Most Expensive Phones for Luxury Lovers

The very moment you hear the phrase ‘the most expensive mobile phones’, it is sure that you will have an excited interest to check out the ultra rich mobile devices! These mobile phones are not for just anyone’s use! These luxury devices are not for the rich community too! These are only for the richest of the rich people, who can throw away millions and even billions of dollars just like that! The makers of such extraordinarily rich mobile phones do not manufacture them just like the other normal mobile phones. They make these luxury mobile phones only on special orders from the people who want to buy it! Here we go to check out the mobile phones that only Bill gates and Warren Buffets can use!

1. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition:


If you are an ardent iPhone lover, control your nerves and desire! This edition of Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 is only for the kinds of people mentioned above! Do you want to know the reason? Well! The reason is that, this special Diamond Rose edition of iPhone 4 costs a whooping 8 million dollars! Now stop yelling the phrases like “Oh My God!” This phone is the one, which tops the list of most expensive mobile phones on this planet. It is not an exaggeration to say that this phone is the ultimate dream of lovers of luxury mobile phones! Do you know what makes this device? It is the 100 carats pure flawless diamonds and rose gold!

2. Gold Striker iPhone 3Gs Supreme:

Gold Striker has a prominent place in the list of most expensive mobile phones!

This is another device from Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International, which bears the much adorable mark of Apple! This edition of iPhone 3GS is the ultimate golden phone. The reason why the followers of luxury mobile phones eye to get this device is that, it has 271 grams of 22 carats pure gold casing! In addition to this, the special home button of the iPhone has a single rare 7.1-carat diamond! The makers have also trimmed the glowing screen with fifty-three single carat diamonds! Priced at 3.2 million dollars, it is one of the coolest most expensive mobile phones, which the richest of riches can get!

3. GoldVish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique:

GoldVish is one of the amazing most expensive mobile phones!

GoldVish ‘Le Million’ is one of the most expensive mobile phones that also hold a Guinness world record certification. This expensive mobile phone comes under the Illusion collection of a Geneva based mobile communications company. The proud designer of this device is Emmanuel Guiet! The price of this phone is about 1.3 million dollars, which makes it to feature in the list of top luxury mobile phones!

4. The Diamond Crypto Smart Phone:

Diamond Crypto is an exciting addition to the list of most expensive mobile phones

The name itself tells why this device is one of the most expensive mobile phones in the planet! The Diamond Crypto Smart phone is a creation of Peter Alisson, one of the famous makers of luxury mobile phones! Built with rose gold and 50 small diamonds, Crypto smart phone’s price is $1.3 million!

5. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:

The Egyptian flavor in the list of most expensive mobile phones!

This is a very special edition of most expensive mobile phones, since there are only three units available on this earth! Priced at $1 million, lovers of luxury mobile phones go gaga over this phone because of its Egypt inspired design!