iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G – Which has Stupendous Features?

The comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G is such an interesting topic to discuss. The iPhone 4G series is already a big hit in the markets of United States and United Kingdom. Though Apple introduced it very recently in the Asian markets, it is getting an amazing response already, as many numbers of people are buying the iPhone 4G model than expected. The iPhone 5G mobile smart phone is a futuristic device from the company of Apple. Speculations reveal that the release of iPhone 5G may be at end of this year or within the first quarter of 2012. The maker of the device has been silent and has released no words about this device. However, already there is much hype about the iPhone 5G. As the scenario goes like this, it is quite interesting to deal with the comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G. Here we go.


It is a known fact that, Apple always takes great care when it comes to the hardware features of its devices. In every generation of the iPhone, the hardware features were better than their previous generations. The newer devices become slimmer and less in weight than their previous editions. It seems that, hardware is such an influential factor in the comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G.Well! Mobile world stalwarts predict that there may be a great leap in the hardware of the iPhone 5G. We know that iPhone 4G has a sleek look and is a weight-less mobile device. However, the experts believe that Apple may include the feature of transparency in its hardware. Yes! The iPhone 5G phones may become transparent and may look like glass surface. In addition, they may come up with an OLED screen, which will surely make their owners pride. In terms of hardware, iPhone 5G has greater features and wins over iPhone 4G in the comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G!

Camera and Conferencing

Everyone knows that the devices of Apple have stunning camera features and options. The clarity that the iPhone has in camera facility is better than camera facility of any other mobile phone device. The camera features are very much considerable in the comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G. Many say that iPhone 5G will have better camera facilities than the iPhone 4G. The iPhone 5G is going to be one of the best camera facilitated-phones in the world and its camera feature may have 10.2 Megapixels. The iPhone 5G may have unbeatable lead over iPhone 4G in the battle of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G, when it comes to the video conferencing options. Experts claim that iPhone 5G will have appealing and high speed video conferencing facility. The speed may be as high as 100 Mbps!

Other Stunning Features

In the race of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G, people expect that iPhone 5G will have more stunning features than the iPhone 4G. Many do believe that iPhone 5G may come up with a solar panel to charge its battery. This may be a great move, as green technology is the need of the hour in the current scenario. In addition, iPhone 5G may be more superior to iPhone 4G in terms of storage, as it may have 128 GB of storage.

Thus, in every way, iPhone 5G overtakes iPhone 4G in the interesting comparison of iPhone 4G vs iPhone 5G.

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