Cardboard Twin Reflex Camera – A Mirror to the Past

twin reflex camera 01

Man has from time immemorial taken pleasure in making something entirely different and one such gadget is the cardboard twin reflex camera. One such man is Kiel Johnson, who has made many gadgets with cardboard. His cardboard twin reflex camera especially has stood out as a mark of his genius. Though all of his cardboard … Read more

Google Products – 10 Amazing Products of Google

google products02

Let’s find what the Top 10 Google Products are! One word that has been synonymous with greatness is ‘Google’. Ever since it came into being in 1996, the number of innovations it has produced for the internet is innumerable. One reason for Google’s greatness is that it has managed to provide web based products that … Read more

Facebook in China – Why is it Banned?

china facebook1

The fate of Facebook in China it seems isn’t that great. While it may be one of the most popular social networking websites out there today, Facebook in China is actually banned. If you haven’t heard about this website yet, Facebook is a social networking site that enables one user to connect with another user … Read more

Chess Player – Secrets Behind the Brain


The brain is the center of the nervous system that exists in all vertebrates and most of the invertebrate animals. It contains over 15 to 33 billion neurons and controls the other organ systems of the body. Over the many past years many studies have been done to understand the workings of the brain and … Read more

Google Translator – Secrets Behind it’s Working

Google has come up with many interesting and innovating products from its beginning till now. It has reached an iconic status and is a familiar name almost all over the world. No matter which country, region or culture, Google is the primary and most popular search engine used by people everywhere. The Google translator is … Read more

Why Facebook Sucks Most of Your Time?

“Facebook sucks” is one of the favorite declarations made by many people who just believe that the entire site is just for show and doesn’t have any real content to provide. There are many who consider themselves to be great intellectuals who are too intelligent to use such a commercial social networking website. Below a … Read more

Why keyboard alphabets are not in order?

alphabetical usb keyboard

The computer is such a fascinating tool. It has brought together so many people into a path of high efficiency and awareness. The simple box like structure that is sitting on our tables can compute advanced calculations and algorithms, provide great entertainment and even solve the many problems that were perceived to be unsolvable before. … Read more

Whiskey PC – A Cool Gadget

whiskey pc

Can you ever imagine a PC in a whisky bottle? Yeah, that’s pretty much possible with Whiskey PC. If you have a computer setup and are looking for something to serve as a basic home server which is quiet, small and also low in power consumption, you can made a unique case with a Whiskey … Read more