ThinkGeek’s Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Now you have a fully playable rock guitar built-in with a t-shirt which is an electronic guitar shirt.  This electronic guitar shirt from ThinkGeek is extremely easy to play as the buttons on the neck are major chords of the guitar.  You don’t need to be highly skilled to play this guitar as it is possible to play several classic rock songs with this electronic guitar shirt.

Anyone can purchase these shirts and avail of the Rock magic for himself.  It is not akin to a child’s guitar or a plaything but very much like a real musical instrument and you can play any of your favorite songs on it.  The major chords present on the electronic guitar shirt are recorded from an original electric guitar and the magnetic pick is included in it and you can easily strum on it.  The mini amp clips are fitted to your belt and you can get great sounds on it.  The knob present for toning can be adjusted too.

The sound produced is as great as real lock and you can play all the major chords on this electronic guitar shirt.  There is an included magnetic pick which can be used for strumming by just waving it over the strings.  The amp speaker clips that are fitted to the belt give out excellent sound and the volume can go up to 11 with an adjustable tone knob present.  You can also easily remove the electronic components when you want to wash the shirt.  Two magnetic picks are included and you can easily store it.  However, you need 4 xAAA batteries for this electronic guitar shirt and this has to bought separately.

This shirt is available for both kids and adults and one can blow it on the go.  This electronic guitar shirt is also available for kids.  These shirts are short sleeved but it is possible to wear a long sleeved shirt under and this can be in colors like white, black, red, yellow or orange so that it matches the electronic guitar shirt.  The neck of the guitar is fixed to the shirt with the help of hooks and loop closures and the amp is connected by means of a cable.

All these are removable.  You can either hand wash or machine wash of the electronic guitar shirt and then just hang dry it or tumble dry low.  After that you have to reconnect everything.  The amp runs on batteries an there is an on/off switch, and an output jack.  You can fit this in a pocket inside the shirt or clipped on your belt.

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