Coffee Mugs – 10 Crazy Coffee Cups

Coffee mugs are precious items to have for coffee lovers all around the world. There’s nothing quite like cool coffee cups to savor and enjoy some great coffee. Of course, the coffee has to be great too. But that is a given, if you are a coffee lover. Given below are some of the coolest looking Coffee mugs that host a variety of interesting features.

1) The On/Off Mug

These coffee mugs may look like you everyday ordinary coffee mug, but they are actually quite extraordinary. These mugs have a special heat sensitive pigment. They look like ordinary black cups with “Off” written across them, but as soon as hot coffee is poured into them, the color changes to white and the word “On” appears.  How cool is that?


2) Dunk Mugs

These are the perfect coffee cups for you if you like to have biscuits with coffee. They come with a small compartment to hold biscuits. You no longer have to get saucers or small plates for your biscuits. All you have to do is place the biscuits in the small holding place and enjoy them with the beverage of your choice. Nothing beats simplicity.

3) Gun Mug

Do you like your coffee mugs to be strong like you?  All “asta la vista baby” and all that, then you should get yourself this amazing gun shaped coffee mug. Kill time J by sipping your favorite coffee in this one of a kind coffee mug.

4) The Pessimist Mug

How can you not include the Pessimist Mug when compiling a list of cool coffee mugs? This crazy mug serves as a reminder to stay optimistic to all those who see the world through a glass half empty. The wacky line on the mug packs a powerful punch by conveying the powerful message humorously.

5) Lockable Coffee Mug

These coffee mugs are very convenient to use in working environments. These mugs come with a small hole that can be closed only by using a key which comes with the mug. If you don’t want others to use your coffee mug, all you have to do is remove the key and nobody will be able to drink from your mug. Buhahahahahaa! It is pretty cruel, but that’s the beauty of it. Nobody messes with your coffee mug.

6) Drink Selector Mug

These unique coffee cups allow you to twist the rings on them to display the beverage you’re having along with your milk and sugar preferences.

7) Ceramic Wine Mug

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These coffee cups are specially designed in the form of wine cups to humorous display their message. These mugs will help you to get a fresh start in the morning after a harsh night of drinking. What better to remind you to go easy on the drinks than a coffee mug conveniently shaped like a wine glass?

8 ) Antonio Murado Salome Coffee Set

These coffee cups are definitely not for everyone. You might even be repulsed by it. By even if you find them repulsive, you cannot deny the fact that they just look cool. This particular set is for those who like a little bit of macabre in your lives. Dracula wished he had this set 😉 . But the poor chap couldn’t get it during his life time.

9) Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug

These coffee cups are great if you like a certain strong punch from your coffee every morning. Of course you can also use this mug to punch your friends and enemies. 😉

10) Zero Gravity Coffee Cup

How can the list be complete without adding one of the coolest coffee cups of all time? The zero gravity coffee cup was designed to be used in space missions. Though they don’t have any practical uses here on Earth, they just straight out look cool. This particular design is very helpful to hold coffee in space as it uses surface tension from the bottom of the mug to hold the coffee.

If you like drinking coffee, then hopefully this article has been interesting for you. Do share your comments or knowledge on other such interesting mugs below in the comment section. Yay for coffee Mugs.

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