Samsung Galaxy Tab – An iPad Killer?

Product Introduction The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a slick black and white body with a shiny TFT touchscreen and looks absolutely great.  It looks similar to the iPad but it is a lot smaller and feels different. Design On the front side of the Galaxy Tab there are four touch buttons, a home button, options, … Read more

HTC Desire – Most Powerful Android Phone

Product Introduction HTC Desire is a more gorgeous version of the famed Nexus One and the most powerful Android mobile phone from HTC till date.  The specifications of the HTC Desire are comparable to the Nexus. The innovative part of the HTC Desire is the wall charger, headphones, the USB cable and the 4GB microSD … Read more

World’s Smallest Camera –Smallest Spy Gear Ever

Misumi Electronics Corp. is a fast growing manufacturer of Surveillance equipments based in Taiwan.  They apply the latest CMOS Image Sensor Devices, that is, camera on a chip for designing and manufacturing video cameras to make the world’s smallest cameras for security and surveillance purposes. The technology used for making the world’s smallest camera is … Read more

Samsung’s 46 -inch Transparent Touch screen LCD Display

Samsung has now proudly launched its new TSn Touch screen LCD Display which has a 46” screen and is also available in 32” and 70”.   This new transparent touch screen makes communication more interactive.  The contrast delivered is in the ratio of 3000:1 and the native resolution is 1920×1080.  The Samsung 460TSn Touch screen LCD … Read more