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Those who have bought an iPhone would have to sign up with Apple’s exclusive carrier for the United States, namely AT&T, for the phone activation.  The phone identifies itself with AT&T’s network and you have to use an AT&T SIM card.  When you unlock iPHone, you are actually bypassing AT&T’s and Apple’s security on the phone and using it on any GSM cell phone network.

But if the user is suddenly planning on going to another country, say Europe, he may not want to pay AT&T’s network partners and wish to avail the local phone numbers by replacing the SIM card with a pre-paid European card.  For this, it is first necessary to unlock the iPhone so that it allows you to use a SIM card from any provided rather than only AT&T.  Additionally, the iPhone uses the GSM radio band for communications so only providers who use the GSM network can be availed.

Nowadays, there are many hackers who unlock iPhone with the aid of free and open-source software which enables you to unlock iPhone in an hour for free.  But in spite of trying to unlock iPhone, some AT&T specific features such as Visual Voicemail may not work if connected to other cellular networks. Those who haven’t activated their iPhone yet must first do a fake activation.

There are programs developed that will let you install third party applications such as games and other software which will be essential to unlock iPhone.  You may have to download some applications from the internet.  The next step to unlock iPhone is to go to the general settings and set Auto-lock to Never.  By following all the instructions you will successfully unlock iPhone and be able to use other SIM cards of other cellular providers in it provided that these providers use the GSM cellular radio frequencies.


But finding out how to unlock iPhone can be quite difficult for the layman and if you are not cautious it can be the worst thing to do to the iPhone.  When you unlock iPhone you must be aware of what product you are using and also who the provider is.  People who purchase cheap and bad software can cause permanent damage by trying to unlock iPhone.  See that the software you use is verified so that you can have access to a variety of music, movies, games, e-books and so on.  Some software even allows you to unlock iPhone up to five phones at a time.

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