LG Ready to Slim Down Laptops and Smartphones with AIT Touchscreen Panels

While there is no immediate remedy for the draining battery issues, manufacturers are now focusing on making electronic devices slimmer and sharper with increased resolution.

Boosting the claim, LG has confirmed in a recent press release that they are ready to launch an all new type of display panel in the third quarter of 2015. The company has named the new technology as Advanced In-Cell Touch shortly known as the AIT panels.

One of the biggest reasons that most touchscreen displays including those found in smartphones and tablets are thick is that there is a LCD panel which is covered with a layer on top of it. It adds up to the width which LG aims to remove with their new AIT panel. These panels are powered by sensors that are directly integrated into the LCD screen, making them slimmer, which obviously leads to lightweight laptops, monitors and other types of displays.

LG Touchscreen

According to LG, the new technology will enable manufacturers to shave at least 1 millimeter thickness off any display and it also reduces the weight by 200 grams. The contrast and brightness levels will be much higher because there are no additional layers on top of the LCD to block them.

To start with, the manufacturer will be shipping those screens for notebooks that have 15.6-inch and 14-inch displays. Apart from making them slimmer, LG AIT panels are also optimized to be the best touch friendly devices so that they seamlessly work when paired with the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

“With AIT technology, the notebook market will witness a new lease of life with better touch support and thinner design, making it easier to carry them. LG displays have always been the pioneers of latest technology by introducing products with QHD resolution and those that support pen touch. We expect the demand for AIT to soar as soon as the first line up of products hit the market,” said Vice President and Head of Mobile Group, Byeong Koo Kim.

With the advent of tablets and smartphones, desktop PCs and notebooks witnessed a strong slump in the past few years but recent statistics show that people are looking forward to switching back to productive computing devices. By 2019, the laptop and PC market will witness at least 30 percent of growth in sales. A thin display and lightweight build could further boost its reach in the future.

How to Activate WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature in 5 Easy Steps? It Works, Finally!

Have you been waiting to activate and use the free WhatsApp calling feature in your Android smartphone?

Well, here’s a step by step guide to make it work.

The developers have once again opened the beta program so that you could test the voice calling feature in Whatsapp. All you need to  do is follow these simple steps.


1. Check the version number of your WhatsApp. Go to Settings -> Help -> About.

2. You need to be running version 2.11.561 or higher to use this feature. If your version is an older one, you need to update the app from the Google Play Store.

3. Open the Play Store app, type ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ in the search box, select the app and click on ‘Update’.

4. Go back to your app and check the version number again. Follow Step 1.

You’re just one step away from experiencing the feature!

How to Make or Receive Voice Calls in WhatsApp?

Once you have the latest version installed on your smartphone, anyone who has the voice calling activated should make a call to you. As soon as you receive the first incoming call, your WhatsApp user interface will change and a call icon will be added to your dashboard.

The easiest way to activate is to ask your friends who have this feature to call you via WhatsApp.

If you’re too embarrassed to ask someone to call you, you can also find users who are ready to call and activate voice calling for you here in this forum – http://www.reddit.com/r/whatsapp.

whatsapp free download stats

Try it out, have fun and spread the word!

Useful Pieces of Technology to Help You Keep Track Of Your Personal Finances

Making money is difficult, but spending it is often far too easy–and that’s not a good thing. Considering how important money is in the world that we live in, it’s simply unwise to blow it recklessly on things that aren’t absolute necessities. Unfortunately, many people have trouble with managing their personal finances because they don’t pay attention to details. Keeping track of this and that here and there is too much work for some, so it’s worth looking at this list of convenient financial technologies to keep our bank accounts in the positive.


This useful app helps users keep track of their payments. While it’s not the most comprehensive money management tool out there, Check.me works great as a constant reminder of the bills that you have to pay in the near future and offers suggestions for how you can do so. Basically, the app will keep you updated on what needs to be paid, whether it’s a credit card, utility bill, or charity donation, and gives you ways to fix the problem as soon as possible if you’re late on payments. As a free app, Check.me is definitely worth checking out, and it is available online or as a download for iOS and Android.


Mint.com is an awesome personal finance site, and there is also a free smartphone app that you can download for major operating systems. This money management software is perfect for those who want to monitor their spending down to the smallest detail because it links all your bank accounts–whether it be checking, savings, credit card, investment, retirement, or others–to provide you with real-time statistics on your spending habits. You’ll be able to view account balances along with spending numbers that are separated into different categories such as dining expenses, mortgage/rent, or recreational expenses. No matter how you choose to burn through your earnings, Mint will show you exactly how you did it.



This service is similar to Check.me in the way that it allows you to access all of your online statements using a single program. By connecting to all your service providers, Doxo displays all your bills on a single screen and makes checking up on your financial responsibilities quick and painless. This app is also free to download, so don’t hesitate to add it to your arsenal of management tools.



YNAB is an acronym for You Need A Budget, and it’s an innovative app that aims to teach users, using videos and tutorials, why they need to have a budget. Although YNAB will allow you to manage all of your finances, there is no syncing option to connect to your accounts, which means that you’re required to enter everything into the program yourself. This aspect is a bit disappointing, but the focus of YNAB is to inform people of budgeting tips and tricks. TopTenReviews.com rated the app as the third best personal finance software for the coming year, even with its price tag of $60.


Gathering receipts isn’t the most efficient way to record your spending. Its 2014, so you should be taking advantage of advanced software and hardware to aid you with managing your personal finances. You won’t even need to spend a penny in order to obtain some of the most effective budgeting software available. Talk about a bargain.

Sarah has decided to really lockdown on her finances, and is documenting the best techniques in doing so. She recommends Francis Clark Financial Planning for those looking for expert financial advice.

Best Tech Gadgets for Home and Family – For Today and Tomorrow

Netflix Chromecast

Technology adds a lot of convenience to our daily lives. People love saying that technology makes us lazy, but it can also do a lot to keep your family safe and entertained. Here a few imaginative options for the whole family to take part in.

Smart TV


Tablets are useful for a variety of reasons. Having a tablet for the family is an absolute must, and everyone in the household can have a different use for it. Some may use it to read books, while another person can use it to watch TV shows. Students can use it to do homework, and others can use it to read newspapers. Majority of the people use it to surf the web while the home computer is in use. There are many different apps that can make your lives easier. Google Now is a helpful study tool, and the Weather app is a great way for everyone to quickly check the forecast. A tablet can serve a ton of different functions for your family.

Tablet PC

NetFlix + Chromecast

NetFlix is probably going to be the most useful app for your family. Forget cable TV, there is always something to watch on NetFlix, though you may want to prepare for arguments over what to watch. The best thing about Chromecast is that it can be streamed from your tablet, smartphone, or PC to your HDTV! Now your entire family can enjoy various TV shows and movies on NetFlix in full HD.

Playstation 4 + PS Eye

A lot people continue to think that videogame consoles are for kids. However, the brand new Playstation 4 can be a huge benefit for the entire family. It can be used as a dedicated Blu Ray player, and it is another device that is capable of streaming NetFlix. So your family will be able to use the tablet or Playstation to watch TV and movies on the big screen. There are also a ton of family friendly videogames that are available for the system. When you invest in the PS Eye, it comes with a bunch of mini games that are fun for the entire family.

Sony Playstation 4 PS4

iRobot Vacuum

Sick of constant cleaning? If so, this little guy is a must. The iRobot vacuum is an autonomous robot that goes along the floor, picking up crumbs and dust. This guy will save a lot of time on cleaning the floor. This helps you do small jobs automatically so you have more time to spend with your family!

iRobot Vacuum

Vivint Home Automation

We have smartphones, Smart TVs, smartcars, and now we’re being introduced to the concept of smarthomes. Home automation allows members of the household to remotely control a variety of things like the locks, the lights, wireless communication, and many other aspects of the house. Vivint is a leader in home security systems, and can be a big help to you and your family. These systems now include video surveillance, detects intrusions, fires, and thefts. All in all, this is the perfect mixture of convenience and safety.

Vivint Home Automation

There are many ways that technology has made our lives easier and safer. As technology continues to progress, there will be many more useful inventions that make our daily lives better.

How Do Digital Cameras Help in Taking Great Panoramic Pictures?

Panoramic pictures

There is a certain trick in taking panoramic pictures that excites the professional photographers who enjoy taking wide angle shots. These kinds of wide angle pictures can cover the 360 degree views. More often than not, these kinds of extreme shots are taken from the top of a tall building like a skyscraper or from a helicopter or from any point that is high enough, and then stitched together using a professional photo stitching software.

Wide Angle Shots with Your Digital Camera

Most of the new digital cameras today come with a dedicated mode for panoramic shots and in fact some of the smartphones also have the panorama feature. One cannot precisely define what these kinds of wide angle shots are all about. Many would just define it is a photo taken with a wider angle but one can quantify the term “wide” here. One can say that the angle is wide enough to be not seen by our naked eyes. With the help of special lenses such wide angle shots can be taken with one click but of course this technique doesn’t hold true for all degrees of wideness. For example, a 360 degree shot can’t be taken with just one click.

Panoramic picture

Creating a Panoramic Photo by Stitching Several Photos

Many professionals also create these panoramic pictures by attaching a series of separately captured pictures. This process is called as ‘Stitching’, which earlier used to be a very tricky process. Today, with the advancements in software, stitching different pictures has become quite easy. Some of the feature-rich Panorama software programs like Panorama Maker have made life easier for professional photographers who love to create panoramic views.

Panorama maker software editing

Panorama software programs like Arcsoft panorama maker come with easy-to-use tools and a very intriguing interface that makes everything a cake-walk. They not only help in capturing wide angle views or landscapes, but are equally efficient in taking pictures of huge objects that cannot be otherwise shot due to closeness with the object. For example, if a photographer is standing very close to a tower, it can get difficult to take the shot of the tall tower, but with the help of panoramic mode, a couple of shots can be taken to make a final panoramic view of the tall tower.

Tricks of Taking Panoramic Shots

Most of the modern digital cameras come with panoramic mode with which, the lens of the camera is optimized for a wide angle shot to be taken. But, the functionality is not just limited to the settings of different optical parameters but these cameras also offer features that help the photographers to capture the series of pictures with ease and stitch them seamlessly after that.

Arcsoft Panorama maker software

Usually when a camera is switched to panoramic mode, the photographer is prompted to choose between vertical and horizontal mode. You also have the choice to go for the combination of both.

Once the desired panoramic mode is selected the camera allows you to start taking shots. Usually on the LCD screen you can see the photo you recently took and the one you are taking right now. This helps in complementing your older picture with the one you are shooting at the moment. You can smartly overlap the new picture with the older, which helps in stitching of the photos and making a good panoramic photo at the end.

Why Will Windows 8 work in the Coming Age of Technology?

windows 8 os is the latest os from microsoft

The Windows 8 OS from Microsoft is its way of reinventing itself for the age of mobility and the new age of technology and offers a next generating operating system. The Windows 8 OS will work just as well in the coming age. Windows 8 Operating system is the new operating system from Microsoft and can be considered as the biggest user interface of Windows.

Aiding Big Businesses

It can be quite advantageous for big businesses to upgrade to Windows 8, as they can get a wider range of apps and services to choose from. Technology is also getting more affordable, making it all the more profitable for big businesses to make use of such options. Additionally, the cost of high speed networking is also reducing; we have sophisticated storage due to the presence of flash and solid state disk. In the past few years, we have also witnessed increase in memory and capacities of servers and infrastructures. Apps have become faster. The outlook for Windows 8 seems pretty good for the following reasons:

windows 8 os has an interesting metro UI

  • It is offered to consumers into a package that can be understood by the CIO.
  • The Windows platform offered by the new Windows OS is offered for various screens all in one single platform. It can be used in mobiles, desktops and in ultrabooks and so on.
  • It is possible for the CIO to consolidate under the Microsoft Windows 8 OS.
  • Security as well as mobile device can be managed in a built-in mode in Windows 8 OS, making it a corporate standard system.
  • Windows 8 RT is run on the Surface, which can also be used as a laptop for daily work.
  • It is possible to make legacy apps work with Microsoft Windows 8. This makes transition to the new Windows 8 OS very easy.
  • It has a UI that is metro style.

Windows 8 OS has great performace

You can download Windows 8 today and here are ten reasons why:

  1. Windows 8 OS is dirt cheap, at least going by Microsoft standards and if you already have Windows 7, it’s a great bargain.
  2. It is also less confusing and quite straightforward, as there is only Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro available.
  3. The boot time is quick and resumes are instantaneous, as it has been optimized for the use in ultramobile devices.
  4. It runs faster than Windows 7 and is designed so that it can run on ultrabooks and tablets as well as a traditional desktop.

Windows 8 OS has a spectacular design

5. The battery life is also better and it also looks better. The interface is cleaner and simpler with a modern UI that offers two OS by paying the price of one. This is not a fully additional OS, but rather a second user interface.

6. You can use the modern UI apps, such as the mail, calendar and people apps. There are new features, such as Flip Ahead for navigating longer web pages along with updates that are automatic. Data recovery and security has also been improved in the new Microsoft Windows 8.

How to Check if the Smartphone Apps Leak your Data from your Device?

it is important to protect data from smartphone apps!

On one hand, unimaginable inventions and on the other, we have become helpless people to comprehend the technology we invent.  The Smartphones supplemented with the supporting software and the Apps are today the most extraordinarily powerful and useful devices we have.  Today, where efficiency and speed matter most, the Smartphones and Smartphone Apps have all the requisite features inbuilt to smoothen and strengthen our life styles.  However, an authentic report published about the data leak perpetrated by the Smartphone Apps has sent panic signals to the users and questions about the level of security which is now under the scanner.  The users are pondering on how to check if the Smartphone App is leaking closely guarded personal data which may also include valuable banking details.  The real point of concern was about the destination to where the details were leaked.  The use of smartphones is increasing day by day and the users could belong to Government, public or private sectors and what would happen if sensitive data is misused by pranksters?

Mobilescope, the perfect solution

Researcher, Ashkan Soltani along with fellow researchers David Campbell and Aldo Cortesi has developed a new service called Mobilescope based on the platform-agnostic interception mechanism that could be used on Android, Blackberry or any windows device.   This device prompts the smartphone users to examine all the data that an app transfers and specially alerts the user when key information such as the user’s name or e-mail is transmitted.  This helps the users to know about the Apps leaking data to outside recipients.  This device won a best app created award on the first proof evaluation at a convocation organized by, The Wall Street Journal.

protection against dangerous smartphone apps is must!

Mobilescope – Style of functioning

Mobilescope works through the net and is not given as an additional device or fitment.   After signing in, the user can see the total logs of data transferred by the apps.  He can then specify ‘canaries’ wherein when the app tries to send out sensitive information like phone number, email or name then an alert is triggered immediately.  Whichever apps  the user has opted for,  like the smartphone apps for business, personal apps, malware apps or spyware apps, Mobilescope is designed to thoroughly monitor the transmission of  or misuse of personalized data.

beware of dangerous smartphone apps stealing your data!

Mobilescope – A closer look

On signing up for Mobilescope, a configuration link is sent to the device.   These link files route all the internet traffic to a mobilescope server so that the data in circulation is thoroughly scrutinized.

Take care that your smartphone apps do not leak data!

Mobilescope – conclusion

It may not be 100% foolproof but with sincere efforts from developers, effective privacy statements and standard mobile operating systems, the innocent and unsuspecting could go about their routine without having to keep their fingers crossed or stay with a worry of being spied or looted.

The amazing top 5 Tech Startups – Features so spectacular and vivid

tech startups promise a great tech future

Essentially, creativity comes from a constraint and the success depends primarily on whether the working was in the right direction rather than just toiling very hard. The idea has to be amazing, the presence felt everywhere and also appear realistic for achieving stupendous fame and growth.

Tech Startup is not a cake walk and a task very easily accomplished. Despite the hard man-hours, the anticipated returns often giving the slip and unimaginable contingencies, the most fascinating draw is the opportunity to interact with a lot of intellects and committed people.  In addition, one gets to give something worthwhile to the society and also improve one’s own standard of living with the acceptance of the product introduced.  The blend of creative imagination and perseverance creamed with hard work has seen the emergence of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

After assessing and understanding the factors behind successful venturing, the following 5 Tech Startup Ideas seem to be opportunistic and rewarding:

1. OnTheAir:

This site is co-founded by professional intellects, Josh Schwarzapel, Erik Goldman, Daniel Hopkins and Abel Allison along with a band of professional investors and advisors.  Ontheair facilitates enterprise video conversation facility using the webRTC technology.  The renewed vertical enterprise solution proposed has various special features and bound to encompass key segments like the healthcare, education, finance, banking, logistics etc. This technology is crafted in such a way that it is compatible on almost all browsers, operating systems and mobiles also.  Hence, there is a lot of potential to this New Tech Startup.

2. Circl.es:

tech startups improve lives of people

It is commonly believed that if the heart is free then love automatically prevails. The dating sites provide a platform for the lovers to speak their hearts out and in turn endorse the same to interested listeners.  This helps in forging friendships and alliances.   Circl.es is a dating site that works parallel to the facebook and through this site it is easy to get linked to friends of friends on facebook.  An opinion about the credibility of the dating interests is highlighted. This helps in healthy and meaningful alliances to shape-up.  Social Networking is today’s craze among youth and a contender among top 5 lucrative Tech Startup.

3. Next Door:

good tech startups have a great future

This is a socially beneficial networking site meant to strengthen the bondages in the neighborhoods.  Members have distinct passwords and mini-sites and can access the details of the neighbors. One can avail help and be of help in the neighborhood.  Founded on principles of neighbors’ self-help, this ranks as a good bet among the Tech Startup.

4. Getaround:

tech startups with promising ideas have a great future

Getaround is a novel idea doing great rounds.  This innovative Startup Idea helps people to earn money by letting their cars on hire to eligible drivers when their cars are idle.  Getaround ensures that the drivers have a neat track record and also provide insurance covers to indemnify risks of all sorts.

If somebody comes forward and assures full protection of one’s idle car and turns the idle time into money, there would be nobody who would say no.  This should be ranked as a wonderful Tech Startup.

5. Philterit:

tech startups are the future of tech world

Philterit is a site crafted to sort out the mails systematically and add flair to the mails.  This Startup companies’ orientation is based on adoption of a perfect algorithm that sorts and brands the emails in such a way that it could redefine the structure of emailing in future.  The age-old and static mails would henceforth become vibrant, radiant and intriguing.  Philterit is compatible with gmail, yahoo and AOL and helps people to sort out between personal and business/branded mails.

Each day newer innovations & ideas are flooding the market and it takes a calculated risk to select the best Technology Startup ideas based on aptitude and adaptability.

Now that Nokia Lumia has been Released, What is the Future of Nokia?

Nokia Lumia is the latest range of smart phones from Nokia

Nokia Lumia phone series, the latest range of smart phones, from the giant mobile phone maker, Nokia, is the company’s ultimate bet to top the list of mobile makers. The new smart phone series, from the company’s point of view, is an important product considering the company’s future. There is a reason for the Lumia’s importance. The companies like Samsung and HTC are crowding at the top of the list of mobile phone manufacturers by leaving Nokia trail behind them in many aspects. Hence, to regain the top spot that Nokia has lost, the company is trying every possible thing to attract the mobile phone buyers back to its brand.

What the Experts Say?

Industry insiders of the mobile phone business reveal that the fear of losing the market share has crippled the Finnish mobile giant. The experts also say that Nokia is really struggling to make into the top of the list again, as the company’s competitors are ruling the market by introducing some fantastic products. The experts also say that the sudden increase in the popularity of the Android has lead Nokia to its bad time. Android is currently believed to be the most popular mobile operating system, which is available for usage to any member – manufacturer in the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Unfortunately, Nokia is not a member of this alliance headed by Google, and hence, the company is now facing the heat.

Nokia Lumia is the latest bet of Nokia

Nokia’s Woes

The biggest trouble for Nokia, now, is the loss of its market share. Apple’s iPhones and Samsung and HTC’s Android supported mobile phones have rather eclipsed the brand name of Nokia in the market. The business class users still have a fascination for the Blackberries. In addition to this scenario, HTC and Samsung have introduced smart phones that support the Windows Phone 7, the latest mobile operating system from the computing giant, Microsoft. However, most of the Nokia phones, except the new Nokia Lumia models, still stick to the Symbian operating system, which is not attracting the mobile phone buyers anymore.

Nokia launches Nokia Lumia to lift the profits

The Struggling Story!

Nokia’s recent behavior reveals the struggling story of the company. The company has announced that it has sold the luxury mobile brand, Vertu. Vertu is an independent subsidiary that Nokia held and supported the Vertu luxury phones with its Symbian operating system. Now that Symbian is losing its glory, Nokia sold it off unable stand against the competition from Ulysse Nardin and Apple’s iPhone. Moreover, the company has been in the layoff mode sending thousands of its employees to their homes in recent times. In addition to these layoffs, a recent announcement from Nokia reveals that another ten thousand employees may lose their jobs in the days to come.

Nokia Lumia is an awesome Windows phone

Nokia Lumia – The Savior?

With the loses nearing $3 billion in the last two quarters, Nokia is betting high on the Nokia Lumia smart phone series. The company, which has shuffled its executives, believes that the Nokia Lumia devices, which are Windows mobile smart phones, will help in putting it back into the ways of growth. However, the competition is getting intense with the presence of Samsung and HTC and Google’s Motorola deal, and Nokia should consider doing something more than the Nokia Lumia!

Google Glass – A Futuristic Google Project to Make Sci – Fi Glasses a Reality!

A Google project, titled Project Glass, is gearing up at a good pace, which aims at creating the Google Glass – a super glass that includes augmented reality technology. You might have witnessed such glasses only in the Sci – Fi movies, which have some stunning features and enable superhuman vision. The search engine giant launched the project, Project Glass, a couple of weeks ago and even went on to create a page for it in its social networking site, Google Plus.

Why Project Glass?

According the sources from Google, the new Google project is about to serve every digital purpose of the mankind. May it be for communication, may it be for taking pictures, may it be for capturing the motion or may it be for accessing the internet and sharing the content, Google says that a Google glass will be enough in the future to do all the necessary stuff. Although the concept appears to be very futuristic, the recent advancements made by the Google engineers in the Google Project is enough to give a great hope that soon the dream would turn into a reality!

google glass - the latest google project promises everything with your eyesight

How This Stuff Works?

Everyone’s imagination goes wild like wearing a stylish pair of glasses, which is full – furnished with all the digital stuff, when we talk about the Google glasses. However, according to the pictures released by Google, which reveals the first look of the futuristic glasses, Google’s eyewear does not really come up with any lens. Instead, a very less known technology called Augmented Reality will help the wearer to carry out all the necessary things. Augmented Reality is a concept which a common man can witness only in the sci – fi movies. So, what really is Augmented Reality and how it is going to help the Google Project?

google project to produce awesome futuristic glasses with augmented reality

Augmented Reality

To make it simple to a common man, Augmented Reality is a technology that enables a human being to view a live real world environment which augments elements of computer generated sensory input such as sound, video, image, data and so on. The goal of this technology is to improve the user’s perception of the real world. The Google Project sensibly uses this awesome technology to project augmented reality elements into the glass wearer’s field of vision. This projection simply helps the wearer to get everything just with his eyesight. For an instance, with the Google eyewear, one can wake up and open his eye to know about the day’s weather, trending news, appointments and to – do lists for the day and so on.

project glass - A new google project gearing up in right direction

Project is gearing up!

After the first look of the project glass created ripples in the internet world, a day ago, a Google engineer came up with a snapshot of his son captured with the help of his Google glass. He posted this picture in his Google Plus page, which later became viral, and so far, has garnered more than 2000 +1 votes and hundreds of shares. Even Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin reposted the picture with the caption ‘an amazing capture’. The snapshot does not have a high definition quality, but surely seems to create a new trend in photography, which the experts term it as the ‘first person photography’. Google has already simplified the lives of many with its services and products, if the Google Project turns out into a reality, it will further enhance the way people live their life!

The Ivy Bridge – Intel’s Latest Third Generation Processors!

ivy bridge - latest processor series from Intel

Intel, one of the largest producers of the computer processors or microchips for CPUs, has come up with the latest third generation processors codenamed the Ivy Bridge. For the past six months, speculations waved around the world of computer technology that, Intel, soon, would introduce some new range of processors. The speculations did not go wrong, as Intel has released fourteen types of quadcore processors with the Ivy Bridge technology yesterday. The competition in the processor arena is heating up too, as the rivals like AMD are gearing up with their own latest innovations in their products. However, Intel leads the market, and is confident that the new processors will become a hit. The new range of processors, which the makers say the third generation of processors, seem to marginally excel the performance of the predecessor called the Sandy Bridge.

Ivy Bridge – Basic Details

There are a few basic details that one should know about the latest processor series from Intel. First, when you set out to buy a PC or Laptop, never search for a sticker on the device or CPU with the name Ivy Bridge. For your information, Ivy Bridge is the code name of the project of the Intel, which was set to produce new series of processors with increased performance. The PCs and the Laptops with the Ivy Bridge technology will still have the same official name as the second generation of i-series processors of Intel had – Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The next detail is a bit technical. The new processors will work with 22 nm tri – gate transistors, which are efficient than the transistors of Sandy Bridge processors.

ivy bridge is the third generation i series processor

Why Third Generation Processors?

Earlier, there was no clear information on the important features of the third generation of i – series processors. However, the analysts predicted that there would not be any great difference between the second generation and the third generation. Now that the latest processor series has arrived, it seems like the analysts have not gone wrong. In fact, the users may not feel any difference in their daily PC or laptop usage. However, the range of graphics support of the processors has seen a rise in the new processor series. The current graphics configuration of the second – generation i – series computers is just HD 3000. The third generation i – series processors now will support graphics up to the range of HD 4000. What will the increase in graphics support mean to the consumers? The makers promise that the users can now play high-end graphics games without the use of NVidia or AMD graphics processors.

ivy bridge performs better than sandy bridge

Ivy Bridge Price and Battery Support

The Ivy Bridge processor series will not result in any price rise say a few experienced processor vendors. However, this can be possible only if the third generation processors replace the second – generation ones as soon as possible.  Another aspect of the processor performance is the support of battery life. So far, experts have conducted tests on battery life with Core i7 processors alone, since the mainstream processors using the Ivy Bridge concept have not hit the markets. Based on the test results, the new range of processors show some marginal increase (12 minutes difference) in the battery life.

ivy bridge is an awesome range of processors from intel

When the New Processors will hit the Market?

If you wish to buy a PC or a Laptop enhanced with the third generation processors, do not hurry now. Intel is ready to release the new processors only at the end of May. In addition to this, please note that, the Windows 8 operating system too is going to hit the markets in two or three months. Hence, it is better to wait for at least two months to grab your new PC or laptop powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processors!

iOptik Lens – An Awesome Contact Lens for a Superhuman Vision!

iOptik lens to give superhuman vision

In the coming years, you have to get ready for the superhuman vision, which is possible with the help of a new type of contact lens called the iOptik Lens. Yes! This is not something from a science fiction and this is not a joke too. A company called Innovega has developed this latest contact eye lens, which allows a human to focus more than a single object at the same time. While the Google glasses have already created a buzz in the technology world, now iOptik lens is gradually drawing the attention of tech lovers.

Why iOptik is Special?

The humans are capable of focusing only one object at a time, and can just get an unfocused view of another object while focusing the other. However, Innovega has come up with the latest innovation that changes the way humans can see, which is quite a superhuman thing. With the help of iOptik eye lenses, a human can now focus two objects simultaneously. To explain exactly, we can now see two fields of our vision, that is, we can concentrate our focus on one object, and at the same time, we can concentrate on the background details of our vision too.  Thus, iOptik optics lens is, in fact, an awesome innovation that exceeds what the nature has given for humans.

iOptik lens is a cool new latest contact lens!

Pentagon wants iOptik!

Innovega introduced the iOptik very recently, and it has already caught the attention of Pentagon. While Google’s vision glasses are trending now in the world of technology, Pentagon has another idea. It now wants this new eye contact lens to support for a few of its future projects. It has already ordered for the supply of iOptik. According to the reports, it seems like Pentagon has its interest in developing the display screens using the iOptik lens. These display screens are very much of the type that you might have seen in the Terminator movie used by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

iOptik lens helps dual focused vision

When will you get yours?

In addition to manufacturing the contact lenses, Innovega also is manufacturing glasses based on the same iOptik concept of visual projection. The company introduced these glasses in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The official reports from the company suggests us that, using these glasses, the wearer can focus on his mobile phone while taking a look at the things around him or her simultaneously. So, when will you get your pair of iOptik glasses or the contact lenses? The company says that it has plans to introduce the iOptik lenses and glasses in the commercial market by the year of 2014.

iOptik lens is a great biotechnology innovation

The Power of Technology

The iOptik lenses and glasses have the ability to make humans get more than what the nature has given for them. Just like the iOptik, many innovations have given the humans things that the nature has restricted for them. These innovations clearly reveal what technology can bring for the humankind. Especially, the biotechnology, which is growing at a rapid speed, surely has the ability to help humans attain superhuman powers. More than this, these technologies can improve the lives of physically challenged people. The biotechnology experts believe that more technologies like the iOptik lens are set to come in the future days!

Why IT Companies Invest Millions in Solar Power?

solar power is growing in a good pace

The trend of IT companies investing in solar power is growing up. The news that search giant Google’s clean energy investment is nearing the $1 Billion mark is a great example. In addition to Google, many big players in the IT sector are now seeing new possibilities in the form of solar energy. The energy experts believe that many companies and enterprises will soon face a level of inconsistency in terms of their energy source availability in future. The experts also give an estimation that says generation of electricity from the conventional sources will be tough in the coming decades.

Solar Power is Gaining Importance!

Solar power system is one of the important alternative energy resources available within the reach of humans. Solar energy awareness was there among the companies even a decade ago. However, there were very little takers and the implementation systems too were at their level of infancy, since the solar power cost was not within the reach. Now that the conventional energy reserves are decreasing day by day, the chances of being energy – consistent in the future days have become a doubtful thing.  As the primary energy resources like coal and oil are depleting very quickly, now companies have started to concentrate on other energy means, especially solar power energy.

IT companies are investing millions in solar power

Google’s Solar Projects

Google, one of the trendsetters in the technology world, is eyeing for some great possibilities in solar power. The Larry Page led company has invested a whooping $94 million in solar projects that are going to take off in the coming days. Reports suggest that a solar energy based company called Recurrent Energy is going to build four solar photovoltaic projects near Sacramento in California. The project ideas seem to have attracted the search giant, and, the company has agreed to invest millions of dollars in building the projects. With this $94 million investment, Google’s investment in clean technology has totaled up to a whooping $914 million.

Google has invested $1 billion in solar power

The Reason

The reason for Google’s generous investment in solar energy systems is nothing but the company’s strong belief in solar power. In addition to this, the four projects built by Recurrent Energy Company are going to serve more than 10,000 homeowners with home solar power. The company’s idea is to install solar photovoltaic panels on the rooftops of the houses in a large-scale manner. If all the installations become successful, then the company can boast of producing 88MW of electricity through solar panels. 88MW is the measure of energy consumed by 13,000 homes currently using the conventional energy.

solar power is the future of energy resources

The Shift!

If one thing is facing an end, it is very natural that a shift is necessary to move to the next possible thing. The energy experts are advising the world to start making things that will contribute to the shift from using limited supply of conventional energy resources to using clean energy resources. Moreover, they are also advising that the shift should lead to the usage of energy resources that should be available unlimited all the time. When observed, solar power is the best option in getting the unlimited power source all the time. It seems like Google has sensed the importance of solar energy at the right time and has already started contributing to the shift. Now, we can expect that more IT companies will follow the Google’s way and will invest more in solar power.

Windows 8 – A Whole New Operating System for Windows Fans!

Windows 8 - the cool new operating system

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from the software giant, Microsoft, with a cool new feature of Metro UI. As the competition gets tough day by day in the world of computer and technology, the competitors are gearing up to take on the challenge with some innovative and cool new technology products. Microsoft, one of the hallmark companies in the tech arena, is always a trendsetter. The Bill Gates founded company has now released the consumer preview of the latest version of its stellar operating system, Windows. The company calls the new version as Windows 8, which is a successor to its previous version, Windows 7.

What is Metro UI?

With its latest operating system, Microsoft has given life to a cool new user interface called the Metro UI. The Microsoft supporters bet high on the Metro user Interface, as they believe that the new feature will change the way people interact with the computers.  The new user interface has no space for the pull down menus, but introduces you the new tiles, with which the Windows Phone 7 users are already familiar. The tiles are nothing but the big label – like functional menus, which just need a click or a finger touch to start working. With these tiles, the new user interface is clearly the key feature of the new version of Windows.  However, if the user wishes, he can use the old style interface too.

Metro UI of Windows 8 is amazing

Tablet – Supporting OS!

The Windows 8 operating system is for both the desktop PCs and tablet PCs. However, the functionality differs from one device to the other. For an instance, in tablets, it is enough to slide your finger from the side to get the main function tiles. However, in PCs, using mouse, one has to click the bottom corner of the screen to get the functions. The makers have etched the new operating system in such a way that the OS appears natural and flawless in both the types of the devices.

Windows can work for both PCs and Tablets

System Requirements

Here are the Microsoft Windows 8 system requirements. The new operating system needs 1 GHz or a faster processor to run. For the 32-bit version, 1 GB of RAM is enough, and for 64-bit version, the RAM requirement is 2 GB. Microsoft DirectX 9 version of graphics devices is necessary to run the Metro user interface. The minimum storage requirement is 16 GB for the 32-bit version and 20GB for the 64-bit version. A multi-touch screen is also necessary in case of using the touch facility. To download Windows 8 apps from the Windows store, an internet connection is necessary and the screen resolution should be equal to or above the range of 1024 x 768. However, to snap the applications, one needs a higher screen resolution of the range of 1366 x 768.

Windows 8 features an interesting interface design

Exciting Features!

In addition to the Metro user interface, the Windows 8 operating system has more to offer to its users. If you are an Xbox user, then using the new OS, you can get along with your gaming friends very easily. You can also synchronize your Windows devices using the Windows Live feature. The sync works based on the cloud technology, and thus, even your friends PC will become yours with all your apps, bookmarks etc when you use. A special Office edition for the new OS is also getting ready.

Windows 8 apps are there for every need

The consumer preview is already out and it shows that the original version’s release is not far away. Reports suggest that it will take a few more months to sort out the bugs that are present in the preview edition. The reports also add that, most probably, Microsoft will introduce the original version of the Windows 8 in the month of October!

It is Time to Get Back to Tablet Stylus!

stylus pad is making a comeback

Stylus Pad and other Stylus hardware devices are now gaining attention again! It is a usual thing that every trend and fashion completes a cycle and begins again, from where it starts, but in a different form. This fact applies to everything. Right from the music that we listen to the clothes that we wear, we get back to the old trends at some point of time. Now, it is time for the stylus pads again, after a long time when the technology of touching with fingers got popular and killed the stylus usage. Recently, Samsung too has announced that its tablet products may release along with a stylus pen, most probably the Samsung Galaxy Note’s S Pen!

Stylus and Its History

We can date back to the late 1980s or the early 1990s when the stylus pad attracted many takers. Many tech companies released many supportive tools for the stylus technology. Even Microsoft launched special windows for the stylus computing some twenty years ago. Many companies like the Toshiba, IBM and Fujitsu released many ranges of tablet PCs that created a new wave in computing. The entire tablet PCs released at those times used stylus pads as the only mode of input. Hence, Stylus became a very important tool then. The real reason was that, stylus tablets were using the resistive type of touch pads, which cannot function without stylus hardware.

stylus pad is an awesome tool for digital drawing

The Change

Even though the stylus tablets used the resistive touch pads in 1990s, the mid 2000s witnessed a major change in the tablet PC technologies. Many tablet manufacturers ignored the resistive touch pads and the stylus hardware and started using the capacitive touch pads. This major shift accounted for the death of stylus pads. Human hands were just enough to use a capacitive touch pad. In the year of 2010, Apple released the epic iPad tablet with a capacitive touch pad, which set the benchmark for rest of the tablet PC manufacturers. Late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, even went to an extent of joining a stylus pad to the list of failed tech products.

Samsung Galaxy Note is an awesome stylus device

The Comeback

After the inception of capacitive touch pads, only very few devices still stick to the stylus hardware. Mostly, these devices are for the gaming stuff and not the regular tablets. This is the reason why we do not see a tablet coming along with a stylus pad nowadays. However, Samsung has now initiated another shift in the tablet touch pads. Even though Samsung tablets do not come with a stylus pad, Samsung Galaxy Note, a smart phone, has hit the markets with a stylus. The Galaxy Note has also earned many positive reviews, as it can allow the user to do any drawing or painting on the go with the use of the stylus. Adding support to this move by Samsung, many application developers have also created a good number of applications, which needs an input through a stylus.

Stylus pad has got better over time

Stylus has got better

Twenty years back, the stylus pad technology did not reach any great heights, even though it was a new form of input. Many limitations in the technology prevented accuracy of computing when people used the stylus hardware. However, Samsung’s S Pen is awesome and has done away many limitations, which promises a comeback of stylus pad or other stylus hardware!

New Gadgets in 2012 – What to Expect?

Ice Cream Sandwich - one of the new gadgets in 2012

Tech geeks nowadays hunt for the list of new gadgets in 2012, as speculations reveal that the 2012 gadgets are some awesome deals that one can never miss this year. Just now, the year has begun, and so far, the happenings in the world of technology suggest us that the year 2012 will see people getting to the next level in terms of technology. Whether it is mobile phones, or the laptops, or the new sensational tablets, or the cameras, or other gadgets like operating systems and gaming devices, the year 2012 seems to have many in store for the technology lovers and users. Based on the speculations and the wish lists of geeks and tech critics, here are the 15 gadgets that come under the most anticipated list of new gadgets in 2012!

1) Google Ice Cream Sandwich

Android is the most used mobile operating system on the earth and its popularity is sky high, even though it faces a tough competition from Apple. Usually, Android gets better every year with the yummy names. This year too, the mobile operating system reaches the version 4 named Ice Cream Sandwich, and eventually, the products using Ice Cream Sandwich fall into this list of 2012 gadgets. This means more good news for the Android fans and more bad news for the Apple and Windows phone fans.

2) Next Edition of Kindle Fire

The year of 2011 was something great for the Amazon, as the company’s tablet, Kindle, sold like hot cakes. Kindle, Amazon’s product aimed against the Apple’s iPad, had a few technical and user – friendly limitations even though the sales were quite successful. The makers of Kindle have promised a new edition in the Kindle series, and because of the previous edition’s success and many people expect it, next edition of Kindle easily gets into the list of new gadgets in 2012. However, one has to wait and see whether Kindle 2 manages to find solutions for the limitations and problems that the first edition faced.

Kindle 2 comes under tablets of new gadgets in 2012

3) iPad Mini

If Android fans have a reason to celebrate this year, surely Apple fans too have their own reasons. The little version of the iPad, which is the world’s most famous tablet series, called the iPad mini may hit the Apple stores this year. People always say that the Apple products have big numbers in the price tags. To put people’s mouths silent, Apple is getting ready to release the small version of iPad to make it affordable to everyone. Speculations also reveal that an interesting price of $300 will attract more buyers. If iPad Mini is possible in 2012, then it is surely the go-get-it type in the list of 2012 gadgets.

ipad 3 is one of the amazing new gadgets in 2012

4) Next Gen MacBook Air

Apple gives reasons for the conventional laptop lovers too to celebrate this year. MacBook Air, one of revolutionary devices from the Apple, has a thin design and powerful performance, and it is the differentiating factor of the laptop. A speculation says that, soon the Tim Cook led tech company may come up with a next generation MacBook Air, which may have an awesome design at the size of just 15 inches, thinner, lighter and more powerful than the previous editions. People who are looking out to buy new gadgets in 2012 should be ready to grab this ultra-design laptop.

Next Gen macbook air features in the list of cool new gadgets in 2012

5) Nook Tablet 2

Nook tablet from the Barnes & Noble Company clearly had a tough battle fighting against the likes of Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. This year, the tech lovers can expect the next edition of Nook with improved technical specifications along with other 2012 gadgets. The previous edition lacked the Bluetooth feature, and Nook 2 may sell more, if it includes the Bluetooth this time.

another tablet in awesome list of new gadgets in 2012

6) Fourth Generation Phones

The 3rd generation mobile devices ruled the world of mobile technology last year. The last year also witnessed the introduction of 4th generation mobile phones. Hence, the new gadgets in 2012, in terms of mobile phones, may use the 4th generation technology that will promise better facilities than the 3G models of mobile phones. By the end of the year, the usage costs too come down, according to the predictions of the experts of mobile industry.

next gen mobile phone is one of new gadgets in 2012

7) Nintendo Wii U

Gamers can also expect some awesome 2012 gadgets specially made for them. Nintendo, one of the top companies in the gaming arena, has plans to release the new Nintendo Wii U, which has some stunning features like 1080p graphic support and great compatibility. Critics also predict that the Wii U can try something different and can come up with a revolutionary set of controls.

Wii U is a cool gaming gadget in the list of new gadgets in 2012

8 ) PS Vita

In addition to Nintendo Wii U, the list of new gadgets in 2012 has more gadgets to keep the gaming buffs happy. Vita, a handheld gaming device from Sony Play Station, has everything including an affordable price that can help its makers to get to the top again this year in the gaming world.

vita gaming device is one in the bunch of new gadgets in 2012

9) iPad 3

The year of 2011 witnessed the introduction of various tablet PCs. Apple, ahead of all other companies, released the iPad way back in 2010, which set the benchmark for its competitors, which followed it. When the followers release their next versions of tablets in 2012, why not the leader? Speculation has it that soon Tim Cook may hold the next edition of iPad, the iPad 3, and may smile to the snaps after an introduction ceremony soon. If iPad 3 gets out, in addition to iPad Mini, then it is sure that it will be one of the hottest 2012 gadgets.

another ipad edition which is one of the new gadgets in 2012

10) Ultrabooks

NetBooks became successful last year. However, many people said that the laptops had a price that was not affordable for many regular tech buyers. This year, the UltraBooks may be available at a gettable price, and hence, features in the wish list of new gadgets in 2012.

marvelous ultrabook laptops are also in the list of new gadgets in 2012

11) Nikon D800

Photography attracts huge number of people every year, and hence, cameras attract the photographers every year. Nikon D700 attracted a huge number of buyers in the last two years. Nikon D800, a successor to the yesteryear release, Nikon D700, can have its release this year. The 32 Megapixel cameras, if released, will clearly feature in a photographer’s list of to-buy 2012 gadgets.

nikon d800 is one of the new gadgets in 2012

12) Canon 5D Mark III

Competition is tough in the sales of cameras too. If Nikon comes up with a new gadget, then surely its tough competitor Canon too will be ready. Canon’s 5D Mark II was very popular last year, after its makers released it in 2010. Camera lovers expected the next edition Mark III in 2011. However, the gadget did not arrive and may do this year. It is not necessary to mention that it earns a place in the expected list of new gadgets in 2012.

mark iii - another camera in the list of new gadgets in 2012

13) Apple iTV

Television is one area, which has caught up in the eyes of big payers of technology, Apple and Google. People, however the day is to them, good or bad, never fail to switch on their Television sets. Google realized this fact clearly, and hence, it came up with the concept of Google TV way back in the year of 2010. Now, it is the time for Apple to have plans to come up with its own products to captivate the TV market. Apple iTV may be result, and if it becomes a reality, it may top the charts of 2012 gadgets.

itv is one of the hottest new gadgets of 2012

14) iPhone 5

In addition to the iPads, MacBooks and iTV, Apple seems to have more plans to execute it this New Year. Here is the ‘Wow’ news for the mobile phone buffs. Apple may release the iPhone 5, the fifth edition of iPhone, which changed the terms of a mobile phone after its inception. People expected iPhone 5 in 2011. However, Apple came up with iPhone 4S, an improved 4th edition of iPhone. This year, it is almost sure that iPhone 5 may have its release. What is up then? Those who wish to buy new gadgets in 2012 once again have to stand in queues in front of the Apple stores to buy the iPhone 5 this year.

iphone 5 is one of the coolest new gadgets in 2012

15) Windows 8

If computers rule the world, then it is easy to say that Windows rule the world of computers. The phenomenal success of Windows made Bill Gates the richest man on this earth. Everyone is aware of this fact, and of course, it is as easy to say that everyone has used Windows and is still using. Last year, Bill Gates’ Microsoft released the developer preview of Windows 8, which is the new operating system from the technology giant. The hottest thing with this one of the hottest 2012 gadgets is the new user interface – Metro UI. Metro user interface concentrates in integrating all the features right on the desktop.

Windows 8 with metro UI holds a place in the list of new gadgets in 2012

It is clear that both the big shots and tiny players of the technology world are gearing up to change the face of the technology once again this year. All those who wish to get some new gadgets in 2012 can do one thing – saving some bucks and buying their favorite 2012 gadgets!

Is Nano SIM Card the Future of Mobile World?

The all new efficient Nano SIM card!

The new Nano SIM card

The world of mobiles is going to experience another major change in the future with Nano SIM Card. Subscriber Identification module, or SIM cards, as how we know, are going to experience a big revolution. The revolution may take place in many of its characteristic parameters including shape, size and efficiency. Many technology giants predict this Nano version of the SIM card as the future of the mobile world. The first step of this future of mobile phone technology has already found its base in Germany! Let us take a deep look into this cutting-edge technology that may find a place in our mobile phones one day!

Apple Connection?

The base concept of Nano SIM Card was once the call or need of the mobile technology giant Apple! Yes! This is not a fairy tale! Apple once revealed really that it needs a smaller sized SIM card to make its mobile devices more compact and efficient. At that time, many experts considered this statement of Apple as a greedy call, as they considered that the types of SIM cards that exist now are already small and compact. However, now, Geisecke & Devrient, a German based electronic technology company claims that it has developed a new type of SIM circuitry that may fit to the needs of Apple!

SIM technology evolves with the new Nano SIM Card

What is the Change?

The German company claims that it has designed and developed a new type of SIM Card that has a reduced size, which is just two third of the size of the SIM cards that exist now. The company calls this new type of SIM as the Nano SIM Card! The makers of the Nano version of the SIM also reveal that they have made significant changes in the SIM circuitry. If this is true, then this is the first time in 20 years that the SIM circuitry undergoes a change! In addition to this, they also say that they have reduced the thickness of the SIM circuitry card by 15 percentile. When we consider the existing size of the SIM circuitry card, which is very thin, 15-percentile reduction is a big thing really! The makers also call their innovation product as the future of mobile world, since they claim that their product is sure to score well in the factor of efficiency, even though considerable changes have taken place in important characteristic parameters of the product!

New Nano SIM Card is technically advanced!

What is the Use?

Considering the reduction in size and thickness and marginal change in shape, the Nano SIM Card is 60% smaller than the existing SIM cards in total! This reduction will surely account to increase in the factor of efficiency. If the efficiency of the SIM Card increases, we can expect the future cell phones with reduction in size and thickness, but with same performance and increased net efficiency! This means that future of mobile phones may witness large batteries and increase in memory storage capacity in the mobiles! What is more interesting here is that, G & D also says the new Nano SIM Card will also be backward compatible with the older devices with the help of adapter solutions!

Nano SIM Card will change the mobile world!

Get the Best from Your Camera Phones with Swivl!

Swivl helps to get more camera phones!

There was a time when camera phones were the hottest gadgets that one could ever have. As time has passed, now phones with a camera are not pretty big deals! Continuous innovation in mobile cameras has led to the production of some sensational camera mobile devices! These phones with stupendous camera facilities can take images of you with a quality that is nothing short of the quality of an image taken in a real camera! Now, many of the smart phones come up with two cameras at both the front and rear ends! As the scenario is like this, here is a new type of accessory, Swivl, which almost converts your camera phone into a personal camera operator! Let us see what actually the Swivl phones can do!

What is Swivl?

Swivl is nothing but a stunning accessory for the camera mobile phones that can enable your phone to work like a camera operator! A California based company, named Satarii, is soon going to launch the outstanding accessory that will help you to get a completely new use from your camera phones! Swivl is actually a device that consists of a motor and a mounting stand! When you place your camera phone on the mounting stand, Swivl enables your phone to shoot a video or helps you to perform video chats with absolute easiness! Even though we may have top-notch camera facilities in our mobile phones, it was always difficult to do video chats by holding the phone steadily. Filming yourself perfectly by holding the camera phone in your hand was also not an easy task even though if you had a front-end camera! Now, Swivl phones come as the solution to such inconvenient problems you face, when using your camera mobile phone!

Camera phones can do a lot with Swivl!

Awesome Tracker!

To help to film yourself perfectly without the help of others, Swivl phones come with an awesome tracker that will track all your movements when you are in front of it! This tracker actually works with the help of a small marker! What you have to do is, you have to clip the small marker in your body anywhere! That is it! You can start filming yourself! Your camera phones will capture every action of you with great perfection!

Swivl makes your camera phones more useful!

Every direction!

Once you place your camera phone on Swivl device, it will automatically trace your movements and will allow your camera phone to move in all the directions to capture your movements. This is because of the support from a motor, which rounds 360 degrees all the time based on your movements! You can even stop the movement of the motor so that your phone makes a fixed point shoot to help you to perform a perfect video chat! Thus, the Swivl phones enable you to get the best from your camera phones with a hands free approach.

camera phones become amazing using Swivl!

Perks for iPhone users!

If you are an iPhone user, then you have extra benefits using Swivl. You can charge you iPhone when you place it on Swivl device with the help of a built-in power connector. In addition to this, you can also control the video shoot of your camera phones even with the help of the marker!

5 Best Android Phones for Android Freaks!

Any Android lover would always love to learn about the top 5 Android phones that currently rock the smart phone world! For Android freaks, especially, the year of 2011 is a year of celebration, as some sensational Android mobile devices have hit the market. Mobile phone manufacturing giants like Samsung, HTC and many such companies continuously have released the best Android mobile phones to try to take an unassailable lead in the Android smart phone market. As the competition gets tough day by day, one can expect more Android phones that may come up with more stunning features and unmatchable performance! For now, go through this list of top 5 Android phones that rule the Android world!

1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung galaxy Nexus - One of the top 5 android phones!

The Android world has experienced a major leap with the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Samsung.  Samsung, which is one of the consistent makers of the best Android mobile phones, has used the latest Android operating system called Android Ice Cream Sandwich to produce the Galaxy Nexus! Galaxy Nexus comes with a stunning look and its performance is unmatchable. The fantastic user interface and the awesome processing speed are the advantages of this Android phone, which clearly leads the list of top 5 Android phones!

2. HTC Rezound

Rezound is one of the best Android mobile phones that HTC has ever released so far! It features a gorgeous screen display that comes with 720 pixels and High Definition facility. If you are one of the Android lovers, who need excellent camera facility in their Android mobile device, Rezound is one of the best picks for you. In addition to great display and stunning camera features, it also features special software for music lovers – Beat Audio Software, which enables you to enjoy music with a great experience! Thus, it has all the credits to make into the list of top 5 Android phones!

3. Motorola Droid Razr

In the list of top 5 android phones, Razr gets a unique place!

Motorola Droid Razr has every feature that other best Android mobile phones have! Be it the ultra thin size, be it the most useful features, or, its stupendous speed, Razr has everything that a hardcore Android freak would love to have in his smart phone. Thus, satisfying its users, Razr is easily one of the top 5 Android phones that you can get today on this earth!

4. Samsung Galaxy S 2

Galaxy S2 - One of the stupendous top 5 android phones

Yet another device from the Samsung Galaxy mobile series, Samsung Galaxy S2 has all the sophisticated features that are the requirements for an Android phone to get a place in the list of top 5 Android phones! With the dual core processor and a mind-blowing display, Samsung Galaxy S 2 can compete strongly with other best Android mobile phones!

5. HTC Evo 3D

HTC Evo is the only 3D phone in the list of top 5 android phones

Many early Android phones did not have a long battery life. However, you may not experience this battery instability with HTC Evo 3D. The battery life factor is one strong advantage that HTC Evo 3D holds over other best Android mobile phones! Other than long battery life, what gets this device into the anticipated list of top 5 Android phones? Well! It is the powerful performance and the sensational 3D feature!