Know How to Extract Maximum from Google Chrome with its Hidden Features

There are some beautiful Google Chrome features that the users are unaware of, with which they can enjoy their internet browsing with more speed, more convenience and more safety. In fact, you can unleash the full power of the Google Chrome with all these hidden features. Here are the tips to extract the maximum from one of the world’s fastest and most premium web browsers!

1) Background Tasks

Here is the first instance to show how powerful the Google Chrome Web Browser is. It is powerful enough to have its own task manager. You can use Shift + Esc keys to view what is going on in the background. You may find some typical extensions and offline caching tools, alongside your opened tabs. You can also know how much CPU time and memory space is in use for each process of the browser’s use!

google chrome features are awesome and cool

2) Google Chrome Versions

There are actually three versions of Google Chrome web browser available for you, in addition to the standard version that you are using. These versions, which go by the names, Dev, Beta and Canary, are a bit less stable than you standard edition, but you would definitely love these versions, if you crave in for the cutting edge Google Chrome features.

google chrome features enable faster web browsing

3) Google Chrome Extensions

A few people do not really love to accumulate things in the toolbar. If you are one such type, here is a great option for you from the Chrome browser. You can easily clean up the toolbar without uninstalling all your extensions, but just by hiding them from your view. This Google Chrome feature, especially, is very useful to hide all the background extensions.

there are many google chrome features to power your browser

4) Google Chrome Tabs

This is one of the Google Chrome features, which would come handy if you work with multiple tabs simultaneously. You can easily pin the tabs that that you are using frequently, just by right clicking on the tabs and selecting the Pin Tab option. Usually, pinned tabs align along to the left-hand side of the browser screen, taking up less space. In some cases (social networking sites), the pinned tabs glow to indicate an update to the page. This feature, once enabled, would continue in the future.

google chrome features enable super charged browsing
5) Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

There are huge amount of keyboard shortcuts, which would allow you to use most of the Google Chrome features without the use of your mouse. These keyboard shortcuts enable faster web browsing with ease. For an instance, press Ctrl + click to open up a link in its own tab, and, press Ctrl + W to close the currently working tab.

unleash the power of your browser using google chrome features
6) Google Chrome Themes

If you are a fan of visual customization of anything you use, here is the most fascinating Google Chrome feature for you. You can visit the Google Chrome store, where you can find a good range of both official and third party themes, which could change the boring default style of your browser.

google chrome features allow to customize browser with your tastes

7) Google Chrome Apps

One of the amazing Google Chrome features is that you can find many apps in the Google Chrome Store. Right from the usual YouTube Video app to the most used Angry Birds app, the App store is not devoid of interesting applications.

google chrome features offer you cool browser apps

And, with all these powerful Google Chrome Features, get ready for a super charged browsing!