What to do in an Emergency When Your Phone Battery Dies out of Charge?

Your mobile phone battery is running out of charge and you have to do something to charge your mobile phone, as the situation is an emergency one. What you are going to do? Do not worry if you are just scratching your head to find a solution for this question. It seems, as if, many are not aware of some cool accessories that will help them to charge their mobile phone batteries even in an emergency. These emergency mobile chargers are different from your conventional wired phone chargers, and, they come at an inexpensive price. Check out this cool list of emergency phone chargers and get ready to select your pick.

1) Trans4m Multi Power Source 4 Way

The Trans4m Multi Power Source 4 Way is a car charger adapter, which helps you to charge your phone battery on the go in your car. The car charger adapters are already in use, but this model has some extra features like usage of AS batteries, 4 way charging facility and so on. This accessory features a generic USB socket that helps you to charge a wide range of devices without any issues in an emergency.

2) Rayovac Turbo Charge

It is easy to charge your phone battery at emergency with Rayovac turbo charge

Using battery powered chargers to charge your phone battery on the go is another inexpensive solution. All you need is a portable battery powered cell charger, which you can get it for a price range under $10. Rayovac Turbo Charge is one such accessory, which requires two AA sized batteries alone to power your cell phone any time at anywhere.

3) Revolve XEMini Plus

go green while charging your phone battery at emergency

You can also go green while charging cell phone in an emergency. Yes! Revolve XEMini Plus allows you to be an eco friendly person even at the times of emergency. This awesome mobile battery charger allows you to draw energy from the sun all the day and helps you to charge the phone when it is necessary. This cool accessory also features an inbuilt battery, which is an added advantage. However, great things never come at cheap prices. You can get a Revolve XEMini Plus between a price range of $20 and $80!

4) Voltaic Backpack

solar backpack to charge your phone battery at emergency

This is another option to be an Eco-friendly person again. Voltaic Backpack is a boon to those who do camping and trekking often. The backpack consists of voltaic solar panels, which draw energy from the Sun and helps you to charge your device.

5) Slive – 88

just use your hands alone to charge phone battery with slive 88

Imagine that you are at a place where you see no civilization as far as your eyes can reach. It is nighttime and you got nothing to do with the Sun. However, you are in an emergency and your phone is dying out of charge. What you can do now just left with your hands alone? Even at difficult times like these, Slive – 88 allows you to charge your mobile phone.  You just need to have this accessory and your hands and nothing else. This hand crank charger takes a bit of manpower to charge your phone battery, but it is worth using at emergencies when it comes with features like radio and flashlight.

Now that you have a handful of options to charge your phone battery even at the extreme times of emergency, just get set to get your pick!