The Sims 4: Why We Could Have Waited Further For Bunk Beds To Arrive

The Sims 4 was given an official launch seven years ago. The addition of bunk beds is a recent update. The players are well pleased with the recent update which brought in a few other interesting things like new hair textures and elements that have made the game a little more inclusive.

However, one wonders whether it was really necessary to add bunk and loft beds at this juncture. The Sims franchise has earlier witnessed the addition of bunk beds. Before they were added to The Sims 4 during the recent update, they were also seen in The Sims 3: Generations, a version that was launched a decade ago in 2011. Ever since The Sims 4 came out in the year 2014, many gamers started emphasizing the need to get bunk beds back in the game. A lot of them had expected that bunk beds would be included in The Sims 4: Parenthood but that didn’t happen.

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While those who were waiting for bunk beds to be added back in the game had their wish fulfilled with the recent update to the Sims 4, they felt disappointed to see an almost unfinished product being handed over to them. While carrying out the update, SimGuruJill and SimGuruRusskii, the producers of the Sims 4, stated that in the first iteration of bunk beds players will not be able to place objects other than single beds. The official statement by the producers, which made it clear that it was the ‘first iteration’ of the bunk beds left gamers disappointed.

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It is quite possible that the developers of the Sims 4 didn’t have a lot of time at their disposal but that does not justify them releasing it in a haphazard manner. The major problem with bunk beds is that gamers would not be able to loft beds unless the Move Objects On cheat is used by them. Sims can use objects underneath the bed and not the bed itself. Owing to this, you don’t get any real benefit because of the inclusion of the lofted bed.

How to Choose the Best Portable Mini Projector for You

Current mini projectors have reduced in size and improved in performance. These projectors are compact handheld devices and are notable for gaming, movie nights, small businesses and education. They are cost-effective for fun outdoor activities. This guide will help you decide what to look for while finding the best suited mini projector for our needs.

Connectivity Technology

The projector needs to have an HDMI input which is a universal connection available today. There are various inputs available in the projector that allows it to be connected to VGA, USB(external hard disk), DVD player, AV(Headset), TV BOX, Fire Stick, XBOX, PS4 and MHL(smartphone). Wireless connectivity will be preferable if you choose to stream from Wi-Fi. In that case check for the availability of in-built video apps. Choose the best projector by matching your needs with the faculties of a mini projector.

Display Technology

The display technologies available are LCD and LED. Both have their own advantages. Calculate your usage and make an informed decision of the display technology that one would prefer.

bright and sharp image quality energy-efficient with wide range of colors
lower costs higher cost comparatively
bulkier small and space-saving
requires constant maintenance lasts long with no maintenance

Image Contrast Ratio

A mini projector with a 2000:1 image contrast ratio refers to the ratio of brightness of the white image to the black image. The higher the contrast, the better is the details of the image with various shades of color giving the user better color differentiation.


Resolution is defined as a number of pixels on the horizontal axis to the vertical axis. For better user experience choose the projector with higher resolution. The standard resolution for mini projectors is Full HD(1080P) generally used in digital television, Blu-Ray and online videos.

M6 Mini Projector

The key features of a portable M6 mini projector are LED with Built-in Battery, 1920 x 1080p Full HD Resolution, 30,000 Hour LEDs, USB input and Home Theater Use. The Life span of such an LED would be over 41 years and needs no maintenance. The battery of 2700mah provides 90 minutes of use apart from being charged. HDMI input opens up a wide range of connectivity options to a laptop, PCs, Bluray and gaming consoles. Aux input allows users to connect to external speakers. Options are available to mirror your smartphone or tablet. All the features combinedly provide the user with an immersive experience for both indoor and outdoor movie nights.

Could GTA 6 be Priced at $80 on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Microsoft and Sony are busy flexing their muscles. A common rumor floating around is that AAA titles like GTA 6, Cyberpunk 2077 and possibly Red Dead Redemption 3 could all witness an increased price in the next two years.

While none of these games have a confirmed release date yet with plenty of delays or still in the production stage, it is not easy to pass along this rumor. After all, when we dig deep into the history it looks like nearly two or three decades ago, games on Sega and Nintendo cost $60 or even $70. Some of the indie titles of the era were priced lower at $40 as the launch price.

Moving Towards a Subscription Model

Sony’s announcement of GTA 5 on PlayStation 5 console was a huge disappointment for many fans but there is a huge user base for the game. The improved graphics and better support for GTA Online will also make this game more popular than any other title that has managed to accomplish in the past years.

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A kind of confirmed information that we have at this point is the availability of a standalone GTA Online game set for 2022. While it is unclear whether it will still use the GTA 5 engine or will it move on to Grand Theft Auto 6 new engine, this will definitely make players come together on all platforms at once.

Cross-platform is more prevalent now than ever. Call of Duty Warzone is one of the best and most compelling titles that made players enjoy the game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One at once. It even allowed players to connect a keyboard and mouse to a console so that they could enjoy seamless gameplay experience.

Increasing the Cost to $80

The subscription model is a huge success for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. GTA 6 is a multi-platform title but Xbox received GTA 5 as well as Red Dead Redemption 2 on their subscription model. It indicates that companies may want to add more value to the monthly subscription price which also indicates the decision to increase the price of AAA titles to $80 per piece.

After all, people who are planning to spend half of their life in a game wouldn’t mind spending it while the rest should opt for a subscription model on PC or Xbox One. That leaves Sony’s PS5 owners in the lurch but it won’t be long before a solution arrives as we know GTA VI is not going to be available on any platform at least until 2021 or maybe even later.

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iPhone 12 Rumors, Leaks and Speculated Features So Far

Apple iPhone 12 will annually get launched in the month of September and it is not going to be any different in 2020.

Despite the pandemic situation and the lack of production as done usually, the company seems to be on track. There are so many rumors, leaks and some exciting predictions that makes the iPhone 12 the most wanted device of the year, yet again!

While some claims are extremely absurd, some of them are so amazing that it feels good to be a follower at this point. The phone will also have lots of new and better improvements to look forward to. The leaked or rendered photos of the iPhone 12 showcases a slimmer device with a much smaller bezel than the one found in the iPhone 11 available in market today.

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Embracing USB Type-C

The most important and the exciting leak which is plausibly real is that the phone will finally have a USB Type-C port for charging. This is going to be super useful especially when you have lots of USB C cables and chargers lying at home. After all, having a common port makes it easier to charge on your iPad, iPhone and the Mac. The change is being slowly implemented on Apple’s lineup of devices and this probably one of the rumors that has lots of credibility to it.

No More Bundled Chargers

The latest rumor doing rounds online is that Apple has decided to completely get rid of bundling a charger with their iPhones. The move is to have an eco-friendly environment because tons of e-waste is created through bundled earphones and chargers that people never use. While it may sound like a huge claim to make, most users around the world often shun their bundled products. They choose to purchase it individually such as how buyers go for Bluetooth earphones or an Apple AirPods for making calls and listening to music.

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Both from an environmental standpoint and the fact that it helps reduce the price of iPhone 12 or at least have a clean box finish, makes things even better. Besides, the Apple ecosystem would often suck you inside like a black hole and if you have a charger already at home, there is no need to purchase a new one. The implementation also suggests a wireless charging future for iPhone 13 among other products so that there is no need to worry about broken cables or slower 5W chargers as found in the iPhone 11 models.

Moving Your Music to the Wireless Zone

The news or possibly leak comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst who has an excellent track record of predicting many of the decisions the company made in the past. Most people believe that he has the potential which is why it is not easy to dispel when he says that Ear pods will not be bundled with the phone as well. The AirPods and AirPods Pro will be the only way to listen to music when you purchase the new iPhone 12. It is an expensive decision to make but it won’t be so surprising because another leak claims the iPhone 13 will not have a charging port as Apple moves to a total wireless future.

iPhone 12 Pro Models May Feature 120Hz Display

With gaming smartphones like the Asus Rog Phone 2, OnePlus and few other models moving to a 90Hz or 120Hz display, it is being rumored specific variants such as the iPhone 12 Pro models may feature a high refresh rate display. Having a 120Hz display will make all your iOS apps look extremely fast and snappy. However, it will also take its toll on battery life. Apple being a company that is dedicated on providing the best battery life, standby battery, this rumor has less credibility compared to the others.

Alarm Clocks – Pretty Designs for Your ‘WOW’ Moments

When you decide to get a new alarm clock for your kids, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Children, especially those who are very young, have a habit of playing with almost everything that is given to them. It is important to ensure that the clock is made of safe material and is the kind that you can hand over to your children without any worry.  A wise thing to do would be to take your kids along when you go to the clock shop to buy one for them.

Best Lego Alarm Clock for Fans of The Character

When you want your kids to respond to their alarm clock well and wake up early in the morning for school, getting them a clock that is visually appealing should do the trick for you. This lego alarm clock, which features an attractive mini-figure, would be adored by kids who are fans of The Lego Movie. The mini-figure is easily the clock’s biggest selling point. The digital clock displays the time in bold numbers. Children, who are as young as three or four, can check the time easily without them having to ask their parents. Parents do not have to be worried about their kids being disturbed or affected by loud sounds. There are enough volume control options on the device.

Lego alarm clock
Pros Cons
Good volume control options Figure overpowers the clock
Visual appeal Slightly expensive
Digital LCD screen

See it in Amazon

Best Retro Alarm Clock for the Kitchen

Manual Magnetic Pomodoro Egg Timer Alarm

It is a cute looking clock that helps you bring a sense of discipline in your cooking. Cooking is a mixture of science and art. And, there are times we tend to take much longer to cook a dish than we should. When you are cooking meals for yourself or your family, being disciplined and quick while going about the process is a must. The bright and cute design of this retro alarm clock will brighten up your mood while cooking and add to the positive aura of your kitchen. While it has been designed for the kitchen, it can be used equally well in other places like a study room.

Pomodoro Egg Timer Alarm
Pros Cons
Eco-friendly material Limited controls
Works perfectly as a cooking timer The design might not work for some adults
Smooth operation

See it in Amazon

Best Alarm Clock for Toddlers

Toddler Alarm Clock with Sleep Training

Instead of making kids wake up early in the morning yourself, get them an alarm clock that would do the needful. Using an alarm clock ensures that children do not get accustomed to their parents waking them up every morning. This particular clock, which comes in different colors, makes for an ideal buy for young parents who have kids who are at a very early stage in their childhood. You get as many as nine brightness levels on the digital screen of this toddler alarm clock that can be adjusted easily. You can set the timer for a couple of days, weeks or even months. The rechargeable battery, which comes as an in-built device, can last up to six hours when you set the brightness level at its highest. You also get a Type-C USB port that enables you to charge the device with a USB cable or a phone charger.

Toddler Alarm Clock
Pros Cons
Sunset Simulation technique Moderate sound levels
Multiple brightness level options Slightly complex controls
Effective timer

See it in Amazon

Big Ben Alarm Clocks for Vintage Lovers

Big Ben 4 1/2″ Twin Bell Alarm Clock

If you are one of those who like utility products with a charming retro design, then here is a big ben alarm clock you need to have a look at. The minimalistic vintage look, it boasts of, should attract those who like to own things that have a bit of history attached to them. It should also work for those who want to invest in a no-fuss clock that is not too expensive and performs its primary functions well. It may not have any of those fancy controls or features one has come to expect in modern clocks but it is a solid alarm clock that never disappoints when it comes to its performance. It is quite loud, so you will never suffer from the fear of waking up late for work. The metallic finish lends it a simple but classy look and makes it all the more desirable. The cute design and simple controls make it accessible for people of all age groups.

Big Ben Alarm Clock
Pros Cons
Night time feature Not loud enough
Retro design Difficult to check battery life
Moderately priced

See it in Amazon

Best Unicorn Alarm Clock for Kids

Korotus Collection Unicorn Alarm Clock

If your kids insist on getting them an alarm clock that boasts of an interesting and colorful design, this is a product you might want to invest in. The musical sound of the alarm would not only delight the kids, but adults will also find it appealing too. The night light display feature makes it very easy to check the time even in an extremely dark surrounding. The unicorn on the top ensures that the kid would want to hold it and play with it. As a parent, you do not have to worry when they do so as the clock has been made with ABS material. This unicorn alarm clock is absolutely safe for kids who might want to fiddle with it.

Unicorn Alarm Clock
Pros Cons
Easy on eyes Consumes batteries fast
Affordable Not enough durable
Robust sound

See it in Amazon

Cute and Elaborate Hello Kitty Alarm Clock for Kids

Hello Kitty KT2052A Alarm Clock Radio with Night Light

If your kids cannot sleep without listening to some music, then you must get them this particular clock which plays radio. If you are a music aficionado too, this would make for a really good investment. The only thing is that you have to be okay with the size of this hello kitty alarm clock. It is quite large and understandably so. The clock features a cute-looking cat sleeping on a small bed. Apart from attracting kids, the thoughtful design would add to the decor of the room the clock would be kept in. The clock produces a sound that is powerful enough to wake your kids in the morning.

Hello Kitty Alarm clock
Pros Cons
Large-sized Average lighting
Plays radio Inconvenient controls
Features a power cord

See it in Amazon

Unique Alarm Clocks That Have Wheels and Can Move

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Ever heard of alarm clocks that run away? The first thing that kids are going to notice in this device is the presence of wheels. It is a clock that moves and that is bound to excite young minds who are always curious. The wheels also help one in placing it in any area in the house one wants to. It is available in a wide variety of colors, so you have enough options to choose from. If you prefer a loud alarm over one that makes a moderate sound, here is one more reason why you must go for it. One would definitely recommend it for those who sleep very deeply and find it difficult to wake themselves up even with an alarm clock at their disposal. The digital screen lights up automatically when the alarm rings and you can operate it even in a dark room.

Alarm Clock on Wheels
Pros Cons
Features wheels Wheels could be of better quality
Loud alarm Batteries need to be replaced sooner
Simple controls

See it in Amazon

Best Digital Alarm Clock With a Projector

Projection Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom Ceiling

A projector that rotates 180 degrees is possibly the most prominent reason why you should invest in this digital alarm clock. When you get a mini-projector attached with an alarm clock, you are wary of the quality. But, the good news is that the projector you get is of good quality and does its job well. The screen is 7 inches long and it is extremely easy for young children to read the time written in bold digits there. Adults would benefit from the in-built USB port that helps you charge tablets, phones and other chargeable devices. There are different buttons for different functions and that makes it all the more convenient to use it. The brightness levels can be adjusted very easily. A large amount of features and utilities it boasts of makes it a valuable device to own.

Projection Digital Alarm
Pros Cons
Effective projector Get slow at times
USB port Overtly simple design
Dual alarms

See it in Amazon


The aforementioned list, which also gives a detailed overview of the respective product, should give you a good idea about their features and shortcomings. Since you are getting a clock for your kids, you must make sure that it is fun, playful and colorful. Let your kids judge the design. You take care of the technicalities and check if the one that you are settling for is durable and features all that you would expect to have in a good quality alarm clock.

iPhone SE 2020 – India Chosen as Another Manufacturing Base by Apple

Apple Inc has decided to assemble its latest offering, the iPhone SE 2020 in India. The US giant has been assembling its older models in the country for the last three years. Wistron and Foxconn are their manufacturing partners in that country. The present contract for the iPhone SE 2020 is likely to be bagged by Wistron. The Indian government imposes a higher import duty if the phones were brought in as assembled pieces. This higher impost could be as much as 20%. Apple finds it difficult to sell its models at such high prices in the price-sensitive Indian market. There is a lot of focus on “Make in India” with incentives if the companies set up their manufacturing facilities within the country.

Apple Has Advised the Components Makers to Ship to India

Apple has been having an extended dialogue with the government of India to permit it to import its iPhones at lower rates of duty with the promise that it will keep increasing the indigenously made parts and components gradually. The Indian government has not obliged. Some of the older models like the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7 are already being assembled in India. If the making of the iPhone Se 2020 starts, then this may possibly be the first time the making of the latest model is being shifted to India.

As mentioned, there are incentives for making electronic products in India and these are production-linked.

The information on this development has been carried in Apple Insider quoting sources. Many details relating to Apple’s products are leaked through supply chain sources. This may also be one such leak.

Apple has launched its new budget iPhone internationally at $399. In India however, the device is sold at Indian Rupees 42,500 (64GB variant; 128GB and 256GB variants are priced higher). This converts to around $560. This may be one of the reasons for the company deciding to get it assembled in India itself. It may be able to reduce this price considerably once production commences here. It is important to remember that the Indian market was one of the key areas in Apple’s target while launching the iPhone SE 2020.

For the record, the iPhone SE 2020 comes with a 4.7-inch Retina display of the True Tone IPS type in HD. The screen resolution is 750×1334 pixels. The key component, the processor is the A13 Bionic chipset. This is the same processor that the users of the iPhone 11 models enjoy on their devices.

Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch in 2020

Netflix, the American media service provider and a production company, has changed the kind of programs people watch these days. We no longer sit right in front of our television sets watching our favorite TV serials or films.  There are so many original Netflix series and Netflix shows available for people to binge-watch right from the comfort of their couch. Netflix allows viewers to find any movie of any genre in any language across the world.

Here are the top 5 Netflix Movies to watch in 2020 (not listed in any specific order).

#5: The Social Network

The Social Network is one of the best Netflix movies to watch in 2020 and is a masterpiece. Director David Fincher reminds people that this movie was made way far ahead of its time and even after 10 years of its release people are welcoming it with open arms. The name “The Social Network” somewhat coincides with Facebook. The castings of the movie were very popular ranging from Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Rashida Jones, Armie Hammer, Rooney Mara, Max Minghella and Andrew Garfield. The fabulous partnership of the duo, Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay and fantastic direction by David Fincher has made this film a flawless piece of work.

#4: The Gift

The Gift is a psychological thriller movie for the adults, where Joel Edgerton has played 3 roles. Joel Edgerton has not only been the writer and director of this movie but also played as a co-star who portrays Jason Bateman’s past character and confronts when the main characters – the married couple (Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall) move to Los Angeles in the United States. The film has many clever twists. With top-class performances, this movie will deeply engage the viewers and not give a chance even to turn your head for a second. This movie is much better than many Netflix shows available out there.

#3: Goodfellas

Based on true events, the film Goodfellas tells us a story about the rise and fall of a mob associate by the name of Henry Hill, the role played by Ray Liotta. It displayed his life of crime since his childhood days during the 1980s.  This movie is one of the masterpieces of the filmmaker Martin Scorsese. The screenplay is shared between the filmmaker Martin Scorsese as well as Nicholas Pileggi. The soundtrack is simply awesome and the performance of Joe Pesci is just incredible.

#2: National Treasure

Nicolas Cage is one of the most popular action stars of the Hollywood film industry. In the movie National Treasure, Nicolas Cage plays the role of an American historian who is also a treasure hunter. He makes his way up a series of unfortunate events and unknowingly steals the Declaration of Independence, which happens to be the secret treasure map. This movie is especially for adventure lovers. Unlike National Treasure, you won’t find a better team of star casts in a Netflix original movie. Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Sean Bean, Jon Voight, Harvey Keitel, and Christopher Plummer have performed together in this amazing movie. The film direction by Jon Turteltaub is simply awesome.

#1: Minority Report

Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report is a thriller film of sci-fiction genre listed on the Netflix platform and was produced way back in the year 2002. In this movie, Tom Cruise plays the Supreme Commander of the Washington D.C.’s police department unit called PreCrime whose primary task is to predict crimes using three “precogs” before they happen in the real world. Other star casts of the film include Samantha Morton, Colin Farrell, and Max von Sydow. The screenplay is well crafted by the popular writers Scott Frank and Jon Cohen.

Apart from these world-famous movies, you may also check out the hundreds of popular Netflix original movies available on the platform. Depending on your interest, you can choose a genre and find the best Netflix movie in that genre and watch it.

Got feedback? Let us know in the comments below.

[Updated:] Samsung Galaxy S11: Specs, Updates, Leaks, Rumors, Camera, Release Date, Battery, Pricing and More

Samsung is continuously delighting its customers with astonishing Galaxy innovations.

Samsung’s 2019 models namely Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 have attracted almost all smartphone users. Samsung is all set to launch its next S-series phone, namely Samsung Galaxy S11, in 2020. 

For the latest Galaxy S11 leaks, updates and rumors, keep watching this space.

[Update: Dec 20, 2019]

There have been quite a few updates since we last edited this post. Let’s check them out one by one.

Galaxy S11 Trio: 48MP Telephoto Camera Lens

The latest leaked render of S11 Plus phone shows a triple camera setup which looks like it includes a periscope lens in it. Yet again, it’s from the same Twitter source and the tweet claims the presence of ultra wide-angle lens, main camera and periscope zoom lens.


Samsung Galaxy S11 Series Release Date

Reliable leaker Ice Universe has once again shared a rumor on his Twitter page, which is about the release date of the S11 series phones. The date is supposedly set on February 18, 2020 in San Francisco, USA. On the same day, Samsung will also be releasing a Clamshell foldable phone, which could be the Galaxy Fold 2.

Galaxy S11 Photo Leak:

Low-resolution images of the alleged Galaxy S11 phone have leaked. Interestingly, the camera module matches the prototype design renders of the phone released recently, which leads us to assume whether this could be the real Galaxy S11 image.

[Update: Dec 9, 2019]

Reliable Samsung insider Ice Universe tweeted that Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus will use the 1/1.3-inch 108MP custom sensor that is exclusively developed by Samsung. This sensor is supposedly much better in terms of quality to ISOCELL Bright HMX. However, this sensor is quite costly and this may be fit only in the higher S11 variant, namely Galaxy S11+.

[Update: Dec 8, 2019]

During the last week of November, we saw a few developments and leaks on all three phones in the Galaxy S11 series. We saw leaked Galaxy S11 case renders and also the cases of Galaxy S11e and S11+. Onleaks revealed 360-degree renders of both Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11, just a few days after he released Galaxy S11 Plus renders. This has given us clear idea about the smartphone’s looks and design. Let’s check out the other details revealed!

Galaxy S11 Battery Leaked:

The batteries of Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus phones were leaked via South Korea’s SafetyKorea website. The leak revealed the capacity of the batteries that will be fitted on the phones.

Samsung Galaxy S11e battery model number: EB-BG980ABY. Rated capacity: 3730 mAh

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus battery model number: EB-BG988ABY. Rated capacity: 4855 mAh. Typical capacity: 5000 mAh

Galaxy S11 Camera Quality and Processor:

Another report from a reliable Samsung source indicated that the Galaxy S11 phone will be able to capture 8K video and this feature will be part of all three Galaxy S11 devices. The processor to be used in the phone is Samsung’s in-house Exynos 990 SoC which supports recording 8K videos at 30fps speed. However, Samsung will release its devices with Exynos chipset only in a few regions like China. For the United States and other countries, the processor will be Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 865 SoC.

Samsung will include the 108MP sensor which was present in Xiaomi’s CC9 Pro. With this sensor, Samsung will likely compete with the camera quality of the latest iPhones. This is a major change in the new Galaxy lineup to be released in 2020. The rear camera setup will also include an ultrawide sensor and Time-of-Flight sensor.

Galaxy S11 Screen Protector:

Here’s the leaked screen protector of Samsung Galaxy S11 phone. There is a tiny punch-hole at the center of the screen and very tiny bezels surrounding the display on all sides.

[Update: Nov 28, 2019]

Two important updates on Galaxy S11 smartphones have come up.

Galaxy S11 5G Geekbench listing:

The first is the Geekbench listing of the Galaxy S11 5G variant with model number SM-G986B, which seems to be one of the many model variants of Galaxy S11. The Geekbench listing has showed that the phone will ship with Android 10 OS, have 12GB RAM capacity and that the processor will be Exynos 9830 SoC, which is nothing but the Exynos 990 SoC which runs with a clock speed of 1.95Ghz.

The phone will be released in the US with Snapdragon 865 SoC, which is the latest processor from Qualcomm. The phone has scored very low points in Geekbench test though! Single core score of 427 and multi core socre of 2326 isn’t impressive at all!

Galaxy S11 Plus Renders:

Fresh render images of the Galaxy S11 phone have been leaked by the tipster Onleaks. He has released 360-degree video of the phone along with some CAD renders showing both the front and the rear side. The images clearly show the design of the phone and also the camera placement.

Here are the rendered images of Galaxy S11 Plus phone, as well as the 360-degree video.

[Update: Nov 27, 2019]

Galaxy S11 5G charging speed:

The Galaxy S11 5G variant with model number SM-G9860 was found in China’s CCC certification website. It revealed that the phone will support 25W fast charging. This is considered to be a bit of disappointment because Galaxy Note 10 already offers 45W charging speed. However, 25W charger in Galaxy S11 is considerably better than Galaxy S10 which came with just 15W charger.

Galaxy S11 Screen Refresh rate:

This is one of the most important feature of the upcoming S11 phone that has been leaked in a tweet by the popular tipster Ice Universe. The newly released OneUI beta for Galaxy Note 9 phone offers choices to users to switch between 60Hz and 120Hz. Users can also enable the option to automatically switch between the two refresh rates.

[Update: Nov 23, 2019] 

Galaxy S11 is expected to have a small bezel around its edges but future models in the ‘S’ series may not have any edges. Touch controls might be placed on the side panels.

According to leaks from China, Galaxy S11 is pretty much all set to feature the latest and upcoming Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 865 SoC.

Samsung Galaxy S11 camera is likely to have 108MP sensor as its primary sensor and it will come with 8K vido recording capabilities and several new photo and video modes.

Galaxy S11 battery capacity is expected to be 5000 mAh on the S11+ variant and 4000 mAh on the S11e variant.

[Original: Nov 18, 2019]

After the successful release of Samsung Galaxy S10 early this year in the month of March, Samsung tasted success again with its Galaxy Note 10 phones in August 2019. Galaxy S11 is being planned for launch in February/March 2020. Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy series will be the perfect treat even for the most sophisticated smartphone users.

What are the different Galaxy S11 model variants?

First, let us reiterate the fact that the upcoming Galaxy S11 series of phones will have a minimum of 5 variants, including both 4G and 5G models. 

The monikers that are expected are – 

  • Samsung Galaxy S11e
  • Samsung Galaxy S11
  • Samsung Galaxy S11 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S11+ 5G

Confirmed Specs and Features of Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 rumors have been doing the rounds ever since Galaxy Note 10 was released. In fact, some information is already believed to be true because they have come from reliable sources and we even know the real model numbers of the phones along with the codenames. Let us now take a look at Samsung Galaxy S11 specs and key features.

Galaxy S11 Codename

According to the well-known leakster Ice Universe, Samsung Galaxy S11 is codenamed as “Picasso” and it will come with great camera improvements. We’d expect the Galaxy S11 to run on One UI 2.1 based Android Q.

S11 Model numbers

The various model numbers of the S11 series of phones are –

  • SM-G980
  • SM-G981
  • SM-G985
  • SM-G986
  • SM-G988

SM-G980 and SM-G985 are likely the 4G model variants in the S11 series whereas SM-G981, SM-G986 and SM-G988 are the 5G Galaxy S11 variants.

Screen Size

The following are the screen sizes of the S11 series phones and were confirmed by the reputed leaker Evan Blass

  • Galaxy S11e – 6.2 or 6.4 inches
  • Galaxy S11 – 6.7 inches
  • Galaxy S11 Plus – 6.9 inches


A Korean certification listing was found recently for the battery of the Galaxy S11e phone. The battery model number read SM-BG980ABY and it has a capacity of 3730 mAh. With the advanced processor in place, we can expect that this battery would be more than enough for the S11e model. The other variants including S11 and S11 plus phones can be expected to have batteries up to 4500 mAh.

What features will Samsung Galaxy S11 have?

Samsung Galaxy S11 phones will have the powerful Snapdragon 865 processor and we would expect them to run on Samsung’s own Exynos 9830 chips as well. 

Users will have an exceptional experience of the Galaxy S11as some models will be 5G enabled as well. The two variants of Snapdragon 865 modem are Kona + Huracan and they will support LPDDR5X memory and UFS 3.0.

Undoubtedly, we would expect the Samsung Galaxy S11 to have better features than both Galaxy S10 and Note 10 as well. However, Samsung’s recent Note 10 models don’t have the headphone jack present in it so we are not sure if it will be present in Galaxy S11. 

Samsung is apparently planning to offer ‘e’ variant once again. Budget constrained users who would want to save a few dollars will be opting for the ‘e’ variant of the S11 series, which will be the base 4G variant.

Samsung Galaxy S11 will bring an under-display camera and 8GB, 10GB and 12GB RAM variants in the phones. Possibly, Samsung Galaxy S11 series will come with the 108-megapixel primary camera sensor on the rear, which could mean much higher resolution than the latest Galaxy models.

Rumors about the real moniker

Rumors have been around suggesting that Samsung would ignore the numeric naming system and will name its next model as Samsung Galaxy S (2020). There have been reports of Samsung allegedly planning to merge both ‘S’ and ‘Note’ series phones and offer a new phone in 2020. There are no official confirmations of any of these Galaxy S11 leaks or rumors from the company yet. We’ll have to wait to see what Samsung would call its next flagship until it arrives. 

What is the Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date?

As is the norm with Samsung, we can expect Samsung to launch its next model in an “Unpacked Press Conference” ahead of MWC, around 24-27 February 2020

The Galaxy S11 will be available for pre-order ahead of its official launch and it’s expected to come in multiple color variants including Silver, Dark Blue, Grey, Pink and Midnight Black. 

Samsung Galaxy S11 Pricing

Samsung Galaxy S11 will be available in both online and offline stores after its initial release. Those who are eagerly waiting for the release of the powerful Samsung’s next line of premium smartphones could pre-book in advance. 

The Galaxy S11 will definitely cost slightly higher than the Galaxy S10 phone and the pricing (unconfirmed, as of now) is expected to start from $899 / £699 / AU$1,349. 

Though the S11 phones will offer numerous perks, the higher end S11 and S11 Plus would be quite costly, to be honest. One can expect similar spec offerings from the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus a few months down the line, for almost half the price of these Galaxy S11 phones. 

Stay tuned for more updates and confirmed news about Samsung Galaxy S11.

Your Sure-Fire Guide to Retain Website Leads in 2019

The year 2019 is a highly competitive one (We know that this is being said by every company, every year but hear us out!) because the digital world has seen dramatic transformation. Google has changed a lot and so are the visitors. While statistics claim that an impressive design, intuitive user experience and additions like live chat for website can help retain website leads in 2019, there are lots of different factors at play in order to reach this coveted spot.

Let us explore some of the key elements that help create a powerful website which is capable of retaining interest and converting leads into customers. Before that, here are some facts you should know about the modern day online shoppers.

What Does the #Snapchat Generation Expect?

Be it Snapchat, Instagram or even Pinterest, every social media has undergone some major changes because they have to adapt and serve these new age customers. They follow certain things and you should too!

  • Never underestimate your visitor’s knowledge or their capability to understand your business
  • Keep things simple and the website design should be in such a way that immediate tools are readily accessible
  • People’s patience levels are at an all-time low so make sure your website loads fast, really fast
  • Have handy assistance to clarify their doubts. Using live chat for lead generation is one among the current strategies
  • The website should definitely be mobile friendly so that it works seamlessly when used on a mobile device.

5 Sure-Fire Elements that Will Allow You to Retain Website Leads in 2019

#1 Intuitive and Easy to Navigate Design

Every brand’s website will have tons of stories to tell. You must always keep it simple for the visitors. A bad approach is to flood the landing page with too much information. Create a website that is intuitive, with the search box easy to reach, have pleasant colors and most importantly – highlight what that page is about immediately

#2 Choose Simple Vocabulary 

Amalgamating convoluting phrases together will only make things ambiguous and redundant. (Does the choice of words here annoy you a bit?) If it does, you are probably doing the same for your visitors if you try to use industry jargons and elite English words that are not necessary. Keep it simple and let them know what the website is about.

#3 Assistance Should Assist, Not Intimidate

Some websites try to throw ads, call to action words, live chat support and everything else at the visitor as soon as they reach the landing page. Avoid intimidating the visitor because they don’t need all the information right away. Instead, assist them in a non-intrusive manner with easy to read content and live chat for website

#4 Focus on Your Selling Point

The best way to generate leads may vary but the right way to retain a visitor is to immediately throw your big guns. Be it a trial period, free one-user plan or massive discounts, let the customer know what your brand offers, which will help convert a visitor into a customer without allowing them to lose focus to a different tab on their browser.

#5 Make Use of Pleasant Colors and Lots of White Space

The white space on your website is what will help highlight your product promotions. Give enough white space so that the overall design of your website is highlighted and easy to read. Similarly, always go with pleasant colors because bright red, blue or other choices may often lead to a visitor questioning about the credibility of your website. The design schematics combined with colors, fonts and image placement play a huge role in retaining visitors.

Informative Solutions Matter the Most in 2019

The search engine experts are busy hunting down lead generation ideas but based on how Google works now, if you have informative solutions to share with your visitors, you are likely to reach the top and retain your customers. Generating sales leads ideas are very important and will help increase traffic and conversions as well. Almost every new startup with a unique idea has managed to grab the attention of people and grow big.

The power of the internet is much more influential nowadays allowing you to grab the attention of people irrespective of whether you are a new startup company or an established firm. Marketing still continues to be the best way to generate leads but how it is done is much more refined and the expectations of customers are more demanding than it has ever been. You may consider using a free live chat trial to see if you can help your visitors and convert them into customers.

Website Visitor Retention Tips and Techniques 

  • Most visitors in 2019 are willing to spend less than 10 seconds of their time within which you have to clearly convey what’s required
  • Always create forms or surveys that can be completed in just five seconds or less 
  • The concept of asking users to sign-up for newsletters or provide e-mail ids is long gone. Consider skipping those old marketing strategies and focus on newer ones
  • Live chat for website powered by AI bots is mandatory as they are available round the clock and help immediately solve any customer queries to avoid cart abandonment 
  • Add a personal touch to your content and images because people connect better with custom-made solutions than purchasing a template image from websites 

The Final Word 

Above everything else, it is the brand image and you are going to spend your time, energy and money that will play a huge role in retaining the customers. Obviously, the first few baby steps may be hard and difficult against corporate giants fighting for visitor retention but it is not all impossible as it might sound. The most difficult part will be to find out how to get leads online. For this you have to compete against dozens of competitors in Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to convince a person to click on the link to visit your website.

Have your trust placed on a team of talented designers, content writers, and SEO specialists to help promote your brand. Irrespective of the size of your company, the possibility of gaining visibility against all odds is much higher now with the help of impressive design and delivery empowered by social media apps. Build trust and retain website leads in 2019 by blending creative ideas that are easier to access and understand.

This is your Ultimate Guide to Retain Website Leads in 2019

The claim that we are about to make here might sound philosophical but always be open and honest about what you can offer to your customers. This is the first and foremost step to retain website leads in 2019 apart from useful features like live chat for website, an engaging design and ideal choice of colors/ fonts that can connect with your audience.

Website visitors are quite impatient and have a very little attention span. As much as you are a business owner, you also happen to a customer for someone else. Would you really be patient if someone starts with a basic introduction, advertisements and slowly reveal their product features? 

You will most probably want immediate answers so that you can make a decision right? That’s what every visitor who lands on your website wants and you have to provide them what they are looking for immediately. 

Learn What Your Customers Want

Before you start to implement live chat for website, chatbots, automated newsletters and other elements as lead generation ideas, view your business from a customer perspective. A couple of questions should help you see what they see and find those jarring errors that can easily be fixed.

  1. What is the product/service that you offer?
  2. How expensive it is? 
  3. Are there any discounts provided or additional features to make it better value for money?
  4. Can I have a trial period to make up my mind? 
  5. What is unique in your product that sets it apart from the competitors?

Here are the important elements that shouldn’t hinder your customer’s user experience. While lead generation ideas may suggest otherwise, keep statistics aside and see things from a layman’s perspective to make some well-informed decisions.

The Don’ts – Crucial Elements that Affect Retention Rate on Your Website 

Stay away from business jargons – The customer literally never wants to know the terms business people use. These jargons are huge blunders that can drastically boost the bounce rate and push customers off of your platform. Avoid using them at any cost and especially not on the landing page. You can use live chat for lead generation but jargons are an altogether different deterrent. 

Focusing on Desktop and not on mobile – Over 85% of users prefer using a smartphone over its desktop counterpart. An average American user views their smartphone 52 times per day, based on a survey by Deloitte. The live chat for website should be compatible with mobile phones and easy to use. 

Overloading visitors with information – Another common mistake made by brands is when they try to talk about a lot of things, all at once! There are so many lead generation examples and tips on how to get leads online but these leads are only good when you can retain them for a longer period on your website. Give them the information they came looking for and keep the rest of the information on different tabs or on different pages.

Keeping drawbacks hidden – A product or service may obviously have some drawbacks. A software which is ideal for professional users with lots of customization may sound complex for the average user. Your product may be priced higher because of specific reasons but don’t try to hide it. If you have a feature that is unique, people will obviously come forward to buy it if the perceived drawbacks are shared upfront on your website.

Customer Retention in 2019 – Guide to Better Implementation of Familiar Strategies

Creating an impressive website design and a great product are some of the basics you need in order to retain customers who visit your website. There are a few strategies known to be the best way to generate leads that can be followed in order to make your website user-friendly and boost conversion rates.

#Live Chat for Website – Allow your visitors to immediately get in touch with human chat assistance or a chatbot based on the time of visit. Being able to get simple questions answered immediately will always help push sales, be it for products or services that you offer.

#Multiple Checkout Options – Before convincing a customer to pay for a product, free live chat trial and other trial options can help them know its value. But, being unable to pay money to own a product can deter lots of users. Always make use of multiple payment gateways so that the customer can pay immediately without any hurdles that might put them off.

#Less Technical Specifications – Every time the topic of technical specification comes into the picture, think of tech giant Apple’s website and learn to keep it simple. The visitor who lands on your website may hardly be tech-savvy which is why it is best to keep technical specifications out of immediate reach. Focus on how the product or service can help them out or their company. Live chat for lead generation and retention can help clarify their doubts if any.

#UX and UI, Colors and Fonts – The design of your website will play a huge role in generating sales leads ideas and retaining your visitors. The best way to generate leads can vary but the first thing they see is your choice of color and fonts. Leave enough white space so that the images are prominent and the text is easy to read. 

#Assure customer privacy – Customers may be skeptical to share credit card information and other personal details. You can understand how to get leads online, use live chat for website and even offer trial period but at the end of the day, they should be able to make payments without the fear of losing their information. Make use of SSL certificates and create a trustworthy brand image which will help in generating sales leads ideas in the near future through word of mouth. 

A Deloitte survey claims privacy concerns are high among customers as over 80% are skeptical about providing their card or account details to third parties. When your website offers a combined strategy with reliable design, a product with better features and easier to understand web page, you are bound to not only retain visitors but also convert them into long-term customers.

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