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Porsche phone – Luxury Car King’s Luxury Phone

Porsche is a German automotive manufacturer creating luxury high performance automobiles and having a reputation of the most prestigious automobile brand. Their most famous product is the Porsche 911Porsche and it is also the most successful brand in motorsport.  It is the largest race car manufacturer the German luxury sports car company.

It has a subsidiary, the Porsche Design which was established in 1972.   The Porsche Design is also renowned for its puristic designs which are timeless and also functional.  They have started producing a wide range of products such as classic men’s accessories, sunglasses, men’s fragrance, luggage, men’s accessories, watches and last but not the least mobile phones.

Porsche Design is now marketing a Porsche phone with their P’9000 electronics which is stunning due to its futuristic technology and plenty of mind-boggling features.  The materials used are exquisite and the aesthetics of the Porsche phone are what one has come to expect from the Porsche brand.  The Porsche phone P’9521 has the latest technology from Sagem using the fingerprint for identification.

This Porsche phone is a precision mobile made of solid aluminum block with a double hinge so that it can be competed rotated through 180 degrees along with a high resolution digital camera. Additionally, this Porsche phone has a fingerprint scanner for enabling shortcuts to its various functions as well as to provide security to the phone.


Now there are many mobile phones being manufactured in the Porsche car shape such as the Porsche 911 car shaped cell phone, the Porsche Cayenne car shaped phone, the Porsche 977 car shaped cell phone.  The Porsche Phone of the shape of 911 is being manufactured by Chinese manufacturers and has the popular shape of the Porsche 911 with all the latest hot functions such as dual sim card working at the same time, an e-book reader, Bluetooth, MP3 and MP4 player and so on.

Many other manufacturers are producing the Porsche phone having the cayenne car shape phone incorporating all the latest features.  There is also a miniature of the Porsche 911 which is a fully functional mobile Porsche phone.  Most of the Porsche car enthusiasts would surely love these Porsche phones for their resemblance to the famed car shapes.

ThinkGeek’s Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Now you have a fully playable rock guitar built-in with a t-shirt which is an electronic guitar shirt.  This electronic guitar shirt from ThinkGeek is extremely easy to play as the buttons on the neck are major chords of the guitar.  You don’t need to be highly skilled to play this guitar as it is possible to play several classic rock songs with this electronic guitar shirt.

Anyone can purchase these shirts and avail of the Rock magic for himself.  It is not akin to a child’s guitar or a plaything but very much like a real musical instrument and you can play any of your favorite songs on it.  The major chords present on the electronic guitar shirt are recorded from an original electric guitar and the magnetic pick is included in it and you can easily strum on it.  The mini amp clips are fitted to your belt and you can get great sounds on it.  The knob present for toning can be adjusted too.

The sound produced is as great as real lock and you can play all the major chords on this electronic guitar shirt.  There is an included magnetic pick which can be used for strumming by just waving it over the strings.  The amp speaker clips that are fitted to the belt give out excellent sound and the volume can go up to 11 with an adjustable tone knob present.  You can also easily remove the electronic components when you want to wash the shirt.  Two magnetic picks are included and you can easily store it.  However, you need 4 xAAA batteries for this electronic guitar shirt and this has to bought separately.

This shirt is available for both kids and adults and one can blow it on the go.  This electronic guitar shirt is also available for kids.  These shirts are short sleeved but it is possible to wear a long sleeved shirt under and this can be in colors like white, black, red, yellow or orange so that it matches the electronic guitar shirt.  The neck of the guitar is fixed to the shirt with the help of hooks and loop closures and the amp is connected by means of a cable.

All these are removable.  You can either hand wash or machine wash of the electronic guitar shirt and then just hang dry it or tumble dry low.  After that you have to reconnect everything.  The amp runs on batteries an there is an on/off switch, and an output jack.  You can fit this in a pocket inside the shirt or clipped on your belt.

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Counter Strike Game Review

The Counter Strike game is also known as Half-life, Counter Strike 1.6 or just CS and is a shooter video game which has been developed by Valve Corporation.  After the original release, the Counter Strike Game has been made into a series and now includes Counter Strike Condition Zero, Counter Strike Source, and so on.  There are a series of rounds in which a group of terrorists are pitted against another team of counter terrorists.  One has to win each round by completing the specified objective of the mission or eliminating of the opposition.

In the Counter Strike game, there is a first person shooter in which you can join either the terrorist or the counter terrorist team or you can even be a spectator.  Both the teams will try to achieve the objective of the mission for each round.

After each round of the Counter strike game is finished, both the teams keep their equipment which should be used for the ensuing round and the players who are killed have to begin the next round with the basic equipment with which they started.    A bonus is provided if you win a round, lose a round or kill an enemy.  The scoreboard shows each team’s scores in the Counter strike game and also other details such as the player name, the kills, and deaths and so on.

The Half-Life Counter strike game has been very popular and one can download the game freely. Though none of the ideas employed in the Counter strike game is particularly novel, it has been well implemented and strikes a good balance between realistic and frenzied action. A strong social aspect is created through the Counter strike game because once a person is killed he has to sit as a spectator and with these players chatting, there is a lot of tension generated for the other players.


The maps are very appealing and very dramatic as they have excellent lighting effects. The firearm models and skins are really fantastic.  The Counter strike game can be played only online but there has been a lot of cheating and verbal abuse regarding this game. It is very important to have tactical thinking as well as teamwork for the Counter strike game, as the basic requirement is a fast paced shooter.  Hence, your reflexes should be really fast along with a fast internet connection.

The Counter strike game has been a real trendsetter and has inspired many other games on similar themes.  The graphics sound and maps are excellent and hence is very addictive and highly exciting.  Thus, it is truly a thrilling action game.

Misa Kitara Guitar with Digital Touch Screen

The Kitara from Misa Digital will change the way we look at guitars as it has a very non-traditional way of producing guitars.  The strings have been dropped for a touch screen in the new Misa digital guitar.  It can do a lot of additional interesting things too and make some new sounds.  There are many sounds that can be made in this new Misa digital guitar which sound rather like a synthesizer rather than a guitar.


The Misa Kitara Guitar has 28 frets and is actually an instrument that is futuristic.  It is a multi-touch guitar with a full fret board, a multi-touch touch screen and it also has an onboard synthesizer which is actually already preloaded with sounds and effects.  One does not strum any strings on this Misa digital guitar but makes use of six buttons which are present on the frets and this has to be combined with the hand brushing the screen which is present below. The screen of the Misa digital guitar can be set in order to present six strings and you can pick each string very similar to the way one picks strings on a full -fledged regular guitar.  Mapping of sounds and effects can be done in any number of ways with the Misa digital guitar all along the x and y axis of the screen.

The Misa digital guitar is supposed to hit the market in April 2011 and pre orders have already been started.  This Misa digital guitar is available in two versions, one of which is the hard plastics type which is the standard version and is the cheaper one.  The other is the limited edition which is the aluminum one which is pretty expensive.

The Misa Digital Guitar has a multifunction touch screen and also is provided with MIDI controls.  The polyphonic synthesizer with special effects is available on-board.  The guitarist can fully express his musical vision and can produce electronic music and makes anything possible.  The players don’t use strings but are enabled to express and also to control the sounds with the help of fingertips on the Misa digital guitar.  You can use the touch screen and the fret board of the Misa digital guitar to play and also to make innovative changes to sounds.  All this is possible in real time.

Yike Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle

For those living in big cities, commuting can be a real problem especially if it is by car.   There are problems of parking and also finding your way through the congested traffic and the various twists and turns of the roads as also one way streets.  These people would surely prefer something small and sprightly but powered as well. This is where the Yike Bike which is a Folding Electric Bicycle comes in very handy.

This folding electric bicycle is the lightest and smallest of its type in the world and it was designed and constructed in NewZealand at Christchurch.  A mechanical Engineer from New Zealand has come up with this brilliant solution of a folding electric bicycle for a modern portable form of transportation.  No doubt it is a little expensive but good things do come a bit pricey. It is the world’s smallest and lightest folding electric bicycle at just 10 kg.

This Yike Bike weighs 22 pounds and is a folding electric bicycle which is super light as it is made of carbon fiber.  On a single charge this folding electric bicycle allows you to do roughly about 6.2 miles on it at 14 miles per hour which is three times faster than the usual walking speed.  It takes about 30 minutes to recharge fully. The front wheel is a little bigger and measures about 20 inches while the rear wheel is smaller and measures only 8 inches.

The advantage in the Yike Bike is that it can become a folding electric Bicycle which is ideal for travel and it can be reopened in about 15 seconds.  Charging this folding electric bicycle for typical use costs you only a few cents per day and hence makes it a very practical and economic means of transport. The measurements too make it very slim at 6 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches when it is folded so that there is no need of much parking space.

This folding electric bicycle will serve the purpose of going a long way if it is fully powered and this would be useful for people who live in urbanized areas and want to get to nearby places and if you do a lot of traveling.  If you are on a holiday, you can rent a Yike Bike and then just cruise around all over the town and when you want to rest somewhere, just fold this folding electric bicycle up and sling it as you would a backpack.

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