What is HOT and what is NOT in the New Samsung Smart Phone – Samsung Galaxy S3?

samsung galaxy s3 is an amazing smart phone

Samsung Galaxy S3, the new Samsung smart phone, has hit the markets recently, which the makers claim is the beast of all mobile phones. The mobile giant had already released Samsung Galaxy S2, which became the wish child of every Android mobile operating system user. The new smart phone Galaxy S3 is simply the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S2, which created so much ripples and rumors in the mobile world even before its release. So, what is hot and what is not in the ‘beast of the mobiles?’ Here we go.

Hardware Design

Samsung has incredibly designed the Samsung Galaxy S3, when compared to its predecessor. The makers have quit the rectangular design and have opted for the oval shaped one, which clearly looks similar to another Samsung Galaxy phone, Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In addition to the change in the look of the phone, the thickness of Galaxy S3 is also considerably less when compared to the S2 model. You can get this phone in two colors. The white colored model is glossy and the blue one is of brush metal type. However, the sensitive touch keys near the edge of the phone may cause inconvenience to the phone users.

samsung galaxy s3 works at great speed

Display Screen

The display screen is clearly one of the highlights of the new Samsung Galaxy S3. The reason is that the new Samsung Galaxy phone boasts about a 720 pixel High Definition display. The resolution is as high as 1280 x 720, which would definitely impress any type of users. Just like the Samsung Note and Samsung Nexus, this smart phone too features the AMOLED screen, which is the technology behind the deep onscreen colors. In addition to this, the display is very sharp and your icons may appear crystal onscreen.

samsung galaxy s3 has a brilliant display

Software and Apps

The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on the latest version of the Android mobile operating system – the Ice Cream Sandwich. However, similar to the Galaxy S2 and Note models, the makers have placed their own interface over the basic operating system, called the TouchWiz. Moreover, the device has some quite good features such as S Beam, which allows the users to send large files easily over the Wi Fi connection. Another feature called the ‘Pop up Play’ allows the users to watch videos instantly while sending texts and so on. Since the OS is Android, there is absolutely no draught for the applications and games.

samsung galaxy s3 is a stupendous Android device


The real hero in the Samsung Galaxy S3 specs is its processor. The device features a quad-core processor that can work at an astounding speed of 1.4 GHz. This means that, the users need not have to worry for using High Definition applications and highly graphic configured games. Unlike other Android devices, Galaxy S3 does not show any slag in the performance, when multitasking is at its peak.

samsung galaxy s3 is quite high in performance

Battery Life

With all the powerful features lined up for Samsung Galaxy S3, the battery life should not be high. However, the device sustains for quite a considerable time, which is far superior to its predecessor S2. The makers have also added the feature of Power Saver, which also helps in saving the battery life.

samsung galaxy s3 has a good battery life

Samsung Galaxy S3 Price

Although it boasts about quite awesome features, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not a smart phone for the common man, as the price is a very premium one above the £500 mark.

Google Glass – A Futuristic Google Project to Make Sci – Fi Glasses a Reality!

A Google project, titled Project Glass, is gearing up at a good pace, which aims at creating the Google Glass – a super glass that includes augmented reality technology. You might have witnessed such glasses only in the Sci – Fi movies, which have some stunning features and enable superhuman vision. The search engine giant launched the project, Project Glass, a couple of weeks ago and even went on to create a page for it in its social networking site, Google Plus.

Why Project Glass?

According the sources from Google, the new Google project is about to serve every digital purpose of the mankind. May it be for communication, may it be for taking pictures, may it be for capturing the motion or may it be for accessing the internet and sharing the content, Google says that a Google glass will be enough in the future to do all the necessary stuff. Although the concept appears to be very futuristic, the recent advancements made by the Google engineers in the Google Project is enough to give a great hope that soon the dream would turn into a reality!

google glass - the latest google project promises everything with your eyesight

How This Stuff Works?

Everyone’s imagination goes wild like wearing a stylish pair of glasses, which is full – furnished with all the digital stuff, when we talk about the Google glasses. However, according to the pictures released by Google, which reveals the first look of the futuristic glasses, Google’s eyewear does not really come up with any lens. Instead, a very less known technology called Augmented Reality will help the wearer to carry out all the necessary things. Augmented Reality is a concept which a common man can witness only in the sci – fi movies. So, what really is Augmented Reality and how it is going to help the Google Project?

google project to produce awesome futuristic glasses with augmented reality

Augmented Reality

To make it simple to a common man, Augmented Reality is a technology that enables a human being to view a live real world environment which augments elements of computer generated sensory input such as sound, video, image, data and so on. The goal of this technology is to improve the user’s perception of the real world. The Google Project sensibly uses this awesome technology to project augmented reality elements into the glass wearer’s field of vision. This projection simply helps the wearer to get everything just with his eyesight. For an instance, with the Google eyewear, one can wake up and open his eye to know about the day’s weather, trending news, appointments and to – do lists for the day and so on.

project glass - A new google project gearing up in right direction

Project is gearing up!

After the first look of the project glass created ripples in the internet world, a day ago, a Google engineer came up with a snapshot of his son captured with the help of his Google glass. He posted this picture in his Google Plus page, which later became viral, and so far, has garnered more than 2000 +1 votes and hundreds of shares. Even Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin reposted the picture with the caption ‘an amazing capture’. The snapshot does not have a high definition quality, but surely seems to create a new trend in photography, which the experts term it as the ‘first person photography’. Google has already simplified the lives of many with its services and products, if the Google Project turns out into a reality, it will further enhance the way people live their life!

What to do in an Emergency When Your Phone Battery Dies out of Charge?

Trans4m is an amazing charger for your phone battery at emergency

Your mobile phone battery is running out of charge and you have to do something to charge your mobile phone, as the situation is an emergency one. What you are going to do? Do not worry if you are just scratching your head to find a solution for this question. It seems, as if, many are not aware of some cool accessories that will help them to charge their mobile phone batteries even in an emergency. These emergency mobile chargers are different from your conventional wired phone chargers, and, they come at an inexpensive price. Check out this cool list of emergency phone chargers and get ready to select your pick.

1) Trans4m Multi Power Source 4 Way

The Trans4m Multi Power Source 4 Way is a car charger adapter, which helps you to charge your phone battery on the go in your car. The car charger adapters are already in use, but this model has some extra features like usage of AS batteries, 4 way charging facility and so on. This accessory features a generic USB socket that helps you to charge a wide range of devices without any issues in an emergency.

2) Rayovac Turbo Charge

It is easy to charge your phone battery at emergency with Rayovac turbo charge

Using battery powered chargers to charge your phone battery on the go is another inexpensive solution. All you need is a portable battery powered cell charger, which you can get it for a price range under $10. Rayovac Turbo Charge is one such accessory, which requires two AA sized batteries alone to power your cell phone any time at anywhere.

3) Revolve XEMini Plus

go green while charging your phone battery at emergency

You can also go green while charging cell phone in an emergency. Yes! Revolve XEMini Plus allows you to be an eco friendly person even at the times of emergency. This awesome mobile battery charger allows you to draw energy from the sun all the day and helps you to charge the phone when it is necessary. This cool accessory also features an inbuilt battery, which is an added advantage. However, great things never come at cheap prices. You can get a Revolve XEMini Plus between a price range of $20 and $80!

4) Voltaic Backpack

solar backpack to charge your phone battery at emergency

This is another option to be an Eco-friendly person again. Voltaic Backpack is a boon to those who do camping and trekking often. The backpack consists of voltaic solar panels, which draw energy from the Sun and helps you to charge your device.

5) Slive – 88

just use your hands alone to charge phone battery with slive 88

Imagine that you are at a place where you see no civilization as far as your eyes can reach. It is nighttime and you got nothing to do with the Sun. However, you are in an emergency and your phone is dying out of charge. What you can do now just left with your hands alone? Even at difficult times like these, Slive – 88 allows you to charge your mobile phone.  You just need to have this accessory and your hands and nothing else. This hand crank charger takes a bit of manpower to charge your phone battery, but it is worth using at emergencies when it comes with features like radio and flashlight.

Now that you have a handful of options to charge your phone battery even at the extreme times of emergency, just get set to get your pick!

The Ivy Bridge – Intel’s Latest Third Generation Processors!

ivy bridge - latest processor series from Intel

Intel, one of the largest producers of the computer processors or microchips for CPUs, has come up with the latest third generation processors codenamed the Ivy Bridge. For the past six months, speculations waved around the world of computer technology that, Intel, soon, would introduce some new range of processors. The speculations did not go wrong, as Intel has released fourteen types of quadcore processors with the Ivy Bridge technology yesterday. The competition in the processor arena is heating up too, as the rivals like AMD are gearing up with their own latest innovations in their products. However, Intel leads the market, and is confident that the new processors will become a hit. The new range of processors, which the makers say the third generation of processors, seem to marginally excel the performance of the predecessor called the Sandy Bridge.

Ivy Bridge – Basic Details

There are a few basic details that one should know about the latest processor series from Intel. First, when you set out to buy a PC or Laptop, never search for a sticker on the device or CPU with the name Ivy Bridge. For your information, Ivy Bridge is the code name of the project of the Intel, which was set to produce new series of processors with increased performance. The PCs and the Laptops with the Ivy Bridge technology will still have the same official name as the second generation of i-series processors of Intel had – Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The next detail is a bit technical. The new processors will work with 22 nm tri – gate transistors, which are efficient than the transistors of Sandy Bridge processors.

ivy bridge is the third generation i series processor

Why Third Generation Processors?

Earlier, there was no clear information on the important features of the third generation of i – series processors. However, the analysts predicted that there would not be any great difference between the second generation and the third generation. Now that the latest processor series has arrived, it seems like the analysts have not gone wrong. In fact, the users may not feel any difference in their daily PC or laptop usage. However, the range of graphics support of the processors has seen a rise in the new processor series. The current graphics configuration of the second – generation i – series computers is just HD 3000. The third generation i – series processors now will support graphics up to the range of HD 4000. What will the increase in graphics support mean to the consumers? The makers promise that the users can now play high-end graphics games without the use of NVidia or AMD graphics processors.

ivy bridge performs better than sandy bridge

Ivy Bridge Price and Battery Support

The Ivy Bridge processor series will not result in any price rise say a few experienced processor vendors. However, this can be possible only if the third generation processors replace the second – generation ones as soon as possible.  Another aspect of the processor performance is the support of battery life. So far, experts have conducted tests on battery life with Core i7 processors alone, since the mainstream processors using the Ivy Bridge concept have not hit the markets. Based on the test results, the new range of processors show some marginal increase (12 minutes difference) in the battery life.

ivy bridge is an awesome range of processors from intel

When the New Processors will hit the Market?

If you wish to buy a PC or a Laptop enhanced with the third generation processors, do not hurry now. Intel is ready to release the new processors only at the end of May. In addition to this, please note that, the Windows 8 operating system too is going to hit the markets in two or three months. Hence, it is better to wait for at least two months to grab your new PC or laptop powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processors!

iOptik Lens – An Awesome Contact Lens for a Superhuman Vision!

iOptik lens to give superhuman vision

In the coming years, you have to get ready for the superhuman vision, which is possible with the help of a new type of contact lens called the iOptik Lens. Yes! This is not something from a science fiction and this is not a joke too. A company called Innovega has developed this latest contact eye lens, which allows a human to focus more than a single object at the same time. While the Google glasses have already created a buzz in the technology world, now iOptik lens is gradually drawing the attention of tech lovers.

Why iOptik is Special?

The humans are capable of focusing only one object at a time, and can just get an unfocused view of another object while focusing the other. However, Innovega has come up with the latest innovation that changes the way humans can see, which is quite a superhuman thing. With the help of iOptik eye lenses, a human can now focus two objects simultaneously. To explain exactly, we can now see two fields of our vision, that is, we can concentrate our focus on one object, and at the same time, we can concentrate on the background details of our vision too.  Thus, iOptik optics lens is, in fact, an awesome innovation that exceeds what the nature has given for humans.

iOptik lens is a cool new latest contact lens!

Pentagon wants iOptik!

Innovega introduced the iOptik very recently, and it has already caught the attention of Pentagon. While Google’s vision glasses are trending now in the world of technology, Pentagon has another idea. It now wants this new eye contact lens to support for a few of its future projects. It has already ordered for the supply of iOptik. According to the reports, it seems like Pentagon has its interest in developing the display screens using the iOptik lens. These display screens are very much of the type that you might have seen in the Terminator movie used by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

iOptik lens helps dual focused vision

When will you get yours?

In addition to manufacturing the contact lenses, Innovega also is manufacturing glasses based on the same iOptik concept of visual projection. The company introduced these glasses in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The official reports from the company suggests us that, using these glasses, the wearer can focus on his mobile phone while taking a look at the things around him or her simultaneously. So, when will you get your pair of iOptik glasses or the contact lenses? The company says that it has plans to introduce the iOptik lenses and glasses in the commercial market by the year of 2014.

iOptik lens is a great biotechnology innovation

The Power of Technology

The iOptik lenses and glasses have the ability to make humans get more than what the nature has given for them. Just like the iOptik, many innovations have given the humans things that the nature has restricted for them. These innovations clearly reveal what technology can bring for the humankind. Especially, the biotechnology, which is growing at a rapid speed, surely has the ability to help humans attain superhuman powers. More than this, these technologies can improve the lives of physically challenged people. The biotechnology experts believe that more technologies like the iOptik lens are set to come in the future days!

Why IT Companies Invest Millions in Solar Power?

solar power is growing in a good pace

The trend of IT companies investing in solar power is growing up. The news that search giant Google’s clean energy investment is nearing the $1 Billion mark is a great example. In addition to Google, many big players in the IT sector are now seeing new possibilities in the form of solar energy. The energy experts believe that many companies and enterprises will soon face a level of inconsistency in terms of their energy source availability in future. The experts also give an estimation that says generation of electricity from the conventional sources will be tough in the coming decades.

Solar Power is Gaining Importance!

Solar power system is one of the important alternative energy resources available within the reach of humans. Solar energy awareness was there among the companies even a decade ago. However, there were very little takers and the implementation systems too were at their level of infancy, since the solar power cost was not within the reach. Now that the conventional energy reserves are decreasing day by day, the chances of being energy – consistent in the future days have become a doubtful thing.  As the primary energy resources like coal and oil are depleting very quickly, now companies have started to concentrate on other energy means, especially solar power energy.

IT companies are investing millions in solar power

Google’s Solar Projects

Google, one of the trendsetters in the technology world, is eyeing for some great possibilities in solar power. The Larry Page led company has invested a whooping $94 million in solar projects that are going to take off in the coming days. Reports suggest that a solar energy based company called Recurrent Energy is going to build four solar photovoltaic projects near Sacramento in California. The project ideas seem to have attracted the search giant, and, the company has agreed to invest millions of dollars in building the projects. With this $94 million investment, Google’s investment in clean technology has totaled up to a whooping $914 million.

Google has invested $1 billion in solar power

The Reason

The reason for Google’s generous investment in solar energy systems is nothing but the company’s strong belief in solar power. In addition to this, the four projects built by Recurrent Energy Company are going to serve more than 10,000 homeowners with home solar power. The company’s idea is to install solar photovoltaic panels on the rooftops of the houses in a large-scale manner. If all the installations become successful, then the company can boast of producing 88MW of electricity through solar panels. 88MW is the measure of energy consumed by 13,000 homes currently using the conventional energy.

solar power is the future of energy resources

The Shift!

If one thing is facing an end, it is very natural that a shift is necessary to move to the next possible thing. The energy experts are advising the world to start making things that will contribute to the shift from using limited supply of conventional energy resources to using clean energy resources. Moreover, they are also advising that the shift should lead to the usage of energy resources that should be available unlimited all the time. When observed, solar power is the best option in getting the unlimited power source all the time. It seems like Google has sensed the importance of solar energy at the right time and has already started contributing to the shift. Now, we can expect that more IT companies will follow the Google’s way and will invest more in solar power.

Windows 8 – A Whole New Operating System for Windows Fans!

Windows 8 - the cool new operating system

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from the software giant, Microsoft, with a cool new feature of Metro UI. As the competition gets tough day by day in the world of computer and technology, the competitors are gearing up to take on the challenge with some innovative and cool new technology products. Microsoft, one of the hallmark companies in the tech arena, is always a trendsetter. The Bill Gates founded company has now released the consumer preview of the latest version of its stellar operating system, Windows. The company calls the new version as Windows 8, which is a successor to its previous version, Windows 7.

What is Metro UI?

With its latest operating system, Microsoft has given life to a cool new user interface called the Metro UI. The Microsoft supporters bet high on the Metro user Interface, as they believe that the new feature will change the way people interact with the computers.  The new user interface has no space for the pull down menus, but introduces you the new tiles, with which the Windows Phone 7 users are already familiar. The tiles are nothing but the big label – like functional menus, which just need a click or a finger touch to start working. With these tiles, the new user interface is clearly the key feature of the new version of Windows.  However, if the user wishes, he can use the old style interface too.

Metro UI of Windows 8 is amazing

Tablet – Supporting OS!

The Windows 8 operating system is for both the desktop PCs and tablet PCs. However, the functionality differs from one device to the other. For an instance, in tablets, it is enough to slide your finger from the side to get the main function tiles. However, in PCs, using mouse, one has to click the bottom corner of the screen to get the functions. The makers have etched the new operating system in such a way that the OS appears natural and flawless in both the types of the devices.

Windows can work for both PCs and Tablets

System Requirements

Here are the Microsoft Windows 8 system requirements. The new operating system needs 1 GHz or a faster processor to run. For the 32-bit version, 1 GB of RAM is enough, and for 64-bit version, the RAM requirement is 2 GB. Microsoft DirectX 9 version of graphics devices is necessary to run the Metro user interface. The minimum storage requirement is 16 GB for the 32-bit version and 20GB for the 64-bit version. A multi-touch screen is also necessary in case of using the touch facility. To download Windows 8 apps from the Windows store, an internet connection is necessary and the screen resolution should be equal to or above the range of 1024 x 768. However, to snap the applications, one needs a higher screen resolution of the range of 1366 x 768.

Windows 8 features an interesting interface design

Exciting Features!

In addition to the Metro user interface, the Windows 8 operating system has more to offer to its users. If you are an Xbox user, then using the new OS, you can get along with your gaming friends very easily. You can also synchronize your Windows devices using the Windows Live feature. The sync works based on the cloud technology, and thus, even your friends PC will become yours with all your apps, bookmarks etc when you use. A special Office edition for the new OS is also getting ready.

Windows 8 apps are there for every need

The consumer preview is already out and it shows that the original version’s release is not far away. Reports suggest that it will take a few more months to sort out the bugs that are present in the preview edition. The reports also add that, most probably, Microsoft will introduce the original version of the Windows 8 in the month of October!

Sony Tablet P – An Awesome Dual Touch Screen Tablet from Sony!

sony tablet P is an awesome dual screen tablet

Sony, one of the leading makers of technology products, has come up with a dual screen tablet, which it calls Sony Tablet P. The cool new tablet PC has some exciting features in addition to the dual screen. It is very easy to say that Apple’s iPad editions lead the tablet market with a great market share. However, companies like Samsung, Sony and many others are consistently introducing new innovative tablet PCs in the market to steal the lead from the giant Apple. Sony’s new Tablet P is its new attempt to draw the attention of the entire tablet market and to move ahead of Apple in the race.

Physical Features

The hardware of the new Sony tablet is unique, because of the dual screen feature. However, the device has just one speaker situated on the left edge of the bottom half. The sound it produces is not great and is very mild even when turned on to the maximum level. Hence, music lovers should look out for some good quality headphones if they wish to use this tablet for the purpose of music. However, the camera facility is quite good, as there is a 5 MP rear camera and a 0.5 MP front camera for video chats. The weight of the tablet is just under one pound, exactly, 0.82 pounds. The physical structure of the device is very comfortable to use and it can easily fit into your pockets without any issues.

sony tablet P features cool dual touch screens


The hinge – based design is the mostly used design for the dual screen devices, and Sony Tablet P is not an exception. The tablet has a hinge -based design, which allows you to fold the tablet very easily. You can fold the upper part up to 180 degrees, and, at this position, the tablet almost looks like a single square shaped device. However, there is a bit of gap between the two screens, which may cause a trouble while viewing video contents in full screen mode. The power button is also not in an easy position to access.

sony tablet P is a cool device to use


Sony Tablet P runs on Android operating system, Honeycomb, which is exclusively available for tablets. The OS runs great on both the screens. However, some applications run on only one screen and that definitely annoys the users. Gamers will find this tablet irritating, as many games work only on single screen. A few apps and games run on both the screens, but give an over – stretched look, which is again annoying. However, inbuilt movie and music players, and, inbuilt apps work on both the screens in a great way.

sony tablet P has an exciting design


The Sony dual screen tablet features dual core TEGRA 2 CPU and 1 GB RAM. However, the storage is just up to 4 GB. The touch feature in this device is incredibly awesome, as it features capacitive touch screens and responds very quickly. While considering the connectivity speed, the tablet performs equally when compared with other Honeycomb tablets.

sony tablet P is very comfortable to carry

Only very few dual screen tablet devices are currently available in the market.  This is the reason why Sony has now introduced a dual screen tablet. Even though Sony Tablet P is better when compared to its dual screen counterparts, the device still has a good number of limitations, which the makers have to sort out to make it to the top of the list against the rivals!

What’s Up with the New iPad 3?

the first look of new iPad

On March 7, the entire technology community was very eager to listen to the words of Apple CEO, Tim Cook, to know about the features of the new iPad, the iPad 3. Just as expected, Tim Cook, on the same day, unveiled the new version of the Apple’s very popular tablet, the iPad. However, he did not mention that it is the third generation of iPad. He simply called the device as ‘new iPad’. While the name did shock many iPad fans, the features of the iPad tablet too shocked both the fans and the critics, as the new tablet carried no big advantage than its previous editions, but very few improvements.

Physical Features

The physical look of the new iPad has no big changes when compared to its previous edition, the iPad 2. It has a 9.7 – inch screen just as the iPad 2 and has single home button, which is the Apple’s unique device design. The device also features an Apple 30 pin dock connector, a headphone jack and a slot for MicroSIM. However, the newer version of iPad weights more than its older versions. It weighs around 650 g, while the iPad 2 weighs only 600g and the first edition weighs only 586g. The increase in weight is clearly a disadvantage. However, the reason for the increase in weight is the increase in the size of the battery. However, its battery life is same as its previous edition.

new iPad is an awesome tablet PC


Display is the one feature where the iPad 3 wins clearly over any other tablet on this earth. The new iPad has a brilliant display with the pixel range of 2048 – by – 1536. The latest iPhone 4S had retina display, which set new display standards in the mobile phones. Similarly, the latest version of iPad has the retina display, which the iPad 2 lacks. It shows the colors and texts in a spectacular way. It is a never – before – experienced display that very clearly displays even very small texts with superb clarity. Another great thing is the High Definition feature. Yes! Now you can call simply the new version of iPad as ‘iPad HD’. Apple says it has the HD feature that is equal to the clarity of a real HD TV!

new ipad has stunning display features


Regarding the performance, the new iPad features an A5X processor with 1 GHz capacity. The older version had an A5 processor. To be honest, the new version and the old version has no difference in performance, but the A5X processor in the new device allows it to handle the increased display features efficiently without affecting the basic performance. The memory is 1GB, which is same as in its previous editions.

the new ipad is a cool device for tablet lovers

Connectivity and Price

Similar to the older versions of the tablet, the iPad 3 supports WiFi connectivity and an optional 4G LTE connectivity feature. The iPad 3 cost differs based on the storage capacity and the connectivity features. The WiFi only models are available from $499 to $699, while the models that support 4G LTE connectivity feature comes at a price of $629 to $829.

new ipad is really amazing with HD feature

Apple announced the iPad 3 release date which was March 16, last Friday. To buy iPad 3, people, as usual, queued outside the Apple stores. The shipping too is going on in full form. The only advantage of the new version of iPad is the HD feature and the retina display. The new iPad, unofficially dubbed as the iPad 3, thus clearly has no big innovations in both the hardware level and in the user experience, but people still keep flooding the Apple stores to get their hands on the new tablet, which clearly shows the brand value of Apple.

A Helmet Cam to Enable Capturing Great Skiing Moments!

Awesome helmet cam to capture skiing moments

If you are an ardent fan of skiing, then a helmet camera, or shortly, a helmet cam is now available for you to capture your awesome moments of skiing. These helmet cams are some cool gadgets really, with which you can capture pictures and can even shoot good quality videos when you are skiing down a glacier. The major aim of these cams is to provide the users to immortalize their ultimate experience of skiing in the form of pictures and videos. Let us check out two fabulous helmet video cameras – Contour Roam and GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition, which are the recent and the top helmet cams used by the skiing experts.

Contour Roam

A helmet camera will be very useful, if it has some wide – angle coverage lens. Contour Roam sticks to this fact and does possess an ultra wide – angle coverage lens. Its lens coverage is as high as 170 degrees, which is almost everything between your left hand and the right hand. You can shoot even 1080p quality of videos using a contour roam. The resolution number is also a great one, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The rate of shooting is 30 frames per second.

contour roam - a simple helmet cam for easy use


Contour Roam helmet cam has high definition video shooting. However, this helmet camera HD is quite simple to use and it is clearly one of its pros. The camera is also a waterproof one, providing protection up to one meter. The price of Contour Roam is also cheaper than GoPro by the margin of $100.


There is a reason why Contour Roam helmet camera is available at a cheaper price. If you want to take pictures, you should adjust the settings to change it to the picture mode, when you connect it with you PC. This is one of the big limitations of Contour Roam. In addition to this, this helmet cam features only two mounts with fewer offerings.

GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition

The GoPro helmet camera is able to produce good skiing videos with sharper and brighter colors. Just like the Contour Roam, the lens coverage angle is 170 degrees and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. GoPro can also make HD videos with 1080p quality without any issues. It also works a bit faster than Counter Roam in a few settings, where users can take almost 10 pictures per second.

GoPro is a stunning helmet cam


Unlike Contour Roam, GoPro users can use many types of mounts to take pictures and videos that suit to their tastes very easily. The users can also take snaps with varying dimensions up to 11 Megapixels. The rate of shooting too is a bit higher than the usual 30 frames per second. It is also easy to switch between the camera mode and the video mode in this helmet cam.


GoPro is not a waterproof helmet camera. You have to use a separate waterproof casing to protect it. If you are a new user, you will find it difficult to configure the settings very quickly. After all, GoPro comes at a high price range.

helmet cam will immortalize you skiing moments

If you love simplicity, Contour Roam is the best helmet camera for you. Else, if you love to stick to the market leader, GoPro should be your choice. The choice is yours, but with a helmet cam, surely you can do some cool new stuff when you are skiing!

It is Time to Get Back to Tablet Stylus!

stylus pad is making a comeback

Stylus Pad and other Stylus hardware devices are now gaining attention again! It is a usual thing that every trend and fashion completes a cycle and begins again, from where it starts, but in a different form. This fact applies to everything. Right from the music that we listen to the clothes that we wear, we get back to the old trends at some point of time. Now, it is time for the stylus pads again, after a long time when the technology of touching with fingers got popular and killed the stylus usage. Recently, Samsung too has announced that its tablet products may release along with a stylus pen, most probably the Samsung Galaxy Note’s S Pen!

Stylus and Its History

We can date back to the late 1980s or the early 1990s when the stylus pad attracted many takers. Many tech companies released many supportive tools for the stylus technology. Even Microsoft launched special windows for the stylus computing some twenty years ago. Many companies like the Toshiba, IBM and Fujitsu released many ranges of tablet PCs that created a new wave in computing. The entire tablet PCs released at those times used stylus pads as the only mode of input. Hence, Stylus became a very important tool then. The real reason was that, stylus tablets were using the resistive type of touch pads, which cannot function without stylus hardware.

stylus pad is an awesome tool for digital drawing

The Change

Even though the stylus tablets used the resistive touch pads in 1990s, the mid 2000s witnessed a major change in the tablet PC technologies. Many tablet manufacturers ignored the resistive touch pads and the stylus hardware and started using the capacitive touch pads. This major shift accounted for the death of stylus pads. Human hands were just enough to use a capacitive touch pad. In the year of 2010, Apple released the epic iPad tablet with a capacitive touch pad, which set the benchmark for rest of the tablet PC manufacturers. Late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, even went to an extent of joining a stylus pad to the list of failed tech products.

Samsung Galaxy Note is an awesome stylus device

The Comeback

After the inception of capacitive touch pads, only very few devices still stick to the stylus hardware. Mostly, these devices are for the gaming stuff and not the regular tablets. This is the reason why we do not see a tablet coming along with a stylus pad nowadays. However, Samsung has now initiated another shift in the tablet touch pads. Even though Samsung tablets do not come with a stylus pad, Samsung Galaxy Note, a smart phone, has hit the markets with a stylus. The Galaxy Note has also earned many positive reviews, as it can allow the user to do any drawing or painting on the go with the use of the stylus. Adding support to this move by Samsung, many application developers have also created a good number of applications, which needs an input through a stylus.

Stylus pad has got better over time

Stylus has got better

Twenty years back, the stylus pad technology did not reach any great heights, even though it was a new form of input. Many limitations in the technology prevented accuracy of computing when people used the stylus hardware. However, Samsung’s S Pen is awesome and has done away many limitations, which promises a comeback of stylus pad or other stylus hardware!

Hiriko – A Compact Electric Car that Folds Itself!

Hiriko - the electric car that is set to rock

The horizon of the automobile industry has expanded now with the arrival of a new electric car, called the Hiriko. Hiriko is a futuristic car, which may be a boon to the people living in urban areas. The reason is that, urban cities in all parts of the world face a common problem of parking congestion in public places. Hiriko car has come up as a solution for the parking limitations that the big car owners face. Hiriko can fold itself literally and can help a lot in parking, even in a congested place without any problems.


The designers of Hiriko are the researchers from the MIT Media Lab located in Spain. The designers say that they have designed and developed this compact electric car in order to overcome the problem that the urban people currently face in parking their vehicles. The designers have even named the car with an apt word ‘Hiriko’, which means ‘Urban Car’ in the language of Basque. Seven other automobile technology firms have also joined hands with MIT Medias labs to develop this foldable electric car. A team of designers and engineers from these firms has worked together on the design and prototype and has converted the idea into physical means. After the completion of development, Hiriko has now attained its shape and form with one hundred inch length. The electric car, currently, has the seating capacity for two members.

Spain designers havecome up with an awesome electric car - Hiriko


There are two outstanding features or characteristics of Hiriko. The first one is its unique nature of folding itself according to the space of parking. The car can fold itself to a maximum extent of 60 inches. The second one is being an electric car. The designers of Hiriko have built this folding car in a unique way, which is feasible commercially. They have integrated the electric motors, brakes and steering functionalities in the wheels. Thus, Hiriko is able to save a good amount of space, and, it is able fold itself without any issues to the component mechanisms. In addition to reducing the parking space, the designers have also succeeded in achieving the digitalization of car’s entire system management. Thus, one can manage the car’s systems digitally with the help of a drive – by – wire system.

The Hiriko electric car can fold itself


Hiriko cars use lithium ion batteries as a source of electric power. The designers have efficiently placed the batteries in the floor of the vehicle to increase the dynamics and design simplicity. The lithium batteries also help the electric car to achieve a good driving range of 75 miles approximately. The speed of this folding car does have a limitation, however. The car can move only at the average speed preferable in cities. Thus, using Hiriko for long drives in the high – speed roadways may not be possible. However, if compactness and comfortable city usage is one’s wish, then Hiriko can still be the best option.

Hiriko - the electric car has a stunning design

Hiriko on Roads Soon!

The makers of Hiriko are planning for the large-scale production soon. The automobile industry – watchers have received this foldable electric car model well, when the makers unveiled it a couple of weeks ago. Hence, one can expect the electric car – Hiriko flooding the roads of Spain soon next year.

How to Have a Password that does not suck?

A safe random password is must for safeguarding online identity

Every internet user would have gone through the password strength test to test the strength of any random password. The test tells the users how strong their passwords are to keep their accounts and the related information safe. Almost all the websites in internet use these password strength tests at the time creation of accounts. Even though these tests are reliable, users make a few common mistakes, which pave an easy for hackers to crack into the accounts. A recent study on passwords reveals that a majority of the passwords really does suck and does not help in stopping the hackers.

Why Passwords Suck?

There are a few software – supported computers, which can process hundreds of the entire Wikipedia site in just a few minutes. Hackers mostly use such kind of computers to crack into the accounts. For them, it is not a big deal to crack an encrypted random password. Even a password that passes a password strength test cannot stand against such hackers. A journalist named Steve Regan recently was able to crack more than 80 thousand passwords for a study recently. The tools he used were a computer worth $300 and simple software, which one can download free of cost. Thus, it is clear that most of the passwords are not set well to remain as a good security tool.

A well set random password is a must have one

Common Mistakes

People make a few common mistakes, which make it easy for the hackers to crack into an account. Even though people set a random password mixing numbers and texts, they follow a few common patterns. It is easier to remember the common patterns, but it is not advisable to such passwords. The passwords that have some common patterns become a gateway for the hackers. The common patterns include mixing the name and date of birth in an order, following the order of letters on a keyboard and names that are shorter in length. One should not forget a fact that hackers are always smarter and have many tricks and ideas to breach into the accounts. Hence, it is advisable not to use any such common patterns, which may not only allow hackers to breach into an account, but also to breach into the lives of people eventually.

Random password should have a mix of characters

Do Password Managers Work?

A few people rely upon the password manager software to make their passwords more secured and safer. However, the fact is that, many of the password management software do not work efficiently. Most of the password manager tools convert the names into numbers based on a set of codes. Such encoded passwords in the form of numbers can easily be converted or decoded back into the names within a minute using some easily available hacking tools.

Random password should not have common patterns

How to Have a Great Password?

Make it Long’ is what the experts say. Even though hackers crack a random password easily, it becomes tough for them if one adds just one letter additionally. For instance, it is easy to crack a password named ‘Jonathan1990’. However, cracking becomes difficult if we modify it like ‘Jonaaaathan1990’. The size or the number of password characters matter a lot, as even one letter can change the cracking ideology of a hacker. Experts, nowadays, advise people to have a random password of at least 12 to 14 characters, even though eight is the sufficient limit in many websites.

Now Listen to Music and Be on Time with the new Nanox!

Nanox has a stunning performance like iPod Nano

If you have ever felt uncomfortable protecting both iPod Nano and your watch, its time forget the both, as you can now own a super cool Nanox! A combination of a wristwatch and the iPod Nano, Nanox will make things easy for you. Now your travel time will be joyous without the tension protecting your tiny iPod and your wristwatch. You can also enjoy some great music and you can be on time without any issues. This awesomely integrated device is now available in the markets of almost 40 countries including Japan, United States and in United Kingdom through the online buying portal Amazon. Do you love to tie a Nanox around your wrist? Well! Check out everything about Nanox, before placing an order!

Nanox - a new watch with iPod Nano

Fancy Design

We all know that iPod Nano comes with a handy design in fancy colors. Regarding wristwatches, there is no definition to the design, as a wristwatch carries centuries of history behind its name. Wristwatches are available in almost all the forms, whether it may be the old classic style or may be the modern digital form. Now, imagine how great the design will be, if integration takes place between the two things. Before we imagine, a Japanese designer called Noriyaki Miyata, who is an acclaimed electronic product designer, has already imagined it and the result is the new Nanox. Now, a company named Emonster is making the new device and marketing it. Apple’s iPod Nano is available in seven fancy colors. Similarly, Emonster has ensured that Nanox is available in the same seven colors.

Nanox comes in seven fancy colors


The details of the watch conversion kit are quite interesting. Apple manufactures its products using the alloy of aluminum numbered 6061. Emonster claims that it manufactures the iPod Nano part in Nanox with the same aluminum alloy. In addition to this, the Nanox watch also has nothing to do with the screws or other tools, with which a normal watch comes. Thus, the cool watch kit follows the epic ‘Simply Superb’ policy of Apple. The straps of the ‘watch + iPod Nano’ device are ultra thin. The straps come with just 2mm thickness, and thus, do no harm to the wearer. Just as in an ordinary iPod Nano, there is a special anti – glare sheet over the screen of the music device to enable greater visibility even in a bright place just like while using under Sunlight. Not stopping with this, there is another interesting fact regarding the Nanox. Emonster manufactures the cool watch convertible kit right in the same factory, where Apple manufactures the iPod Nano.

Nanox is an awesome iPod Nano watch convertible kit

Price and Performance

If it is a product of Apple, then there is absolutely no need to bother about the performance. Since, iPod Nano forms an integral part in Nanox, one need not question about the performance of Nanox. It is just like using your iPod Nano tied around your wrist, with an additional option of a fancy watch. We all know that Nano came up only to attract huge buyers. Hence, it had a less price tag than a conventional iPod. However, Nanox offers a quality of combination an iPod Nano and a watch, and hence, has a good price of $126 US.

Top Applications for Jailbroken iPhone and iPad

iKeyEx - one of the cool top iPhone Apps

If you are a proud owner of a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you should take a note of some of the top iPhone apps, which may make your cool phone even cooler. Now that you no longer need the Apple authentication for your apps, as you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can push your limits and get ready for a completely new experience with some stunning apps. Whether you need to increase the performance of your iPhone or iPad, or, you want to change the conventional look, or, you need some awesome functionality, the top iPhone applications are here to cater your needs.

1) iKeyEx

This is one of the free top iPhone apps that you will love it. The iKeyEx app is actually a keyboard extension application, which supports you a lot when you are up for fast texting. The app adds the number buttons and other alphanumeric buttons to your already existing jailbroken iPhone keyboard, and thus, enables you to text faster than your usual speed. If you consistently use many alphanumeric characters for smileys and other such things, then iKeyEx is a boon app for you.

2) MyWi

MyWi is one of the top iPhone apps that will help tethering

For many smart phone users, Tethering, or in other words, sharing the internet connection among the devices is one of the cool thing to do. Tethering is also one of the top reasons why people choose to own a jailbroken iPhone. MyWi is one of the top iPhone apps that enable tethering in your iOS device. While using the MyWi, no need worry about your carrier or any such thing. Just connect as you wish and share the connection. However, you need to pay a bit for this app. This is one of the costly top iPhone applications and has a cost of $20.

3) Lockinfo

Lockinfo is one of the top iPhone apps that allows fancy mobile locking

If you are using an iPhone for a long time, then you will surely be jealous of the Android phones, just for their fancy and themed mobile locker applications. This is because, there are no such fancy mobile locker applications for the iOS users. Even the top iPhone applications for the regular iPhones do not offer such a fancy facility. However, now that you have a jailbroken iPhone, you no longer need to long for using a cool mobile locker. Lockinfo will enable you to set some awesome and fancy mobile lockers for your iPhone, and, this is the reason why it is one of the top iPhone apps. Without diving into your phone, you can also use some applications like the calendar, events and weather, with this cool app. The cost of this app is $8.

4) WinterBoard

WinterBoard holds a place in the list of top iPhone apps

WinterBoard is another free app in the list of top iPhone apps. WinterBoard offers you tons of themes and backgrounds, thus helping you to change the look of your jailbroken iPhone. Image wallpapers are old – fashioned items, and now, you can get video wallpapers and cool keyboards with complete customization with one of the top iPhone applications, WinterBoard.

5) Activator

Activator is one of the awesome top iPhone apps for customization

If you love customizing your jailbroken iPhone, then Activator is one thing that you need the most. Just like other top iPhone applications, Activator does more than what you expect from it. Activator helps you to customize the controls as you wish. You can use any key to do any job you want, just by setting the customization. The good thing is, Activator is one among the top iPhone apps that is available free of cost.

New Gadgets in 2012 – What to Expect?

Ice Cream Sandwich - one of the new gadgets in 2012

Tech geeks nowadays hunt for the list of new gadgets in 2012, as speculations reveal that the 2012 gadgets are some awesome deals that one can never miss this year. Just now, the year has begun, and so far, the happenings in the world of technology suggest us that the year 2012 will see people getting to the next level in terms of technology. Whether it is mobile phones, or the laptops, or the new sensational tablets, or the cameras, or other gadgets like operating systems and gaming devices, the year 2012 seems to have many in store for the technology lovers and users. Based on the speculations and the wish lists of geeks and tech critics, here are the 15 gadgets that come under the most anticipated list of new gadgets in 2012!

1) Google Ice Cream Sandwich

Android is the most used mobile operating system on the earth and its popularity is sky high, even though it faces a tough competition from Apple. Usually, Android gets better every year with the yummy names. This year too, the mobile operating system reaches the version 4 named Ice Cream Sandwich, and eventually, the products using Ice Cream Sandwich fall into this list of 2012 gadgets. This means more good news for the Android fans and more bad news for the Apple and Windows phone fans.

2) Next Edition of Kindle Fire

The year of 2011 was something great for the Amazon, as the company’s tablet, Kindle, sold like hot cakes. Kindle, Amazon’s product aimed against the Apple’s iPad, had a few technical and user – friendly limitations even though the sales were quite successful. The makers of Kindle have promised a new edition in the Kindle series, and because of the previous edition’s success and many people expect it, next edition of Kindle easily gets into the list of new gadgets in 2012. However, one has to wait and see whether Kindle 2 manages to find solutions for the limitations and problems that the first edition faced.

Kindle 2 comes under tablets of new gadgets in 2012

3) iPad Mini

If Android fans have a reason to celebrate this year, surely Apple fans too have their own reasons. The little version of the iPad, which is the world’s most famous tablet series, called the iPad mini may hit the Apple stores this year. People always say that the Apple products have big numbers in the price tags. To put people’s mouths silent, Apple is getting ready to release the small version of iPad to make it affordable to everyone. Speculations also reveal that an interesting price of $300 will attract more buyers. If iPad Mini is possible in 2012, then it is surely the go-get-it type in the list of 2012 gadgets.

ipad 3 is one of the amazing new gadgets in 2012

4) Next Gen MacBook Air

Apple gives reasons for the conventional laptop lovers too to celebrate this year. MacBook Air, one of revolutionary devices from the Apple, has a thin design and powerful performance, and it is the differentiating factor of the laptop. A speculation says that, soon the Tim Cook led tech company may come up with a next generation MacBook Air, which may have an awesome design at the size of just 15 inches, thinner, lighter and more powerful than the previous editions. People who are looking out to buy new gadgets in 2012 should be ready to grab this ultra-design laptop.

Next Gen macbook air features in the list of cool new gadgets in 2012

5) Nook Tablet 2

Nook tablet from the Barnes & Noble Company clearly had a tough battle fighting against the likes of Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. This year, the tech lovers can expect the next edition of Nook with improved technical specifications along with other 2012 gadgets. The previous edition lacked the Bluetooth feature, and Nook 2 may sell more, if it includes the Bluetooth this time.

another tablet in awesome list of new gadgets in 2012

6) Fourth Generation Phones

The 3rd generation mobile devices ruled the world of mobile technology last year. The last year also witnessed the introduction of 4th generation mobile phones. Hence, the new gadgets in 2012, in terms of mobile phones, may use the 4th generation technology that will promise better facilities than the 3G models of mobile phones. By the end of the year, the usage costs too come down, according to the predictions of the experts of mobile industry.

next gen mobile phone is one of new gadgets in 2012

7) Nintendo Wii U

Gamers can also expect some awesome 2012 gadgets specially made for them. Nintendo, one of the top companies in the gaming arena, has plans to release the new Nintendo Wii U, which has some stunning features like 1080p graphic support and great compatibility. Critics also predict that the Wii U can try something different and can come up with a revolutionary set of controls.

Wii U is a cool gaming gadget in the list of new gadgets in 2012

8 ) PS Vita

In addition to Nintendo Wii U, the list of new gadgets in 2012 has more gadgets to keep the gaming buffs happy. Vita, a handheld gaming device from Sony Play Station, has everything including an affordable price that can help its makers to get to the top again this year in the gaming world.

vita gaming device is one in the bunch of new gadgets in 2012

9) iPad 3

The year of 2011 witnessed the introduction of various tablet PCs. Apple, ahead of all other companies, released the iPad way back in 2010, which set the benchmark for its competitors, which followed it. When the followers release their next versions of tablets in 2012, why not the leader? Speculation has it that soon Tim Cook may hold the next edition of iPad, the iPad 3, and may smile to the snaps after an introduction ceremony soon. If iPad 3 gets out, in addition to iPad Mini, then it is sure that it will be one of the hottest 2012 gadgets.

another ipad edition which is one of the new gadgets in 2012

10) Ultrabooks

NetBooks became successful last year. However, many people said that the laptops had a price that was not affordable for many regular tech buyers. This year, the UltraBooks may be available at a gettable price, and hence, features in the wish list of new gadgets in 2012.

marvelous ultrabook laptops are also in the list of new gadgets in 2012

11) Nikon D800

Photography attracts huge number of people every year, and hence, cameras attract the photographers every year. Nikon D700 attracted a huge number of buyers in the last two years. Nikon D800, a successor to the yesteryear release, Nikon D700, can have its release this year. The 32 Megapixel cameras, if released, will clearly feature in a photographer’s list of to-buy 2012 gadgets.

nikon d800 is one of the new gadgets in 2012

12) Canon 5D Mark III

Competition is tough in the sales of cameras too. If Nikon comes up with a new gadget, then surely its tough competitor Canon too will be ready. Canon’s 5D Mark II was very popular last year, after its makers released it in 2010. Camera lovers expected the next edition Mark III in 2011. However, the gadget did not arrive and may do this year. It is not necessary to mention that it earns a place in the expected list of new gadgets in 2012.

mark iii - another camera in the list of new gadgets in 2012

13) Apple iTV

Television is one area, which has caught up in the eyes of big payers of technology, Apple and Google. People, however the day is to them, good or bad, never fail to switch on their Television sets. Google realized this fact clearly, and hence, it came up with the concept of Google TV way back in the year of 2010. Now, it is the time for Apple to have plans to come up with its own products to captivate the TV market. Apple iTV may be result, and if it becomes a reality, it may top the charts of 2012 gadgets.

itv is one of the hottest new gadgets of 2012

14) iPhone 5

In addition to the iPads, MacBooks and iTV, Apple seems to have more plans to execute it this New Year. Here is the ‘Wow’ news for the mobile phone buffs. Apple may release the iPhone 5, the fifth edition of iPhone, which changed the terms of a mobile phone after its inception. People expected iPhone 5 in 2011. However, Apple came up with iPhone 4S, an improved 4th edition of iPhone. This year, it is almost sure that iPhone 5 may have its release. What is up then? Those who wish to buy new gadgets in 2012 once again have to stand in queues in front of the Apple stores to buy the iPhone 5 this year.

iphone 5 is one of the coolest new gadgets in 2012

15) Windows 8

If computers rule the world, then it is easy to say that Windows rule the world of computers. The phenomenal success of Windows made Bill Gates the richest man on this earth. Everyone is aware of this fact, and of course, it is as easy to say that everyone has used Windows and is still using. Last year, Bill Gates’ Microsoft released the developer preview of Windows 8, which is the new operating system from the technology giant. The hottest thing with this one of the hottest 2012 gadgets is the new user interface – Metro UI. Metro user interface concentrates in integrating all the features right on the desktop.

Windows 8 with metro UI holds a place in the list of new gadgets in 2012

It is clear that both the big shots and tiny players of the technology world are gearing up to change the face of the technology once again this year. All those who wish to get some new gadgets in 2012 can do one thing – saving some bucks and buying their favorite 2012 gadgets!

Conserve Energy by 10% – Cut Down the Vampire Power

conserve energy by 10% using power switch

Before knowing how to conserve energy and cut down the vampire power, it is necessary to know what the vampire power is. To put it simply, vampire power is nothing but the standby power utilized by various electronic devices. Almost all the electronic gadgets use a little amount of power when we turn them off. If you consider the standby power for a single device, it is very less. However, in our modern homes filled with full of electronic gadgets, we unknowingly waste a huge amount of electricity in the form of vampire power.

The Power Switch!

For many years, there was not even a single effective solution to cut down the standby power utilized by the electronic devices. Even though a few research works concentrated a lot to conserve energy in using the electronic products, killing the vampire power was a big challenge always. However, a few solutions came up for this long term problem, but were not quite effective and consumable as expected. However, now, Belkin, a California based hardware company has come up with a promising solution that takes on the battle against the standby power. The solution is in the form of a small switch like device, which the company calls The Power Switch. The switch is quite handy and compact and looks like a useful piece of electronic device for every home to conserve energy.

Belkin Power switch helps you to conserve energy

How It Works?

For a few skeptics, the conserve power switch is not a great deal, as they think that it will not save them power in a large scale. However, according to the makers, The Power Switch can reduce the electric power consumption of any electronic device by ten percent for sure. The makers have also explained the work model of the Power Switch, which appears to be quite simple. As earlier told, vampire power is just the power used by any electronic gadget when it is in an off state. To prevent the device to fetch power from the power lines, one should plug it to the Power Switch and The Power Switch to the power lines. The Power Switch will stop any flow of electricity to the device, thus, eventually helping to conserve energy by stopping the standby power.

conserve energy by cutting down the vampire power

Efficient Usage!

The power conservation using the Power Switch depends upon the type of the device with which we use it. For an instance, consider that we use it with our PC in our home. In this way, we can save 3 Watts regularly. For electronic gadgets like the audio systems, we can conserve energy by more than 25 watts daily, when used with the Power Switch. However, using it with devices like coffee machines will prove to be less effective, as you can cut down only one watt of vampire power regularly.

Conserve energy in your modern home by killing the standby power

Power Saver!

Since we use more number of electronic gadgets in our homes, right from Televisions to Cell phones, it appears as if we have to use The Power Switch for every device separately, in order attain the usage as much as possible. However, the price of the Power Switch is also not too high. One can get it for less than $7 USD. If used efficiently for high vampire power consuming systems, it is sure that, The Power Switch will help you to conserve energy by 10%.

Coffee Faucet – another Fine Way to Enjoy Your Coffee!

You can operate your Coffee faucet just using a mobile app!

Coffee faucet is always a dream for coffee lovers, who always look for the latest coffee equipment. For hundreds of years, coffee has attracted people all over the world. If there is one drink that everyone will enjoy without any differences, then surely it is coffee. However, just like the followers of rare liquors, there are always coffee lovers on this earth, who will do anything for a single cup of coffee. Now, things are getting better for those ardent coffee lovers with the arrival of the exciting coffee faucet!

Dream Come True!

Coffee faucet is really a dream come true not only for the coffee lovers, but also for the entire coffee drinking community. Called Top Brewer, this hot coffee equipment is surely set to create a buzz in our modern lifestyle. We already enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with the stupendous improvements in plumbing and electricity. However, no one will say no to further improvements, as the development of new equipments will mean only a much easier lifestyle. With coffee already becoming a key element in the lifestyle of many, coffee faucet will definitely have a huge number of users.

coffee faucet involves no mess in making your coffee

What is Hot?

As the name suggests, this stunning coffee equipment will deliver you coffee when you just use the faucet. Remember also that, it not only delivers you just coffee, but also hot milk if you want it to do so. Many coffee drinkers never stop with the regular coffee. Many of them always love to taste the various kinds of coffee. Top Brewer also promises such drinkers, who need different types of coffee to suit their mood, by producing different kinds of coffee on demand. If you are an iPhone or iPod user, well, you have another exciting feature with this coffee faucet. You can remote control the equipment with your iPhone or iPod with the help of the Top Brewer app. Top Brewer app is not ready for the release yet, but will be available, once the equipment is up for the commercial sale.

coffee faucet has a stunning design and look

How it Works and Looks?

The working model of the coffee faucet is so simple, when you look it from the user level. There is nothing so sophisticated with the faucet of the device. The faucet mechanism of this equipment is as simple as any other faucet’s mechanism. However, it works with the help of many components. Top Brewer has an outstanding design, which features only one visible part and, that is the faucet. The various other components that support the coffee equipment hide under the table on which we place faucet. Thus, it appears so elegant and neat and needs no mess to happen, when you want to prepare your coffee again.

You can operate your Coffee faucet just using a mobile app!

How to Use?

There is no need to do a hell lot of things to prepare a cup of coffee, when you have Top Brewer at your home. All you need to do is just place a cup under the coffee faucet and get ready to enjoy your coffee. This latest coffee equipment also comes with an auto – cleaning facility, which cleans itself over a period regularly. Do you want to know how much time it takes to make a coffee? It is just 45 seconds to a minute!

Photo Tips & Tricks to Immortalize Your Moments in the Right Way!

Awesome photo tips to improve your photography!

If you are an ardent user of your camera, you have to learn some photo tips to save your memorable moments forever. Many photography tricks are available in the internet. However, only a few of them work perfectly. Usually, many tricks and tips available in the internet work in a fine way only for the high-end camera models. Hence, people who use ordinary, but good cameras are unable to know the perfect ways to click perfect snaps. Thus, they end up clicking just namesake photos in important events of their lives. However, you can find here some very useful photo tricks that will help you to immortalize your best moments in the right way, even if you use an ordinary camera!

1) Learn the controls!

This is the foremost advice and one of the important photo tips that you should note before taking snaps during important events. Many people try various things in clicking snaps without understanding their camera controls properly. Without knowing the use of controls of their cameras, many end up clicking poor shots! Hence, before gearing up for a party, make sure that you have learnt all your camera controls perfectly.

Useful photo tips will help you take better pictures

2) Focus and Spot Metering

Before trying out any of the photo tricks, ensure that you have fixed the metering and focus in your camera! Always try to use the focus – and -recompose method with center – area focus. This method ensures that your camera focus is at equidistant from the subject. This way of using the camera is one of the important photo tips, which help you to click the snaps in a perfect way in all situations.

Capture your great moments better with the help of photo tips

3) Avoid Flash as much as Possible!

Flash is one of the photo tricks, which works fine only when there is no enough light when you take snaps! Many camera users always try to enhance the quality of the snaps by using flash in all the situations. However, if there is already enough brightness in your shoot area, using flash will end up only in decreasing the quality of the image!

One of the important photo tips is how to use flash

4) Christmas Shooting

Christmas is one of the important occasions, where you use your camera definitely to save those lovely moments with Santa! You have to note some photo tips here to take very fine photos that involve Santa! Always try to bump up the exposure when you click snaps of Santa! This is because of the fact that pictures of Santa involve many white shades. In addition to this, always try to focus the eyes of Santa instead of his spectacles. Instead, if you focus the glasses, you cannot produce perfectly clean photos of Santa. You can also use photo tricks like Aperture – Priority mode, when someone stands along with Santa for a click!

Click your Santa in a great way with the help of photo tips

5) Style matters!

Try to create a style for yourself when you engage in photography. Some people’s photography involves people doing casual things like talking etc. Some photographers stick to some odd angles to try something different. Whatever it is, you have to find you own style and should try to improve in photography skill! This is also one of the important photo tips, which helps you in mastering the art of clicking perfect snaps!