Features of iPhone 5 – A Brand New Era

The new iPhone 5 is the most innovative and attractive iPhone with some amazing features that will change everything.  The most salient features are that it is certainly thinner and sleeker with shiny glass back piece which is about 9.3 mm thick.  It also has face recognition security.  The features of iPhone 5 include video chat access both on 3G and 4G.  You can also customize your SMS tones and custom email alerts with different tones for different email addresses.  The screen is OLED and it is scratchproof and also shatter -proof.

The features of iPhone 5 also incorporate a wireless sync along with iTunes.  The memory is about 32G and 64G with an extended battery life offering 14 hours talk time on 3G or you can have 7 hours on 4G.  Additionally, it has a standby of 600 hours.  The iPhone 5 is equipped with a HD audio and a messaging indicator light and built-in GPS.

The features of iPhone 5 cannot be complete without describing its remote computing which is based on NFC or Near Field Communication technology.  This technology is currently used in Asia and Apple is using this model in their iPhone 5.  With the help of this remote computing feature, the user is enabled to carry as well as shift the data from one device to another.

For instance, they can store the data and settings in a Mac machine and then shift it by loading the same on another compatible MacBook.  If the person leaves the communication link with the Mac then the original settings of the Mac are restored.  Nothing of importance such as the passwords and any other form of communication gets stored in the computer and it all stays in the user’s iPhone 5. This feature can be very useful and can be extended to the home folder of the user and this can be stored or accessed with the help of storage on MobileMe.  It can also be stored by using the Back to My Mac feature which can be used to connect to the user’s home folder.

Other features of iPhone 5 are the dual core processors with powerful graphic chips.  This will produce a higher video resolution and still images will also improve.  It will enable easier multitasking.

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