What’s Hot in the New Samsung Chromebook – a Review

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Chrome OS, which is a cloud-focused operating system from Google, namely a Google laptop, or to put it more simply, they are laptops that run a Web Browser. The new Samsung chromebook is an inexpensive computer that can be used for a wide range of web needs, especially for those who are already into Google Drive and Google Docs; the Samsung chromebook has a good battery life and workable hardware. The chromebook warranty is for one year.

Compact Design

The fresh feature with the new chrome book from Samsung is that it is smaller, lighter and thinner with an 11.6 inch screen and it looks quite different from the earlier releases of the Samsung chromebook.  It has a compact design, a chiclet keyboard and quite a big touch pad. This cheap and tiny Samsung chromebook can offer a great typing experience. The chiclet board is comfortable and quite roomy with an effective palm cancellation feature that prevents sudden jumps when you are in the middle of a document.

Chromebook is a cool new laptop from Samsung

The groove is scalloped making it easy to flip the screen with the thumb. The screen resolution is good and offers good brightness, without much glare, thanks to the matte coating. The touch pad is excellent, with features of a two finger tap if you want to right click. If you wish to scroll or pan, you use a two finger swipe. The latest of the chromebook series from Samsung is also lightweight and has fast wake up times.

Chromebook is economically great device

Other Features

The SD card slot can be seen on the left edge of the Samsung chromebook along with a jack for microphone and headphone. The back of the chrome laptop holds an HDMI port 1.4 along with 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports. It also has a webcam above the screen with a flash memory of 16GB. Google offers 100GB space for a period of two years to its customers.

The battery performance is great for ordinary tasks offering six hours for tasks, such as writing documents, games, and social media and so on, but might stutter when you open several tabs.

Chromebook comes with Chrome OS

Operating System

The operating system is Chrome OS where Google’s chrome browser is put on a Linux foundation. The Google chrome OS allows you run several apps even when offline, so that you can work even if you are on a plane or in a place without wi fi.  You can create new documents and edit existing ones while you are offline, but the feature has to be enabled in the Drive settings.

Chromebook offers impressive advantages for Internet usage

The Good

The Chromebook price makes it a very economical device for those who just want to check their email, spend some time on Facebook, YouTube, have some bank payments to make, news to read and so on. The Wi Fi is very fast for reconnecting. It is an inexpensive chrome book for those who basically require a powerful browser.

The Bad

The screen resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels; hence, full HD cannot be displayed. The speakers are bottom mounted and might get muted when kept on the lap. The keyboard is adequate; however, it is not backlit.

The Bottom Line

The Samsung Chromebook offers an economic laptop for those looking for an additional computer. It can be especially appealing for Google oriented web users.