How Do Digital Cameras Help in Taking Great Panoramic Pictures?

There is a certain trick in taking panoramic pictures that excites the professional photographers who enjoy taking wide angle shots. These kinds of wide angle pictures can cover the 360 degree views. More often than not, these kinds of extreme shots are taken from the top of a tall building like a skyscraper or from a helicopter or from any point that is high enough, and then stitched together using a professional photo stitching software.

Wide Angle Shots with Your Digital Camera

Most of the new digital cameras today come with a dedicated mode for panoramic shots and in fact some of the smartphones also have the panorama feature. One cannot precisely define what these kinds of wide angle shots are all about. Many would just define it is a photo taken with a wider angle but one can quantify the term “wide” here. One can say that the angle is wide enough to be not seen by our naked eyes. With the help of special lenses such wide angle shots can be taken with one click but of course this technique doesn’t hold true for all degrees of wideness. For example, a 360 degree shot can’t be taken with just one click.

Panoramic picture

Creating a Panoramic Photo by Stitching Several Photos

Many professionals also create these panoramic pictures by attaching a series of separately captured pictures. This process is called as ‘Stitching’, which earlier used to be a very tricky process. Today, with the advancements in software, stitching different pictures has become quite easy. Some of the feature-rich Panorama software programs like Panorama Maker have made life easier for professional photographers who love to create panoramic views.

Panorama maker software editing

Panorama software programs like Arcsoft panorama maker come with easy-to-use tools and a very intriguing interface that makes everything a cake-walk. They not only help in capturing wide angle views or landscapes, but are equally efficient in taking pictures of huge objects that cannot be otherwise shot due to closeness with the object. For example, if a photographer is standing very close to a tower, it can get difficult to take the shot of the tall tower, but with the help of panoramic mode, a couple of shots can be taken to make a final panoramic view of the tall tower.

Tricks of Taking Panoramic Shots

Most of the modern digital cameras come with panoramic mode with which, the lens of the camera is optimized for a wide angle shot to be taken. But, the functionality is not just limited to the settings of different optical parameters but these cameras also offer features that help the photographers to capture the series of pictures with ease and stitch them seamlessly after that.

Arcsoft Panorama maker software

Usually when a camera is switched to panoramic mode, the photographer is prompted to choose between vertical and horizontal mode. You also have the choice to go for the combination of both.

Once the desired panoramic mode is selected the camera allows you to start taking shots. Usually on the LCD screen you can see the photo you recently took and the one you are taking right now. This helps in complementing your older picture with the one you are shooting at the moment. You can smartly overlap the new picture with the older, which helps in stitching of the photos and making a good panoramic photo at the end.