iPhone Tricks – Top 10 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone User Experience

iPhone tricks can help you to not only save valuable time but also to soothe any frustration you may feel from the many shortcomings it has. The iPhone tricks mentioned below are some of the most popular ones made by users all over the world for users like you. 1) Setting Parental Controls Go to … Read more

What is iPhone jailbreak?

iphone jailbreak1

iPhone jailbreak is a method used to hack into an iPhone and freeing it from the various limitations imposed by Apple. iPhone Jailbreak is done to improve the functionality of the device as there are lots of restrictions put on it by the manufacturer. So basically you’re able to install third party applications on your … Read more

Top 10 iPad Apps – Stunning and Exciting


After the iPad made its international debut, you can now avail of the iPad Apps from the iPad App Store.  There are already some thousands of applications in the App store except those that pertain to media such as Pandora, ABC and Netflix. Ten of the top iPad Apps which a new iPad owner must … Read more

iPhone Accessories- The Smart Tools for Smarter Phone

iphone accessories

For any given mobile phone, accessories determine its status. Starting from the traditional antenna type to the next generation of technical advancement, iPhone accessories have always played an important role.  iPhone accessories gained a greater importance as the brand image of Apple considered to be the credible factor for manufacture and design of these accessories. … Read more

Top 10 iPhone Apps – Cool Features for a Cool Phone

iPhone from Apple has many fantastic applications to begin with but you still browse the Application store to find hundreds more all of which are designed especially for iPhone apps.  It is very simple to get these apps onto your iPhone as you have to just find what you want and then tap to download … Read more

iPhone 3GS Review – Your Perfect Companion

The iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G, which is the previous version, look very identical to each but if you use the iPhone 3GS, you will definitely realize the difference which is to do with its speed. Design The iPhone 3GS is a little heavy with a reflective screen and buttons placed conveniently for navigating … Read more

Unlock iPhone – Be Unfettered

unlock iphone

Those who have bought an iPhone would have to sign up with Apple’s exclusive carrier for the United States, namely AT&T, for the phone activation.  The phone identifies itself with AT&T’s network and you have to use an AT&T SIM card.  When you unlock iPHone, you are actually bypassing AT&T’s and Apple’s security on the … Read more

Features of iPhone 5 – A Brand New Era

iphone-5 amazing features

The new iPhone 5 is the most innovative and attractive iPhone with some amazing features that will change everything.  The most salient features are that it is certainly thinner and sleeker with shiny glass back piece which is about 9.3 mm thick.  It also has face recognition security.  The features of iPhone 5 include video … Read more