Now that Nokia Lumia has been Released, What is the Future of Nokia?

Nokia Lumia phone series, the latest range of smart phones, from the giant mobile phone maker, Nokia, is the company’s ultimate bet to top the list of mobile makers. The new smart phone series, from the company’s point of view, is an important product considering the company’s future. There is a reason for the Lumia’s importance. The companies like Samsung and HTC are crowding at the top of the list of mobile phone manufacturers by leaving Nokia trail behind them in many aspects. Hence, to regain the top spot that Nokia has lost, the company is trying every possible thing to attract the mobile phone buyers back to its brand.

What the Experts Say?

Industry insiders of the mobile phone business reveal that the fear of losing the market share has crippled the Finnish mobile giant. The experts also say that Nokia is really struggling to make into the top of the list again, as the company’s competitors are ruling the market by introducing some fantastic products. The experts also say that the sudden increase in the popularity of the Android has lead Nokia to its bad time. Android is currently believed to be the most popular mobile operating system, which is available for usage to any member – manufacturer in the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Unfortunately, Nokia is not a member of this alliance headed by Google, and hence, the company is now facing the heat.

Nokia Lumia is the latest bet of Nokia

Nokia’s Woes

The biggest trouble for Nokia, now, is the loss of its market share. Apple’s iPhones and Samsung and HTC’s Android supported mobile phones have rather eclipsed the brand name of Nokia in the market. The business class users still have a fascination for the Blackberries. In addition to this scenario, HTC and Samsung have introduced smart phones that support the Windows Phone 7, the latest mobile operating system from the computing giant, Microsoft. However, most of the Nokia phones, except the new Nokia Lumia models, still stick to the Symbian operating system, which is not attracting the mobile phone buyers anymore.

Nokia launches Nokia Lumia to lift the profits

The Struggling Story!

Nokia’s recent behavior reveals the struggling story of the company. The company has announced that it has sold the luxury mobile brand, Vertu. Vertu is an independent subsidiary that Nokia held and supported the Vertu luxury phones with its Symbian operating system. Now that Symbian is losing its glory, Nokia sold it off unable stand against the competition from Ulysse Nardin and Apple’s iPhone. Moreover, the company has been in the layoff mode sending thousands of its employees to their homes in recent times. In addition to these layoffs, a recent announcement from Nokia reveals that another ten thousand employees may lose their jobs in the days to come.

Nokia Lumia is an awesome Windows phone

Nokia Lumia – The Savior?

With the loses nearing $3 billion in the last two quarters, Nokia is betting high on the Nokia Lumia smart phone series. The company, which has shuffled its executives, believes that the Nokia Lumia devices, which are Windows mobile smart phones, will help in putting it back into the ways of growth. However, the competition is getting intense with the presence of Samsung and HTC and Google’s Motorola deal, and Nokia should consider doing something more than the Nokia Lumia!