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iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Design Renders Reveal New Details

Apple fans have been waiting for the new iPhone 13 to be unveiled with bated breath. While one came across several rumors and unverified reports about the yet-to-be-launched iPhone 13 series of phones, here is some new information that gives one a fair idea of what one should expect from iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 13

Industry sources have released design renders of both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. As far as the iPhone 13 is concerned, the device won’t undergo a drastic design change this year. The design of the phone will be the same as that of the 2020 model. The device will also feature the old iPhone 5/5S like design that is in the process of being combined with the iPhone X and in the edge-to-edge display screens of the upcoming phones in the series. The overall dimensions are 146.7×71.5×7.6mm, the same as the last released model.

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On the front, there are three cutouts that signify the presence of the cameras. The positioning of the cameras looks similar to the kind you see in current iPhones which feature one cut-out each for the primary camera at the front, the dot-projector and an infrared camera. In the rendered design, the three cutouts are positioned next to each other. This gives rise to the possibility of the iPhone 13 having two cameras on the front. Just above the three cutouts will find the earpiece. The LiDAR sensor, perhaps, won’t be a part of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Pro

As the design renders suggest, the device will arrive with a relatively smaller notch than the one you see on the iPhone 12 Pro. The Cupertino-based company has decreased the notch’s size by placing the earpiece right above the sensors. The remaining design, including the triple rear cameras and the elaborate frame, seems to be resembling the iPhone 12 Pro.

If you observe the renders closely, there seems to be a larger camera module this time around. This indicates the possibility of the company integrating larger-sized camera sensors on the upcoming model. Apart from the three cameras, the phone will also feature a LiDAR sensor and an LED flash which will result in better photographic results.

If we combine the impressions gathered by the renders and the information coming our way, then the iPhone 13 will most likely feature a 6.1-inch screen. The iPhone 12 Pro has a screen exactly of the same size. The dimensions of the iPhone 13 Pro are 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.6 mm which makes it slightly thicker in size than the iPhone 12 Pro. A larger battery unit could be the reason behind the device having a thicker frame.

According to rumors which surfaced earlier, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will feature 120Hz LTPO displays. All the phones in the iPhone 13 series are likely to feature 1TB of storage space and a much improved wide-angle sensor.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Series Might Feature 120Hz ProMotion Display

Almost every year, Apple releases a new series of iPhones in the commercial market. Fans gather on different online forums to discuss what one could possibly expect from the upcoming lineup. The buzz stays alive even though Apple seldom gives any official update.

Now, a rather interesting piece of information has emerged about the next-generation iPhone 13 Pro lineup. The upcoming lineup will reportedly feature the 120Hz ProMotion display. This will be the very first time that the phone will feature this power-efficient backplane technology.

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ProMotion is the name that Apple has been using for the high refresh rate display which can now be increased to 120Hz on the devices it has been integrated with. Back in the day, 60Hz was decided to the standard refresh rate. This was a result of manufacturers struggling with the disturbance coming in from the power supply. Because of this and a couple of other similar reasons, most phones ended up featuring 60Hz displays.

Some of the recently published reports state that low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) displays have been getting developed for the iPhone for the last two years. If these reports are to be believed, the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro series will come with a 120Hz ProMotion Display.

According to a report published by DigiTimes, which cites industry sources, companies like LG and Samsung are in the process of converting production lines, that were earlier devoted to iPhones, for LTPO production. The report also asserts that the process of migration will be carried out soon. This will enable both the companies to supply display screens to Apple at the scheduled time. These display screens, which were featured in apple watches previously, will most likely feature in both iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models.

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Before the launch of the iPhone 12, there were rumors about Apple developing a battery-saving technology to be used in LTPO thin-film transistors. It was also being said that this kind of technology is absolutely essential for the purpose of controlling battery life for high-refresh displays on phones which feature small batteries.

The iPad Pro was the first mobile device to feature 120Hz ProMotion displays. Reports which claim to have derived information from sources in the supply chain of Apple state that the displays would be integrated with at least two iPhone models that will come out this year.

iPhone SE 2020 – India Chosen as Another Manufacturing Base by Apple

Apple Inc has decided to assemble its latest offering, the iPhone SE 2020 in India. The US giant has been assembling its older models in the country for the last three years. Wistron and Foxconn are their manufacturing partners in that country. The present contract for the iPhone SE 2020 is likely to be bagged by Wistron. The Indian government imposes a higher import duty if the phones were brought in as assembled pieces. This higher impost could be as much as 20%. Apple finds it difficult to sell its models at such high prices in the price-sensitive Indian market. There is a lot of focus on “Make in India” with incentives if the companies set up their manufacturing facilities within the country.

Apple Has Advised the Components Makers to Ship to India

Apple has been having an extended dialogue with the government of India to permit it to import its iPhones at lower rates of duty with the promise that it will keep increasing the indigenously made parts and components gradually. The Indian government has not obliged. Some of the older models like the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7 are already being assembled in India. If the making of the iPhone Se 2020 starts, then this may possibly be the first time the making of the latest model is being shifted to India.

As mentioned, there are incentives for making electronic products in India and these are production-linked.

The information on this development has been carried in Apple Insider quoting sources. Many details relating to Apple’s products are leaked through supply chain sources. This may also be one such leak.

Apple has launched its new budget iPhone internationally at $399. In India however, the device is sold at Indian Rupees 42,500 (64GB variant; 128GB and 256GB variants are priced higher). This converts to around $560. This may be one of the reasons for the company deciding to get it assembled in India itself. It may be able to reduce this price considerably once production commences here. It is important to remember that the Indian market was one of the key areas in Apple’s target while launching the iPhone SE 2020.

For the record, the iPhone SE 2020 comes with a 4.7-inch Retina display of the True Tone IPS type in HD. The screen resolution is 750×1334 pixels. The key component, the processor is the A13 Bionic chipset. This is the same processor that the users of the iPhone 11 models enjoy on their devices.

iPhonemania – When the Hobby Becomes Madness

The iPhone is the first real Smartphone to have any success and become a big deal. Since its release in 2007, Apple has had a monopoly on the Smartphone market and has happily brought their business back from the oblivion that Microsoft were pushing them into. But what about the happy go lucky iPhone fan? When does their hobby become absolute madness?

Over 56% of Smartphone Users Shop with iPhone in Their Hand

In America, a poll suggested that over half of iPhone users do their shopping with iPhone in their hands. They have admitted to using it for all purposes, from checking their digital shopping lists, checking prices online and using a calculator app, all the way to using their shopping time as a nice time to catch up on SMS messages and emails.

iPhone Addiction

You may have thought had heard it all when an addictive compulsion around Star Trek became a true legitimate addiction. Then, the Facebook addiction became a true addiction in all medical sense. Now, an iPhone addiction is also a medical condition and a legitimately documented addictive compulsion.

People have become addicted to the use of their iPhone. Not only do they become panicky, flustered or angry when they are separated from it, but they have also been known to suffer withdrawal symptoms if deprived of their iPhone for long periods of time.

The iPhone is the Most Stolen Phone Model in the World

This may be due to the fact that it is both popular and expensive to buy. And, even though there are security features on it, there are still people out there who are able to crack the iPhone security and use your stolen iPhone.

Fans Hated the Original Name of the Apple iPhone – “Purple

The first iPhone was going to be called ‘Purple’. It was developed in a room that was named the Purple dorm. In those days, nobody cared what Apple was up to, as it was a dinosaur in the technology trade and had one foot out the door so far as most people were concerned.

They developed the purple in the purple dorm, and their top secret security protocols included a poster that quoted a line from the movie “fight club” with the classic “first rule of fight club.” They market tested the name Purple, and people hated it. Eventually they decided that the phone should be called the iPhone with the small letter “i” being a feature.

iPhone Fans See the Face of…Bono?

In the music function of your iPhone, there is a section called ‘Artists’. Pay it a visit, as many iPhone fans have agreed online that it is modeled on Bono from U2.

iPhone Fans Have Been Thrilled By Their Own Gestures

It is possible to create your own gestures for using your newest iPhone. You can decide what types of touching and moving gestures do what, from scrolling to flipping and closing screens or apps. Fans have loved the idea since it started.

Samsung Owns the Rights, Production and Development of an iPhone Part

There is a processor in the most current iPhones and it turns out that Samsung own the rights/patents to it. This literally means that Apple has to buy parts for their iPhones from the people at Samsung. Obviously, it is in both Samsung’s and Apple’s interest if this is not blatantly advertised.

iPhone Autocorrect is the Most Commonly Seen Autocorrect Funny on Facebook

There are lots of these images on Facebook where people have meant to write one thing but autocorrect changed it to something else. A data collection survey showed that more iPhone autocorrect funny images were on Facebook than for any other type of mobile device.

Oprah Made a Classic Mistake

She tweeted that she loved the new Surface tablet from Google and that she bought it for herself and has bought ten for her family and friends. However, many people were quick to take screen prints of her tweet before it was taken offline. They did this because she had used the iPad signature at the bottom it said that she had tweeted it from her iPad.

Fans Have Admitted that their iPhone Has Got Them in Trouble

With the iPhone you may delete certain calls from your call history whist leaving the rest of your call history intact. Cheating lovers have abused this little trick for a long time. However, iPhone users have been caught because deleting it does not delete it from their phone bill. Their unsuspecting lover glances at the phone bill to see that the iPhone user has something to hide.

Fans were Shaking about the iPhone 5

It is possible to customize how your iPhone vibrates on the iPhone 5. You can tell it how to vibrate and at what intervals. It is basically a programmable vibrating machine. Lots of iPhone fans have found this very exciting.

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