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Samsung Galaxy Tab – An iPad Killer?

Product Introduction

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a slick black and white body with a shiny TFT touchscreen and looks absolutely great.  It looks similar to the iPad but it is a lot smaller and feels different.


On the front side of the Galaxy Tab there are four touch buttons, a home button, options, back and search button. On the top portion is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and the on/off button is on the right side with volume controls beside it.  Lower down are the slots for SIM card and microSD expansion card.

On the underside of the Galaxy Tab is a connector for docking and charging and on the left side is a small microphone.  The Galaxy Tab screen looks great as there are settings to change the color saturation, contrast and brightness and you can also customize it. The dimensions of the Galaxy Tab are extremely pocket-friendly.  Flash is supported and so you can watch any web video content within a browser.

The Galaxy Tab has Google maps which load pretty quickly. The interface is basically Android 2.2 and you can move an application to the home screen by pressing and holding the icon.  Multitasking is excellent and the device can handle multiple applications open at the same time and one can switch between them too without slowing down too much.  You can play music while browsing the web or checking your emails.


There is no Wi-Fi along version in the Galaxy Tab but it is available in two storage versions a 32GB version and a 16GB version.  The microSD slot has an expanded memory of 32GB storage.  The RAM is of 512MB.   It is powered with a 1 GHz processor and a 7 inch display which is quite bright and vibrant with a WSVGA screen resolution of 1024×600.The Galaxy Tab has two built-in cameras and a 3 megapixel back camera with LED flash and a 1.3MP front -facing camera to enable video conferencing.


The Galaxy Tab is available only in 3G and provides connectivity with 802.11n Wi-Fi enabling streaming videos with a wireless network.  It also has Bluetooth 3.0 to enable file transfer and for streaming to headphones and speakers.  The Galaxy Tab has a standard battery of Li-Po 4000 mAh with talk time up to 28 hours (2G) and 25 hours 30 minutes (3G).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the most up-to-date version of Android that is available today and incorporates all the software features required.

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HTC Desire – Most Powerful Android Phone

Product Introduction

HTC Desire is a more gorgeous version of the famed Nexus One and the most powerful Android mobile phone from HTC till date.  The specifications of the HTC Desire are comparable to the Nexus. The innovative part of the HTC Desire is the wall charger, headphones, the USB cable and the 4GB microSD card.  This gives you more place for any multimedia files.


It is no doubt the most attractive and the best made handset among the Android phones.  However, the body does not consist of a single piece of aluminum and hence does not provide that solid or sturdy feel.  The framing around the screen is the only metal part whereas the back is completely plastic and the battery is covered with a rubber material which gives some cohesion for the grip.  The panel is a little tough to remove and one needs to remove the battery to get at the SIM and the microSD.


The dimensions of the HTC Desire are neither too big nor too small but it feels a little enormous to hold but the design is definitely slim and not bulging. The display screen is 3.7 inch with the AMOLED technology and hence the pictures are vivid and clear but in direct sunlight it is a little difficult to see.    The touch sensitivity is excellent and it supports multi-touch.  The design of the HTC Desire is good as the body is made of metal.


The HTC Desire has a WVGA touchscreen display and the resolution is 480×800 pixels with a 1 GHz processor and 768 MB of RAM with 1.5G internal storage.  The HTC Desire camera is of 8 megapixels and is fully equipped with dual LED flash, built-in face detection software, auto-focus and a wide range of special effects which can be added to the photos such as depth of field, distortion and vignette in order to produce some interesting photos.  The camera also has geo-tagging and can record video in 720p.

It has connectivity such as 3G/GPRS/EDGE and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.  Additionally, there is a standard microUSB port with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top part and also a digital compass, C-sensor, an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor.  The battery is 1230mAh and gives a talk time of 320 minutes on 3G and a standby of 490 hours. The HTC Desire is Android 2.2 and Sense UI which is really amazing. The HTC Desire is a great Android Smartphone and the User Interface makes it a greater pleasure to use.

World’s Smallest Camera –Smallest Spy Gear Ever

Misumi Electronics Corp. is a fast growing manufacturer of Surveillance equipments based in Taiwan.  They apply the latest CMOS Image Sensor Devices, that is, camera on a chip for designing and manufacturing video cameras to make the world’s smallest cameras for security and surveillance purposes.

The technology used for making the world’s smallest camera is very high and they try to minimize the size of the cameras and at the same time produce crisp and clear pictures.  The design is usually very small and sleek and allows for various applications such as medical, video conferencing, microscope, video email, PC multimedia, Toys, pipe an well inspection purposes and of course security and surveillance purposes.

It has recently released the MO-R803 which it claims is the world’s smallest camera.  It has a pixel of 320×249 and QVGA capture.  The world’s smallest camera has the smallest currently available camera chip which is 1/18” color CMOS.  The product is named Misumi’s MO-R803 and is a snake camera as it is based on a bendable wire.  This feature of the world’s smallest camera allows you to hide and adjust this minute camera to take videos without anyone noticing. There are two different lenses available for this world’s smallest camera one of which is 55 degree vision field and the other has a wider angle of 105 degrees.

The tiny eye of the world’s smallest camera is less than ½ cm and can be used for many diverse purposes such as a handy pipeline inspection device, a spy and surveillance tool etcetera.  It is just a tiny cylinder that measures about 4.4 mm in diameter and 15 mm in length.  The world’s smallest camera Misumi MO R803 has other features such as LED light so that you can do the filming in dark places and is waterproof as well as focus adjustable.

The barrel of the world’s smallest camera has a bendable wire attached to it and this allows you to snake it through clothing or even line it into the frame of your sunglasses or use it in so many other innovative ways. But it has such a small size that many people could be putting it harmful uses too, though there are plenty of perfectly harmless ways of using a device such as this world’s smallest camera.  You can just use this world’s smallest camera to have fun for gags and also for surveillance purposes.

Samsung’s 46 -inch Transparent Touch screen LCD Display

Samsung has now proudly launched its new TSn Touch screen LCD Display which has a 46” screen and is also available in 32” and 70”.   This new transparent touch screen makes communication more interactive.  The contrast delivered is in the ratio of 3000:1 and the native resolution is 1920×1080.  The Samsung 460TSn Touch screen LCD TV measures 43.5 x 28.3 x 12.2 inches in its dimensions.  It has an integrated PC and also has built-in speakers.  It is equipped with four kinds of anti-image retention.  It is protected with an LCD glass panel of 3 mm.  The Samsung 460TSn with transparent touch screen supports Windows Xpe and also Samsung’s MagicInfo-Pro Content software so that you can control the display content remotely.


Samsung’s 460TSn transparent touch screen display is capable of greater sensitivity due to its infrared touch screen.  Just plugging it in will give you a display with sharp video and excellent music effects.  It has an all-in-one interactive transparent touch screen display which makes it very user-friendly and also very fast.  The protective glass environment makes it very safe to the environment.

The Samsung TSn Series has high brightness DID Panel and a detail image with a full high definition resolution available in 46”, 70” and 82” screens.  It is equipped with IR Sensor Single Touch with a protection glass.  It is made of an aluminum frame with a built-in network and lamp error detection capability.  It also has a built-in fan.  The viewing angle for this new transparent touch screen display is 178/176.  The process or of the built-in computer is Athion X2 dual core and it has a memory of SEC DDR2 1 GB with 3 USB ports provided.

The new Samsung 47” transparent touch screen LCD TV 460 TSn has a panel specification of Dynamic C/R 40,000:1 and the connectivity is CVBS/HDMI with PC Inputs VGA/DVI and support for SOG.  The speaker is in-built type and is of 10Wx 2 with a power f 330 W.  The Samsung transparent touch screen TV has a four way anti burn-in protection.  This is very important for its longevity.  AS it is fully equipped with protective LCD glass panel measuring 3 mm, the Samsung TSn Series is built to last for a long time.

The Samsung 460 TSn with transparent touch screen is sure to leave an excellent first impression.  There is no need to purchase any external speakers as the high powered 10W x 2 speakers will give you deep and rich sounds which will complement its excellent HD image on the transparent touch screen.

Sony Walkman E-Series – Good at What it Does

The Sony Walkman E-series is available in the 4GB and 8GB versions but not in the 16 GB model. All the models of the Walkman E-Series from Sony have a standard design which makes it very familiar to operate.

The Walkman E-Series has a 2” screen and below this are placed the main playback controls.  This consists of a five-way control pad, an option key which can be used to bring the other contextual menus and a backhome button.  A volume rocker is present on the right spine which acts as a hold switch.  At the bottom of the Sony Walkman E-series is the usual 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB port which is proprietary.  It measures about 3.2” in height and 1.7” wide with a depth of 0.3” hence it is very pocket friendly and compact in size.

The walkman E-series is available in many colors like black, pink, red and also in blue which is available in 4GB only. The main menu of the Walkman E-Series from Sony has all the icons for the player’s main functions.  Speedy navigation is possible as the tracks are separated into sections from A to B, C to E and so on.  Browsing is also possible by Album art which can be magnified. It is very easy to get the music on to your Walkman E-Series as it is compatible with many jukeboxes like Windows Media Player and Rhapsody.  Additionally, this Walkman E-Series from Soy has a Sony Content Transfer application which makes it very easy to just drag and drop either from the iTunes interface or from your hard drive.

The Walkman E-Series supports WMA, MP3, unprotected AAC and LPCM audio.  It is also equipped with the Rhapsody DNA for enabling transfers easily.  It can also play photos with JPEG and video with conversion required for the latter.  You can purchase or rent videos from Amazon Video On Demand as the Sony Walkman E-series supports it as well.  You can also tune into the integrated FM radio with 30 fixed slots and an auto scan facility.

The Good

The Sony Walkman E-Series is very reasonably priced and is compact and user friendly with many desirable features incorporated in it.  The sound quality is great and the battery life is also excellent.

The Bad

The Sony Walkman E-Series has a maximum memory of 8 GB and does not allow memory expansion. Additionally, it does not support podcasts. Bottom Line

The Sony E-Series Walkman provides great value for money and is a great option for those looking for an MP3 player which is pocket friendly and having handy features.

Nokia X7-00 – A Music Centric Symbian 3 Device

The Nokia X7-00 is the latest Smartphone cum media player equipped with several speakers to make it really loud.    Most people are guessing that it is likely to come into the market by beginning of 2011. The body of Nokia X7-00 is similar to N8 with inward sliced corners giving it a new look and made of polished metal.  The screen size is 4” which is an AMOLED screen with polarization.  It uses the Clearblack technology which allows for clearer viewing in sunlight. Multi touch input is enabled along with an internal gyroscope for video game input sans a manual keyboard.


It is expected to come with the operating system Symbian 3 which is the most popular one in the mobile world today which offers features such as free turn by turn Ovi maps. Ovi maps with free car as well as pedestrian navigation are possible.   Multimedia is the main focus of the Nokia X7-00.  Unlike the former Symbian models, the Nokia X7-00 has four homescreens available.

The Nokia X7-00 has great gaming appeal and due to the four speakers the rendering of the games will be very realistic.  The physical keys present in it are the Menu key, Power key, Lock key, volume keys and a camera key.  It is supported by a standard LI-Ion battery.


The 4 inch multi touch screen of the Nokia X7-00 is gestures supported and HD AMOLED screen with Symbian 3 operating system.  It has quad speakers with Dolby Digital certified.  The camera at the back of the device is a dual LED Flash Full focus one with a resolution of 8 MP instead of the 12 MP in the N8.  There is a HD Ready video Recording of 720 p and the GSM is 3G HSDPA.  The Nokia X7-00 has an integrated GPS and AGPS support. The screen is of touchscreen monoblock and the resolution of the screen is 16.9 nHD (640 x 360 pixels) AMOLED.

The Nokia X7-00 has 16.7 million colors with a capacitive touch screen and an orientation sensor along with a compass for correct orientation and display, proximity sensor and ambient light detector.  The Nokia X7-00 has an internal storage of 450 MB and 256 MB RAM.  It has a microSD memory card slot which is hot swappable up to 32 GB.  The music playback of the Nokia X7-00 is FM radio and MP3 player and it supports codecs MP3, AAC, eAAC, DRM, OMA DRM 2.0.