Unique Gifts – 10 Best Gift Ideas

Unique gifts can rekindle old relationships, forge new ones and even maintain the present ones. This great age of global connectivity allows you to find out some of the best gift ideas for all the special people in your life. While the type of gift varies from one individual to another,  given below are some of the most unique gift ideas you can find.

1) Celestial Globe

This is definitely one of the most unique gifts you can find, not to mention very informative. The globe represents the Earth while placed in lit environments but it transforms into the night sky in the dark. It has an optical sensor inbuilt which can activate various beautiful star constellations for the night sky mode on the surface of the globe. Not only does it serve as a pretty night light for children, but it also teaches them about our planet and the eternal sky.

2) Star Theater Pro

Now as long as we are on the subject of space and stars in the unique gifts department, it would be criminal not to mention this crazy product. The star theater pro is a home planetarium projector system that uses LED technology to display stars and their constellations. Turn it on and witness the beauty of our universe in your own home. There is even a setting to enable shooting stars. Unwind to the spectacular beauty of our universe or prepare a romantic evening of star gazing with your partner.

3) Pulse Smartpen

Easily one of the best gift ideas, the Pulse Smartpen is just as the name suggests a smart pen. It is in fact a very smart pen and it comes with a Livescribe notebook. This pen has a small infra red camera at the tip which records what you write or draw. It also has a built in microphone which records sound while using the pen. If you tap on a particular word, you will be able to hear any sound that was made while writing that particular word. This tool is extremely handy for students and professionals alike for taking notes in classrooms and conferences.

4) Kindle

One of the best selling products on Amazon, the Kindle is one of the most unique gifts you can give someone. It is a portable e-book reader which you can use to download, shop for and read e-books, newspapers, magazines etc. You won’t have to carry various books while going on trips. Simply pack your Kindle and you can read the e-book of your choice.

5) Flying Alarm Clock

Just by reading the title should get you interested. This crazy device will start flying around everywhere making a wicked sound as soon as the alarm goes off. How can anyone not like such an awesome device? 🙂

6) A Star

Yes you read it right. One of the most unique gifts to present to your loved one is their own little place in the universe. You can do so by naming a star after your loved one. You can get it done at the international star registry where you will also receive a certificate containing the details of the star, its new name and its coordinates. What can be more romantic?

7) 24k Gold Roses

Another romantic installment in this unique gifts list is the 24k gold rose. They are real roses covered by 24k gold and they will last forever. Perfect for representing the eternal love you share with each other. Jaws will drop and hugs and kisses will soon follow. 😉

8 ) The FM Radio Toaster

This amazing device toasts your bread while providing you with all the features of a standard radio. One can now listen to their favorite shows while preparing breakfast every single day.

9) Personal Movie Theater Glasses

This gadget doesn’t even need any explanation to be recognized as one of the best gift ideas one can think of. You can connect this device to iPods, gaming systems and portable DVD players and get your own personal IMAX theatre experience in your own home. Plus you get to look like Cyclops from X-Men.

10) Magic Wand Remote Control

You must have read Harry Potter. Now live it by getting the Magic wand remote control. You can just flick it to change channels on your television and twist the wand to increase the volume. You also get to choose the different moves for each command. Therefore the remote shall be all yours. Muhahaahaha!!!  This device will also work on other infra red using devices like Stereos.

Hopefully the above list has been helpful to you. Ultimately the ideal gift depends on the preferences of the individual to whom the item is to be gifted. Here’s wishing you success in finding your perfect one amongst the plethora of unique gifts out there.

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