Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard – Tricky but Interesting

The VKB or the Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard is a very intriguing device and installing it is a little tricky.  This technology is fairly new and has been around only for a very short time. You need to make a few changes to your keyboard typing habits as there is no tactile response in the Virtual Bluetooth keyboard.


But you soon get used to this keyboard after a while and then it seems the most natural thing in the world.  The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a revolutionary keyboard which generates a full-size operating keyboard that smoothly connects to your mobile devices.  This small device projects a laser image of the regular keyboard onto a flat surface and you can type by touching the surface at the image of the key that you wish to type.

The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a touch sensitive technology and the drawback is that at times it sometimes tends to detect keystrokes that you never intended, especially if one has  the habit of just keeping the fingers over the keyboard, lightly touching it which is natural for some while typing.  The virtual Bluetooth keyboard is a very stylish device with a lightweight projector and an LED on the top of the unit which lets you know about the status of the battery and connection status.  The device works more accurately if used in a darkened room as strong lighting reduces the sensitivity.

The pairing of the keyboard and the phone sometimes creates a few problems as the technology is still in the early stages.  Sometimes double taps are also detected which can prove a little annoying and make your typing slow.  Keystrokes are detected quite quickly.

There are some who feel that this virtual Bluetooth keyboard is definitely not better than a real keyboard as one has to keep his fingers above the virtual keyboard, which many touch typists are not used to doing.  Secondly, in the virtual Bluetooth keyboard, you have to keep staring at the keyboard image when you type and this will prevent you from watching the screen.  Thirdly, a lot of misinterpretations take place in the Virtual Bluetooth keyboard.  The error rate is rather high in a virtual Bluetooth keyboard.

However, the Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard may help you to enter text faster than with a ten-key phone pad and since the size is small, you can keep it in your purse or pocket.

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