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How to Manage the Use of Electronics in Your Family

It seems like there are more mobile phones being created than people these days, so there are bound to be a few problems that pop up when it comes to how you are going to be able to manage all of the different electronic devices in your family. While most electronic devices come packed with an immense number of positive benefits, there are also some negative aspects of giving a little computer to every single member of the family. Whether you are getting a Blackberry Canada or you are just trying to figure out how many hours of video games your children are going to play per day, it is important to remember that electronics are a part of our daily lives at this point. Let’s take a look at how you can manage the electronics owned by the people in your household.

Let the Kids Use the Computer

The first thing you should look at when it comes to what your children should be allowed to do is the computer. While there are a lot of terrible things that can be found on the Internet, there are also plenty of tools at your disposal to make sure that your children do not end up on some of the most problematic websites on the Internet. There is nothing wrong with letting your children use the Internet for many hours during the day, especially if they are actually learning something along the way. Playing Counter Strike or World of Warcraft all day is one thing, but you should not try to prevent your child by learning about the world through that electronic box.

Should Your Kids Have Mobile Phones?

Some parents do not like the idea of giving mobile phones to their children because they think that kind of access to information could somehow be harmful. The first thing you need to realize when it comes to preventing your child from owning a phone is that it would be a mistake to leave your child without a phone in certain situations. The reality is that you are not going to be standing next to your child at all hours of the day, so you need to make sure that they are able to contact you if they find themselves in some trouble. At the end of the day, you also need to be able to contact them when you haven’t heard from them for an extended period of time. It is also important to remember that not all phones come with the Internet. You can give your child a regular mobile device if you are worried about that.

Limit the Video Games

The most important thing you should limit when it comes to the electronics in your household is video games. While having fun is definitely not something that you want to disrupt when it comes to your children, the fact of the matter is that many children end up wasting their lives away on these devices. You do not need to take an authoritarian approach when it comes to video games, but you should at least explain to your children how video games can give them a false feeling of accomplishment.

Playstation phone – Extremely cool gaming phone

The mythical Sony PlayStation Phone has now become a reality as the company prepares to launch this bad boy in March, 2011. This cool gaming phone is called Xperia Play and it will run on Android Gingerbread O.S. The Sony PlayStation gaming console is one of the most iconic gaming platforms in the world. Over the years they have presented the gamers of the world with millions of hours of pure fun and bliss. It has revolutionized video games like no other company. Now Sony is back ready to rock the mobile phone industry.

The Playstation phone looks quite similar to a PSP Go in its core design. The phone might not have the most cutting edge design out of all the gaming phones but at the same time it is no ugly device either. The design is quite simplistic in nature but maybe the bland exterior will be to mask the beast inside. It comes with a black and silver theme where the body has a nice glossy black color whereas the gaming pad has a silvery appearance. A white option is also available. The gaming phone will also sport a gorgeous 4-inch Bravia touch screen with a resolution of 854×480 pixels. The phone will also have a slide out gaming pad containing the iconic Playstation control buttons.

Over the past few months, a lot of speculation had passes regarding a possible Playstation phone in the making. All that speculation has now been confirmed to be true as the world anticipates the launch of this great device this March. The gaming phone also comes with two cameras, a slide out Playstation controls, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with MicroSD card support. The MicroSD card will allow users to store up to 32 GB of game information. The camera is said to be a 5 megapixel one and the device is said to sport 512 MB RAM and 1GB of ROM. It even has a multitouch touchpad in the middle of the gaming control pad.

Along with the Playstation phone, Sony has also expressed an interest in becoming a major player in the Android market. Therefore one would be safe to assume that some kick ass games will follow. Many franchises have already partnered with Sony to bring the best games to the Xperia Play. On one hand you have a decent phone, on the other you have a gaming beast waiting to unleash its fury. All you have to do is slide the gaming pad out and let the Playstation phone do what it does best.