Why IT Companies Invest Millions in Solar Power?

The trend of IT companies investing in solar power is growing up. The news that search giant Google’s clean energy investment is nearing the $1 Billion mark is a great example. In addition to Google, many big players in the IT sector are now seeing new possibilities in the form of solar energy. The energy experts believe that many companies and enterprises will soon face a level of inconsistency in terms of their energy source availability in future. The experts also give an estimation that says generation of electricity from the conventional sources will be tough in the coming decades.

Solar Power is Gaining Importance!

Solar power system is one of the important alternative energy resources available within the reach of humans. Solar energy awareness was there among the companies even a decade ago. However, there were very little takers and the implementation systems too were at their level of infancy, since the solar power cost was not within the reach. Now that the conventional energy reserves are decreasing day by day, the chances of being energy – consistent in the future days have become a doubtful thing.  As the primary energy resources like coal and oil are depleting very quickly, now companies have started to concentrate on other energy means, especially solar power energy.

IT companies are investing millions in solar power

Google’s Solar Projects

Google, one of the trendsetters in the technology world, is eyeing for some great possibilities in solar power. The Larry Page led company has invested a whooping $94 million in solar projects that are going to take off in the coming days. Reports suggest that a solar energy based company called Recurrent Energy is going to build four solar photovoltaic projects near Sacramento in California. The project ideas seem to have attracted the search giant, and, the company has agreed to invest millions of dollars in building the projects. With this $94 million investment, Google’s investment in clean technology has totaled up to a whooping $914 million.

Google has invested $1 billion in solar power

The Reason

The reason for Google’s generous investment in solar energy systems is nothing but the company’s strong belief in solar power. In addition to this, the four projects built by Recurrent Energy Company are going to serve more than 10,000 homeowners with home solar power. The company’s idea is to install solar photovoltaic panels on the rooftops of the houses in a large-scale manner. If all the installations become successful, then the company can boast of producing 88MW of electricity through solar panels. 88MW is the measure of energy consumed by 13,000 homes currently using the conventional energy.

solar power is the future of energy resources

The Shift!

If one thing is facing an end, it is very natural that a shift is necessary to move to the next possible thing. The energy experts are advising the world to start making things that will contribute to the shift from using limited supply of conventional energy resources to using clean energy resources. Moreover, they are also advising that the shift should lead to the usage of energy resources that should be available unlimited all the time. When observed, solar power is the best option in getting the unlimited power source all the time. It seems like Google has sensed the importance of solar energy at the right time and has already started contributing to the shift. Now, we can expect that more IT companies will follow the Google’s way and will invest more in solar power.