Alarm Clocks – Pretty Designs for Your ‘WOW’ Moments


When you decide to get a new alarm clock for your kids, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Children, especially those who are very young, have a habit of playing with almost everything that is given to them. It is important to ensure that the clock is made of safe … Read more

Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch in 2020

Netflix, the American media service provider and a production company, has changed the kind of programs people watch these days. We no longer sit right in front of our television sets watching our favorite TV serials or films.  There are so many original Netflix series and Netflix shows available for people to binge-watch right from … Read more

[Updated:] Samsung Galaxy S11: Specs, Updates, Leaks, Rumors, Camera, Release Date, Battery, Pricing and More


Samsung is continuously delighting its customers with astonishing Galaxy innovations. Samsung’s 2019 models namely Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 have attracted almost all smartphone users. Samsung is all set to launch its next S-series phone, namely Samsung Galaxy S11, in 2020.  For the latest Galaxy S11 leaks, updates and rumors, keep watching this space. … Read more

Your Sure-Fire Guide to Retain Website Leads in 2019

The year 2019 is a highly competitive one (We know that this is being said by every company, every year but hear us out!) because the digital world has seen dramatic transformation. Google has changed a lot and so are the visitors. While statistics claim that an impressive design, intuitive user experience and additions like … Read more