Cardboard Twin Reflex Camera – A Mirror to the Past

Man has from time immemorial taken pleasure in making something entirely different and one such gadget is the cardboard twin reflex camera. One such man is Kiel Johnson, who has made many gadgets with cardboard. His cardboard twin reflex camera especially has stood out as a mark of his genius. Though all of his cardboard cameras are not functional, there are some that run like any normal camera. His works are so perfect that it fools anyone into believing that it is a functional one. The effort he has taken to make so many different cameras and that too with correct precision is a thing to be lauded.


Origin of Kiel Johnson’s twin lens camera

The twin lens cardboard twin reflex camera of Kiel Johnson was first evolved when he made his first version to be exhibited in the window of a photography show. This camera has even a stand on which it was mounted and kept ready to take photos. Made entirely with cardboard, tape as well as hot glue is also used to make this awesome 16 x 12 x 35 cardboard camera. His fascination to paper is so infectious which is obvious in the way each and every button as well as lens is constructed. The fully operational cardboard camera has iconic twin lens that works as a pinhole camera.

In a twin lens cardboard twin reflex camera there will be two identical lenses of which the top one is used for viewing while the bottom lens is the real lens where the image will be exposed to the film. Both lenses have the same focal length. How creative and faultless one can be is proven with the cardboard camera. Really an amazing creation one but cannot help saying “WOW” to the cardboard camera. Kiel Johnson has painstakingly re-created an unbelievable collection of old school cameras. The different models of cardboard camera shows the real and different types of real cameras and how all of them would look when made of cardboard.

The cardboard material is so flexible and relatively easy to work with. The trick lies in getting the details right, and Johnson’s work has reached the paramount of excellence that you feel like just grabbing it and make use of it. He concentrates and is involved even in minuscule details that his creations like the cardboard camera has a realistic look as well as feel and even the earlier versions look really authentic.

The design is so precise that even the lens magnitude is very near to the actual one. But for the color scheme, a cardboard camera would fool any person as it is so real and true. Who would have thought that ordinary cardboard, tape and hot glue could be used to make something so extraordinary like a cardboard twin reflex camera?

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