Sony Tablet P – An Awesome Dual Touch Screen Tablet from Sony!

Sony, one of the leading makers of technology products, has come up with a dual screen tablet, which it calls Sony Tablet P. The cool new tablet PC has some exciting features in addition to the dual screen. It is very easy to say that Apple’s iPad editions lead the tablet market with a great market share. However, companies like Samsung, Sony and many others are consistently introducing new innovative tablet PCs in the market to steal the lead from the giant Apple. Sony’s new Tablet P is its new attempt to draw the attention of the entire tablet market and to move ahead of Apple in the race.

Physical Features

The hardware of the new Sony tablet is unique, because of the dual screen feature. However, the device has just one speaker situated on the left edge of the bottom half. The sound it produces is not great and is very mild even when turned on to the maximum level. Hence, music lovers should look out for some good quality headphones if they wish to use this tablet for the purpose of music. However, the camera facility is quite good, as there is a 5 MP rear camera and a 0.5 MP front camera for video chats. The weight of the tablet is just under one pound, exactly, 0.82 pounds. The physical structure of the device is very comfortable to use and it can easily fit into your pockets without any issues.

sony tablet P features cool dual touch screens


The hinge – based design is the mostly used design for the dual screen devices, and Sony Tablet P is not an exception. The tablet has a hinge -based design, which allows you to fold the tablet very easily. You can fold the upper part up to 180 degrees, and, at this position, the tablet almost looks like a single square shaped device. However, there is a bit of gap between the two screens, which may cause a trouble while viewing video contents in full screen mode. The power button is also not in an easy position to access.

sony tablet P is a cool device to use


Sony Tablet P runs on Android operating system, Honeycomb, which is exclusively available for tablets. The OS runs great on both the screens. However, some applications run on only one screen and that definitely annoys the users. Gamers will find this tablet irritating, as many games work only on single screen. A few apps and games run on both the screens, but give an over – stretched look, which is again annoying. However, inbuilt movie and music players, and, inbuilt apps work on both the screens in a great way.

sony tablet P has an exciting design


The Sony dual screen tablet features dual core TEGRA 2 CPU and 1 GB RAM. However, the storage is just up to 4 GB. The touch feature in this device is incredibly awesome, as it features capacitive touch screens and responds very quickly. While considering the connectivity speed, the tablet performs equally when compared with other Honeycomb tablets.

sony tablet P is very comfortable to carry

Only very few dual screen tablet devices are currently available in the market.  This is the reason why Sony has now introduced a dual screen tablet. Even though Sony Tablet P is better when compared to its dual screen counterparts, the device still has a good number of limitations, which the makers have to sort out to make it to the top of the list against the rivals!

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