Samsung Galaxy Tab – An iPad Killer?

Product Introduction

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a slick black and white body with a shiny TFT touchscreen and looks absolutely great.  It looks similar to the iPad but it is a lot smaller and feels different.


On the front side of the Galaxy Tab there are four touch buttons, a home button, options, back and search button. On the top portion is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and the on/off button is on the right side with volume controls beside it.  Lower down are the slots for SIM card and microSD expansion card.

On the underside of the Galaxy Tab is a connector for docking and charging and on the left side is a small microphone.  The Galaxy Tab screen looks great as there are settings to change the color saturation, contrast and brightness and you can also customize it. The dimensions of the Galaxy Tab are extremely pocket-friendly.  Flash is supported and so you can watch any web video content within a browser.

The Galaxy Tab has Google maps which load pretty quickly. The interface is basically Android 2.2 and you can move an application to the home screen by pressing and holding the icon.  Multitasking is excellent and the device can handle multiple applications open at the same time and one can switch between them too without slowing down too much.  You can play music while browsing the web or checking your emails.


There is no Wi-Fi along version in the Galaxy Tab but it is available in two storage versions a 32GB version and a 16GB version.  The microSD slot has an expanded memory of 32GB storage.  The RAM is of 512MB.   It is powered with a 1 GHz processor and a 7 inch display which is quite bright and vibrant with a WSVGA screen resolution of 1024×600.The Galaxy Tab has two built-in cameras and a 3 megapixel back camera with LED flash and a 1.3MP front -facing camera to enable video conferencing.


The Galaxy Tab is available only in 3G and provides connectivity with 802.11n Wi-Fi enabling streaming videos with a wireless network.  It also has Bluetooth 3.0 to enable file transfer and for streaming to headphones and speakers.  The Galaxy Tab has a standard battery of Li-Po 4000 mAh with talk time up to 28 hours (2G) and 25 hours 30 minutes (3G).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the most up-to-date version of Android that is available today and incorporates all the software features required.

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