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Job Listing by Rockstar Games Gives A Clue About Grand Theft Auto 6 Setting

Whenever a newly upgraded version of a GTA game comes around, fans revel in its arrival. But at the same time, they start discussing what the next game in the much popular franchise could be like. There is a gap of at least a few years between the release of two GTA games but that doesn’t stop the fans from speculating and trying to figure out the kind of elements the next game in the series would bring to the table.

Ever since Grand Theft Auto 5 came out in 2013, there have been so many rumored reports about the kind of plans Rockstar Games has in the pipeline for GTA 6. We are in 2021 and Grand Theft Auto 6 has not even been announced. But, that has not really helped in controlling the chatter on discussion forums and media reporting about it extensively. Different kinds of details about the game, including its location, storyline, trailer release date and launch date, have been topics of discussion among the media and the fans alike.

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A recent job listing by Rockstar Games India has only fueled the rumors further. According to the listing, Rockstar Games India is looking to hire a mixed-media animator. In the ‘What We Do’ section, the job description clearly states that the company “create[s] content for in-game media for our game world” and “work[s] on multiple platforms to create multiple styles of content for in-game media.”

Many GTA players have picked up and analyzed the words “in-game media” from the listing and stated that it gives an important clue about the setting of the game. Fans have inferred that the words “in-game media” here refer to TV shows and websites that are found in the world the game is based in. The internet came to prominence only in the ‘90s and this makes fans speculate about the fact that Grand Theft Auto 6 might be set in a time post the 1990s.

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Two months ago, another job listing by Rockstar Games emerged which stated that the company was looking for a cinematic gameplay capture artist. That made a lot of fans speculate that a trailer for GTA 6 would be launched sometime soon. There are also some naysayers who have stated that just like Half-Life 3, Grand Theft Auto 6 will turn out to be another game that everybody will keep talking about for a long time but one that will never see the light of the day.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Set To Be Set In The Modern Day, Insider Tweets

In the recent past, a lot of rumors had surfaced about the Grand Theft Auto 6 being set in a decade gone by in the past. Many fans, who have been discussing the game on different rumors, speculated that it would be set in the ‘80s. As soon as some of the most avid gamers started vouching for this, most people started believing in this rumor. But, now a reliable source has claimed all the theories about the game being set in the ‘80s are untrue.

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The person who is being referred to as the ‘reliable source’ here is Tom Henderson. Tom happens to be a game junkie and keeps a close tab on the developments taking place in this space. In the past, Tom had leaked information about Battlefield and Call of Duty which went on to be true. Recently, Henderson took to Twitter and posted this: “It’s not set in the 1980s and is modern.”

While Henderson didn’t tweet anything after this or offer any further clarification, his simple statement carried a lot of weight. The reason behind this is that he has been very accurate about his predictions. Fans don’t see any reason to believe that the piece of information shared by him would be inaccurate either.

A lot of Twitter users replied to his tweet. One user, in particular, stated that the next game in the GTA series would definitely be the kind of game one must look forward to. To this, Henderson replied: “GTA Online + Modern + Wacky S*** = More Money.”

Rockstar Games has earned a lot of revenue through GTA Online, so it is unlikely that the company’s focus would waver off in the near future. Strauss Zelnic, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, stated in an interview given a while ago that 2020 proved to be one of the most successful years for the company and one of the most important factors behind it has been GTA Online’s popularity. He seemed to be very ecstatic about the fact that ever since its release in 2013, 2020 proved to be the year when GTA Online earned the maximum revenue for the company.

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As stated earlier, Henderson is quite a credible source but unless Rockstar Games gives out an official confirmation, one can’t really be completely sure. The only news about Grand Theft Auto 6, which has been confirmed by official sources, so far has been about the team making regular updates to the game till its release, so that it’s presented in its most polished form possible.

Unannounced Grand Theft Auto 6 Making the fans anxious and even frustrated!

Ever since it was launched as Grand Theft Auto in the year 1997, this series of action games by Rockstar Games has been very popular with gamers. Since its inception, the game has been released in several different versions and each of the versions has been received well by gamers and critics alike. Apart from giving gamers a good opportunity to indulge in high-octane action, the game also has a strong narrative structure that keeps them thoroughly engaged.

Though the last entry made to GTA5 is eight years old and several other updates are pending, the game has only grown from strength to strength in terms of its popularity. Next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X and PS5 are scheduled to be upgraded sometime during this summer and there has been no official update about Grand Theft Auto 6 either. Rockstar Games seems to have decided not to share anything about GTA 6 for the time being but that hasn’t stopped fans of the GTA franchise from speculating about the kind of things the game would offer. So much hype for a game that is years away from its release!

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Rockstar Games is known to be very secretive about its upcoming or unreleased games. While this approach has worked for them on multiple occasions, it also ends up making the fans a little anxious and even frustrated. This is something which, perhaps, they have not made a note of and addressed as yet.

A while ago, CD Projekt Red launched Cyberpunk 2077 which has been one of their most talked-about titles in the last several years. While the game was received well by most people, there was a certain section of gamers who were a little disappointed by what the game offered. The reason behind this was the fact that there was so much hype and anticipation around the game that fans were expecting something they had not witnessed before. They didn’t want a great game. They expected to be treated with an extraordinary game!

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There is a lesson for Rockstar Games here. When a company refuses to share any information about its product, it leads to fans becoming overtly excited about it over a period of time. While hype and anticipation do help a game that is about to release, it also creates unrealistic expectations which prove detrimental in the long run.

Every game has its merits and no matter how good it, there are certain things about it that gets criticized. Perhaps, giving a small glimpse of what fans could expect from GTA 6 would be a good idea to ensure they have ‘right’ expectations and don’t expect anything out of the game that they won’t be a part of it.

Fake Reveal Trailer of GTA 6 Offers a Mix of Fan Rumors and Wishes

A fake trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, put together and published as an April Fool’s joke, gives an idea about what fans of the franchise expect out of it. The last game in the GTA franchise was Grand Theft Auto 5 which released way back in the year 2013. The game featured three protagonists who indulged in a variety of crimes and try to make a fortune for themselves in San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto Online, the online counterpart of the game, continues to receive tremendous support from Rockstar Games.

With GTA 5 completing seven years of its release and Red Dead Redemption 2, which was also released by Rockstar Games, about to celebrate its third anniversary, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting the release of a new Grand Theft Auto title. On Reddit and other community forums, fans have written and designed the kind of protagonists they would like to see in the upcoming game. This detailing of their ‘dream protagonists’ comprises detailed backgrounds, character illustrations and custom logos. A while ago, a new webpage launched by Rockstar Games ignited rumors about GTA 6 being announced in the near future. But, no development has taken place on this front.

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A fake trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, created and published on the YouTube channel Marion XGamer, worked as an effective April Fool’s prank when it was first put up on April 1. Despite being a fake trailer, it is very well-edited and sleek, almost giving one an impression that it is an authentic trailer released officially by Rockstar Games. One of the factors that makes it very believable is the fact that it has the kind of voiceover that you come across in the gameplay trailers released by Rockstar Games in the past.

The footage used in the trailer has been derived from different sources, including content from other YouTube channels and the trailer for The Crew. This trailer by Marion XGamerhas a large number of features that fans expect to see in Grand Theft Auto 6. A few of the elements fans expect include multiple open-world cities and photorealistic graphics.

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Though the trailer is fake, it gives a very good idea about the kind of expectations gamers have from GTA 6. A single-player story would perhaps attract those who don’t fancy online multiplayer content. Having a huge open-world would augment the process of experiencing both single-player and multi-player content.

Could GTA 6 be Priced at $80 on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Microsoft and Sony are busy flexing their muscles. A common rumor floating around is that AAA titles like GTA 6, Cyberpunk 2077 and possibly Red Dead Redemption 3 could all witness an increased price in the next two years.

While none of these games have a confirmed release date yet with plenty of delays or still in the production stage, it is not easy to pass along this rumor. After all, when we dig deep into the history it looks like nearly two or three decades ago, games on Sega and Nintendo cost $60 or even $70. Some of the indie titles of the era were priced lower at $40 as the launch price.

Moving Towards a Subscription Model

Sony’s announcement of GTA 5 on PlayStation 5 console was a huge disappointment for many fans but there is a huge user base for the game. The improved graphics and better support for GTA Online will also make this game more popular than any other title that has managed to accomplish in the past years.

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A kind of confirmed information that we have at this point is the availability of a standalone GTA Online game set for 2022. While it is unclear whether it will still use the GTA 5 engine or will it move on to Grand Theft Auto 6 new engine, this will definitely make players come together on all platforms at once.

Cross-platform is more prevalent now than ever. Call of Duty Warzone is one of the best and most compelling titles that made players enjoy the game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One at once. It even allowed players to connect a keyboard and mouse to a console so that they could enjoy seamless gameplay experience.

Increasing the Cost to $80

The subscription model is a huge success for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. GTA 6 is a multi-platform title but Xbox received GTA 5 as well as Red Dead Redemption 2 on their subscription model. It indicates that companies may want to add more value to the monthly subscription price which also indicates the decision to increase the price of AAA titles to $80 per piece.

After all, people who are planning to spend half of their life in a game wouldn’t mind spending it while the rest should opt for a subscription model on PC or Xbox One. That leaves Sony’s PS5 owners in the lurch but it won’t be long before a solution arrives as we know GTA VI is not going to be available on any platform at least until 2021 or maybe even later.

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