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Which is the Coolest Mobile Operating System – Android vs iOS?

Do you want to check out the interesting comparison of Android vs iOS? Here you are. The world of mobile phones has a dramatic run since its origin. Amazing innovations and inclusion of stunning features in the mobile phones surprise everyone every day. Especially, after the advent of computational technologies in the mobile phones, they underwent an evolution. After this evolution, came the cool smart phones, which had more things almost equaling a computer in performance. Well! Smart phones do have an operating system just like the computers. The big players in the industry of mobile operating system are Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. The comparison of Android vs iOS is such an interesting thing to discuss. If you are looking to buy a smart phone, you will find this comparison very helpful.

Development and Customization

In the battle of Android vs iOS, both stands equal when it comes to the term of developmental process. Both the operating systems are the products of big players of the computing world. Yes! Apple is the maker of iOS for its range of devices like iPhone and iPad, whereas, Google’s contribution is huge in the development of Android. However, the interesting thing here is that, Android is an open source mobile operating system. However, iOS is a closed source one, though Apple does not license for iOS installation on third-party devices. This means that, Android has good customizing options when compared to iOS. Anyone who has a bit of developing skills can customize their Android operating system largely. In iOS, you cannot find such extensive customizations that you find in Android phones. Thus, Android wins over iOS in the comparison of Android vs iOS, when it comes to development and customization facilities.

User Interface 

In the race of Android vs iOS, iOS has an advantage over Android, if you compare the user interface of both the mobile operating systems. Since Android provides a great extent of customization, it lags a bit in the consistency of the User Interface. The variety of devices that use the Android OS is also more than that of iOS. This leads to the variation in user interface, if the devices vary. However, in most of the cases, only the Apple-made devices use the iOS operating system. Hence, the user interface of iOS remains consistent. Thus, iOS takes a lead over Android in terms of user interface.


The use of application is one of the great features of smart phones. In the comparison of Android vs iOS, application development and usage vary a lot in both the types of mobile operating system. In iOS, the maker, Apple, has a tight control over API, or Application Programming Interface. This means that, Apple bans the third-party application development for its iOS. However, in Android, anyone can develop applications for open source mobile operating system. Thus, you can find a wide range of applications in Android than in iOS. You can consider it as both a pro and a con, since API has a great influence in user interface as discussed above.

Thus, from this comparison of Android vs iOS, you can feel that, both the mobile operating systems are good in different perspective views.


Audio Engine 5 – Powered surround sound systems

Audio engine 5 is one of the best PC Speakers out there. Today, many people all around the world are investing in good home theatre systems to have a great movie experience. These systems help one to get an amazing cinematic experience while sitting in the comfort of one’s own home. As the visuals get clearer every day with better and better monitors, it is only natural to wish for an equally great audio system. Cinema is enjoyed my millions of people all around the world. It fills a void which no other activity can fill. The better the home theatre system, the greater experience one will enjoy in those few hours of viewing.

The Audio engine 5 delivers amazing sound to fulfill all of your visual and audio entertainment needs. They also have two audio inputs and two different charging options. One of the charging options is a USB port whereas the other is an AC plug. The USB port however is only for charging purposes and not for syncing. Visually they have a more simplistic design to them rather than a futuristic or a cutting edge one. The simplicity actually works well too as they seamlessly blend with other products like the television set or the DVD and Blue Ray players. They are also available in two colors; white and black.

The 5 series speakers of the Audio engine 5 come in sizes of 10x7x7.9 inches and they all have a 20 mm silk dome tweeter along with a 5 inch Kevlar woofer. These speakers can be connected to your computer and provides clear, rich and deep sounds with an excellent bass. Such qualities make this system one of the best PC speakers out there in its price range. If you’re looking for a clear and detailed sound, that’s what you’ll get with these speakers.

The Audio engine 5 can even compete with the higher end systems that are almost twice its price range. While the Audio engine 5 costs about US $325, other systems which come close to its quality are mostly at least twice as costly. The only one drawback one can say about this set is that they are a little bit bulky. But there is no need for any disappointment as the quality far supersedes its bulky appearance. They also provide a lot of convenience to the user too. As they have an audio input as well as a USB port, you can charge your music devices like iPod or iPhone while listening to music. Moreover the Audio engine 5 is also resistant to GSM interference from mobile phones giving the user hours of uninterrupted and blissful audio delight.

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An Insight into Mobile Number Portability

Mobile number portability helps mobile telephone users to hold on to and use their existing mobile phone number when changing their network provider. Number portability can be a boon or a curse depending on how you look at it and what your needs are. For some, changing their mobile numbers every time they change their mobile network operator is a hassle. They will have to send their new number to everyone in their contact list to inform them about the change. Sometimes sending your number to everyone, particularly if your contact list is large can be very troublesome.

Here’s where mobile number portability comes in. Using the number portability option will enable you to keep the same number you have right now, even if you change your service operator. But the implementation of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is different in the various different parts of the globe. For instance, the European user will have to contact the new provider to arrange for the necessary process with the old provider. This process is called Recipient-Led porting. The new provider is the Recipient whereas the old provider is the Donor. India is the latest country to join the number portability bandwagon using the recipient led porting system.

On the other hand, the process of mobile number portability in the U.K is quite different as any individual who wishes to port their number will have to get a porting authorization code from the old provider and pass it on to the new one. The new provider will then arrange for the porting of the user’s mobile phone number. This process is called Donor-Led porting. But unfortunately this process has been criticized by some for being inefficient.

Mobile number portability unfortunately also has its disadvantages. When using the number portability facility, one has to get in contact with both the old and new service provider and has to go through various clerical formalities. This process can be frustrating especially since some countries take a number of days to complete the process. Some countries are very efficient in their approach and will finish the process in a matter of a few seconds or minutes whereas others take as long as a week.

But Mobile number portability surely cannot be dismissed as being troublesome as it still offers plenty of convenient and comfortable uses. Countries that have high populations like India or China can find many benefits to this concept as they have millions of cell phone users. But no matter how you look at it, one cannot deny the benefits provided by the concept of mobile number portability to cell phone users everywhere.

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Increase Your Computer Speed – Find Some Valuable Tips

Why not increase your computer speed rather than feeling frustrated to see yourself lagging whenever you do something on your computer? Files may be taking too long to load; softwares may take eons to open and so forth. These can be highly disruptive and result in a lot of time wastage. Not to mention all the pain caused by the constant hair pulling. Fortunately there are ways to increase computer speed and performance. Some of these tips are included below.

The first and foremost thing to know is that the choice of operating system plays a huge role in the performance of a computer. Choosing the best operating system is definitely going to improve your computer speed. Some operating systems are just more capable of carrying more load than others. By gathering more information about the various operating systems and their own versions, you can find a suitable one. But it is also important to note that certain operating systems have problems running certain softwares and so you will have to consider your needs as well. Partitioning your disks will also help your operating system to find data quickly.

Defragmenting the disks also helps to increase computer speed by a substantial amount. Every time you create a new folder or save files or move them, your hard disk will get more fragmented. Due to this the computer speed slowly starts to go slower and slower. Using the disk defragmentation tool, you can defragment your data to improve the performance of your computer. Using this option every 2 weeks or so will prove to be very handy in the long run.

Clean your hard disks from time to time to remove any temporary data that still might be there. This can be very useful when you have several GB’s of data getting IN and OUT of your hard disk every now and then. These files may exist in your C drive or in the recycle bin and certain large files may take up a lot of space and decrease your computer speed. There are various free softwares such as Disk Cleaner, C-Cleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, etc… available for removing such files and thereby increase your computer speed. Also if you don’t mind having a normal visual screen, you can remove all the fancy visual effects and keep only the ones you need.

Another important trick is to always keep your C drive from getting cluttered with movies, songs and other data that is required to be there. Keep all such files in a different drive. Many people often keep a lot of their media files and other heavy data files in the C drive which results in the low performance and speed of the computer. Also keep a checkout for viruses and scan your computer at regular intervals to remove spywares and viruses.

If you wish to increase your computer speed, follow each tip given in this article. Post your comments and let us know if these work out. If you wish more to share, you’re most welcome 🙂 !!!

Schedule email – Use Outlook to Send e-mail Smartly

Did you ever know that you can schedule email using Microsoft outlook express in your computer? There are always a smart way to do things and a tiresome way to do it. Which way depends on the individual. Some people prefer the tiresome way as it is hard work and such a feeling satisfies some. While such a belief is worthy of respect, sometimes it can get you in hot water as well. In such cases smartly doing it would be the wisest choice.

Sometimes when engaged in a business with an individual or company outside one’s country, you will have to send e-mails at specific times due to the difference in time zones. If one of those times end up being early morning at say 5 AM, then you can either set your alarm clock to wake up that early to send it or you can utilize the schedule email option in Microsoft outlook.

To schedule email would be far more convenient especially since all you have to do is set up the schedule the previous night of the send date. The scheduled email will automatically be sent without any delay at the set time. This way you won’t have to sacrifice your precious sleep and after all advancements in technology are made to make things more convenient. You can easily utilize the schedule email option in outlook by the following steps.

When you ‘Open’ an email in outlook, go to the ‘message tab’ and click the ‘message options arrow’ to open a new dialog box. The message option will be depicted by a small arrow symbol on the right side of the box. You can also use the options expansion button in the options tab to access the dialog box. When the new dialog box opens, look for the delivery option and mark the ‘do not deliver before’ option. Then set the ‘calendar’ and ‘time’ to the date and time you need to send the particular email and you’re all done.

Now it is important to remember that Outlook should be kept opened until the set time for it to work. Closing the program will stop the schedule email process. You can do this for any number of emails to ensure the accurate delivery of all your email messages.

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Computer Tricks – Helping you to do Better Computing

Computers are an essential item to have these days. They help us in performing various tasks which would be very time-consuming otherwise. In order to enjoy the benefits of the computer, maintaining it properly is very necessary. When we get a new computer everything runs smooth and nice for a few months, but soon things start to slow down. The computer takes more time to start up programs and when performing various other functions. Fortunately there are certain computer tricks to help you better your computer performance.

Some of the many computer tricks to improve the efficiency of your machine are given below. Refresh every time you close an application to remove any unused files in the RAM. Not many people realize the importance of the refresh option. Cluttering up the desktop with hundreds of shortcuts is certainly not a wise choice as it takes considerable space from your C drive. Make sure deleted files are permanently removed from the recycle bin. Sometimes a large file may stick around in the recycle bin and take a lot of space from your main drive. Right click on the recycle bin and choose the remove permanently option once in a while to remove such files.

Defragmenting your hard disks at regular intervals of 2 weeks and partitioning your hard drives are yet another handy computer tricks. Make sure that dust doesn’t get settled in your CPU. Every month or so check the inside of the CPU and clean any dust that may have gotten inside. The dust can jam the CPU cooling fan which then reduces the processing power due to overheating. Do note that for such scenarios vacuum cleaning should never be done. Instead use compressed air to blow out and remove the dust.

Other than increasing the processing speed of your computer there are various other neat computer tricks which can help you to have a better computing experience. The Autorun.inf virus is a tiresome virus that is found on a lot of computers. This virus can potentially corrupt the hard drives and causes a lot of small problems. If such a virus existed in your computer then double clicking on hard drives won’t open any new windows. You will have to then open windows by exploring them. You can use the Winrar software to remove such a pesky virus.

First you will have to disable the Autorun function for CD/DVD or USB in Windows. Then open Winrar and go to the infected drive through the Winrar explorer. Doing so you can see all the hidden files in that particular drive. Find the Autorun.inf file and open it using notepad. In that file you will see a .EXE file. Now all you have to do is look for the .EXE file which will be somewhere near the .INF file and delete it along with the Autorun.inf file. Now just restart your operating system to enjoy a ‘pesky virus free’ computing experience.

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Temporary e-Mail Address – What are they?

Disposable email account also known as a temporary email address is an email account that you can create to fulfill a temporary need that may contain potential risks. If the temporary email gets compromised in any way or if it is abused by a third party, you can simply dispose of it to avoid any problems.

Some of the popular temporary email services used today are,

  • Guerrillamail
  • Mytrashmail
  • Mailinator
  • MailExpire

If there is a site you want to join and it’s asking for your email account, if you want to avoid getting hundreds of spam mails in your real account every day, you can set up a temporary email to use in such situations. So when you use a disposable account to sign up for a particular website, you are using an alias of your real email account. Every such alias is made specifically for a single mailing list or site which then gets associated with the disposable email account. Due to this when you get spam in your mail, you will know exactly what its source was.

There are many benefits to having a temporary email like the above mentioned protection of spam and protection from senseless information mails like ones containing hoaxes and spoofs. You don’t need to sign up or register anywhere to obtain one. Another great advantage is that your temporary email will automatically expire after a certain time period. This process has a lot of clarity involved and thankfully no hindrances.

But there are certain downsides as well. Some forums on the internet detest temporary emails as they create certain difficulties for forums to maintain control of their members. They also conceal the identity of the members which lead to problems when that particular member causes a problem. And so any member who was previously banned from a particular forum for spamming or trolling can easily make a temporary email and get in again. Many such sites are considering banning DEA’s due to this particular problem.

Overall a temporary email is quite a boon that can protect your real account and have it uncluttered. Of course this function shouldn’t be used for any malicious purposes and should be used responsibly. With great power comes great responsibility.

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Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard – Tricky but Interesting

The VKB or the Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard is a very intriguing device and installing it is a little tricky.  This technology is fairly new and has been around only for a very short time. You need to make a few changes to your keyboard typing habits as there is no tactile response in the Virtual Bluetooth keyboard.


But you soon get used to this keyboard after a while and then it seems the most natural thing in the world.  The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a revolutionary keyboard which generates a full-size operating keyboard that smoothly connects to your mobile devices.  This small device projects a laser image of the regular keyboard onto a flat surface and you can type by touching the surface at the image of the key that you wish to type.

The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a touch sensitive technology and the drawback is that at times it sometimes tends to detect keystrokes that you never intended, especially if one has  the habit of just keeping the fingers over the keyboard, lightly touching it which is natural for some while typing.  The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a very stylish device with a lightweight projector and an LED on the top of the unit which lets you know about the status of the battery and connection status.  The device works more accurately if used in a darkened room as strong lighting reduces the sensitivity.

The pairing of the keyboard and the phone sometimes creates a few problems as the technology is still in the early stages.  Sometimes double taps are also detected which can prove a little annoying and make your typing slow.  Keystrokes are detected quite quickly.

There are some who feel that this virtual Bluetooth keyboard is definitely not better than a real keyboard as one has to keep his fingers above the virtual keyboard, which many touch typists are not used to doing.  Secondly, in the virtual Bluetooth keyboard, you have to keep staring at the keyboard image when you type and this will prevent you from watching the screen.  Thirdly, a lot of misinterpretations take place in the Virtual Bluetooth keyboard.  The error rate is rather high in a virtual Bluetooth keyboard.

However, the Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard may help you to enter text faster than with a ten-key phone pad and since the size is small, you can keep it in your purse or pocket.

Advantages of Windows 7 – Why upgrade ?

On 22nd October 2009 Microsoft launched their next version in the Windows Operating system with Windows 7 following Windows Vista.  The advantages of Windows 7 over the previous versions are several and the first thing that comes to mind is an improved speed and less amount of RAM usage.  Windows 7 supports many features that are present in Windows Vista and brings in some additional ones. Though Windows Vista did have a very interactive GUI, Windows 7 uses the RAM more effectively.  Apart from this, there are some more specific advantages of Windows 7.

Windows 7 uses a concept called jumplists which actually organizes all your recently used files as well as webpages.  The taskbar is also improved with added functionalities so that you can align the objects on the taskbar to your requirements.  You can also remove any clutter on the desk top with the help of the three new features Aero Shake, Aero Peek and Snap.

One of the important advantages of Windows 7 is the media sharing aspect with additional drag and drop features in the windows Media Player.  Home Networking has also shown an enhancement as it has become more easy to use. The interface connecting the machines to a home network is easier.  Network security features have also improved so that a small office network is less likely to be hacked.

Improvement in the accessories is also added advantages of Windows 7.  The calculator has shown remarkable changes such as unit conversion and auto lease payments.  The WordPad has also improved looking more like Microsoft office Word. Word prediction is an added feature of the Windows 7.  Though speech recognition was present in the Microsoft Office, the feature has been enhanced to increase the advantages of Windows 7.  Paint has always been a much appreciated feature and has seen some realistic brushes in this new version to give more impact and depth to your pictures.  Sticky notes have some more additional features such as changing of fonts and also the color of the background is also possible.

Apart from the above, there are also some technological advantages of Windows 7. It can support Blue-ray and Windows Touch has also been enhanced, though this will apply to only specific users with touch screen terminals.  It also supports multi-touch and you can access start, menu, and windows explorer and so on with the help of this feature.

Thus, we see that there are many enhancements and advantages of Windows 7 over its previous versions with improvement in a vast range of features.

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The Future of Screen Technology

There is bound to be a lot of changes in the screen or display and the screen technology as we see it today.  There is speculation that by the end of this year there is going to be a mass production of a 9.7 inch color e-paper display and a 19 inch e-paper display of the flexible type.  Though this may be mere speculation, people don’t want to sit in front of a screen and would rather have a surface which has display capability which is bound to bring about changes in screen technology.  There is a potential for large touch screens and screens on all types of surfaces and also for the screen size.

TAT which is a Swedish software company specializing in technology and design have created a video showing the future of Screen technology.  This shows the characteristics of flexibility, stretch ability and also transparent screens with augmented User Interface.  It also seems that OLEDs can fit in directly in this screen technology.  Recently, they had an open innovation experiment where they stretched out the potentials of an idea for two weeks along with the web community and then produced a video of the idea that generated the maximum response as well as ideas and comments.

They actually offered three areas for this namely the future of driving, the future of screen technology and the future of communication.  The future of screen technology won the maximum responses and then they made this video which shows the face of user interfaces in 2014.  It shows a person getting up in the morning to stop the alarm by not even touching the screen and then stretching the screen which is of the flexible type and sending messages.


A lady brushing her teeth is able to watch the news in the mirror itself which serves as a screen which can be slid and pushed up and down.  The Screen technology shows

many such remarkable innovations especially with touch screen technology.  There is no longer any use of a mouse or a touch pad but just indirect touching of the computer screens.  No device needs to be held in the hand at all.

It is definitely possible for most of this amazing innovation in screen technology happening as we already have the capability for all this.  All this innovation makes out present keyboard and the mouse on it look antique.


Wireless Mobile Charger – Revolution in Wireless Power Transmission

The new revolution in wireless power transmission with the help of wireless mobile charger has been developed to allow you to transmit power without the use of wires.  This actually provides us safety from electricity especially due to power leakage or through improper connectivity. The wireless mobile charger is a revolution as it is gives simple and efficient wireless electricity to surfaces like walls, tables, floors and so on.  The technology of the wireless mobile charger is user friendly and can be used in all environments and places. Most of them are made of plastic with a base of rubber so that it doesn’t slip around on a table.

How the Wireless Mobile charger works

The Wireless Mobile Charger works on the basis of a pad and an adapter which is specific or unique to each mobile device.  The pad is to be plugged in to a socket in a wall and the power gets transmitted from the surface of the pad to the electric contacts that are present on the adapters on each device.  The transmission of power is done 100% without any wastage and hence completely efficient.  Additionally, it is also environment friendly.  The most interesting of the wireless mobile charger is that with the help of a single pad power can be transmitted to many adapters all at the same time.

The pad of the wireless mobile charger has to be bought along with the device adapters which will be different for different mobile phones. Devices such as mobile phones as well as iPhones, Nintendo DS units, netbooks, laptops, Sony PlayStation portables and many others can be charged with the help of the wireless mobile charger in this fashion by just attaching the receiver device to the device to be charged and then placing it on top of the charging mat.

Magnetic points on the mat deliver the power to the adapter and then to your mobile device.  The charging process usually begins at once with a tweet sound which alerts you that you have connected it properly.   The charging time for the wireless mobile charger is usually the same as the standard plug and the devices will also hold the same amount of battery life.

Some companies also supply about six or seven universal adapters along with the wireless mobile charger pad.  For charging iPhone 3G and iPod and RIM Blackberry Bold you can use the adapters crafted specifically for it.

However, some people are already happy with the traditional charger that comes with the box and may not be eager to shell out another sum to do what they are already doing for free by using a wireless mobile charger.

What is Grid Computing?

Grid Computing is the process of distributing tasks over a wide range of computers. These tasks can vary from very small data storage to highly complicated calculations. Grid computing is not restricted to one particular locality but can be extended over vast geographical areas. Grid computing can also be referred to as the integration of computer resources to accomplish a common goal.

Grid can be imagined to be a distributed environment with heterogeneous systems that consist of enormous data files. The dimensions of a grid are not always the same. Moreover, one single grid can be used for several purposes. Grid computing can be easily distinguished from other traditional systems such as cluster computing in such a way that a grid is more loosely coupled, is heterogeneous and widespread.

Grid computing can also be referred as ‘Distributed Computing’. It is a Parallel Computing technique that depends on computer systems linked to a network through traditional network interfaces. This is in contradiction to a Supercomputer in which a number of processors are connected by a local high speed computer bus.

CPU Scavenging leads to the creation of a grid by taking the dormant resources present in a computer network. CPU Scavenging uses the instruction cycles of a desktop computer which would have been wasted by just waiting for an input from the user or from an input device.

Advantages of Grid Computing

  • Idle resources can be efficiently handled by the use of Grid Computing.
  • Large, complex problems can be solved in a short span of time.
  • Easier to team up with other organizations.
  • Grid environments are modular and they do not fail due do the error that occurs at one particular point. Jobs can be restarted automatically when there is a failure.
  • Jobs can be done in parallel thus resulting in faster execution.

Disadvantages of Grid Computing

  • Need a fast interconnection between the computer resources.
  • A few applications may need to be altered to take full advantage of the new model.
  • Many groups do not wish to share resources even if it benefits everybody.
  • Jobs submitted may be non-interactive thus leading to chaos.
  • Grid computing standards and grid software are still in developing state.