) Google Docs
It is a free internet based word processor provided by Google. It can also store up to 1GB of your data. You can easily create and edit documents online while you’re collaborating with other individuals in real time. You don’t even have to send an email to share information, all you have to do is send an invite to the other user and you’re ready to go.

8 ) Google Adwords

This is the main advertising product of Google. The revenue generated by Adwords was about US $28 billion in 2010. It has been beneficial for many organizations that range from home businesses to publishers and local retail stores.

9 ) Secure Access
It is a free client application that can allow people using Google Wi-Fi network to establish a more secure wireless internet connection.

10 ) Google Translator
It is a free online translation service provided by Google. The application supports about 57 different languages and be can be used to translate entire pages and websites. It has helped to bring down language barriers for many people online.

If you were not familiar with some of the products above, then we hope that this article has been of some use to you. Feel free to share your comments below in the comments section 🙂

Facebook in China – Why is it Banned?

china facebook1

The fate of Facebook in China it seems isn’t that great. While it may be one of the most popular social networking websites out there today, Facebook in China is actually banned. If you haven’t heard about this website yet, Facebook is a social networking site that enables one user to connect with another user over mountains and oceans. It is quite convenient as it provides easy access to one’s friends and family no matter what the distance is. The only thing required is an internet connection and a Facebook account on the other side as well.

A lot of theories have cropped up to explain the banning of Facebook in China. Some believe that the Government is dictatorial and doesn’t want its citizens to access any information from the outside world through social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook in China. They believe that since the Chinese government already regulates web content there preventing the free flow of information, they are trying to enforce their views on the people and stopping them from finding the truth.

But like most conspiracy theories, the notion that the banning of Facebook in China was some sort of a grand master plan to prevent the freedom of information is completely absurd. One cannot deny the fact that the Chinese Government has certain strict guidelines to judge whether a particular information is sensitive or not and ban it on such grounds. But the main reason for the banning of Facebook in China was something else entirely.

More than 140 people were killed and more than 828 people were injured during a riot that took place in the Xinjiang province in China on July 5th of 2009. More than a thousand members of the Muslim ethnic minority were performing a peaceful protest. Soon the peaceful protest escalated into a full blown riot where many were injured and killed. Banning Facebook in China was only a small part of the plan to stop such protests from getting organized through mediums like social networking sites.

Many websites like Facebook were banned at first near the region of the riots but soon all the access to Facebook in China was stopped. This protest along with many others were said to be organized through sites like Facebook. Therefore the real reason for banning Facebook in China was to block the flow of information between the rioters and the organizers of the riot.

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Increase Your Computer Speed – Find Some Valuable Tips

Why not increase your computer speed rather than feeling frustrated to see yourself lagging whenever you do something on your computer? Files may be taking too long to load; softwares may take eons to open and so forth. These can be highly disruptive and result in a lot of time wastage. Not to mention all the pain caused by the constant hair pulling. Fortunately there are ways to increase computer speed and performance. Some of these tips are included below.

The first and foremost thing to know is that the choice of operating system plays a huge role in the performance of a computer. Choosing the best operating system is definitely going to improve your computer speed. Some operating systems are just more capable of carrying more load than others. By gathering more information about the various operating systems and their own versions, you can find a suitable one. But it is also important to note that certain operating systems have problems running certain softwares and so you will have to consider your needs as well. Partitioning your disks will also help your operating system to find data quickly.

Defragmenting the disks also helps to increase computer speed by a substantial amount. Every time you create a new folder or save files or move them, your hard disk will get more fragmented. Due to this the computer speed slowly starts to go slower and slower. Using the disk defragmentation tool, you can defragment your data to improve the performance of your computer. Using this option every 2 weeks or so will prove to be very handy in the long run.

Clean your hard disks from time to time to remove any temporary data that still might be there. This can be very useful when you have several GB’s of data getting IN and OUT of your hard disk every now and then. These files may exist in your C drive or in the recycle bin and certain large files may take up a lot of space and decrease your computer speed. There are various free softwares such as Disk Cleaner, C-Cleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, etc… available for removing such files and thereby increase your computer speed. Also if you don’t mind having a normal visual screen, you can remove all the fancy visual effects and keep only the ones you need.

Another important trick is to always keep your C drive from getting cluttered with movies, songs and other data that is required to be there. Keep all such files in a different drive. Many people often keep a lot of their media files and other heavy data files in the C drive which results in the low performance and speed of the computer. Also keep a checkout for viruses and scan your computer at regular intervals to remove spywares and viruses.

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Schedule email – Use Outlook to Send e-mail Smartly

Did you ever know that you can schedule email using Microsoft outlook express in your computer? There are always a smart way to do things and a tiresome way to do it. Which way depends on the individual. Some people prefer the tiresome way as it is hard work and such a feeling satisfies some. While such a belief is worthy of respect, sometimes it can get you in hot water as well. In such cases smartly doing it would be the wisest choice.

Sometimes when engaged in a business with an individual or company outside one’s country, you will have to send e-mails at specific times due to the difference in time zones. If one of those times end up being early morning at say 5 AM, then you can either set your alarm clock to wake up that early to send it or you can utilize the schedule email option in Microsoft outlook.

To schedule email would be far more convenient especially since all you have to do is set up the schedule the previous night of the send date. The scheduled email will automatically be sent without any delay at the set time. This way you won’t have to sacrifice your precious sleep and after all advancements in technology are made to make things more convenient. You can easily utilize the schedule email option in outlook by the following steps.

When you ‘Open’ an email in outlook, go to the ‘message tab’ and click the ‘message options arrow’ to open a new dialog box. The message option will be depicted by a small arrow symbol on the right side of the box. You can also use the options expansion button in the options tab to access the dialog box. When the new dialog box opens, look for the delivery option and mark the ‘do not deliver before’ option. Then set the ‘calendar’ and ‘time’ to the date and time you need to send the particular email and you’re all done.

Now it is important to remember that Outlook should be kept opened until the set time for it to work. Closing the program will stop the schedule email process. You can do this for any number of emails to ensure the accurate delivery of all your email messages.

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Chess Player – Secrets Behind the Brain


The brain is the center of the nervous system that exists in all vertebrates and most of the invertebrate animals. It contains over 15 to 33 billion neurons and controls the other organ systems of the body. Over the many past years many studies have been done to understand the workings of the brain and even in this day and age, we don’t have enough information to come up with a plausible and accurate understanding. We all use our brains but some are able to tap into its magnificent power better than the rest like a skilled chess player.

It has been found out through various studies that a grandmaster level chess player was able to utilize different parts of the brain than a normal player when mentally perceiving the next move. In an earlier study that took place in 1991, about 10 grandmasters were chosen to partake in an experiment to understand the brain activity that occurs during a game of chess. A magnetic imaging technique was used to measure the gamma band activity in the brain.

Through the experiment they were able to prove that the gamma burst were occurring more in the frontal and parietal lobe in the grandmaster chess player than in the brain of an amateur one. It was then proposed that the thousands of potential moves memorized by the grandmaster chess player helped the chess player to recognize potential problems and find the respective solutions from their memories quite easily.

There have been recent studies too which indicated that an excellent chess player is able to engage both sides of their brains while playing. Eight international and eight amateur chess players were included in the experiment which used a functional magnetic resonance imaging to find out that while the skilled chess player used both sides of the brain, the amateur chess player only used one side.

But the good news is that anyone can attain such levels through hard practice. All of us are wired differently but the common element in everyone is the all powerful brain and its untapped potential. Shortly put, if a chess player can do it, so can you.

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What is iPhone jailbreak?

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iPhone jailbreak is a method used to hack into an iPhone and freeing it from the various limitations imposed by Apple. iPhone Jailbreak is done to improve the functionality of the device as there are lots of restrictions put on it by the manufacturer. So basically you’re able to install third party applications on your device. Now there are both advantages and disadvantages to an iPhone jailbreak.

One advantage of performing an iPhone jailbreak is that you will be able to customize your visual settings in the iPhone. You can use new wallpapers, icons, install an app categorizing system etc. You can also get the necessary tools to make your still camera record videos of decent quality. You can choose from a wide variety of apps that can provide your iPhone with many new and interesting features. Features that would never be available to you had you not decided to do an iPhone jailbreak.

But with all the advantages comes the disadvantages too. When you tamper with your iPhone, you also have the risk of ‘bricking’ it. Bricking means that there is the chance of your iPhone becoming unusable. If something like that happens you will have to erase the entire system and restore it just to make it working again. Although this isn’t a huge deal, it is a chance you must be prepared to take. Also every time a new iPhone update comes along, you will have to jailbreak the iPhone all over again.

Some also believe that jailbreaking an iPhone can have security repercussions as well. Many say that jailbreaking it can allow malwares to be planted into the device. Also only two iPhone viruses have been reported so far and both of them have spread only through jailbroken iPhones. Though many suggest that the iPhones security in general is lax, it is important to know these things before choosing to jailbreak the iPhone. Your warranty will also be cut off if you tamper with the iPhone.

There are many factors to consider before choosing to jailbreak your iPhone. Even though there are certain disadvantages to doing so, you can easily reverse the process anytime. All you have to do is restore it through iTunes and you will have your old settings back.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad- Which Reigns Supreme?

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The Apple iPad revolutionized the concept of tablet computing and managed to satisfy a large number of eager customers all around the world. The iPad managed to get many things which went wrong in other tablets right and introduced a more user friendly product. But it wasn’t long before other companies started flocking in to grab this exciting new market. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tablet to go head on with the current king of tablet computing products. There are several factors to consider when looking for the winner in the Galaxy Tab vs iPad battle.

When you look at the size of both of these products it is rather easy to see which one is more comfortable to carry around. The Samsung Galaxy Tab only weighs about 0.84 pounds making it a very convenient product to use on the go. Both the products display pretty much the same processing speeds as they use the same A8 Cortex CPU for their processing needs. But the iPad manages to beat the Galaxy Tab as far as the LCD screens are concerned as it not only has a comfortable 9.7 inch span but it also provides higher resolution.

As far as the apps are concerned, Apple wins hands down as there are currently over 25,000 apps for the iPad. But this victory s only short felt as the Samsung Galaxy Tab managed to come up with an ingenious feature which is a 3 megapixel camera. The camera can be used for recording video and to capture still photographs. Moreover it can also be used for videoconferencing which adds extra points to Samsung when comparing the Galaxy Tab vs iPad.

Battery life is also a very important factor to consider especially when the system is used for mobile purposes. The iPad can offer about ten hours of battery life whereas the Galaxy Tab can only offer seven hours. When comparing the functionality of internet connectivity in both of the products, the iPad emerges as the winner. The Android browser in the Galaxy Tab sometimes tends to lag especially when the web pages get more crowded. The iPad offers smooth sailing when browsing.

Media support is something that most of us look for when looking for a tablet device. Though the legacy of Apple in the music and video department is incomparable, it doesn’t support flash content or certain video formats like DivX, Xvid, WMV etc. The advantage is in Samsung’s hands here as it easily supports all of the above features and more. Thus there is no need for converting video into suitable formats like in the iPad. In the end choosing the winner in the Galaxy Tab vs iPad battle is hard as both products are certainly sound choices. But at the moment the Apple iPad wins by a small margin due to the high efficiency of its software and its price.

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Computer Tricks – Helping you to do Better Computing

Computers are an essential item to have these days. They help us in performing various tasks which would be very time-consuming otherwise. In order to enjoy the benefits of the computer, maintaining it properly is very necessary. When we get a new computer everything runs smooth and nice for a few months, but soon things start to slow down. The computer takes more time to start up programs and when performing various other functions. Fortunately there are certain computer tricks to help you better your computer performance.

Some of the many computer tricks to improve the efficiency of your machine are given below. Refresh every time you close an application to remove any unused files in the RAM. Not many people realize the importance of the refresh option. Cluttering up the desktop with hundreds of shortcuts is certainly not a wise choice as it takes considerable space from your C drive. Make sure deleted files are permanently removed from the recycle bin. Sometimes a large file may stick around in the recycle bin and take a lot of space from your main drive. Right click on the recycle bin and choose the remove permanently option once in a while to remove such files.

Defragmenting your hard disks at regular intervals of 2 weeks and partitioning your hard drives are yet another handy computer tricks. Make sure that dust doesn’t get settled in your CPU. Every month or so check the inside of the CPU and clean any dust that may have gotten inside. The dust can jam the CPU cooling fan which then reduces the processing power due to overheating. Do note that for such scenarios vacuum cleaning should never be done. Instead use compressed air to blow out and remove the dust.

Other than increasing the processing speed of your computer there are various other neat computer tricks which can help you to have a better computing experience. The Autorun.inf virus is a tiresome virus that is found on a lot of computers. This virus can potentially corrupt the hard drives and causes a lot of small problems. If such a virus existed in your computer then double clicking on hard drives won’t open any new windows. You will have to then open windows by exploring them. You can use the Winrar software to remove such a pesky virus.

First you will have to disable the Autorun function for CD/DVD or USB in Windows. Then open Winrar and go to the infected drive through the Winrar explorer. Doing so you can see all the hidden files in that particular drive. Find the Autorun.inf file and open it using notepad. In that file you will see a .EXE file. Now all you have to do is look for the .EXE file which will be somewhere near the .INF file and delete it along with the Autorun.inf file. Now just restart your operating system to enjoy a ‘pesky virus free’ computing experience.

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Refurbished iPhone – Things to Know About Before Buying One

refubished iphone unboxed

The iPhone as most of us know isn’t simply a phone but also a mobile internet tool, music player, gaming device all rolled into one. Though they have so many interesting features and functions, getting one is quite expensive and quite difficult to afford by many. But if an individual who cannot spring cash for an iPhone wants only the iPhone and no other phone, then there is a way to acquire them. All you have to do is buy a refurbished iPhone.

Though a refurbished iPhone is cheaper than a standard iPhone, it is rather important to check out the various details mentioned below before buying one. A refurbished iPhone is after all a used device and there might be some complications in the product which you need to be well aware off before purchasing it. It is not that every refurbished iPhone will have problems but there might be a few which has.

Always check out the battery of the refurbished iPhone. If the refurbished iPhone hasn’t been used extensively, there still might be a good amount of battery life left in it. iPhones are quite known for having a weak battery life and the fact that batteries cannot be replaced by the user just adds to the problem. So make sure to extract as much as information about the iPhone as possible from the dealer before buying a refurbished iPhone. If the battery is weak, ask if you can get it replaced before buying the phone.

Another thing to look out for is the amount of wear and tear on the screen. If you buy a refurbished iPhone without checking for it, you might be disappointed to later find out about the heavy scratches on the screen if there are any. If you’re buying the phone online, check the photographs of the product for any scratches on the surface of the screen. It would be best if you buy the refurbished iPhone from a reputable dealer to assure the quality of the product.

Also keep in mind that a refurbished iPhone will most likely be an old model and not a new one. Hence there might be a lot of difference in its storage capacity. Some of the old models only have about 4 GB of storage space whereas new ones have about 32 GB. So buy one that satisfies your needs rather than just going for the brand name. Also see if you can get a warranty for your refurbished iPhone. Getting it will surely be very handy.

Google Translator – Secrets Behind it’s Working

Google has come up with many interesting and innovating products from its beginning till now. It has reached an iconic status and is a familiar name almost all over the world. No matter which country, region or culture, Google is the primary and most popular search engine used by people everywhere. The Google translator is one such innovation. But how does the program work and can it really offer an accurate translation?

These questions pertaining to the Google translator can be answered in a series of steps. Before knowing the ‘how,’ the ‘what’ has to be answered. Google translator is a free translation service offered by Google that can produce a translation of a particular sentence in about 57 different languages. The Google translator can also translate words and entire web pages as well. It is a very convenient tool as it makes information accessible to people who might not understand the language pertaining to the information source.

Now the ‘how’ part of the question. Google translator is able to translate by looking for patterns in the existing hundreds of millions of documents and decides which one is more suited for the situation. These hundreds of millions of documents are translations done by human beings and stored by Google. So basically the Google translator works by a process of intelligent guesses although officially this process is called a statistical machine translation.

Now herein lies the catch. Google translator can effectively translate information into various languages but the accuracy of the translation is not perfect in any way. The translation is after all done by a machine which looks at a translation in different ways than a real human would. Human beings are able to learn a new language by navigating and understanding the rules that govern it. But the method used by the Google translator is a different one.

Therefore in the end, Google translator can produce the gist of the translation you need but cannot be used as a tool for complex translation problems. Taking a real language class would be far more productive. But you might never know perhaps in a few years Google translator and other translation programs would be enough to comfortably tour a foreign country without knowing the language.

Temporary e-Mail Address – What are they?

Disposable email account also known as a temporary email address is an email account that you can create to fulfill a temporary need that may contain potential risks. If the temporary email gets compromised in any way or if it is abused by a third party, you can simply dispose of it to avoid any problems.

Some of the popular temporary email services used today are,

  • Guerrillamail
  • Mytrashmail
  • Mailinator
  • MailExpire

If there is a site you want to join and it’s asking for your email account, if you want to avoid getting hundreds of spam mails in your real account every day, you can set up a temporary email to use in such situations. So when you use a disposable account to sign up for a particular website, you are using an alias of your real email account. Every such alias is made specifically for a single mailing list or site which then gets associated with the disposable email account. Due to this when you get spam in your mail, you will know exactly what its source was.

There are many benefits to having a temporary email like the above mentioned protection of spam and protection from senseless information mails like ones containing hoaxes and spoofs. You don’t need to sign up or register anywhere to obtain one. Another great advantage is that your temporary email will automatically expire after a certain time period. This process has a lot of clarity involved and thankfully no hindrances.

But there are certain downsides as well. Some forums on the internet detest temporary emails as they create certain difficulties for forums to maintain control of their members. They also conceal the identity of the members which lead to problems when that particular member causes a problem. And so any member who was previously banned from a particular forum for spamming or trolling can easily make a temporary email and get in again. Many such sites are considering banning DEA’s due to this particular problem.

Overall a temporary email is quite a boon that can protect your real account and have it uncluttered. Of course this function shouldn’t be used for any malicious purposes and should be used responsibly. With great power comes great responsibility.

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