Useful Pieces of Technology to Help You Keep Track Of Your Personal Finances

Making money is difficult, but spending it is often far too easy–and that’s not a good thing. Considering how important money is in the world that we live in, it’s simply unwise to blow it recklessly on things that aren’t absolute necessities. Unfortunately, many people have trouble with managing their personal finances because they don’t pay attention to details. Keeping track of this and that here and there is too much work for some, so it’s worth looking at this list of convenient financial technologies to keep our bank accounts in the positive.

This useful app helps users keep track of their payments. While it’s not the most comprehensive money management tool out there, works great as a constant reminder of the bills that you have to pay in the near future and offers suggestions for how you can do so. Basically, the app will keep you updated on what needs to be paid, whether it’s a credit card, utility bill, or charity donation, and gives you ways to fix the problem as soon as possible if you’re late on payments. As a free app, is definitely worth checking out, and it is available online or as a download for iOS and Android. is an awesome personal finance site, and there is also a free smartphone app that you can download for major operating systems. This money management software is perfect for those who want to monitor their spending down to the smallest detail because it links all your bank accounts–whether it be checking, savings, credit card, investment, retirement, or others–to provide you with real-time statistics on your spending habits. You’ll be able to view account balances along with spending numbers that are separated into different categories such as dining expenses, mortgage/rent, or recreational expenses. No matter how you choose to burn through your earnings, Mint will show you exactly how you did it.



This service is similar to in the way that it allows you to access all of your online statements using a single program. By connecting to all your service providers, Doxo displays all your bills on a single screen and makes checking up on your financial responsibilities quick and painless. This app is also free to download, so don’t hesitate to add it to your arsenal of management tools.



YNAB is an acronym for You Need A Budget, and it’s an innovative app that aims to teach users, using videos and tutorials, why they need to have a budget. Although YNAB will allow you to manage all of your finances, there is no syncing option to connect to your accounts, which means that you’re required to enter everything into the program yourself. This aspect is a bit disappointing, but the focus of YNAB is to inform people of budgeting tips and tricks. rated the app as the third best personal finance software for the coming year, even with its price tag of $60.


Gathering receipts isn’t the most efficient way to record your spending. Its 2014, so you should be taking advantage of advanced software and hardware to aid you with managing your personal finances. You won’t even need to spend a penny in order to obtain some of the most effective budgeting software available. Talk about a bargain.

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