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Alarm Clocks – Pretty Designs for Your ‘WOW’ Moments

When you decide to get a new alarm clock for your kids, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Children, especially those who are very young, have a habit of playing with almost everything that is given to them. It is important to ensure that the clock is made of safe material and is the kind that you can hand over to your children without any worry.  A wise thing to do would be to take your kids along when you go to the clock shop to buy one for them.

Best Lego Alarm Clock for Fans of The Character

When you want your kids to respond to their alarm clock well and wake up early in the morning for school, getting them a clock that is visually appealing should do the trick for you. This lego alarm clock, which features an attractive mini-figure, would be adored by kids who are fans of The Lego Movie. The mini-figure is easily the clock’s biggest selling point. The digital clock displays the time in bold numbers. Children, who are as young as three or four, can check the time easily without them having to ask their parents. Parents do not have to be worried about their kids being disturbed or affected by loud sounds. There are enough volume control options on the device.

Lego alarm clock
Pros Cons
Good volume control options Figure overpowers the clock
Visual appeal Slightly expensive
Digital LCD screen

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Best Retro Alarm Clock for the Kitchen

Manual Magnetic Pomodoro Egg Timer Alarm

It is a cute looking clock that helps you bring a sense of discipline in your cooking. Cooking is a mixture of science and art. And, there are times we tend to take much longer to cook a dish than we should. When you are cooking meals for yourself or your family, being disciplined and quick while going about the process is a must. The bright and cute design of this retro alarm clock will brighten up your mood while cooking and add to the positive aura of your kitchen. While it has been designed for the kitchen, it can be used equally well in other places like a study room.

Pomodoro Egg Timer Alarm
Pros Cons
Eco-friendly material Limited controls
Works perfectly as a cooking timer The design might not work for some adults
Smooth operation

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Best Alarm Clock for Toddlers

Toddler Alarm Clock with Sleep Training

Instead of making kids wake up early in the morning yourself, get them an alarm clock that would do the needful. Using an alarm clock ensures that children do not get accustomed to their parents waking them up every morning. This particular clock, which comes in different colors, makes for an ideal buy for young parents who have kids who are at a very early stage in their childhood. You get as many as nine brightness levels on the digital screen of this toddler alarm clock that can be adjusted easily. You can set the timer for a couple of days, weeks or even months. The rechargeable battery, which comes as an in-built device, can last up to six hours when you set the brightness level at its highest. You also get a Type-C USB port that enables you to charge the device with a USB cable or a phone charger.

Toddler Alarm Clock
Pros Cons
Sunset Simulation technique Moderate sound levels
Multiple brightness level options Slightly complex controls
Effective timer

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Big Ben Alarm Clocks for Vintage Lovers

Big Ben 4 1/2″ Twin Bell Alarm Clock

If you are one of those who like utility products with a charming retro design, then here is a big ben alarm clock you need to have a look at. The minimalistic vintage look, it boasts of, should attract those who like to own things that have a bit of history attached to them. It should also work for those who want to invest in a no-fuss clock that is not too expensive and performs its primary functions well. It may not have any of those fancy controls or features one has come to expect in modern clocks but it is a solid alarm clock that never disappoints when it comes to its performance. It is quite loud, so you will never suffer from the fear of waking up late for work. The metallic finish lends it a simple but classy look and makes it all the more desirable. The cute design and simple controls make it accessible for people of all age groups.

Big Ben Alarm Clock
Pros Cons
Night time feature Not loud enough
Retro design Difficult to check battery life
Moderately priced

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Best Unicorn Alarm Clock for Kids

Korotus Collection Unicorn Alarm Clock

If your kids insist on getting them an alarm clock that boasts of an interesting and colorful design, this is a product you might want to invest in. The musical sound of the alarm would not only delight the kids, but adults will also find it appealing too. The night light display feature makes it very easy to check the time even in an extremely dark surrounding. The unicorn on the top ensures that the kid would want to hold it and play with it. As a parent, you do not have to worry when they do so as the clock has been made with ABS material. This unicorn alarm clock is absolutely safe for kids who might want to fiddle with it.

Unicorn Alarm Clock
Pros Cons
Easy on eyes Consumes batteries fast
Affordable Not enough durable
Robust sound

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Cute and Elaborate Hello Kitty Alarm Clock for Kids

Hello Kitty KT2052A Alarm Clock Radio with Night Light

If your kids cannot sleep without listening to some music, then you must get them this particular clock which plays radio. If you are a music aficionado too, this would make for a really good investment. The only thing is that you have to be okay with the size of this hello kitty alarm clock. It is quite large and understandably so. The clock features a cute-looking cat sleeping on a small bed. Apart from attracting kids, the thoughtful design would add to the decor of the room the clock would be kept in. The clock produces a sound that is powerful enough to wake your kids in the morning.

Hello Kitty Alarm clock
Pros Cons
Large-sized Average lighting
Plays radio Inconvenient controls
Features a power cord

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Unique Alarm Clocks That Have Wheels and Can Move

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Ever heard of alarm clocks that run away? The first thing that kids are going to notice in this device is the presence of wheels. It is a clock that moves and that is bound to excite young minds who are always curious. The wheels also help one in placing it in any area in the house one wants to. It is available in a wide variety of colors, so you have enough options to choose from. If you prefer a loud alarm over one that makes a moderate sound, here is one more reason why you must go for it. One would definitely recommend it for those who sleep very deeply and find it difficult to wake themselves up even with an alarm clock at their disposal. The digital screen lights up automatically when the alarm rings and you can operate it even in a dark room.

Alarm Clock on Wheels
Pros Cons
Features wheels Wheels could be of better quality
Loud alarm Batteries need to be replaced sooner
Simple controls

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Best Digital Alarm Clock With a Projector

Projection Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom Ceiling

A projector that rotates 180 degrees is possibly the most prominent reason why you should invest in this digital alarm clock. When you get a mini-projector attached with an alarm clock, you are wary of the quality. But, the good news is that the projector you get is of good quality and does its job well. The screen is 7 inches long and it is extremely easy for young children to read the time written in bold digits there. Adults would benefit from the in-built USB port that helps you charge tablets, phones and other chargeable devices. There are different buttons for different functions and that makes it all the more convenient to use it. The brightness levels can be adjusted very easily. A large amount of features and utilities it boasts of makes it a valuable device to own.

Projection Digital Alarm
Pros Cons
Effective projector Get slow at times
USB port Overtly simple design
Dual alarms

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The aforementioned list, which also gives a detailed overview of the respective product, should give you a good idea about their features and shortcomings. Since you are getting a clock for your kids, you must make sure that it is fun, playful and colorful. Let your kids judge the design. You take care of the technicalities and check if the one that you are settling for is durable and features all that you would expect to have in a good quality alarm clock.

Fun Ways to Inspire Learning – Kids Study Table and Rooms

Having a kids study table and a dedicated kids study room can help you get your child to sit in one place and study. Their attention seems to wander every few minutes to attractions like outdoor swing set or the television set. The children become fidgety in their study area when asked to finish a specified task. One of the reasons of this inattention is a boring study area. A wooden desk and chair placed in a corner facing a bare wall does not call out to kids. This may adversely affect the learning of a child.

You can help this situation by putting some effort and creativity while designing the kids study area. There are many inventive ideas available to spruce up the homework space of children. To start with, you need to communicate with your children and get to know what they like. It would also help if you knew about your child’s favorite subject, hobbies and interests. You should include your kids in the redesigning of the study room by asking them to choose the furniture or the wallpaper colors or accessories. What follows is a collection of tips which may help you in creating a fun learning space for your kids.

Children’s Furniture

The pair of traditional wooden desk and chair is too lifeless to infuse any enthusiasm in your kids. Try unique designs for the chairs or may be use comfortable stools instead of chairs. You can play around with the colors of the furniture. The market is full of brightly colored children’s furniture. You can also try uniquely shaped desks like oval, half rectangle and others. Make sure you choose proper desk and chair combination. Don’t overdo the color and design alterations and ensure the comfort level of the sitting arrangement.

Wallpaper or Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint to an existing kids study space is sure to add life to the room. You can let the kids choose what paint color or wallpaper they would like. Try not to keep the color theme too bright; otherwise, there is a chance of children getting distracted by the color. The different wallpaper options are cartoon characters, artful wallpapers, color and shapes. You can also choose to make a chalkboard wall for your kids to experiment on or decorate the walls with innovative wall decals.


You can personalize your kids study area by adding a few things they like. It may include their sports passion, or favorite toy characters. It will add a character to the space and help develop your kid’s interest in learning. Another useful addition to the room can be a pin board on the wall. Your child can pin his latest task, project work and homework. It can also be a place to showcase his well graded papers or project sheets.

The important point is to keep the study area clutter free and organized. This will incorporate a sense of purpose in your child to achieve heights in his life. It would be great if you start integrating these tips in your child’s lifestyle at an early age and boost his learning curve for a better future.

Stay Connected Even When You Have Your Coffee with High – Tech Coffee Tables!

Coffee tables are among the fast moving lifestyle accessories in the market. Nowadays, a coffee table offers you more than just a place to keep your cup and saucers. Advancement of technology in our day to day life has gone to an extent that everything has gone ‘smart’, right from tables to the curtains! Want to play games, chat with your friend and browse videos right at the place where you are? These smart gadgets are always there to help you. If you are the one who always feels free to spend big money, then you can turn your lifestyle into an incredibly awesome one. Now, you can take a look at five high-tech and amazing coffee tables and choose the one that suits you the most.

1)  Surface Tension Arcane

This is the model from the British coffee table makers, Surface Tension, which would surely impress the vintage game lovers. The Arcane comes with almost hundred preloaded vintage and retro games. The important thing is that, this digital coffee table also consists of the gaming controls designed perfectly in a classic and retro style. There is also a built in Windows 7 PC to cater to your computing and internet needs. You have to pay $5,400 to own the Arcane!

2) Samsung SUR40

Samsung SUR40 features the awesome Macintosh surface technology. This coffee table also has the Microsoft PixelSense technology, which gives brilliance to its display. What makes this Samsung SUR40 feature in the list of top coffee tables is its capacity to recognize multiple finger points, hands and even real time objects. This ability makes it a great gadget in all under roof environments. Right now, it caters mostly to the business circle, with a price tag of $8,400.

3) Savant ROSIE Touch TV

This is a two in one model. You can either fix it on the wall as a television, or, you can embed it neatly to make it as your high – tech coffee table. These coffee tables come in two models, where one is 24 inches and the other is 40 inches. Apple system powers ROSIE, which gives you a great control of your place including the lighting, security systems and so on. For your information, ROSIE also has an inbuilt iTunes integrated music and media server.

4) Mozayo Multi Touch Table

Mozayo manufactures two types of coffee tables. They are the Professional series – priced at $9,600 and M32 series –priced at $6,900. These digital coffee tables consist of a 32 inch High Definition screen with a built in PC for the digital usage. Options like Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless keyboard and USB ports enable great usage for the users.

5) Retro Tech Platinum Table

The Platinum coffee table from Retro Tech is sleek and is stupendously designed to fit best in a modern smart home. The gadget features a built in PC, a wireless keyboard and touchpad along with a 22 inch LCD display. The Platinum coffee table can also act as the connection hub for the gadgets like televisions surrounding it. This is also the most affordable of all digital coffee tables we have seen so far with a price tag of $4,500.

In addition to all these top five coffee tables, there other attractive coffee table models that would fit great into a super smart home. They are

  • Antique coffee tables
  • Aquarium coffee tables
  • Bamboo coffee tables
  • Black coffee tables
  • Marble coffee tables

With all these excellent options in choosing the coffee tables, there is no doubt that your coffee time experience would be great in the coming days!

The New Treadmill Desk to Make Life Easier in Your Office!

A first of its kind, the new treadmill desk is here, now, to help you do your workouts regularly even if you work round the clock in your office. Yes! Called the LifeSpan DT, the new type of treadmill comes along with a desk like structure that would certainly help you to do your exercises regularly just right at the place where you work on a daily basis. Experts believe that this new machine has the potential to change definitely the way people work at their workplaces in the coming days. The reason is that, people, especially the office goers in urban regions, are too busy nowadays to take care of their health with their work eating most of their active time in a day.

Why LifeSpan DT when there is the Ordinary Treadmill?

Ordinary treadmills have a good potential to turn you into a healthy human being if you regularly have your feet on them. A good number of people working for most of the hours in their day have the options of hitting the gym or having the treadmill at their homes so that they can work out whenever they want. However, these options do not ensure that people definitely workout regularly in order to stay fit. Without any option, however, people are sure to go to their offices regularly on a day to day basis, which is one place that they can never neglect, even if they wish. Hence, having a well-designed treadmill at their work workplaces, exactly instead of their usual desks, would definitely ensure greater chances of them using the machines to stay healthy. LifeSpan DT is one such treadmill desk, which aims at keeping people healthy by working out even when they work.

The Principles and Figures!

The ‘at work exercise’ is a new concept for the working people definitely, but such a new concept might become common in near future say the experts. It is just because you would certainly know that the treadmill desk has some incredible principles and figures, when you begin estimate the device’s efficiency and workability. The first thing is, the treadmill desks are better than the standing desks, as standing desks gradually allow the user to lean their elbows on the desk, which is not a good sign to burn calories. The second thing is the value proposition, which states that when you workout simultaneously doing your office chores like using the computer and so on, you tend to burn more calories than expected. The third thing is quite awesome. Even in the slowest mode of Lifespan DT, which is 0.5 miles an hour, you would burn 200 calories, and calculating that for three hours, you would burn 600 calories before lunch!

Fantastic Features!

LifeSpan DT has an expansive and solid desk area that can accommodate most of your things that you need at work. The treadmill also needs just seven feet to fit into your workplace. There is the control panel, which makes it easy to use the machine. There are also things like the wrist guard, which promise comfort while working and working out! You can adjust the size or height of this treadmill with ease. However, for people, whose height is above six feet, changing the height is an issue.

Treadmill Desk’s Price!

Just like the features and usability, price is another import aspect of any gadget or machine. LifeSpan DT comes at a price of $1,299, including a discount, according to the company’s official website. However, it seems the price may vary, if the machine becomes popular just as the experts believe. If people find this treadmill desk great at their workplaces, then sure this new gadget would become a common thing in offices!

Google Glass – A Futuristic Google Project to Make Sci – Fi Glasses a Reality!

A Google project, titled Project Glass, is gearing up at a good pace, which aims at creating the Google Glass – a super glass that includes augmented reality technology. You might have witnessed such glasses only in the Sci – Fi movies, which have some stunning features and enable superhuman vision. The search engine giant launched the project, Project Glass, a couple of weeks ago and even went on to create a page for it in its social networking site, Google Plus.

Why Project Glass?

According the sources from Google, the new Google project is about to serve every digital purpose of the mankind. May it be for communication, may it be for taking pictures, may it be for capturing the motion or may it be for accessing the internet and sharing the content, Google says that a Google glass will be enough in the future to do all the necessary stuff. Although the concept appears to be very futuristic, the recent advancements made by the Google engineers in the Google Project is enough to give a great hope that soon the dream would turn into a reality!

How This Stuff Works?

Everyone’s imagination goes wild like wearing a stylish pair of glasses, which is full – furnished with all the digital stuff, when we talk about the Google glasses. However, according to the pictures released by Google, which reveals the first look of the futuristic glasses, Google’s eyewear does not really come up with any lens. Instead, a very less known technology called Augmented Reality will help the wearer to carry out all the necessary things. Augmented Reality is a concept which a common man can witness only in the sci – fi movies. So, what really is Augmented Reality and how it is going to help the Google Project?

Augmented Reality

To make it simple to a common man, Augmented Reality is a technology that enables a human being to view a live real world environment which augments elements of computer generated sensory input such as sound, video, image, data and so on. The goal of this technology is to improve the user’s perception of the real world. The Google Project sensibly uses this awesome technology to project augmented reality elements into the glass wearer’s field of vision. This projection simply helps the wearer to get everything just with his eyesight. For an instance, with the Google eyewear, one can wake up and open his eye to know about the day’s weather, trending news, appointments and to – do lists for the day and so on.

Project is gearing up!

After the first look of the project glass created ripples in the internet world, a day ago, a Google engineer came up with a snapshot of his son captured with the help of his Google glass. He posted this picture in his Google Plus page, which later became viral, and so far, has garnered more than 2000 +1 votes and hundreds of shares. Even Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin reposted the picture with the caption ‘an amazing capture’. The snapshot does not have a high definition quality, but surely seems to create a new trend in photography, which the experts term it as the ‘first person photography’. Google has already simplified the lives of many with its services and products, if the Google Project turns out into a reality, it will further enhance the way people live their life!

What to do in an Emergency When Your Phone Battery Dies out of Charge?

Your mobile phone battery is running out of charge and you have to do something to charge your mobile phone, as the situation is an emergency one. What you are going to do? Do not worry if you are just scratching your head to find a solution for this question. It seems, as if, many are not aware of some cool accessories that will help them to charge their mobile phone batteries even in an emergency. These emergency mobile chargers are different from your conventional wired phone chargers, and, they come at an inexpensive price. Check out this cool list of emergency phone chargers and get ready to select your pick.

1) Trans4m Multi Power Source 4 Way

The Trans4m Multi Power Source 4 Way is a car charger adapter, which helps you to charge your phone battery on the go in your car. The car charger adapters are already in use, but this model has some extra features like usage of AS batteries, 4 way charging facility and so on. This accessory features a generic USB socket that helps you to charge a wide range of devices without any issues in an emergency.

2) Rayovac Turbo Charge

Using battery powered chargers to charge your phone battery on the go is another inexpensive solution. All you need is a portable battery powered cell charger, which you can get it for a price range under $10. Rayovac Turbo Charge is one such accessory, which requires two AA sized batteries alone to power your cell phone any time at anywhere.

3) Revolve XEMini Plus

You can also go green while charging cell phone in an emergency. Yes! Revolve XEMini Plus allows you to be an eco friendly person even at the times of emergency. This awesome mobile battery charger allows you to draw energy from the sun all the day and helps you to charge the phone when it is necessary. This cool accessory also features an inbuilt battery, which is an added advantage. However, great things never come at cheap prices. You can get a Revolve XEMini Plus between a price range of $20 and $80!

4) Voltaic Backpack

This is another option to be an Eco-friendly person again. Voltaic Backpack is a boon to those who do camping and trekking often. The backpack consists of voltaic solar panels, which draw energy from the Sun and helps you to charge your device.

5) Slive – 88

Imagine that you are at a place where you see no civilization as far as your eyes can reach. It is nighttime and you got nothing to do with the Sun. However, you are in an emergency and your phone is dying out of charge. What you can do now just left with your hands alone? Even at difficult times like these, Slive – 88 allows you to charge your mobile phone.  You just need to have this accessory and your hands and nothing else. This hand crank charger takes a bit of manpower to charge your phone battery, but it is worth using at emergencies when it comes with features like radio and flashlight.

Now that you have a handful of options to charge your phone battery even at the extreme times of emergency, just get set to get your pick!

Conserve Energy by 10% – Cut Down the Vampire Power

Before knowing how to conserve energy and cut down the vampire power, it is necessary to know what the vampire power is. To put it simply, vampire power is nothing but the standby power utilized by various electronic devices. Almost all the electronic gadgets use a little amount of power when we turn them off. If you consider the standby power for a single device, it is very less. However, in our modern homes filled with full of electronic gadgets, we unknowingly waste a huge amount of electricity in the form of vampire power.

The Power Switch!

For many years, there was not even a single effective solution to cut down the standby power utilized by the electronic devices. Even though a few research works concentrated a lot to conserve energy in using the electronic products, killing the vampire power was a big challenge always. However, a few solutions came up for this long term problem, but were not quite effective and consumable as expected. However, now, Belkin, a California based hardware company has come up with a promising solution that takes on the battle against the standby power. The solution is in the form of a small switch like device, which the company calls The Power Switch. The switch is quite handy and compact and looks like a useful piece of electronic device for every home to conserve energy.

How It Works?

For a few skeptics, the conserve power switch is not a great deal, as they think that it will not save them power in a large scale. However, according to the makers, The Power Switch can reduce the electric power consumption of any electronic device by ten percent for sure. The makers have also explained the work model of the Power Switch, which appears to be quite simple. As earlier told, vampire power is just the power used by any electronic gadget when it is in an off state. To prevent the device to fetch power from the power lines, one should plug it to the Power Switch and The Power Switch to the power lines. The Power Switch will stop any flow of electricity to the device, thus, eventually helping to conserve energy by stopping the standby power.

Efficient Usage!

The power conservation using the Power Switch depends upon the type of the device with which we use it. For an instance, consider that we use it with our PC in our home. In this way, we can save 3 Watts regularly. For electronic gadgets like the audio systems, we can conserve energy by more than 25 watts daily, when used with the Power Switch. However, using it with devices like coffee machines will prove to be less effective, as you can cut down only one watt of vampire power regularly.

Power Saver!

Since we use more number of electronic gadgets in our homes, right from Televisions to Cell phones, it appears as if we have to use The Power Switch for every device separately, in order attain the usage as much as possible. However, the price of the Power Switch is also not too high. One can get it for less than $7 USD. If used efficiently for high vampire power consuming systems, it is sure that, The Power Switch will help you to conserve energy by 10%.

Coffee Faucet – another Fine Way to Enjoy Your Coffee!

Coffee faucet is always a dream for coffee lovers, who always look for the latest coffee equipment. For hundreds of years, coffee has attracted people all over the world. If there is one drink that everyone will enjoy without any differences, then surely it is coffee. However, just like the followers of rare liquors, there are always coffee lovers on this earth, who will do anything for a single cup of coffee. Now, things are getting better for those ardent coffee lovers with the arrival of the exciting coffee faucet!

Dream Come True!

Coffee faucet is really a dream come true not only for the coffee lovers, but also for the entire coffee drinking community. Called Top Brewer, this hot coffee equipment is surely set to create a buzz in our modern lifestyle. We already enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with the stupendous improvements in plumbing and electricity. However, no one will say no to further improvements, as the development of new equipments will mean only a much easier lifestyle. With coffee already becoming a key element in the lifestyle of many, coffee faucet will definitely have a huge number of users.

What is Hot?

As the name suggests, this stunning coffee equipment will deliver you coffee when you just use the faucet. Remember also that, it not only delivers you just coffee, but also hot milk if you want it to do so. Many coffee drinkers never stop with the regular coffee. Many of them always love to taste the various kinds of coffee. Top Brewer also promises such drinkers, who need different types of coffee to suit their mood, by producing different kinds of coffee on demand. If you are an iPhone or iPod user, well, you have another exciting feature with this coffee faucet. You can remote control the equipment with your iPhone or iPod with the help of the Top Brewer app. Top Brewer app is not ready for the release yet, but will be available, once the equipment is up for the commercial sale.

How it Works and Looks?

The working model of the coffee faucet is so simple, when you look it from the user level. There is nothing so sophisticated with the faucet of the device. The faucet mechanism of this equipment is as simple as any other faucet’s mechanism. However, it works with the help of many components. Top Brewer has an outstanding design, which features only one visible part and, that is the faucet. The various other components that support the coffee equipment hide under the table on which we place faucet. Thus, it appears so elegant and neat and needs no mess to happen, when you want to prepare your coffee again.

How to Use?

There is no need to do a hell lot of things to prepare a cup of coffee, when you have Top Brewer at your home. All you need to do is just place a cup under the coffee faucet and get ready to enjoy your coffee. This latest coffee equipment also comes with an auto – cleaning facility, which cleans itself over a period regularly. Do you want to know how much time it takes to make a coffee? It is just 45 seconds to a minute!

Amazing Sofa Designs – Cute Models

Given below are some of the most amazing sofa designs you will find out.  Some of them are cute models whereas others will be dastardly and out of this world. Everyone likes to relax in their favorite sofa after coming home from work. The connection between man and furniture whether it is a sofa or a bed, is a strange and love filled one. There’s nothing quite like lazing around in your sofa with a TV remote after a hard day’s work. Heaven if it exists should be like that.

1) Yang Sofa

One of the most amazing sofa designs out there with an added functionality. This sofa comes in 4 separate pieces that you can join to form a complete cozy sofa or you can simply put them in pairs of twos to get two individual sofas.

2) Doc Sofa

This is another one in the amazing sofa designs category. You can transform this sofa into a bunk bed. No hassles or unnecessary parts to add. The bunk bed even comes with a small ladder. Perfect if you have kids or guests.

3) The Waterfall Couch

This one cannot be excluded from the amazing sofa designs list by any means because it simply looks awesome. This sofa actually looks like a waterfall. Why say anything more about it? 🙂

4) Attica

This is another sofa whose form you can play around with, to make whole or separate sofa sets. This one gives you the option to make at least six different combinations with its pieces. You can play around with different shapes to give a unique touch to your room décor every now and then.

5) Swimming Pool Sofa

The simple reason that it has an awesome swimming pool in it is reason enough to be in this list. Relax and let all your tensions float away. Sad that it is only a concept and not a working model.

6) Yin Yang Sofa

One of the most visually stunning and amazing sofa designs out there, the Yin Yang sofa is made up of 4000 meters of long fiber which can cover a distance of about 36 football fields. Two people can comfortably sit on it and you can even use this sofa outside.

7) Sofa Box

The Sofa box has a weird and grim design but it is also a very appealing one. Its appeal actually lies in its weirdness. This sofa can actually be shut into a box when you don’t need it.

8 ) Infinity Sofa

The infinity sofa is one of the coolest and amazing sofa designs out there. How can it not be with an infinity symbol shaped design? It simply looks stunning. To infinity and beyond!

9) Glow in the Dark Sofa

Easily one of the most amazing sofa designs out there. This sofa actually glows in the dark. What’s there not to like about it? It glows. 😉 This reason is enough to open your wallets and let the money butterflies fly.

10) Hunting Lines Sofa

Hands down one of the most amazing sofa designs available today. This one is only a prototype right now but if it were to be made into production, it would easily be one of the best. With its bold curves and dramatic folds, it is simply stunning to gaze at. You can even fix each of them to the side to get an extended sofa.

Hope this article has been entertaining for you. Kindly leave any comments you have below. 🙂