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How to Choose the Best Portable Mini Projector for You

Current mini projectors have reduced in size and improved in performance. These projectors are compact handheld devices and are notable for gaming, movie nights, small businesses and education. They are cost-effective for fun outdoor activities. This guide will help you decide what to look for while finding the best suited mini projector for our needs.

Connectivity Technology

The projector needs to have an HDMI input which is a universal connection available today. There are various inputs available in the projector that allows it to be connected to VGA, USB(external hard disk), DVD player, AV(Headset), TV BOX, Fire Stick, XBOX, PS4 and MHL(smartphone). Wireless connectivity will be preferable if you choose to stream from Wi-Fi. In that case check for the availability of in-built video apps. Choose the best projector by matching your needs with the faculties of a mini projector.

Display Technology

The display technologies available are LCD and LED. Both have their own advantages. Calculate your usage and make an informed decision of the display technology that one would prefer.

bright and sharp image quality energy-efficient with wide range of colors
lower costs higher cost comparatively
bulkier small and space-saving
requires constant maintenance lasts long with no maintenance

Image Contrast Ratio

A mini projector with a 2000:1 image contrast ratio refers to the ratio of brightness of the white image to the black image. The higher the contrast, the better is the details of the image with various shades of color giving the user better color differentiation.


Resolution is defined as a number of pixels on the horizontal axis to the vertical axis. For better user experience choose the projector with higher resolution. The standard resolution for mini projectors is Full HD(1080P) generally used in digital television, Blu-Ray and online videos.

M6 Mini Projector

The key features of a portable M6 mini projector are LED with Built-in Battery, 1920 x 1080p Full HD Resolution, 30,000 Hour LEDs, USB input and Home Theater Use. The Life span of such an LED would be over 41 years and needs no maintenance. The battery of 2700mah provides 90 minutes of use apart from being charged. HDMI input opens up a wide range of connectivity options to a laptop, PCs, Bluray and gaming consoles. Aux input allows users to connect to external speakers. Options are available to mirror your smartphone or tablet. All the features combinedly provide the user with an immersive experience for both indoor and outdoor movie nights.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Announced – First Peek At the Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy S5 was a hit in the Android world. Now Samsung has announced two of its new phones which are Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Galaxy S6 is far better in design than all its predecessors.

This gorgeous smartphone is made of eye-catching fusion of metal and glass. It has a much better feel than the other smartphones of its range. It’s quite compact and can easily fit in your hand. Due to its new premium design, the removable battery option is no more available. It also lacks micro SD slot. The curved sides make the phone look more attractive. The first advantage of the curved edge is that you can assign five different colors to your favorite contacts. When the face is upside down, you would easily know who is calling simply by seeing the color on the edge of the phone. The edge also lets you see notifications, texts and calls without even opening the phone cover.

Galaxy 6 has a beautiful 5.1 inches Super AMOLED display. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels which makes the colors of the phone very striking. The phone is quite fast due to its Exynos 7420 processor and 3GB RAM. It is available in 3 different versions 32, 64 and 128 GB according to its storage capability. It has a great 16 MP rear camera with OIS and an excellent 5 MP front camera with 90 degree wide angle lens which is great for taking selfies. Both S6 and S6 Edge have almost the same specs other than the battery and the edge option.

The other features include WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS and GLONASS. It also offers LTE cat 6 300/50. It comes with WPC and PMA wireless charging system due to which it could be charged really fast. S6 has a battery of 2,550 mAh, whereas S6 Edge has a battery of 2,600 mAh. The phone can be fully charged in 80 minutes. It runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is available in four striking colors; black, white, gold and blue.

So will the S6 perform well on release? It looks set to and the only real concern is the Apple Watch taking some of the limelight away</a>.

The new S6 phones have many handy camera features like the HDR mode. It has a new tracking autofocus feature which tracks moving objects in a picture. If you double tap the camera, it would launch the camera in just 0.7 seconds. Both the models offer IR Detect White Balance and Smart Optical Image Stabilization which helps in taking wonderful quality of pictures.

We do not know the price details yet, but the phone would be available for purchase pretty soon.

Who Wins the Battle of Tablet Computers – iPad Mini or Google Nexus or Amazon Kindle Fire HD?

Tablet PC or tablet computer is the recent twiddle around the technology driven world today.  Tablet PCs are mobile personal computer with almost all functions of the PC.  It is obvious, presumptuously, that the public have assimilated the broad-spectrum advantage in owning a Tablet PC.  Given the handy, shrunken, glossy looking portable mobile computer, the public dazzles upon something when they are out in the market to buy them.  Because of the advancement in technology, several firms have emerged in manufacturing tablet computers and each one boast their versions of tablet releases with fine refinements aiding user community.  The trending competition is between Apple’s iPad Mini, Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The Battles of Tablets:

The buzz on the buyer’s mind starts from the tablet price. The famous and much luxurious Apple recently released iPad Mini that is slightly thinner than the larger iPad, yet offering the entire experience of its predecessor at around $330. On the other hand, the basic models of Kindle Fire and Google Nexus cost just around $200 a piece. Despite larger screen of iPad Mini, it loses to Nexus and Kindle Fire’s resolution (being 216 ppi).  iPad Mini is much thinner and lightweight than its competitors.  As it goes with tablet processor, Google Nexus with quad-core processors easily beats its counterpart having dual-core.  iPad Mini with both front and rear camera at HD resolutions wins over the competitors in tablet performance.  Tablet life of all the competitors is roughly same.  All rivals share one year limited tablet warranty.  Both Nexus and Kindle Fire are android tablets while Apple has its own touch to it with Apple iOS 6.  To be precise, Nexus comes with Android Jelly Bean whereas Kindle Fire presents with a custom Android OS.  iPad Mini stands a notch up supporting both Wi-Fi and cellular services with 4G LTE connectivity.  Bear in mind, tablet life of all rivals are at par, given their brands popularity.

The Verdict:

It will be quite difficult to conclude claiming one as ‘best tablet’ over the other.  Each of the competitors has something more to offer to their counterpart.  The most famous Apple’s iPad Mini has de-escalated processor and screen resolution compared to its previous release iPad.  Yet, it has two means of connectivity, namely cellular and Wi-Fi.  Besides, the adage of Apple’s products is something worth considering.  However, Google Nexus and Kindle Fire have captured its own audiences.  For example, enthusiastic Android users seek Google Nexus, for it now comes with the Android Jelly Bean.  Google Nexus features among gamers luring them with HD gaming experience.  Kindle Fire HD, as it is an Amazon product, is the right-on tablet to use among the Amazon members maximizing their interaction with Amazon products.  Moreover, kindle Fire tablet gives the best service for a common user with lower cost and high memory design.  Apple’s iPad Mini are costly compared to others.  The choice to conclude the ‘best tablet’ is in the hands of the buyer as he/she picks the best-suited tablet meeting their parameters of consideration.

What’s Hot in the New Samsung Chromebook – a Review

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Chrome OS, which is a cloud-focused operating system from Google, namely a Google laptop, or to put it more simply, they are laptops that run a Web Browser. The new Samsung chromebook is an inexpensive computer that can be used for a wide range of web needs, especially for those who are already into Google Drive and Google Docs; the Samsung chromebook has a good battery life and workable hardware. The chromebook warranty is for one year.

Compact Design

The fresh feature with the new chrome book from Samsung is that it is smaller, lighter and thinner with an 11.6 inch screen and it looks quite different from the earlier releases of the Samsung chromebook.  It has a compact design, a chiclet keyboard and quite a big touch pad. This cheap and tiny Samsung chromebook can offer a great typing experience. The chiclet board is comfortable and quite roomy with an effective palm cancellation feature that prevents sudden jumps when you are in the middle of a document.

The groove is scalloped making it easy to flip the screen with the thumb. The screen resolution is good and offers good brightness, without much glare, thanks to the matte coating. The touch pad is excellent, with features of a two finger tap if you want to right click. If you wish to scroll or pan, you use a two finger swipe. The latest of the chromebook series from Samsung is also lightweight and has fast wake up times.

Other Features

The SD card slot can be seen on the left edge of the Samsung chromebook along with a jack for microphone and headphone. The back of the chrome laptop holds an HDMI port 1.4 along with 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports. It also has a webcam above the screen with a flash memory of 16GB. Google offers 100GB space for a period of two years to its customers.

The battery performance is great for ordinary tasks offering six hours for tasks, such as writing documents, games, and social media and so on, but might stutter when you open several tabs.

Operating System

The operating system is Chrome OS where Google’s chrome browser is put on a Linux foundation. The Google chrome OS allows you run several apps even when offline, so that you can work even if you are on a plane or in a place without wi fi.  You can create new documents and edit existing ones while you are offline, but the feature has to be enabled in the Drive settings.

The Good

The Chromebook price makes it a very economical device for those who just want to check their email, spend some time on Facebook, YouTube, have some bank payments to make, news to read and so on. The Wi Fi is very fast for reconnecting. It is an inexpensive chrome book for those who basically require a powerful browser.

The Bad

The screen resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels; hence, full HD cannot be displayed. The speakers are bottom mounted and might get muted when kept on the lap. The keyboard is adequate; however, it is not backlit.

The Bottom Line

The Samsung Chromebook offers an economic laptop for those looking for an additional computer. It can be especially appealing for Google oriented web users.

The New and the most Beautiful MacBook Pro with Retina Display from Apple!

MacBook Pro, one of the premium products of the prestigious technology company, Apple, has now evolved into its next model, which boasts about the amazing retina display, a technology that would definitely please many Apple fans. Apple’s Phill Schiller called the new Apple MacBook Pro as the next generation MacBook Pro while unveiling the new product at the World Wide Developer’s conference (WWDC). For your information, World Wide Developer’s Conference is for the developers of the Apple products specially hosted by the company every year.

MacBook Pro Features

The new MacBook Pro looks incredibly thinner when compared with the previous year edition, 2011 MacBook Pro. In fact, as Phill Schiller stated, the device is thinner than a human’s finger. The ultra light weight factor too is not missing in this device. The device just weighs around 4 lbs. In addition to this, it can store a large amount of data with the help of the 768 Giga Bytes of flash storage. Plus, there is an NVidia Kepler GPU to support high end graphics for the game buffs. However, you cannot find an optical drive in this notebook, which may disappoint a few Mac lovers.

The Incredible Retina Display!

The highlight of the new MacBook Pro specs is the technology of retina display. Retina Display, for a common man, is an outstanding innovation that allows the device manufacturers to build the display screen of the devices in such a way that the pixels are not visible to the human eye, even when viewed from a distance. Do not forget the fact that, this is the first time a notebook features a display screen with the retina display technology. This technology is possible in MacBook Pro, since its screen resolution is quite high with the figures of 2880 x 1800. The physical measure of the screen size is 15.4 inches with a total count of 5,184,000 pixels, the most in any notebook on earth. Moreover, when compared with the previous edition, the display screen of the new one will avoid the reflection and glare by 75 percentage.

MacBook Pro Battery Life

In MacBook Pro, there is the quad core Intel i7 chip, which, by any measure, is the fastest commercial computer processor. Usually, such a high processor configured device will not have a great battery life. However, Apple promises that the users will not have to use the MacBook Pro charger too much, as the next generation MacBook Pro battery life will not disappoint them at any cost. According to Phill Schiller, the battery of the device will serve for seven solid hours, and in standby mode, up to 30 days!

MacBook Pro Prices

Usually Apple products are very expensive and there is no exception this time too. The basic model of the next generation MacBook Pro price stands at $2199, with the options like 2.3 GHz processor, GeForce GT and 8 GB RAM. However, the highest configured model’s price is a whopping $3749.

Forget the price, and the next generation MacBook Pro, without any room for doubts, would definitely fascinate the users in all aspects, as Phill Schiller claims it is the most beautiful computer Apple has ever made!

What is HOT and what is NOT in the New Samsung Smart Phone – Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3, the new Samsung smart phone, has hit the markets recently, which the makers claim is the beast of all mobile phones. The mobile giant had already released Samsung Galaxy S2, which became the wish child of every Android mobile operating system user. The new smart phone Galaxy S3 is simply the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S2, which created so much ripples and rumors in the mobile world even before its release. So, what is hot and what is not in the ‘beast of the mobiles?’ Here we go.

Hardware Design

Samsung has incredibly designed the Samsung Galaxy S3, when compared to its predecessor. The makers have quit the rectangular design and have opted for the oval shaped one, which clearly looks similar to another Samsung Galaxy phone, Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In addition to the change in the look of the phone, the thickness of Galaxy S3 is also considerably less when compared to the S2 model. You can get this phone in two colors. The white colored model is glossy and the blue one is of brush metal type. However, the sensitive touch keys near the edge of the phone may cause inconvenience to the phone users.

Display Screen

The display screen is clearly one of the highlights of the new Samsung Galaxy S3. The reason is that the new Samsung Galaxy phone boasts about a 720 pixel High Definition display. The resolution is as high as 1280 x 720, which would definitely impress any type of users. Just like the Samsung Note and Samsung Nexus, this smart phone too features the AMOLED screen, which is the technology behind the deep onscreen colors. In addition to this, the display is very sharp and your icons may appear crystal onscreen.

Software and Apps

The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on the latest version of the Android mobile operating system – the Ice Cream Sandwich. However, similar to the Galaxy S2 and Note models, the makers have placed their own interface over the basic operating system, called the TouchWiz. Moreover, the device has some quite good features such as S Beam, which allows the users to send large files easily over the Wi Fi connection. Another feature called the ‘Pop up Play’ allows the users to watch videos instantly while sending texts and so on. Since the OS is Android, there is absolutely no draught for the applications and games.


The real hero in the Samsung Galaxy S3 specs is its processor. The device features a quad-core processor that can work at an astounding speed of 1.4 GHz. This means that, the users need not have to worry for using High Definition applications and highly graphic configured games. Unlike other Android devices, Galaxy S3 does not show any slag in the performance, when multitasking is at its peak.

Battery Life

With all the powerful features lined up for Samsung Galaxy S3, the battery life should not be high. However, the device sustains for quite a considerable time, which is far superior to its predecessor S2. The makers have also added the feature of Power Saver, which also helps in saving the battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Price

Although it boasts about quite awesome features, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not a smart phone for the common man, as the price is a very premium one above the £500 mark.

Sony Tablet P – An Awesome Dual Touch Screen Tablet from Sony!

Sony, one of the leading makers of technology products, has come up with a dual screen tablet, which it calls Sony Tablet P. The cool new tablet PC has some exciting features in addition to the dual screen. It is very easy to say that Apple’s iPad editions lead the tablet market with a great market share. However, companies like Samsung, Sony and many others are consistently introducing new innovative tablet PCs in the market to steal the lead from the giant Apple. Sony’s new Tablet P is its new attempt to draw the attention of the entire tablet market and to move ahead of Apple in the race.

Physical Features

The hardware of the new Sony tablet is unique, because of the dual screen feature. However, the device has just one speaker situated on the left edge of the bottom half. The sound it produces is not great and is very mild even when turned on to the maximum level. Hence, music lovers should look out for some good quality headphones if they wish to use this tablet for the purpose of music. However, the camera facility is quite good, as there is a 5 MP rear camera and a 0.5 MP front camera for video chats. The weight of the tablet is just under one pound, exactly, 0.82 pounds. The physical structure of the device is very comfortable to use and it can easily fit into your pockets without any issues.


The hinge – based design is the mostly used design for the dual screen devices, and Sony Tablet P is not an exception. The tablet has a hinge -based design, which allows you to fold the tablet very easily. You can fold the upper part up to 180 degrees, and, at this position, the tablet almost looks like a single square shaped device. However, there is a bit of gap between the two screens, which may cause a trouble while viewing video contents in full screen mode. The power button is also not in an easy position to access.


Sony Tablet P runs on Android operating system, Honeycomb, which is exclusively available for tablets. The OS runs great on both the screens. However, some applications run on only one screen and that definitely annoys the users. Gamers will find this tablet irritating, as many games work only on single screen. A few apps and games run on both the screens, but give an over – stretched look, which is again annoying. However, inbuilt movie and music players, and, inbuilt apps work on both the screens in a great way.


The Sony dual screen tablet features dual core TEGRA 2 CPU and 1 GB RAM. However, the storage is just up to 4 GB. The touch feature in this device is incredibly awesome, as it features capacitive touch screens and responds very quickly. While considering the connectivity speed, the tablet performs equally when compared with other Honeycomb tablets.

Only very few dual screen tablet devices are currently available in the market.  This is the reason why Sony has now introduced a dual screen tablet. Even though Sony Tablet P is better when compared to its dual screen counterparts, the device still has a good number of limitations, which the makers have to sort out to make it to the top of the list against the rivals!

What’s Up with the New iPad 3?

On March 7, the entire technology community was very eager to listen to the words of Apple CEO, Tim Cook, to know about the features of the new iPad, the iPad 3. Just as expected, Tim Cook, on the same day, unveiled the new version of the Apple’s very popular tablet, the iPad. However, he did not mention that it is the third generation of iPad. He simply called the device as ‘new iPad’. While the name did shock many iPad fans, the features of the iPad tablet too shocked both the fans and the critics, as the new tablet carried no big advantage than its previous editions, but very few improvements.

Physical Features

The physical look of the new iPad has no big changes when compared to its previous edition, the iPad 2. It has a 9.7 – inch screen just as the iPad 2 and has single home button, which is the Apple’s unique device design. The device also features an Apple 30 pin dock connector, a headphone jack and a slot for MicroSIM. However, the newer version of iPad weights more than its older versions. It weighs around 650 g, while the iPad 2 weighs only 600g and the first edition weighs only 586g. The increase in weight is clearly a disadvantage. However, the reason for the increase in weight is the increase in the size of the battery. However, its battery life is same as its previous edition.


Display is the one feature where the iPad 3 wins clearly over any other tablet on this earth. The new iPad has a brilliant display with the pixel range of 2048 – by – 1536. The latest iPhone 4S had retina display, which set new display standards in the mobile phones. Similarly, the latest version of iPad has the retina display, which the iPad 2 lacks. It shows the colors and texts in a spectacular way. It is a never – before – experienced display that very clearly displays even very small texts with superb clarity. Another great thing is the High Definition feature. Yes! Now you can call simply the new version of iPad as ‘iPad HD’. Apple says it has the HD feature that is equal to the clarity of a real HD TV!


Regarding the performance, the new iPad features an A5X processor with 1 GHz capacity. The older version had an A5 processor. To be honest, the new version and the old version has no difference in performance, but the A5X processor in the new device allows it to handle the increased display features efficiently without affecting the basic performance. The memory is 1GB, which is same as in its previous editions.

Connectivity and Price

Similar to the older versions of the tablet, the iPad 3 supports WiFi connectivity and an optional 4G LTE connectivity feature. The iPad 3 cost differs based on the storage capacity and the connectivity features. The WiFi only models are available from $499 to $699, while the models that support 4G LTE connectivity feature comes at a price of $629 to $829.

Apple announced the iPad 3 release date which was March 16, last Friday. To buy iPad 3, people, as usual, queued outside the Apple stores. The shipping too is going on in full form. The only advantage of the new version of iPad is the HD feature and the retina display. The new iPad, unofficially dubbed as the iPad 3, thus clearly has no big innovations in both the hardware level and in the user experience, but people still keep flooding the Apple stores to get their hands on the new tablet, which clearly shows the brand value of Apple.

A Helmet Cam to Enable Capturing Great Skiing Moments!

If you are an ardent fan of skiing, then a helmet camera, or shortly, a helmet cam is now available for you to capture your awesome moments of skiing. These helmet cams are some cool gadgets really, with which you can capture pictures and can even shoot good quality videos when you are skiing down a glacier. The major aim of these cams is to provide the users to immortalize their ultimate experience of skiing in the form of pictures and videos. Let us check out two fabulous helmet video cameras – Contour Roam and GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition, which are the recent and the top helmet cams used by the skiing experts.

Contour Roam

A helmet camera will be very useful, if it has some wide – angle coverage lens. Contour Roam sticks to this fact and does possess an ultra wide – angle coverage lens. Its lens coverage is as high as 170 degrees, which is almost everything between your left hand and the right hand. You can shoot even 1080p quality of videos using a contour roam. The resolution number is also a great one, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The rate of shooting is 30 frames per second.


Contour Roam helmet cam has high definition video shooting. However, this helmet camera HD is quite simple to use and it is clearly one of its pros. The camera is also a waterproof one, providing protection up to one meter. The price of Contour Roam is also cheaper than GoPro by the margin of $100.


There is a reason why Contour Roam helmet camera is available at a cheaper price. If you want to take pictures, you should adjust the settings to change it to the picture mode, when you connect it with you PC. This is one of the big limitations of Contour Roam. In addition to this, this helmet cam features only two mounts with fewer offerings.

GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition

The GoPro helmet camera is able to produce good skiing videos with sharper and brighter colors. Just like the Contour Roam, the lens coverage angle is 170 degrees and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. GoPro can also make HD videos with 1080p quality without any issues. It also works a bit faster than Counter Roam in a few settings, where users can take almost 10 pictures per second.


Unlike Contour Roam, GoPro users can use many types of mounts to take pictures and videos that suit to their tastes very easily. The users can also take snaps with varying dimensions up to 11 Megapixels. The rate of shooting too is a bit higher than the usual 30 frames per second. It is also easy to switch between the camera mode and the video mode in this helmet cam.


GoPro is not a waterproof helmet camera. You have to use a separate waterproof casing to protect it. If you are a new user, you will find it difficult to configure the settings very quickly. After all, GoPro comes at a high price range.

If you love simplicity, Contour Roam is the best helmet camera for you. Else, if you love to stick to the market leader, GoPro should be your choice. The choice is yours, but with a helmet cam, surely you can do some cool new stuff when you are skiing!

New Gadgets in 2012 – What to Expect?

Tech geeks nowadays hunt for the list of new gadgets in 2012, as speculations reveal that the 2012 gadgets are some awesome deals that one can never miss this year. Just now, the year has begun, and so far, the happenings in the world of technology suggest us that the year 2012 will see people getting to the next level in terms of technology. Whether it is mobile phones, or the laptops, or the new sensational tablets, or the cameras, or other gadgets like operating systems and gaming devices, the year 2012 seems to have many in store for the technology lovers and users. Based on the speculations and the wish lists of geeks and tech critics, here are the 15 gadgets that come under the most anticipated list of new gadgets in 2012!

1) Google Ice Cream Sandwich

Android is the most used mobile operating system on the earth and its popularity is sky high, even though it faces a tough competition from Apple. Usually, Android gets better every year with the yummy names. This year too, the mobile operating system reaches the version 4 named Ice Cream Sandwich, and eventually, the products using Ice Cream Sandwich fall into this list of 2012 gadgets. This means more good news for the Android fans and more bad news for the Apple and Windows phone fans.

2) Next Edition of Kindle Fire

The year of 2011 was something great for the Amazon, as the company’s tablet, Kindle, sold like hot cakes. Kindle, Amazon’s product aimed against the Apple’s iPad, had a few technical and user – friendly limitations even though the sales were quite successful. The makers of Kindle have promised a new edition in the Kindle series, and because of the previous edition’s success and many people expect it, next edition of Kindle easily gets into the list of new gadgets in 2012. However, one has to wait and see whether Kindle 2 manages to find solutions for the limitations and problems that the first edition faced.

3) iPad Mini

If Android fans have a reason to celebrate this year, surely Apple fans too have their own reasons. The little version of the iPad, which is the world’s most famous tablet series, called the iPad mini may hit the Apple stores this year. People always say that the Apple products have big numbers in the price tags. To put people’s mouths silent, Apple is getting ready to release the small version of iPad to make it affordable to everyone. Speculations also reveal that an interesting price of $300 will attract more buyers. If iPad Mini is possible in 2012, then it is surely the go-get-it type in the list of 2012 gadgets.

4) Next Gen MacBook Air

Apple gives reasons for the conventional laptop lovers too to celebrate this year. MacBook Air, one of revolutionary devices from the Apple, has a thin design and powerful performance, and it is the differentiating factor of the laptop. A speculation says that, soon the Tim Cook led tech company may come up with a next generation MacBook Air, which may have an awesome design at the size of just 15 inches, thinner, lighter and more powerful than the previous editions. People who are looking out to buy new gadgets in 2012 should be ready to grab this ultra-design laptop.

5) Nook Tablet 2

Nook tablet from the Barnes & Noble Company clearly had a tough battle fighting against the likes of Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. This year, the tech lovers can expect the next edition of Nook with improved technical specifications along with other 2012 gadgets. The previous edition lacked the Bluetooth feature, and Nook 2 may sell more, if it includes the Bluetooth this time.

6) Fourth Generation Phones

The 3rd generation mobile devices ruled the world of mobile technology last year. The last year also witnessed the introduction of 4th generation mobile phones. Hence, the new gadgets in 2012, in terms of mobile phones, may use the 4th generation technology that will promise better facilities than the 3G models of mobile phones. By the end of the year, the usage costs too come down, according to the predictions of the experts of mobile industry.

7) Nintendo Wii U

Gamers can also expect some awesome 2012 gadgets specially made for them. Nintendo, one of the top companies in the gaming arena, has plans to release the new Nintendo Wii U, which has some stunning features like 1080p graphic support and great compatibility. Critics also predict that the Wii U can try something different and can come up with a revolutionary set of controls.

8 ) PS Vita

In addition to Nintendo Wii U, the list of new gadgets in 2012 has more gadgets to keep the gaming buffs happy. Vita, a handheld gaming device from Sony Play Station, has everything including an affordable price that can help its makers to get to the top again this year in the gaming world.

9) iPad 3

The year of 2011 witnessed the introduction of various tablet PCs. Apple, ahead of all other companies, released the iPad way back in 2010, which set the benchmark for its competitors, which followed it. When the followers release their next versions of tablets in 2012, why not the leader? Speculation has it that soon Tim Cook may hold the next edition of iPad, the iPad 3, and may smile to the snaps after an introduction ceremony soon. If iPad 3 gets out, in addition to iPad Mini, then it is sure that it will be one of the hottest 2012 gadgets.

10) Ultrabooks

NetBooks became successful last year. However, many people said that the laptops had a price that was not affordable for many regular tech buyers. This year, the UltraBooks may be available at a gettable price, and hence, features in the wish list of new gadgets in 2012.

11) Nikon D800

Photography attracts huge number of people every year, and hence, cameras attract the photographers every year. Nikon D700 attracted a huge number of buyers in the last two years. Nikon D800, a successor to the yesteryear release, Nikon D700, can have its release this year. The 32 Megapixel cameras, if released, will clearly feature in a photographer’s list of to-buy 2012 gadgets.

12) Canon 5D Mark III

Competition is tough in the sales of cameras too. If Nikon comes up with a new gadget, then surely its tough competitor Canon too will be ready. Canon’s 5D Mark II was very popular last year, after its makers released it in 2010. Camera lovers expected the next edition Mark III in 2011. However, the gadget did not arrive and may do this year. It is not necessary to mention that it earns a place in the expected list of new gadgets in 2012.

13) Apple iTV

Television is one area, which has caught up in the eyes of big payers of technology, Apple and Google. People, however the day is to them, good or bad, never fail to switch on their Television sets. Google realized this fact clearly, and hence, it came up with the concept of Google TV way back in the year of 2010. Now, it is the time for Apple to have plans to come up with its own products to captivate the TV market. Apple iTV may be result, and if it becomes a reality, it may top the charts of 2012 gadgets.

14) iPhone 5

In addition to the iPads, MacBooks and iTV, Apple seems to have more plans to execute it this New Year. Here is the ‘Wow’ news for the mobile phone buffs. Apple may release the iPhone 5, the fifth edition of iPhone, which changed the terms of a mobile phone after its inception. People expected iPhone 5 in 2011. However, Apple came up with iPhone 4S, an improved 4th edition of iPhone. This year, it is almost sure that iPhone 5 may have its release. What is up then? Those who wish to buy new gadgets in 2012 once again have to stand in queues in front of the Apple stores to buy the iPhone 5 this year.

15) Windows 8

If computers rule the world, then it is easy to say that Windows rule the world of computers. The phenomenal success of Windows made Bill Gates the richest man on this earth. Everyone is aware of this fact, and of course, it is as easy to say that everyone has used Windows and is still using. Last year, Bill Gates’ Microsoft released the developer preview of Windows 8, which is the new operating system from the technology giant. The hottest thing with this one of the hottest 2012 gadgets is the new user interface – Metro UI. Metro user interface concentrates in integrating all the features right on the desktop.

It is clear that both the big shots and tiny players of the technology world are gearing up to change the face of the technology once again this year. All those who wish to get some new gadgets in 2012 can do one thing – saving some bucks and buying their favorite 2012 gadgets!