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Cardboard Twin Reflex Camera – A Mirror to the Past

Man has from time immemorial taken pleasure in making something entirely different and one such gadget is the cardboard twin reflex camera. One such man is Kiel Johnson, who has made many gadgets with cardboard. His cardboard twin reflex camera especially has stood out as a mark of his genius. Though all of his cardboard cameras are not functional, there are some that run like any normal camera. His works are so perfect that it fools anyone into believing that it is a functional one. The effort he has taken to make so many different cameras and that too with correct precision is a thing to be lauded.


Origin of Kiel Johnson’s twin lens camera

The twin lens cardboard twin reflex camera of Kiel Johnson was first evolved when he made his first version to be exhibited in the window of a photography show. This camera has even a stand on which it was mounted and kept ready to take photos. Made entirely with cardboard, tape as well as hot glue is also used to make this awesome 16 x 12 x 35 cardboard camera. His fascination to paper is so infectious which is obvious in the way each and every button as well as lens is constructed. The fully operational cardboard camera has iconic twin lens that works as a pinhole camera.

In a twin lens cardboard twin reflex camera there will be two identical lenses of which the top one is used for viewing while the bottom lens is the real lens where the image will be exposed to the film. Both lenses have the same focal length. How creative and faultless one can be is proven with the cardboard camera. Really an amazing creation one but cannot help saying “WOW” to the cardboard camera. Kiel Johnson has painstakingly re-created an unbelievable collection of old school cameras. The different models of cardboard camera shows the real and different types of real cameras and how all of them would look when made of cardboard.

The cardboard material is so flexible and relatively easy to work with. The trick lies in getting the details right, and Johnson’s work has reached the paramount of excellence that you feel like just grabbing it and make use of it. He concentrates and is involved even in minuscule details that his creations like the cardboard camera has a realistic look as well as feel and even the earlier versions look really authentic.

The design is so precise that even the lens magnitude is very near to the actual one. But for the color scheme, a cardboard camera would fool any person as it is so real and true. Who would have thought that ordinary cardboard, tape and hot glue could be used to make something so extraordinary like a cardboard twin reflex camera?

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Google Products – 10 Amazing Products of Google

Let’s find what the Top 10 Google Products are!

One word that has been synonymous with greatness is ‘Google’. Ever since it came into being in 1996, the number of innovations it has produced for the internet is innumerable. One reason for Google’s greatness is that it has managed to provide web based products that communicates clearly to the user. Most of their products, though technically very complex also have an aura of simplicity that appeals to and teaches even the most inexperienced internet user. According to many users, the top ten Google products are Gmail, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Picasa, Google Talk, Google Docs, Google Adwords, Secure Access and Google Translator.

And here’s a brief description of these products!

1 ) Gmail
Gmail is a very popular Google product that has enthralled users all over the world for its lavish storage capacity and its very friendly user interface. You also receive very little or no spam compared to other email services.

2 ) Google Earth
Google Earth is also a Google product that has become very popular amongst users. It helps in understanding the landscape of a particular area very well, not to mention the fascinating notion of being able to watch the Earth from the sky. You can use it to gather information or you can just hang around the virtual space and see today’s technology in all its glory. The 3D maps enhance the viewing experience of the user and are able to provide the users with more information through the highly descriptive visuals.

3 ) Google Maps
Google maps is another Google product that has helped many people all over the world. It can show you the various roads and routes that exist to get from point A to point B in your city. Anytime you get lost, all you have to do is access Google maps on your phone and you can easily find the right direction.

4 ) Google Chrome
It is the third most popular web browser out there. It uses a custom built JavaScript environment which makes it one of the fastest browsers out there. It also comes with a well designed and convenient start page to improve the user experience.

5 ) Picasa
It is a tool for organizing and viewing images on your computer which also includes a photo sharing website. It loads faster than other programs and has several features that improve the user experience.

6 ) Google Talk
This is a freeware application that supports instant messaging and VoIP (voice over internet protocol). It has floored many people all over the world with its efficiency, simplicity and unobtrusiveness.

7 ) Google Docs
It is a free internet based word processor provided by Google. It can also store up to 1GB of your data. You can easily create and edit documents online while you’re collaborating with other individuals in real time. You don’t even have to send an email to share information, all you have to do is send an invite to the other user and you’re ready to go.

8 ) Google Adwords

This is the main advertising product of Google. The revenue generated by Adwords was about US $28 billion in 2010. It has been beneficial for many organizations that range from home businesses to publishers and local retail stores.

9 ) Secure Access
It is a free client application that can allow people using Google Wi-Fi network to establish a more secure wireless internet connection.

10 ) Google Translator
It is a free online translation service provided by Google. The application supports about 57 different languages and be can be used to translate entire pages and websites. It has helped to bring down language barriers for many people online.

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Facebook in China – Why is it Banned?

The fate of Facebook in China it seems isn’t that great. While it may be one of the most popular social networking websites out there today, Facebook in China is actually banned. If you haven’t heard about this website yet, Facebook is a social networking site that enables one user to connect with another user over mountains and oceans. It is quite convenient as it provides easy access to one’s friends and family no matter what the distance is. The only thing required is an internet connection and a Facebook account on the other side as well.

A lot of theories have cropped up to explain the banning of Facebook in China. Some believe that the Government is dictatorial and doesn’t want its citizens to access any information from the outside world through social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook in China. They believe that since the Chinese government already regulates web content there preventing the free flow of information, they are trying to enforce their views on the people and stopping them from finding the truth.

But like most conspiracy theories, the notion that the banning of Facebook in China was some sort of a grand master plan to prevent the freedom of information is completely absurd. One cannot deny the fact that the Chinese Government has certain strict guidelines to judge whether a particular information is sensitive or not and ban it on such grounds. But the main reason for the banning of Facebook in China was something else entirely.

More than 140 people were killed and more than 828 people were injured during a riot that took place in the Xinjiang province in China on July 5th of 2009. More than a thousand members of the Muslim ethnic minority were performing a peaceful protest. Soon the peaceful protest escalated into a full blown riot where many were injured and killed. Banning Facebook in China was only a small part of the plan to stop such protests from getting organized through mediums like social networking sites.

Many websites like Facebook were banned at first near the region of the riots but soon all the access to Facebook in China was stopped. This protest along with many others were said to be organized through sites like Facebook. Therefore the real reason for banning Facebook in China was to block the flow of information between the rioters and the organizers of the riot.

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Chess Player – Secrets Behind the Brain

The brain is the center of the nervous system that exists in all vertebrates and most of the invertebrate animals. It contains over 15 to 33 billion neurons and controls the other organ systems of the body. Over the many past years many studies have been done to understand the workings of the brain and even in this day and age, we don’t have enough information to come up with a plausible and accurate understanding. We all use our brains but some are able to tap into its magnificent power better than the rest like a skilled chess player.

It has been found out through various studies that a grandmaster level chess player was able to utilize different parts of the brain than a normal player when mentally perceiving the next move. In an earlier study that took place in 1991, about 10 grandmasters were chosen to partake in an experiment to understand the brain activity that occurs during a game of chess. A magnetic imaging technique was used to measure the gamma band activity in the brain.

Through the experiment they were able to prove that the gamma burst were occurring more in the frontal and parietal lobe in the grandmaster chess player than in the brain of an amateur one. It was then proposed that the thousands of potential moves memorized by the grandmaster chess player helped the chess player to recognize potential problems and find the respective solutions from their memories quite easily.

There have been recent studies too which indicated that an excellent chess player is able to engage both sides of their brains while playing. Eight international and eight amateur chess players were included in the experiment which used a functional magnetic resonance imaging to find out that while the skilled chess player used both sides of the brain, the amateur chess player only used one side.

But the good news is that anyone can attain such levels through hard practice. All of us are wired differently but the common element in everyone is the all powerful brain and its untapped potential. Shortly put, if a chess player can do it, so can you.

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Google Translator – Secrets Behind it’s Working

Google has come up with many interesting and innovating products from its beginning till now. It has reached an iconic status and is a familiar name almost all over the world. No matter which country, region or culture, Google is the primary and most popular search engine used by people everywhere. The Google translator is one such innovation. But how does the program work and can it really offer an accurate translation?

These questions pertaining to the Google translator can be answered in a series of steps. Before knowing the ‘how,’ the ‘what’ has to be answered. Google translator is a free translation service offered by Google that can produce a translation of a particular sentence in about 57 different languages. The Google translator can also translate words and entire web pages as well. It is a very convenient tool as it makes information accessible to people who might not understand the language pertaining to the information source.

Now the ‘how’ part of the question. Google translator is able to translate by looking for patterns in the existing hundreds of millions of documents and decides which one is more suited for the situation. These hundreds of millions of documents are translations done by human beings and stored by Google. So basically the Google translator works by a process of intelligent guesses although officially this process is called a statistical machine translation.

Now herein lies the catch. Google translator can effectively translate information into various languages but the accuracy of the translation is not perfect in any way. The translation is after all done by a machine which looks at a translation in different ways than a real human would. Human beings are able to learn a new language by navigating and understanding the rules that govern it. But the method used by the Google translator is a different one.

Therefore in the end, Google translator can produce the gist of the translation you need but cannot be used as a tool for complex translation problems. Taking a real language class would be far more productive. But you might never know perhaps in a few years Google translator and other translation programs would be enough to comfortably tour a foreign country without knowing the language.

Vodka bottle gets LED display – To get the Message Across !!!

Technology has advanced so much even beyond our imaginations that now a vodka bottle has entered the market with LED display and gives apt messages according to ones’ wishes. Vodka is bought not only for its flavor but also for its kick. But now an exclusively different reason has come up to buy vodka. Media Vodka has launched a very interesting and unique vodka bottle with a LED display that can be programmed to the wishes of the person who is in possession of the bottle.  This idea was brought into force by Matt Sandy and Tim Goldburt about four years ago.

A very thoughtful technique to personalize greetings, the glossy and programmable Led display set in each vodka bottle can be programmed with custom text messages creating a big punch to the party. It is also one of the hottest gift items. Birthday greeting and even marriage proposals can be displayed and many have ended up getting engaged. Many people who are shy and inept in expressing their feelings verbally, this LED display vodka bottle becomes handy. A well intentional digital message on the vodka bottle is the best thing, but you have to be sober enough to program it.

How does the LED display work?

Messages are scrolled on the LED display right on the contours of the vodka bottle. This screen on the vodka bottle displays about six messages each one having about 255 characters that can be changed according to the situations at hand. The messages are scrolled through when the display is turned on and with the buttons on the side, the messages can be changed. Each message runs three minutes before automatically turning off. Deleting or editing is not possible and it has no spell checker, so one has to be careful with the spelling. The battery power is only for forty hours.

Many people buy this vodka bottle as a gift and present them to the people they are fond of and is also user friendly as well as durable. They can last for nearly one and a half years and is also submergible and also freezer proof. The recipe for MEDEA vodka goes back to the 18th century but the electronic ticker is of the 21th century.

The makers state that the display facility on the vodka bottle helps to lure the drinkers to bring out the poet, the philosopher or a flirt in them. The vodka bottle with LED display is available on the web and also in the stores. This spectacular interactive vodka bottle has won the Double Gold Medal in the competition held in San Francisco in the year 2010.

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Why Facebook Sucks Most of Your Time?

“Facebook sucks” is one of the favorite declarations made by many people who just believe that the entire site is just for show and doesn’t have any real content to provide. There are many who consider themselves to be great intellectuals who are too intelligent to use such a commercial social networking website. Below a few of the reasons will be discussed along with a few real problems of Facebook.

Many believe that Facebook sucks because it is a juvenile attempt to glamorize the social connectivity fad that is going on these days. These people believe that not only does it look juvenile but it is also very unprofessional for business reasons despite many using it as one. Some think that Facebook sucks for the sole reason that many people are using it to just show off their friends list and not really interested in making new friends. Hence they believe Facebook to be a fake tool for insecure people.

Many say that Facebook sucks due to the lack of privacy offered by the social networking site. In Facebook any information you put in your profile belongs to Facebook. Since this information can be read by anyone on the site, many see it as a serious breach in their privacy. There is also the problem of Facebook being used by employees during their working hours. It has been found that an employee spends about 12 days a year on Facebook alone during working days.

One of the reasons why Facebook sucks is that there way too many apps that tend to get cluttered on your page. Some apps are simply moronic to the point it makes ignorance look like a wise concept. The administrators are also known to sometimes randomly delete certain profiles without checking for any credible reasons. Anyone who has a grudge against you can report your profile and can get it removed which is another reason why Facebook sucks.

A survey was done recently that showed that many believe that Facebook sucks contrary to popular thought. The survey was about the satisfaction of people on various websites and businesses. Over 70,000 people took part in the survey and Facebook was at the end of the list. More people liked the IRS website than Facebook. The constantly changing privacy policies, irritating apps, misc notifications and the ever changing interface revamps were some of the reasons given by many when asked about the reason why they thought Facebook sucks.

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Yahoo vs. Google – An Insight into Their Battle

Yahoo vs Google, two of the world’s mammoth companies that revolutionized the search engine in their own ways decided to battle each other. Yahoo first began as a search directory in 1994 with the main purpose of providing assistance to people who wanted to find out various things on the internet. The yahoo search engine was very popular in the 90’s acting as a huge archive for information online. But over time Yahoo started concentrating on advertisers rather than its real customers, the huge scores of online users.

In 2000 it slowly started focusing on more and more advertisements and soon became a display page for ads rather than what it was supposed to be. There were about 250 links on the Yahoo homepage in 2004. The cluttering up of ads drove away many users who found better service in the Google search engine. Though Yahoo gradually reduced the number of links, it came too late. Google had a simplicity about it that just couldn’t be beat.

Today we live in the age of social media sites where one can connect to the huge audience that would otherwise be out of reach. Both companies had their own individual strategy to capitalize on the social media phenomenon which led to the Yahoo vs Google strategy war. Yahoo strategy was to strike a partnership between them and the various social media networks. Google on the other hand straight out bought the immensely popular YouTube and decided to explore further into the social media buzz by creating the Google Buzz.

Yahoo may have lost the previous battle but is determined to get back up and running. Instead of building its own social media network, it decided to create partnerships with the all ready existing social networks. Slowly they integrated themselves into the social media networks to produce more web traffic. It partnered with Twitter successfully enabling the users the ability to access their twitter feed when inside Yahoo.


Google on the other hand went for a broader strategy. Even though Google has many social media properties like Blogger, Orkut, Friend Connect, Picasa and YouTube, they have barely managed to stand against the various titans of social media networks. Both of their strategies are very different from one another as Yahoo wants to be integrated into the current social media networks whereas Google wants to build new ones. So far the Yahoo vs Google war has resulted in a draw as both parties have implemented the right strategies for themselves.

Why keyboard alphabets are not in order?

The computer is such a fascinating tool. It has brought together so many people into a path of high efficiency and awareness. The simple box like structure that is sitting on our tables can compute advanced calculations and algorithms, provide great entertainment and even solve the many problems that were perceived to be unsolvable before. It has made our lives so much easier. By pressing a single button we can unlock the various mysteries of life. But it isn’t as simple as that because there are various components to a computer, components that work in harmony to produce such wondrous results.

The keyboard is an essential part of the computer. It is through the keyboard that we communicate with others on the internet and perform various other writing activities. Anyone who has seen the keyboard will surely have had pondered over the order of the keyboard alphabets. Logically it would be far easier if the keyboard alphabets were arranged in order as in A-Z. But the keyboard isn’t arranged so. Instead it uses the QWERTY system for placing the keyboard alphabets.

It is with a great sense of irony that the keyboard alphabets are arranged in this way. Many years ago when typewriters were all the rage, people found the system of organizing the typewriter keys in the real order to be very troubling. The first commercial typewriter had its keys in order. Because of this, typing became very easy and the speed of typing increased vastly with experience. Due to this, many keys started jamming or getting stuck. Some keys even broke.

Christopher Latham Sholes who developed the system decided to make it more difficult for the users to type at such raging speeds in order to prevent the keys from getting damaged. So he distanced the various keys that were frequently used while typing. Thus the QWERTY system was implemented which then passed over to the computers. The irony is that a device such as the computer which is known for maximizing efficiency utilizes a system for typing that was made to be inefficient.


The QWERTY keyboard is also known as the universal keyboard as it has been implemented as a standard for keyboards all over the world.

Whiskey PC – A Cool Gadget

Can you ever imagine a PC in a whisky bottle? Yeah, that’s pretty much possible with Whiskey PC. If you have a computer setup and are looking for something to serve as a basic home server which is quiet, small and also low in power consumption, you can made a unique case with a Whiskey bottle called as the Whisky PC.  You could select a 1.5 liter Ballantine’s bottle for example.  You have to go to a professional glass grinder to do the cutting and drilling work for the whisky PC project.  You can have two holes at the back of the bottle so that the CPU gets cooled and one hole at the left side for putting in all the stuffing.

You then need to buy the processor, a notebook RAM, a notebook HDD and a mini-ITX PSU. You have to place the RAM module at the back of the mobo.  Then you need to assemble all the hardware and make a side panel with a lock which is actually just a small piece of plexi at the left.  You can fix this lock with two screws and the side panel can then be held in place.  The next step in making a whiskey PC is the OS installation.  Next, you have to do the tricky part of getting the rest of the hardware parts inside to fit it.

The HDD and the PSU panel can be fixed in the correct position by using a double-sided, self-adhesive tape.  It is not possible to do this with screws as the space inside is very limited and the service window is also very small.  However by placing it in this way, the cooling may not be that good, hence for better cooling you have to glue an old VGA card cooler inside the bottle neck so that the hot air can flow out.

Some more holes must also be drilled into the side panel so that fresh air can flow inside the bottle both from the bigger hole present on the back side and these smaller holes.  This will improve the cooling effect and temperature of the Whiskey PC will be reduced.

A whiskey PC made in this way works quietly and anyone who is fed up of the box shaped white computer cases can model something like this.  You can also add some additional items like making a third drive door a little higher than the original ones and then installing some blue or white lights.