Porsche phone – Luxury Car King’s Luxury Phone

Porsche is a German automotive manufacturer creating luxury high performance automobiles and having a reputation of the most prestigious automobile brand. Their most famous product is the Porsche 911Porsche and it is also the most successful brand in motorsport.  It is the largest race car manufacturer the German luxury sports car company.

It has a subsidiary, the Porsche Design which was established in 1972.   The Porsche Design is also renowned for its puristic designs which are timeless and also functional.  They have started producing a wide range of products such as classic men’s accessories, sunglasses, men’s fragrance, luggage, men’s accessories, watches and last but not the least mobile phones.

Porsche Design is now marketing a Porsche phone with their P’9000 electronics which is stunning due to its futuristic technology and plenty of mind-boggling features.  The materials used are exquisite and the aesthetics of the Porsche phone are what one has come to expect from the Porsche brand.  The Porsche phone P’9521 has the latest technology from Sagem using the fingerprint for identification.

This Porsche phone is a precision mobile made of solid aluminum block with a double hinge so that it can be competed rotated through 180 degrees along with a high resolution digital camera. Additionally, this Porsche phone has a fingerprint scanner for enabling shortcuts to its various functions as well as to provide security to the phone.


Now there are many mobile phones being manufactured in the Porsche car shape such as the Porsche 911 car shaped cell phone, the Porsche Cayenne car shaped phone, the Porsche 977 car shaped cell phone.  The Porsche Phone of the shape of 911 is being manufactured by Chinese manufacturers and has the popular shape of the Porsche 911 with all the latest hot functions such as dual sim card working at the same time, an e-book reader, Bluetooth, MP3 and MP4 player and so on.

Many other manufacturers are producing the Porsche phone having the cayenne car shape phone incorporating all the latest features.  There is also a miniature of the Porsche 911 which is a fully functional mobile Porsche phone.  Most of the Porsche car enthusiasts would surely love these Porsche phones for their resemblance to the famed car shapes.

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