Vodka bottle gets LED display – To get the Message Across !!!

Technology has advanced so much even beyond our imaginations that now a vodka bottle has entered the market with LED display and gives apt messages according to ones’ wishes. Vodka is bought not only for its flavor but also for its kick. But now an exclusively different reason has come up to buy vodka. Media Vodka has launched a very interesting and unique vodka bottle with a LED display that can be programmed to the wishes of the person who is in possession of the bottle.  This idea was brought into force by Matt Sandy and Tim Goldburt about four years ago.

A very thoughtful technique to personalize greetings, the glossy and programmable Led display set in each vodka bottle can be programmed with custom text messages creating a big punch to the party. It is also one of the hottest gift items. Birthday greeting and even marriage proposals can be displayed and many have ended up getting engaged. Many people who are shy and inept in expressing their feelings verbally, this LED display vodka bottle becomes handy. A well intentional digital message on the vodka bottle is the best thing, but you have to be sober enough to program it.

How does the LED display work?

Messages are scrolled on the LED display right on the contours of the vodka bottle. This screen on the vodka bottle displays about six messages each one having about 255 characters that can be changed according to the situations at hand. The messages are scrolled through when the display is turned on and with the buttons on the side, the messages can be changed. Each message runs three minutes before automatically turning off. Deleting or editing is not possible and it has no spell checker, so one has to be careful with the spelling. The battery power is only for forty hours.

Many people buy this vodka bottle as a gift and present them to the people they are fond of and is also user friendly as well as durable. They can last for nearly one and a half years and is also submergible and also freezer proof. The recipe for MEDEA vodka goes back to the 18th century but the electronic ticker is of the 21th century.

The makers state that the display facility on the vodka bottle helps to lure the drinkers to bring out the poet, the philosopher or a flirt in them. The vodka bottle with LED display is available on the web and also in the stores. This spectacular interactive vodka bottle has won the Double Gold Medal in the competition held in San Francisco in the year 2010.

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