Top 10 iPhone Apps – Cool Features for a Cool Phone

iPhone from Apple has many fantastic applications to begin with but you still browse the Application store to find hundreds more all of which are designed especially for iPhone apps.  It is very simple to get these apps onto your iPhone as you have to just find what you want and then tap to download them.  Many of the iPhone Apps can also be availed free and iPhone informs you when new versions of your iPhone apps are available. The Genius feature in it lets you know about new iPhone apps.  Here’s a list of the top ten iPhone apps.


This is a side-scrolling third person shooter which allows you to shoot wave after wave of enemies in the shape of stick figures.  It is an amazing game and you can play it for free as there are in-app purchases.


Tap Tap Revenge 3

This iPhone app belongs to the Tap Tap series and this game lets you create your own avatars and play online.  You can get your fingers tapping and for the present this iPhone apps is offered for free.

Dragon Dictation

This iPhone Apps is a simple but effective voice recognition application which has been developed by the Dragon.  Tap the app and then start talking and then tap again when ended.  You can watch your narration either in email or text.

Kindle for iPhone

Amazon has this developed this iPhone Apps which is suitable for both the iPad and the iPhone.  After installing this iPhone Apps you can access more than 725,000 through the Kindle store as well as the latest best sellers and new releases.

Twitterific for Twitter

This iPhone Apps can be availed for both the iPhone and the iPad.  This Twitter application has an excellent user interface and you can start tweeting just with a few taps.

The Karate Kid

This iPhone apps designed by the Sony pictures after the hit movie is fantastic having similar stunts and the karate style.

Siri Assistant

Siri has developed this iPhone Apps and is both cool and intelligent. You have to just speak clearly in plain English for instance by asking for any information and within minutes the Siri Assistant will gather the relevant information and give it to you.

Public Radio Player

This apps turns your iPhone into a Radio with background audio support and also pause, rewind, alarm clock, scheduling of shows and so on.


This iPhone Apps allows you to find other applications and find the reviews.  Chomp will recommend apps based on your previous reviews.


This is an iPhone apps that allows you to record video with your iPhone even if yours is not a recent version by taking about 15 pictures per second and even creating a slide show.

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