iPhone 3GS Review – Your Perfect Companion

The iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G, which is the previous version, look very identical to each but if you use the iPhone 3GS, you will definitely realize the difference which is to do with its speed.


The iPhone 3GS is a little heavy with a reflective screen and buttons placed conveniently for navigating very easily.  It has shiny text on the back cover.  The basic phone options in the iPhone 3GS are quite easy to operate as all the menus can be easily located and the User Interface is very friendly.  The iPhone 3GS has a new display which can be clearly seen even in sunlight.

You can store any number of apps, videos, pictures, contacts on the iPhone 3GS, while you are travelling.  Everything that you would need is present under a single 3.5 inch glass screen coated which is oleophobic and fingerprint resistant.  It has a sleep/wake button and a headphone mini-jack on the top.  The volume and the ring/silent buttons are on the left side and at the base are the 30-pin dock connector, an integrated speaker and the microphone.

A great video recording is possible with the iPhone 3GS as it has a 3MP camera which has plenty of editing features and so you can shoot a video in a number of ways.  You also have options for trimming the video so that you can edit any unwanted footage just by clicks.  You can also later share these videos on YouTube.


The iPhone 3GS weighs 4.8 ounces and the dimensions of the iPhone 3GS are 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.48 inches.  You can record 640 x 480 videos with the camera at 30 frames per second which gives an almost DVD type of quality to the video.

You are even enabled to email these videos as the iPhone 3GS compresses and shrinks the dimensions of the videos to 480 x 360 so that it obtains the bitrate of 800 kb/sec.  Of course, this may result in a little bit of deterioration of the video quality but not much. The homescreen has various icons with the signal and the battery indicators and the time on the top.

A vast number of apps have been downloaded through the App Store on the iPhone 3GS.  You can have instant access to favorites, contacts, keypad, and voicemail and so on.  You can write messages through Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, and MobileMe and so on. You also have a lot of entertainment features on the Iphone 3GS through a dedicated iPod function for Playlists, Songs, Artists, and Videos and so on.

With loads of features the iPhone 3GS surely show the Apple exuberance as it features a complete package with messaging, internet capabilities, video, music, photos, camera and Wi-Fi games.

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