Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch in 2020

Netflix, the American media service provider and a production company, has changed the kind of programs people watch these days. We no longer sit right in front of our television sets watching our favorite TV serials or films.  There are so many original Netflix series and Netflix shows available for people to binge-watch right from … Read more

[Updated:] Samsung Galaxy S11: Specs, Updates, Leaks, Rumors, Camera, Release Date, Battery, Pricing and More


Samsung is continuously delighting its customers with astonishing Galaxy innovations. Samsung’s 2019 models namely Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 have attracted almost all smartphone users. Samsung is all set to launch its next S-series phone, namely Samsung Galaxy S11, in 2020.  For the latest Galaxy S11 leaks, updates and rumors, keep watching this space. … Read more

LG Ready to Slim Down Laptops and Smartphones with AIT Touchscreen Panels

While there is no immediate remedy for the draining battery issues, manufacturers are now focusing on making electronic devices slimmer and sharper with increased resolution. Boosting the claim, LG has confirmed in a recent press release that they are ready to launch an all new type of display panel in the third quarter of 2015. … Read more

How to Activate WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature in 5 Easy Steps? It Works, Finally!

Have you been waiting to activate and use the free WhatsApp calling feature in your Android smartphone? Well, here’s a step by step guide to make it work. The developers have once again opened the beta program so that you could test the voice calling feature in Whatsapp. All you need to  do is follow … Read more

Useful Pieces of Technology to Help You Keep Track Of Your Personal Finances

Making money is difficult, but spending it is often far too easy–and that’s not a good thing. Considering how important money is in the world that we live in, it’s simply unwise to blow it recklessly on things that aren’t absolute necessities. Unfortunately, many people have trouble with managing their personal finances because they don’t … Read more

Best Tech Gadgets for Home and Family – For Today and Tomorrow

Smart TV

Technology adds a lot of convenience to our daily lives. People love saying that technology makes us lazy, but it can also do a lot to keep your family safe and entertained. Here a few imaginative options for the whole family to take part in. Tablets Tablets are useful for a variety of reasons. Having … Read more

How Do Digital Cameras Help in Taking Great Panoramic Pictures?

Panoramic pictures

There is a certain trick in taking panoramic pictures that excites the professional photographers who enjoy taking wide angle shots. These kinds of wide angle pictures can cover the 360 degree views. More often than not, these kinds of extreme shots are taken from the top of a tall building like a skyscraper or from … Read more

Why Will Windows 8 work in the Coming Age of Technology?

windows 8 os is the latest os from microsoft

The Windows 8 OS from Microsoft is its way of reinventing itself for the age of mobility and the new age of technology and offers a next generating operating system. The Windows 8 OS will work just as well in the coming age. Windows 8 Operating system is the new operating system from Microsoft and … Read more