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iPhone SE 2020 – India Chosen as Another Manufacturing Base by Apple

Apple Inc has decided to assemble its latest offering, the iPhone SE 2020 in India. The US giant has been assembling its older models in the country for the last three years. Wistron and Foxconn are their manufacturing partners in that country. The present contract for the iPhone SE 2020 is likely to be bagged by Wistron. The Indian government imposes a higher import duty if the phones were brought in as assembled pieces. This higher impost could be as much as 20%. Apple finds it difficult to sell its models at such high prices in the price-sensitive Indian market. There is a lot of focus on “Make in India” with incentives if the companies set up their manufacturing facilities within the country.

Apple Has Advised the Components Makers to Ship to India

Apple has been having an extended dialogue with the government of India to permit it to import its iPhones at lower rates of duty with the promise that it will keep increasing the indigenously made parts and components gradually. The Indian government has not obliged. Some of the older models like the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7 are already being assembled in India. If the making of the iPhone Se 2020 starts, then this may possibly be the first time the making of the latest model is being shifted to India.

As mentioned, there are incentives for making electronic products in India and these are production-linked.

The information on this development has been carried in Apple Insider quoting sources. Many details relating to Apple’s products are leaked through supply chain sources. This may also be one such leak.

Apple has launched its new budget iPhone internationally at $399. In India however, the device is sold at Indian Rupees 42,500 (64GB variant; 128GB and 256GB variants are priced higher). This converts to around $560. This may be one of the reasons for the company deciding to get it assembled in India itself. It may be able to reduce this price considerably once production commences here. It is important to remember that the Indian market was one of the key areas in Apple’s target while launching the iPhone SE 2020.

For the record, the iPhone SE 2020 comes with a 4.7-inch Retina display of the True Tone IPS type in HD. The screen resolution is 750×1334 pixels. The key component, the processor is the A13 Bionic chipset. This is the same processor that the users of the iPhone 11 models enjoy on their devices.

iPhone App Reviews – Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2013

There are more than one million apps on the App Store. There is an app for everything these days, literally. The common perception is that the gaming apps are the most popular ones. But that is not necessarily the case. You’ll be surprised to see how many non-gaming apps are frequently used by people.

To get the most out of some of these apps you’ll need a fairly powerful device. As iPhone is sort of a given, I would like to provide an Android alternate for Android users.  Therefore, look no further than the Nexus 5 which performed extremely on the GFXbench tests earlier in the year and considering its affordable price point, it is ideal for both casual and hardcore mobile phone gamers.

Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2013

Here we go, here are the top five:


Afterlight is a photo editing app that allows the iPhone users to crop, rotate and edit photos. There is an advance set of tools such as filters, gradients, color shades, bordering and texturing etc. The good thing about this app is that it can turn an ordinary photo into an artistic one. You can get this amazing app just for 99 cents.


Duolingo was recently nominated as “app of the year” by Apple. It is a teaching app that allows users to learn new languages. At the moment there are five languages it can teach: German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. There is both verbal and visual assistance provided to the users. And remarkably enough, this app is free!

Temple Run 2

You probably knew that this app would make the list. Even though it is a free app, it is the most widely played iPhone game in the world. Great graphics, adrenaline rush, skill, hand-eye coordination – this game will push your limits. Based on the sample principle of collecting coins and trying not to fall or get hit by objects, this game has been treating iPhone and Android users the day it came out.


Venmo is another creative app that addresses a very common problem: retrieval of small loans you give to your friends. Don’t worry about that $5 you lent! This app enables users to connect their checking account with the app and pay money with a click or a ‘touch’ would be more appropriate. The best part is that there is no processing fee for Venmo, the transactions are completely free! The app is not only about payments, one can also use it for “recovery”. The app sends reminders to your friends, family and coworkers to send your money. And hold onto your hats: Venmo is a free app.


ThirdLove is another example like Venmo of a small technology solving a real life issue. When ordering clothes online, there is always a threat that the clothes won’t fit. This is lingerie making company’s app that allows woman to send pictures so the appropriate bra-size can be determined. It is another useful app that is free. However, since the company that owns the app is an online store, they make money when you purchase anything from them.

Top Applications for Jailbroken iPhone and iPad

If you are a proud owner of a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you should take a note of some of the top iPhone apps, which may make your cool phone even cooler. Now that you no longer need the Apple authentication for your apps, as you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can push your limits and get ready for a completely new experience with some stunning apps. Whether you need to increase the performance of your iPhone or iPad, or, you want to change the conventional look, or, you need some awesome functionality, the top iPhone applications are here to cater your needs.

1) iKeyEx

This is one of the free top iPhone apps that you will love it. The iKeyEx app is actually a keyboard extension application, which supports you a lot when you are up for fast texting. The app adds the number buttons and other alphanumeric buttons to your already existing jailbroken iPhone keyboard, and thus, enables you to text faster than your usual speed. If you consistently use many alphanumeric characters for smileys and other such things, then iKeyEx is a boon app for you.

2) MyWi

For many smart phone users, Tethering, or in other words, sharing the internet connection among the devices is one of the cool thing to do. Tethering is also one of the top reasons why people choose to own a jailbroken iPhone. MyWi is one of the top iPhone apps that enable tethering in your iOS device. While using the MyWi, no need worry about your carrier or any such thing. Just connect as you wish and share the connection. However, you need to pay a bit for this app. This is one of the costly top iPhone applications and has a cost of $20.

3) Lockinfo

If you are using an iPhone for a long time, then you will surely be jealous of the Android phones, just for their fancy and themed mobile locker applications. This is because, there are no such fancy mobile locker applications for the iOS users. Even the top iPhone applications for the regular iPhones do not offer such a fancy facility. However, now that you have a jailbroken iPhone, you no longer need to long for using a cool mobile locker. Lockinfo will enable you to set some awesome and fancy mobile lockers for your iPhone, and, this is the reason why it is one of the top iPhone apps. Without diving into your phone, you can also use some applications like the calendar, events and weather, with this cool app. The cost of this app is $8.

4) WinterBoard

WinterBoard is another free app in the list of top iPhone apps. WinterBoard offers you tons of themes and backgrounds, thus helping you to change the look of your jailbroken iPhone. Image wallpapers are old – fashioned items, and now, you can get video wallpapers and cool keyboards with complete customization with one of the top iPhone applications, WinterBoard.

5) Activator

If you love customizing your jailbroken iPhone, then Activator is one thing that you need the most. Just like other top iPhone applications, Activator does more than what you expect from it. Activator helps you to customize the controls as you wish. You can use any key to do any job you want, just by setting the customization. The good thing is, Activator is one among the top iPhone apps that is available free of cost.

Coffee Faucet – another Fine Way to Enjoy Your Coffee!

Coffee faucet is always a dream for coffee lovers, who always look for the latest coffee equipment. For hundreds of years, coffee has attracted people all over the world. If there is one drink that everyone will enjoy without any differences, then surely it is coffee. However, just like the followers of rare liquors, there are always coffee lovers on this earth, who will do anything for a single cup of coffee. Now, things are getting better for those ardent coffee lovers with the arrival of the exciting coffee faucet!

Dream Come True!

Coffee faucet is really a dream come true not only for the coffee lovers, but also for the entire coffee drinking community. Called Top Brewer, this hot coffee equipment is surely set to create a buzz in our modern lifestyle. We already enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with the stupendous improvements in plumbing and electricity. However, no one will say no to further improvements, as the development of new equipments will mean only a much easier lifestyle. With coffee already becoming a key element in the lifestyle of many, coffee faucet will definitely have a huge number of users.

What is Hot?

As the name suggests, this stunning coffee equipment will deliver you coffee when you just use the faucet. Remember also that, it not only delivers you just coffee, but also hot milk if you want it to do so. Many coffee drinkers never stop with the regular coffee. Many of them always love to taste the various kinds of coffee. Top Brewer also promises such drinkers, who need different types of coffee to suit their mood, by producing different kinds of coffee on demand. If you are an iPhone or iPod user, well, you have another exciting feature with this coffee faucet. You can remote control the equipment with your iPhone or iPod with the help of the Top Brewer app. Top Brewer app is not ready for the release yet, but will be available, once the equipment is up for the commercial sale.

How it Works and Looks?

The working model of the coffee faucet is so simple, when you look it from the user level. There is nothing so sophisticated with the faucet of the device. The faucet mechanism of this equipment is as simple as any other faucet’s mechanism. However, it works with the help of many components. Top Brewer has an outstanding design, which features only one visible part and, that is the faucet. The various other components that support the coffee equipment hide under the table on which we place faucet. Thus, it appears so elegant and neat and needs no mess to happen, when you want to prepare your coffee again.

How to Use?

There is no need to do a hell lot of things to prepare a cup of coffee, when you have Top Brewer at your home. All you need to do is just place a cup under the coffee faucet and get ready to enjoy your coffee. This latest coffee equipment also comes with an auto – cleaning facility, which cleans itself over a period regularly. Do you want to know how much time it takes to make a coffee? It is just 45 seconds to a minute!

Get the Best from Your Camera Phones with Swivl!

There was a time when camera phones were the hottest gadgets that one could ever have. As time has passed, now phones with a camera are not pretty big deals! Continuous innovation in mobile cameras has led to the production of some sensational camera mobile devices! These phones with stupendous camera facilities can take images of you with a quality that is nothing short of the quality of an image taken in a real camera! Now, many of the smart phones come up with two cameras at both the front and rear ends! As the scenario is like this, here is a new type of accessory, Swivl, which almost converts your camera phone into a personal camera operator! Let us see what actually the Swivl phones can do!

What is Swivl?

Swivl is nothing but a stunning accessory for the camera mobile phones that can enable your phone to work like a camera operator! A California based company, named Satarii, is soon going to launch the outstanding accessory that will help you to get a completely new use from your camera phones! Swivl is actually a device that consists of a motor and a mounting stand! When you place your camera phone on the mounting stand, Swivl enables your phone to shoot a video or helps you to perform video chats with absolute easiness! Even though we may have top-notch camera facilities in our mobile phones, it was always difficult to do video chats by holding the phone steadily. Filming yourself perfectly by holding the camera phone in your hand was also not an easy task even though if you had a front-end camera! Now, Swivl phones come as the solution to such inconvenient problems you face, when using your camera mobile phone!

Awesome Tracker!

To help to film yourself perfectly without the help of others, Swivl phones come with an awesome tracker that will track all your movements when you are in front of it! This tracker actually works with the help of a small marker! What you have to do is, you have to clip the small marker in your body anywhere! That is it! You can start filming yourself! Your camera phones will capture every action of you with great perfection!

Every direction!

Once you place your camera phone on Swivl device, it will automatically trace your movements and will allow your camera phone to move in all the directions to capture your movements. This is because of the support from a motor, which rounds 360 degrees all the time based on your movements! You can even stop the movement of the motor so that your phone makes a fixed point shoot to help you to perform a perfect video chat! Thus, the Swivl phones enable you to get the best from your camera phones with a hands free approach.

Perks for iPhone users!

If you are an iPhone user, then you have extra benefits using Swivl. You can charge you iPhone when you place it on Swivl device with the help of a built-in power connector. In addition to this, you can also control the video shoot of your camera phones even with the help of the marker!

Top 10 iPhone Accessories – Coolest Gadgets

iPhone accessories are one of the coolest additions you can get for your iPhone. The iPhone is after all one of the coolest gadgets to come out this decade and so deserves only the best accessories. The iPhone has made many fans ever since it entered the market. It is one device that is loved by both fans of Apple and non fans. The various apps,sleek design and functionality are some of the reasons behind its unwavering popularity. The various iPhone accessories that are available today come with a wide variety of unique features to serve many different purposes. Some of the coolest accessories are given below.

1) Stunning Cases

Artistic cases are undoubtedly some of the coolest iPhone accessories you can get for your phone. These silicone based cases come in a variety of mind blowing designs that will just… well, blow your mind away. You can get these cases online.

2) iPhone Armbands

These iPhone accessories are an essential item to have if you’re a power user and a jogger. You can take your phone with you on runs and listen to their favorite songs. The armband is designed to specifically secure the iPhone in place. It kinda looks cool too.

3) The Intempo iPhone Dock

One of the best docking iPhone accessories out there, the Intempo dock system allows you to charge your phone and providers a good set of speakers for playing music. Moreover, you can also spin your iPhone horizontally and vertically for better viewing angles when watching videos.

4) iPhone Cowboy Case

Reading the name itself is enough to put it in the list of coolest iPhone accessories. What more can you hope for? An iPhone case that is shaped in the form of a holster is the stuff that fantasies are made of. You can even put your money, keys and cigarettes in this case.

5) Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Dock Stand

This is easily one of the coolest iPhone accessories you can find. It can charge your iPhone and support your phone in both landscape and portrait mode. You can use this stand with a number of iPhone models like the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iTouch etc.

6) GoSmart

The simplicity of this device makes it one of the coolest gadgets ever in the iPhone accessories category. You can fix your iPhone on to the steering wheel of your car in case you need to keep your G.P.S display in a more convenient location. The practicality of this device can be debated but it is a cool device anyway.

7) Retro handset

This one makes the list of coolest iPhone accessories only because it is shiny and red. Plus it’s a freakin handset shaped like a telephone receiver. Things cannot get more awesome.

8 ) iPhone Tactile Keyboard

Another extremely useful one in the iPhone accessories list is the Tactile keyboard. Sometimes typing on the iPhone can be tough. In such cases you can simply attach this handy keyboard to have a hassle free and convenient typing experience. Definitely, one of the most useful accessories for your iPhone.

9) iPhone Holder

This handy device is included in the list of amazing iPhone accessories due to the fact that apart from its practical uses, it looks like a snake. One cannot say that this is not a unique design. It looks extremely cool when kept on a table. Like a snake that is allowing you to video chat more conveniently. Sounds a lot cooler when put in that way, doesn’t it?

10) Bamboo iPhone Cases

One of the most visually stunning, tongue twirling, eye popping iPhone accessories out there, the Bamboo Cases are just incredibly cool to look at. They come in a wide variety of mind numbingly great designs. Its beauty is quite frankly unparalleled. In fact it is so cool that if you put your jailbreaked iPhone in one of these cases, your phone will get acquitted. (Extremely bad joke. Sorry)

Hopefully this list of extremely cool and useful iPhone accessories has been an interesting one for you.


How iPhone External Battery Helps You?

If you are a user of iPhone, then iPhone external battery will help you largely. Well! No one on this world can find a cooler mobile phone than iPhone. Especially, the very recent editions of iPhone like the iPhone 4G have stupendous features. They make their users keep using them irrespective of places. Many people feel that their days are incomplete without using their iPhone. This is the impact that the super smart iPhones have created in the lives of humans. The users of iPhone can never imagine a day without using them.

If you are one such ardent iPhone user, imagine how bad it will be if your iPhone runs out of charge when you are in a travel. Think how you will miss the exciting feeling of using your iPhone, if you do not find a way to charge it during travelling. Your entire day will turn bad. You may not have a way to talk to your beloved one without your iPhone. You may miss the excitement in playing your favorite iPhone game. You may miss the horoscope and weather forecasts of the day, since you cannot access those applications in your iPhone.  You may miss the news updates and the updates of scores and results of live sports. You cannot chat with your friends.  Anyway, there is no need to worry about that now. If you had any such bad experiences, then it is the time to forget them. Yes! Now you have a great solution to bring back the activeness in your iPhone, even if its charge is down. The amazing solution is nothing but an iPhone external battery.

An iPhone external battery will come to the rescue, if the charge of your iPhone is down. You can use this external battery irrespective of the places. The process of using this helpful hardware is simple. Once the charge of your iPhone battery is down, you can easily replace the old battery with the iPhone external battery. That is enough. Your iPhone will require no new settings for the external battery. There will not be any hardware compatibility issues too.

The iPhone external battery is highly portable and very light in weight. The weight is as low as 2.2 – 2.3 ounces. It is a very compact device and you can carry it wherever you need it. This will be very helpful when you are travelling through train, bus or airplane. You can carry the iPhone external battery easily in your briefcase or in your purse or even in your pocket.

The backup power of an iPhone external battery is unbelievable. It has an appreciable backup support and you can bring back your iPhone from dead to a fully charged one. In addition, the durability of this backup device is also great. The iPhone external battery comes with a high quality plastic body and thus has very lightweight, yet, high durability.

Another great thing with the iPhone external battery is that, it offers you double battery time when compared to the real iPhone battery life. In addition, you can also use this external battery for other devices like the iPod. It backs up all the versions of the iPod and iPhone. Though the features are great, you can get an iPhone external battery at a very convincing price!

iPhone Tricks – Top 10 Tricks to Improve Your iPhone User Experience

iPhone tricks can help you to not only save valuable time but also to soothe any frustration you may feel from the many shortcomings it has. The iPhone tricks mentioned below are some of the most popular ones made by users all over the world for users like you.

1) Setting Parental Controls

Go to settings and then select “General Restrictions” to make any changes in blocking inappropriate content.

2) Correcting Settings for the Dictionary

This is one of the many useful iPhone tricks where you can correct any mistakes made in the dictionary department. If you accidently entered a wrong word in the dictionary, you cannot undo your mistake. You will have to reset your dictionary settings back to factory settings. First enter settings and select “General.” Then you need to scroll down until the “Reset” option shows. Select “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” to start from scratch.

3) Sleep Option

This is very handy iPhone trick. All you have to do is go to your clock and select the timer. Then, you can simply enter the amount of time after which your iPhone will go into sleep mode. Then select the “Sleep iPhone” option. This way you can doze off to sleep peacefully, knowing that your iPhone will do the same soon.

4) Scroll to the Top of the Page

This is another convenient iPhone trick. All you have to do is tap on the status bar to automatically scroll to the top of the page. This way you can easily reach the top of the page after reading a long web page or email.

5) Taking Screenshots

You can utilize this handy iPhone trick by pressing both the home and sleep buttons at the same time. You can then access the screenshot in the “Saved Photos” library.

6) Caps Lock

You can toggle the Caps Lock option on and off by simply double tapping the shift key.

7) Shutting Down the Phone

This one is labeled as an iPhone trick due to the fact that many users actually do not know how to completely shut down their iPhones. Most of them mistake the sleep mode for the shut down one. In order to properly turn your iPhone off, you will have to keep the sleep button pressed until a red button appears. Then you have to drag the button in the given direction to turn off your iPhone.

8 ) Quickly Delete

If you want to delete any item from your iPhone in your mail app or other lists, you can simply swipe your finger across the particular item. Once you do so, a delete button will appear.

9) Rebooting

You can use this dandy iPhone trick to reboot your iPhone system. If your phone freezes and if nothing else works, all you have to do is to press both the sleep and home button for about ten seconds to reset your device. It is important to note that this doesn’t change any settings.

10) Locking the Screen orientation

This little iPhone trick can help you to lock the screen orientation i.e. portrait or landscape mode so that it doesn’t change every time you shift the device. Double click on the home button and then swipe from left to right on the multitasking interface. Then tap on the lock button to disable auto rotation and to get the portrait mode locked. Doing the same thing again will re-enable the auto rotation function.

Some of the iPhone tricks above may sound pretty obvious. But you would be surprised to know the number of users who don’t know them. We hope that this article has helped you somewhat in your quest to know about the iPhone tricks. Kindly leave your comments below 🙂