Stay Connected Even When You Have Your Coffee with High – Tech Coffee Tables!

Coffee tables are among the fast moving lifestyle accessories in the market. Nowadays, a coffee table offers you more than just a place to keep your cup and saucers. Advancement of technology in our day to day life has gone to an extent that everything has gone ‘smart’, right from tables to the curtains! Want to play games, chat with your friend and browse videos right at the place where you are? These smart gadgets are always there to help you. If you are the one who always feels free to spend big money, then you can turn your lifestyle into an incredibly awesome one. Now, you can take a look at five high-tech and amazing coffee tables and choose the one that suits you the most.

1)  Surface Tension Arcane

This is the model from the British coffee table makers, Surface Tension, which would surely impress the vintage game lovers. The Arcane comes with almost hundred preloaded vintage and retro games. The important thing is that, this digital coffee table also consists of the gaming controls designed perfectly in a classic and retro style. There is also a built in Windows 7 PC to cater to your computing and internet needs. You have to pay $5,400 to own the Arcane!

2) Samsung SUR40

make your home cozy with digital coffee tables

Samsung SUR40 features the awesome Macintosh surface technology. This coffee table also has the Microsoft PixelSense technology, which gives brilliance to its display. What makes this Samsung SUR40 feature in the list of top coffee tables is its capacity to recognize multiple finger points, hands and even real time objects. This ability makes it a great gadget in all under roof environments. Right now, it caters mostly to the business circle, with a price tag of $8,400.

3) Savant ROSIE Touch TV

awesome coffee tables make your living room great!

This is a two in one model. You can either fix it on the wall as a television, or, you can embed it neatly to make it as your high – tech coffee table. These coffee tables come in two models, where one is 24 inches and the other is 40 inches. Apple system powers ROSIE, which gives you a great control of your place including the lighting, security systems and so on. For your information, ROSIE also has an inbuilt iTunes integrated music and media server.

4) Mozayo Multi Touch Table

connect to your friends just with the digital coffee tables

Mozayo manufactures two types of coffee tables. They are the Professional series – priced at $9,600 and M32 series –priced at $6,900. These digital coffee tables consist of a 32 inch High Definition screen with a built in PC for the digital usage. Options like Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless keyboard and USB ports enable great usage for the users.

5) Retro Tech Platinum Table

do everything by just drinking your coffee with digital coffee tables

The Platinum coffee table from Retro Tech is sleek and is stupendously designed to fit best in a modern smart home. The gadget features a built in PC, a wireless keyboard and touchpad along with a 22 inch LCD display. The Platinum coffee table can also act as the connection hub for the gadgets like televisions surrounding it. This is also the most affordable of all digital coffee tables we have seen so far with a price tag of $4,500.

In addition to all these top five coffee tables, there other attractive coffee table models that would fit great into a super smart home. They are

  • Antique coffee tables
  • Aquarium coffee tables
  • Bamboo coffee tables
  • Black coffee tables
  • Marble coffee tables

With all these excellent options in choosing the coffee tables, there is no doubt that your coffee time experience would be great in the coming days!