Porsche phone – Luxury Car King’s Luxury Phone

porsche phone

Porsche is a German automotive manufacturer creating luxury high performance automobiles and having a reputation of the most prestigious automobile brand. Their most famous product is the Porsche 911Porsche and it is also the most successful brand in motorsport.  It is the largest race car manufacturer the German luxury sports car company. It has a … Read more

ThinkGeek’s Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

thinkgeeks electronic rock guitar shirt

Now you have a fully playable rock guitar built-in with a t-shirt which is an electronic guitar shirt.  This electronic guitar shirt from ThinkGeek is extremely easy to play as the buttons on the neck are major chords of the guitar.  You don’t need to be highly skilled to play this guitar as it is … Read more

The Future of Screen Technology

There is bound to be a lot of changes in the screen or display and the screen technology as we see it today.  There is speculation that by the end of this year there is going to be a mass production of a 9.7 inch color e-paper display and a 19 inch e-paper display of … Read more

Counter Strike Game Review

counterStrike game

The Counter Strike game is also known as Half-life, Counter Strike 1.6 or just CS and is a shooter video game which has been developed by Valve Corporation.  After the original release, the Counter Strike Game has been made into a series and now includes Counter Strike Condition Zero, Counter Strike Source, and so on.  … Read more

Misa Kitara Guitar with Digital Touch Screen

kitara guitar

The Kitara from Misa Digital will change the way we look at guitars as it has a very non-traditional way of producing guitars.  The strings have been dropped for a touch screen in the new Misa digital guitar.  It can do a lot of additional interesting things too and make some new sounds.  There are … Read more

Samsung’s 46 -inch Transparent Touch screen LCD Display

Samsung has now proudly launched its new TSn Touch screen LCD Display which has a 46” screen and is also available in 32” and 70”.   This new transparent touch screen makes communication more interactive.  The contrast delivered is in the ratio of 3000:1 and the native resolution is 1920×1080.  The Samsung 460TSn Touch screen LCD … Read more

Wireless Mobile Charger – Revolution in Wireless Power Transmission

The new revolution in wireless power transmission with the help of wireless mobile charger has been developed to allow you to transmit power without the use of wires.  This actually provides us safety from electricity especially due to power leakage or through improper connectivity. The wireless mobile charger is a revolution as it is gives … Read more

Yike Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle

Yike Bike1

For those living in big cities, commuting can be a real problem especially if it is by car.   There are problems of parking and also finding your way through the congested traffic and the various twists and turns of the roads as also one way streets.  These people would surely prefer something small and sprightly … Read more