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Most Expensive Phones for Luxury Lovers

The very moment you hear the phrase ‘the most expensive mobile phones’, it is sure that you will have an excited interest to check out the ultra rich mobile devices! These mobile phones are not for just anyone’s use! These luxury devices are not for the rich community too! These are only for the richest of the rich people, who can throw away millions and even billions of dollars just like that! The makers of such extraordinarily rich mobile phones do not manufacture them just like the other normal mobile phones. They make these luxury mobile phones only on special orders from the people who want to buy it! Here we go to check out the mobile phones that only Bill gates and Warren Buffets can use!

1. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition:


If you are an ardent iPhone lover, control your nerves and desire! This edition of Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 is only for the kinds of people mentioned above! Do you want to know the reason? Well! The reason is that, this special Diamond Rose edition of iPhone 4 costs a whooping 8 million dollars! Now stop yelling the phrases like “Oh My God!” This phone is the one, which tops the list of most expensive mobile phones on this planet. It is not an exaggeration to say that this phone is the ultimate dream of lovers of luxury mobile phones! Do you know what makes this device? It is the 100 carats pure flawless diamonds and rose gold!

2. Gold Striker iPhone 3Gs Supreme:

This is another device from Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International, which bears the much adorable mark of Apple! This edition of iPhone 3GS is the ultimate golden phone. The reason why the followers of luxury mobile phones eye to get this device is that, it has 271 grams of 22 carats pure gold casing! In addition to this, the special home button of the iPhone has a single rare 7.1-carat diamond! The makers have also trimmed the glowing screen with fifty-three single carat diamonds! Priced at 3.2 million dollars, it is one of the coolest most expensive mobile phones, which the richest of riches can get!

3. GoldVish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique:

GoldVish ‘Le Million’ is one of the most expensive mobile phones that also hold a Guinness world record certification. This expensive mobile phone comes under the Illusion collection of a Geneva based mobile communications company. The proud designer of this device is Emmanuel Guiet! The price of this phone is about 1.3 million dollars, which makes it to feature in the list of top luxury mobile phones!

4. The Diamond Crypto Smart Phone:

The name itself tells why this device is one of the most expensive mobile phones in the planet! The Diamond Crypto Smart phone is a creation of Peter Alisson, one of the famous makers of luxury mobile phones! Built with rose gold and 50 small diamonds, Crypto smart phone’s price is $1.3 million!

5. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:

This is a very special edition of most expensive mobile phones, since there are only three units available on this earth! Priced at $1 million, lovers of luxury mobile phones go gaga over this phone because of its Egypt inspired design!

Is Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 better than iPad 2?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the new tablet from Samsung, is the bet for all Android lovers against Apple’s iPad 2. As both the leading computing and mobile companies gear up to battle out each other with their new gadgets, the war intensifies every day. Tablet, or, for a common person, the mobile form of a computer, is the hottest electronic gadget in today’s world. The widespread success of Apple’s iPad has kindled every other electronic company to produce their own range of tablets to keep up to the pace of the electronic gadgets’ market. Here is the interesting story that tells you whether Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 has the things really to beat iPad 2 in the tablet market.

Processor and Performance

Processor and performance analysis is the primary thing to check out the efficiency and performance of any gadget. Considering iPad2, it comes with 1 GHz Dual Core Apple A5 processor. The device runs on iOS 4.3 operating system. The dual core factor in the processor of iPad 2 tells us clearly that the device guarantees awesome speed without sacrificing the performance. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a processor that can match up the Apple’s product easily. The Samsung tablet has a 1 GHz Dual Core Cortex-A9 processor. It means that this device also features the Dual Core technology, which can promise the user stunning speed without compromising an efficient performance. Thus, both the tablets almost stand equal in the processor and performance arena although Galaxy Tab has a slight edge over its competitor.

Display and Design

In the section of display, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 clearly wins over the Apple’s product with ease. This is because of the fact that Apple’s iPad 2 consists of a 9.7 LED-backlit display, whereas, Galaxy Tab features a 10.1 inch LED display, which is marginally greater than the iPad 2. In addition to this, the Galaxy Tab has a stunning resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which is again higher than the iPad 2, which has a slightly less resolution of just 1024 x 768 pixels.  Thus, Samsung’s tablet clearly goes ahead of Apple’s in the consideration of display. However, iPad 2 wins over the Samsung Galaxy Tab in design with its stupendous stylish and sleek look.


Even though both the devices stand at the same place when we consider the features like GPRS, GPS, EDGE and Micro USB Support, Samsung’s product races ahead of the Apple’s, in the section of camera specifications. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 features a rear camera of 3 MP with Auto Flash LED of 720 Pixels and a front camera of 2 Mega Pixel. The iPad 2 features a rear camera of Fixed Focus 720 Pixels specification, but just with 0.3 Mega Pixels. Even the front camera too has just 0.2 Mega Pixels, which is well short of Samsung Tab’s specification number.


Application is purely the thing in which Apple dominates over Samsung. The users of iPad 2 can find it easy to get more useful applications than the users of Galaxy Tab. Thus, it is clear that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 edges over the Apple’s product in performance and efficiency, but fails to match up with it in design and availability of applications!

Which is the Best Cell Phone with QWERTY keypad?

Keypad Phones

We always love to get the best cell phone available, not only to satisfy our desire for the device, but also, to present our image among others. Even though full touch cell phones rule the mobile world now, there are always fans for the keypad phones. These ardent keypad lovers know well that there is no substitute for the QWERTY keypad smart phones. If you are one such lover of keyboard smart phone, check out this list, which tells you, which is the best cell phone that comes with a keypad.

1. Samsung Stratosphere

This Samsung device is one of the first Verizon devices with 4G LTE. The makers promise you a stupendous experience of speed combined with an unmatchable QWERTY keypad. This smart phone so far has received many positive feedbacks from various testers across the globe. You will surely realize the greatness of this best cell phone with keypad, the moment you put your fingers on the keypad.

2. Samsung Transform Ultra

This is yet another smart phone from Samsung, which comes with a keypad. This smart phone features a stunning keypad that has a great efficiency and a super look. When you use this phone, you will come to know that texting is very easy and fluent with it. What is more interesting in this smart phone is that, it comes with a front facing camera that enables you to perform video chats without much difficulty. You should also know that the device runs on Android Gingerbread. Thus, the Transform Ultra from Samsung gets all the credits to feature in the list of best cell phone with keypad.

3. Pantech Crossover

If your wish is to have a compact and handy smart phone that comes with QWERTY keypad, then Pantech Crossover is the pick for you. This user-friendly smart phone is very handy and compact to use and fits to your hands perfectly. Crossover, which runs on Android Froyo, has a roomy physical keypad to make your texting so easy. Never worry about the price of the device. This compact and best cell phone comes at a very affordable price and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

4. HTC Status

Any cell phone list does not get complete without a HTC smart phone. This statement becomes true again with the featuring of HTC Status in the list of top smart phones that come with a QWERTY keypad. HTC Status is another compact and petite device and fits to your hands even though it has an awesome and big keypad that shows excellent characteristics. In addition to this, this device is the best cell phone with a keypad for Facebook lovers. The reason is that, the keypad has a special key for instant log in into Facebook.

5. BlackBerry Bold 9930

BlackBerry Bold 9930 is one of the best smart phones that RIM has ever launched. It features a vertical keypad, which users can find it useful really. With all other stunning features and cutting-edge mobile technologies, this is the best cell phone with QWERTY keypad for the BlackBerry lovers!

The Best Smart Phones of 2011

Stunning Smart Phones

Some people always want to buy the best things, and if you are one such person, sure, you will love to buy one of the best smartphones! Well! It is not only for you, but stunning smart phones are clearly the need of every one. Especially, if you are a gadget freak, then a smart phone will be your priority among other types of electronic gadgets! Since the demand for a smart phone is high in the market, there are many technology giants, who compete with each other in delivering the best products to the customers. This leads to the introduction of a wide variety of mobile phones from various makers of the devices! Even though a healthy competition is appreciable, variety in smart mobile devices always leads to a bit of confusion, when you are about to buy one! However, for an easy selection of your device, check this list out to know which the best is!

1. HTC Rezound

This smart phone from HTC is the top pick for the Verizon users. Rezound has all the features that one would love to have in smart phones. In addition to the features, this multimedia rich mobile phone comes with a beautiful display! In addition to this, delivering a sensational performance makes HTC Rezound to feature in the list of the best smart phones of 2011.

2. Apple iPhone 4S

There is a breed of humans, who love Apple products and Apple products only! If you come from that cool breed of humans, then Apple iPhone 4S is the smart phone that you will look for. This dual core smart phone has everything to match up with every other smart phone on this earth. Outstanding performance and unmatchable design and a very sleek look put this stunning device in the list of the best smart phones of the year 2011.

3. Motorola Droid Razr

Android freaks have more reasons to celebrate the year of 2011 with the introduction Motorola Droid razr! Yes! This is not an exaggeration. Motorola Droid Razr is one of the best Android smart phones that the mobile world has ever witnessed. Advantages like thin design and mind numbing speed and a wide variety of features keeps Droid Razr in the much-anticipated list of the best smart phones of 2011!

4. Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is another sensational Android smart phone that has every required credit to feature in the list of the best smart phones of the year 2011. One of the giants in making smart phones, Samsung, has produced this device with top-notch features that offer its users a power-packed performance without compromising the look and design. The device looks sleek and sexy enough to attract the buyers without any difficulty!

5. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not a just another Android smart phone. The reason is that it comes with a new version of Android operating system – Ice Cream Sandwich! In addition to this, Nexus consists of very useful features that other smart phones lack!

Hope presenting this bunch of the best smart phones of 2011 will definitely help you to pick up the smart phone that you are looking for!

Playstation phone – Extremely cool gaming phone

The mythical Sony PlayStation Phone has now become a reality as the company prepares to launch this bad boy in March, 2011. This cool gaming phone is called Xperia Play and it will run on Android Gingerbread O.S. The Sony PlayStation gaming console is one of the most iconic gaming platforms in the world. Over the years they have presented the gamers of the world with millions of hours of pure fun and bliss. It has revolutionized video games like no other company. Now Sony is back ready to rock the mobile phone industry.

The Playstation phone looks quite similar to a PSP Go in its core design. The phone might not have the most cutting edge design out of all the gaming phones but at the same time it is no ugly device either. The design is quite simplistic in nature but maybe the bland exterior will be to mask the beast inside. It comes with a black and silver theme where the body has a nice glossy black color whereas the gaming pad has a silvery appearance. A white option is also available. The gaming phone will also sport a gorgeous 4-inch Bravia touch screen with a resolution of 854×480 pixels. The phone will also have a slide out gaming pad containing the iconic Playstation control buttons.

Over the past few months, a lot of speculation had passes regarding a possible Playstation phone in the making. All that speculation has now been confirmed to be true as the world anticipates the launch of this great device this March. The gaming phone also comes with two cameras, a slide out Playstation controls, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with MicroSD card support. The MicroSD card will allow users to store up to 32 GB of game information. The camera is said to be a 5 megapixel one and the device is said to sport 512 MB RAM and 1GB of ROM. It even has a multitouch touchpad in the middle of the gaming control pad.

Along with the Playstation phone, Sony has also expressed an interest in becoming a major player in the Android market. Therefore one would be safe to assume that some kick ass games will follow. Many franchises have already partnered with Sony to bring the best games to the Xperia Play. On one hand you have a decent phone, on the other you have a gaming beast waiting to unleash its fury. All you have to do is slide the gaming pad out and let the Playstation phone do what it does best.

Panasonic TX-P65VT20B- The Best 3DTV out there

The Panasonic TX-P65VT20B is quite simply one of the best 3D TVs available in the market today. The Panasonic 3D plasma TV is also the company’s first 3D TV which only makes its accomplishment that much wondrous. 3D is now right up there with other innovative products like touch screen LCDs. Ever since Avatar made its big entry to world cinemas everywhere, the need for 3D has sky rocketed. Everything from mobiles to television jumped on to the whole 3D bandwagon. But many failed miserably. Their attempt at capitalizing on the latest trend went right down the tube because they didn’t make a quality product. But all that changed with the entry of TVs like this one.

The Panasonic TX-P65VT20B offers both freeview HD and freesat tuners to get you a lot of non subscription HD channels. The interface is simple and quite ugly to look at. But it is extremely simple to navigate through the various options. One of the bad points about this set is that there are ads running in the channel listing space. These ads cannot be disabled and can be quite an inconvenience at times. But if you can bear the flashing ads, you won’t find a better Panasonic 3D plasma TV or any 3D TV for that matter.

Another cool feature of the Panasonic TX-P65VT20B is that it is DNLA compliant. It comes with an Ethernet port or an optional wireless dongle to play content from other networked devices. It also supports various video file formats like AVI, HD MKVs and DiVX whereas only the Mp3 format will be recognized for music files. It also provides you the ability to go online to Panasonic’s Viera Cast service portal.

The Panasonic TX-P65VT20B is extremely stylish and will go with pretty much any décor you can throw at it. It also has a nice brown finish which lends a certain air of sophistication. The appearance along with its features easily makes it the best Panasonic 3D plasma TV to date. The image quality is just brilliant but you will need to play around with the settings to utilize its full potential as the standard setting isn’t that great. Skin tones look great on this TV and the colors have a very natural feel to them.

The 3D performance of the Panasonic TX-P65VT20B is easily the best in the market today. The screen also has a 600Hz refresh rate which lessens the amount of ghosting. 3D games played on this telly offer an unparalleled sense of virtual reality as you get completely immersed into the visual and audio aspects of the game world. Along with the set you also get two pairs of active shutter glasses. While they are not exactly the pinnacle of comfortability, they do look very futuristic. The Panasonic TX-P65VT20B comes at a whopping price of 4,800 Pounds but considering the unparalleled 3D viewing experience, it is quite worth it.

Projector Phone- What Can Be More Unique?

The Projector phone is the latest innovation the world of cell phones today. These phones, as their name suggests act as a mini projector for your various viewing needs. It is actually quite fascinating to see how cell phones have evolved over the years. From being bulky and having only one or two features to being extremely portable and having hundreds of interesting features, the cell phone has grown like no other product. Today, you get cell phones with touch screens, music players, web browsers and access. And now finally, you can view your favorite videos using this latest technology.

The projector phone comes with a built in mechanism and the necessary software to project your favorite videos and images on to larger surfaces for better viewing. There are four main parts which make up this fascinating process. They are the laser lighting supply, electronics, scanning mirror and combiner optic. First, the video or images are converted into electric signals. Then the laser lighting supply throws a laser on to these signals with different colors. The combiner optic then combines the various light paths into a single unified path and copies all the images and videos to finally project them on to a surface.

The fascinating thing about the projector phone is that it confines the entire projecting system into a small area inside. This new feature doesn’t make the cell phone unusually bulky. Also this exciting feature has brought so many different and unique aspects as far as usage is concerned. The mini projector can be used to showcase your favorite images and videos on a larger display item like a wall. No more itsy-bitsy images, now you can show off your favorite pictures to family and friends in a larger than life way.

A projector phone also has many advantages for the user. First is of course, the ability to play mobile games on larger displays. You won’t have to squint your eyes to play your favorite games anymore, get ready to play PlayStation or X-Box style. Also, when you view images on normal cell phones, there are various viewing restrictions which completely vanish when using the mini projector function in the cell phone. It is important to note that these phones offer the best viewing quality only in dark rooms.

While the cost of a projector phone may be more than the normal ones, it is areasonable price considering the features you’re getting with it. These phones obviously will not be better than actual projectors, but at the same time the quality they offer isn’t bad either. Many different companies are bringing out their own models and so you have a number of incredible options to choose from. One wonders what great innovation lies ahead for cell phones after the projector phone.

Motorola Zoom Tablet- Will It Be the New King?

Motorola recently released the Motorola Zoom tablet. Ever since the iPad came into being many companies have flooded the markets with their own unique tablets. But so far only a few have really stood out. This zoom tablet has been made to dethrone the current king of tablets, the Apple iPad. Or at least that’s what the company hopes for. But can this tablet successfulltake over the title from Apple? Even though it might be too early to tell, it sure is a product that stands out from the many others.

The Motorola Zoom has a sturdy build and is as strong as the iPad in its construction. The Zoom tablet however is bigger than the iPad. It has a 10.1 inch widescreen display and a high resolution of 1280×800 which is actually a little better than its Apple counterpart which only has a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The large screen improves the viewing experience by a noticeable amount, but ultimately is subject to personal preferences. It also has got a rubberized back to provide extra grip and to prevent any slippage.

The Motorola Zoom runs on the 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor and comes with 1GB DDR2 RAM. It also has a pretty good internal storage space of 32 GB and dual facing cameras with duel LED flash. The dual facing cameras are another feature in which the zoom tablet betters the iPad. It has a 2 MP camera in the front and a 5 MP camera on the rear side. Apart from having a 32 GB in built memory, this tablet also has a micro SD slot that can support an additional 32 GB of storage space. It also has flash support which the iPad sadly doesn’t have.

The Motorola Zoom runs on the new Android Honeycomb operating system and has a slight advantage over others as this new O.S is specifically designed for tablets. It also boasts a very attractive user interface. The various menus are quite snappy and screen rotation function is fast and flawless. Another exciting feature of the new O.S is that the Home, Menu and Back buttons are placed on the lower left side of the software interface. This makes navigation more convenient and easier when the tablet is tilted or held vertically. You can also get Honeycomb apps which may not be as diversified as iPad apps , but will also be available in widescreen modes to suit both tablets and other smartphones.

There are also some great accessories for the Zoom tablet to improve the user experience. There is the leather case that can also be used as a stand, a standard dock for charging and display purposes and a speaker HD dock. The speaker HD dock has three USB ports, HDMI output and built in speakers. The tablet also has an impressive battery life of about 10 hours. With so many different features, the Motorola Zoom can certainly turn out to be an iPad killer, but for its steep price of $799.99.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad- Which Reigns Supreme?

The Apple iPad revolutionized the concept of tablet computing and managed to satisfy a large number of eager customers all around the world. The iPad managed to get many things which went wrong in other tablets right and introduced a more user friendly product. But it wasn’t long before other companies started flocking in to grab this exciting new market. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tablet to go head on with the current king of tablet computing products. There are several factors to consider when looking for the winner in the Galaxy Tab vs iPad battle.

When you look at the size of both of these products it is rather easy to see which one is more comfortable to carry around. The Samsung Galaxy Tab only weighs about 0.84 pounds making it a very convenient product to use on the go. Both the products display pretty much the same processing speeds as they use the same A8 Cortex CPU for their processing needs. But the iPad manages to beat the Galaxy Tab as far as the LCD screens are concerned as it not only has a comfortable 9.7 inch span but it also provides higher resolution.

As far as the apps are concerned, Apple wins hands down as there are currently over 25,000 apps for the iPad. But this victory s only short felt as the Samsung Galaxy Tab managed to come up with an ingenious feature which is a 3 megapixel camera. The camera can be used for recording video and to capture still photographs. Moreover it can also be used for videoconferencing which adds extra points to Samsung when comparing the Galaxy Tab vs iPad.

Battery life is also a very important factor to consider especially when the system is used for mobile purposes. The iPad can offer about ten hours of battery life whereas the Galaxy Tab can only offer seven hours. When comparing the functionality of internet connectivity in both of the products, the iPad emerges as the winner. The Android browser in the Galaxy Tab sometimes tends to lag especially when the web pages get more crowded. The iPad offers smooth sailing when browsing.

Media support is something that most of us look for when looking for a tablet device. Though the legacy of Apple in the music and video department is incomparable, it doesn’t support flash content or certain video formats like DivX, Xvid, WMV etc. The advantage is in Samsung’s hands here as it easily supports all of the above features and more. Thus there is no need for converting video into suitable formats like in the iPad. In the end choosing the winner in the Galaxy Tab vs iPad battle is hard as both products are certainly sound choices. But at the moment the Apple iPad wins by a small margin due to the high efficiency of its software and its price.

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Blackberry Playbook 4G – Specs, Features & Review

The new Blackberry Playbook tablet has a 7 inch LCD touch screen with a 1GHz dual core processor, a new O.S from blackberry, 1 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB of storage capacity. This new Playbook 4G model is the first Blackberry Playbook model to have wide area wireless connectivity including 4G. It also featured dual cameras that can be used capturing video or video conferencing purposes. The new 4G model will be released in the early quarter of 2011 all though most the features and specs will be the same as the regular one.

The 7 inch touch screen of the Blackberry Playbook looks quite brilliant with the display having crisp and bright colors. The performance of the touch screen is excellent. When using it, it feels very responsive with fast and smooth movements. Everything seems to glide along with the motion of the fingersEven though one might feel that the size of the screen could have been a little more, it is more than sufficient. You can get the Blackberry Playbook 4G in three different storage capacities of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.

The dual core processor of the Blackberry Playbook 4G model makes the performance of the machine quite snappy. So as far as the performance part of this magnificent machine goes, you can be quite happy to know that you got quite a stable machine. Even though one might wish it to be the bigger, the size of the playbook is rather apt as it is fits nicely in pockets and suited for travelling purposes.

The Blackberry Playbook even has the perfect weight where it isn’t too heavy or too light. It has a rubber touch finish in the back side to provide better grip. Blackberries are quite iconic in having lots of little buttons on their products but this product does not need them and hence doesn’t have them. The Blackberry Playbook can even be synced with another blackberry device via Bluetooth for accessing information or files like important documents.

The new O.S is also very interesting. It actually doesn’t look like a standard blackberry product at first glance. The user interface is quite simple in design but it will take some time to go through the various apps and features. The price of the Blackberry Playbook 4G tablet hasn’t been confirmed yet but it is estimated to be around $500.

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